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Cyber Monday Decoded

Dec 2, 2013|

Bridget Carey

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We open up the WBM live line now as we continue our focus on Cyber Monday our guest is Bridget Carey with CNET you hear Bridget C -- updates every morning. On WB in pretty good morning Gloria. Well good -- and NRA. What are online shopper is gonna be looking for today is electronics bigger than clothing. You know it really depends on what you're is on your list that electronics are a major category because ever -- kind of hungry for them this year. About it when it comes to tablets or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And eight. Either their color tablet -- fifty dollars off that's something that I had a pretty hot by expect. He Bridget are their apps that you really like for holiday deals. You know I'm I'm gonna part of you that apple I'm actually in the mall and I forgot my coupons I -- when a competitor throughout the hold up the heat and he's looking like -- popular. It's an app where I don't have to worry about taking my. Flyers with me. Or effect -- a coupon it's all listed there and -- -- like over a 130 major retailers that it made me a few times actually over the weekend. I was in a major -- retail store yesterday afternoon. And a young guy. Five feet away from me was going back and -- using his Smartphone. And I'm hearing these beeps and I assume he was checking about the price of an item was using -- -- is that what it was. You know I -- you he would be that you're probably any bar code and doing something where he wanted to make sure he got -- -- -- private weather in the store or online a lot of doors like bad -- -- -- -- -- Off and -- line up a lot of other retailers I do -- all of the time you could find that with that a couple bark -- scanners. There's -- that be in one half and another called Bradley there. Both of those -- point your camera from your phone at the bar code on the box. And -- you know -- -- and that I am and it what's frightened the good the register -- you know like how are you out by about black magic and usually they well. -- yea you know on -- Cyber Monday and always people clicking and -- today anyone pay for shipping today. Oh absolutely not that the glorious thing about Cyber Monday is that you have free -- at this as a big deal of some sort. -- skeptical and take my money elsewhere because that's one of the -- of the -- He knows some online sides almost similar they're giving stuff away. That we go to the other maybe wait until after Christmas. You know it it really dependent how much needed and I might be able to evaluate when it comes to what they need to vibe but yeah if it's -- -- you're not I I I we don't have a couple items. It -- but it wasn't really good and it didn't get a lot of huge didn't count now -- need this accounts at different levels for some tech items that I watch. But you also need median -- -- they'll come around at like if it -- admitting today. That there's usually about two weeks before presidential seek another little push. For those -- you know the last chance you can get it delivered to you -- mine is about ten days before Christmas and other small collection might be free shipping again but. It was a pretty good -- in my life check out just disputed your homework I don't think any -- the good the other because it doesn't discount it might because I had that much reality. If this is cool running a story today Amazon toying with the idea of having drones literally drop off your purchases. -- -- and how soon do you think and Jeff basis is talking about. Yeah -- agree that I have to you know packages dropping from the -- I don't think now we're at that stage maybe exactly enemies they made a partnership with. The post office they get them packages delivered on. On Sunday. Four areas in new York and LA at expanding to more areas to next year. So I think it -- one that by the time I don't know but major and it'll happen by the talk about it and. A gradual what's happened to the desktop computers ready for the antique stores. You know Leon that about computers and they're getting these sounds. I'm kind of like all in ones is the way to go where your monitor has the computing system kind of packed in an -- touch screen now. And it's eight you can imagine about like that one -- to -- on your dad. -- touch screen and can also be turning -- with tablets for games when you lay flat on the table maybe replace them you know air hockey games with your finger. That we're seeing -- does not going you know I'm mainly comedic take her on different parts house. Bridge and always fun to show -- you thank you. That's cnet's Bridget Carey.

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