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Canadian Version of Bills Loss

Dec 2, 2013|

680 News Sports Announcer Peter Gross

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's go to Toronto this morning to check in with Peter -- who covers sports for six -- news in Toronto Peter. More and more. You know we like talking with you. One story crowbar get caught. Up in -- -- 81 of the story lines that were following from our gain yesterday besides they lost. Which was devastated bills fans but was on who was there and cameras kind of battle trying to mayor rob Ford. In the crowd wearing a bills Jersey and I mean everybody -- picture with that is a crowd staffer where he goes. It's the weirdest thing -- media. He's got such a disgraceful. Pork -- he's done so many foolish things. And yet when he showed up they treat them like a rock star Eddie you know big big on football that might have been part of the equation yesterday. Who he loves the game with a -- -- -- what he's got it is it is new security guard. And they were a couple of -- policeman with them but didn't shed staff flight. Electric caterpillar sheds its skin like every few weeks to think they can't they can't deal -- Right well I mean it is -- when did did he become a bill stand in any and he was wearing a ghost RC. You know he's very very big on football he's very very big on promoting the city so I'm sure that. That he's very solid behind the concept of the Buffalo Bills in the NFL playing and try to get anything that's good commerce for trial fits into his agenda. Well maybe -- like the fact that bills coach Doug -- didn't know who he was when he was asked about her in earlier in the. Yeah well I don't I would admit that I mean we do we do we get calls from Australia if that's not to let the mayor is a pretty big. News -- the toilet bowl run by the way at the end of the game I'm sure you've heard the clips about miserable he was. I'm certain I'm mad I'm angry I'm upset I can't describe how I feel yeah. -- yeah we don't play that over and over this morning. We ran out into the ground this morning it was a little man or say anything -- before during or after the game that anybody talk to them. That's not much in the way of clip that you know what he's been doing a real good job for two weeks about. Cupid and appropriate low profile because he had a run of several weeks every time we opened his smile topics stupid came out. -- everywhere you went there was more evidence of is poor behavior. While there are lots of comments being manner FaceBook page as you can imagine about him being at the games now. Oh he's he's something needs he dropped forties. If a catalyst for something doesn't. Well you know this is just what we news -- -- a diversion so we don't have to keep hearing about how we lost the game. What that might help but like you've lost the games so badly that which I'm -- -- ever receive that two consecutive passes each of which. What went with that the building block to clinch the game for buffalo each one of them punch doubled from the guys are. And now we're your pension us again this morning the. -- -- -- -- good -- and I I'm not you know what I got a call from Randy bush a little while ago criticizing me for saying on the air that the -- chemical plant. The best they can be as they made -- back to make it. And where -- we doing the math yourselves. Are right Peter nice talking with him any time. We well I don't think that -- -- Peter Grossman succeeding news in Tehran.


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