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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Bills' Playoff Hopes Go South Up North

Bills' Playoff Hopes Go South Up North

Dec 2, 2013|

John Murphy

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Were brought to this morning. By value -- senators want speed experience in a winning team shop fast shop Smart shot value -- Sanders. We're talking this morning about the bills game in Toronto yesterday and Jon Murphy of voice of the bills with us this morning. Jam at the bills have lost some tough games of the year but have you ever seen an end quite like yesterday's. Not quite like that 98 director in Cuba you're one of those calling defeats that -- interrupt too familiar which. In yesterday's case to be a fourteen to nothing in the first to be up late in the game and then to have a a fumble speak in regulation that would appear like they're moving into a -- or ancient another trouble in overtime to set up the acting when he gogel. Just an amazing way to booze and and -- when it's gonna stick for awhile thank. Adjusting to Johnson and Scott Chandler both are veteran guys. Were you surprised like we were that they were the ones who made the costly mistakes -- again. Yes but what surprised yet you don't typically you'd think they're -- players. Would not make a mistake like you know also impair the Balkan -- out there are what ball security is is Paramount in those situations and even structure there in the locker -- so that directories -- at the BBC. Consciously made -- -- -- edit properties everything at the ball here in overtime near Obama out of his arms as well. -- lost in those two fumbles that was affected EJ Manuel twice had his team in position to potentially win the game late that's got to be a positive sign a right. There are strategically pretty well but in the first -- they had that trouble you know connecting -- -- -- taxes but it became a lot actually play well he did not. Turn it over himself. You know ran for the touchdown that thought. It was a significant play especially given that. Problem here getting hurt on the run in Cleveland you know but he stretched out and that the pilot all the new check -- -- them feel that made it. Basically there were -- that touched on earlier in the game so I thought it was pretty good game for the rookie quarterback and following up but he did against the jets that the game before. The bills defense struggled a bit giving up 423 total yards 151 on the ground. What did Atlanta due to keep the -- tee off balance. Well I don't know I mean they played well let medically there. Much better than they had coming into the game I -- it was got a couple former buffalo defense that special -- Against the run I think. You know that it situation we're seeing what they had six this year especially. In the interior of the deeper to -- getting pretty good place in the hurricanes have put up yesterday but it fell apart. Of Atlanta area. Strong running American -- actually spoke to them and -- Rodgers and that's Stephen Jackson I think they're good player to protect up front and there were some of them missed assignments and they in the -- defense that what do at least particularly on running touchdown that it -- -- thing that I think. When did that so to step back and beginning by virtual they're running out also well the first. -- or something now this team is just have to forget put behind them and focus on actually. Yeah I mean it won't be easy and especially. You know the way if they went down yesterday but. Yeah by the time they can expect to work on Wednesday they're gonna have to put that behind him they still have four games left to play their play -- -- player up. Chances which were slim at best of -- major. They're gonna Wear them and especially the way that it got away from and they -- in the fourth quarter and overtime but. Yeah and they -- you know not an easy road with working three of them on the road including the next who are fairly long trips to Florida effective. -- John will talk with you on Friday thanks. That's the voice of the bills John Murphy from WGR Sports Radio 550.

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