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12-2-13 Sandy Beach Show Hour 2

Dec 2, 2013|

Hour 2

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Macrovision governor AM sandy beach I saw this article front page of the USA today. Over the weekend and says arrests of black NFL player's point two profiling. They are arrested ten times as often as white players and then as you dig into video body of the story you find out. They -- fourteen year study. Above all the arrests that have been made from NFL players. There's a 70%. Conviction rate 70%. So I guess if if if you're to believe it then not only. RV cops racist but the judges are racist not only other cops and judges raises but the jurors are racists -- 70% I don't know what the because it doesn't mentioned in the article. What the traditional rate for these kind of offenses with the rate of conviction is but to -- 70% is substantial. It's is that and of the 687. Total player arrests in the USA today's sports database which goes back fourteen seasons. 607. Out of the 687. Arrests. Where were black of the NFL players is as it's a disproportionate rate. Says there are several social factors okay now here's what we got. It's it doesn't matter appeared if you -- drugs in the car you're drunk or if you asides like somebody ran over somebody. There's going to be a reason for and the reason are these social factors. What are the social factors. A disproportionate. Rate of poverty. Well you didn't have much money I can understand that behavior than you know. And single parent background. Oh really is that the fault of the man is at fault that the cops that the fault of the judges -- the fault of the jurors. Because you didn't have to parents in your background ideally it would be great if everybody did we highly recommend it it would make a lot of things better. But it's not a get out of jail free card for you. Because you're born without much money lot of people were born like that because you're born and single parent households and that's not limited to minorities. Lots of -- households and single part doesn't give you. The right to claim that anything you do that you're you're apprehended four or stopped and questioned about is because of those of those tendencies. Of poverty and single parent I think it's ridiculous now doesn't happen I'm sure it does. I'd be a fool to say it it's it doesn't but I think it's overblown and I think it's exaggerated. I think it's just another thing first -- is always a lot of white guilt around apology you know. If only things have been different in the history of our country well Yahoo! would be ideal if we knew the answers before they happen but we didn't okay. We do the best we can with what we have. And I'm saying right now it is overblown exaggerated and I'd like to get your opinion -- 803 elementary 018061692. Visits are 930 Richard and Amherst is next Richard thanks for holding Iran WB yen. I think the I agree yeah I think it's so all of -- on the come around the tunnel while -- troops are. All my fellow at what shall Walgreens and that particular region that. They've gotten a notice. More of the Walgreens culture and our community -- in the pharmacy. And I think yeah -- and songs we've sort. You know all of general that day. And nobody thought I'd -- deep circular Walgreens intentional or dole insurance. In order to come from the bank to the pops up you have to actually will -- through Walgreens -- A deceptive credible electoral votes to put an arm outside or -- -- like. Kind of thought well he had Q writer ever heard do you have. You know it's on a solution but it mention about the job. On the alerts for the -- at least indicate. Infrastructure. To put. I'm trying to cover a war out there at all so that we can shoot got a notice one of those won't make such a -- for -- shared drive. They DR Rossiter and actually. -- yeah I -- I am familiar with that that area there and their Jimmy Yang who owns millions wings and things. Our claims that there is a racial profiling ago the police there say it's ridiculous and not true. So I think -- claims the show you something substantial I mean show me an innocent who was plucked out of via obscurity because of their race and willing to listen to it. But if they if they -- driving erratically if they word if they were drunk if there were drugs involved in the car whatever I don't care what your background was a you're you're breaking the law now thank you thank you very much. You're breaking the law. And the fact is you don't have you don't get to carry that card around. And of all groups. And we you know no racism monolith but of all groups professional football players are you kidding there idolize ten ways to Sunday. They just snap their fingers and things happen or they snap their fingers and things don't happen. I would assume if we really could if we really know who. Every situation. In our community I'd bet police have given no football players who play for the bills are visiting teams or whatever. But I just as many breaks as as boss. Because we love our football players we love our teams and I think about -- think about the great players in the great teams we've had here I can't think of any. To be honest would you that I would assume could claim -- racial bias we'd love those guys. And broad daylight -- -- -- like playing -- a receptive crowd we couldn't adore them more why would our cops -- any different than the rest of us. Why because if you stop somebody that's doing some of the things I just said it doesn't match perfectly football. You've got to proceed and and hopefully pass that on to the next which would be the DA's office or or our criminal court or whatever. But the claimant every single time gets old it gets old. Let's go to Franken tunnel under frank you're on WBM. -- security. That -- are actually very you know and why weren't. -- police -- -- all over. Again went with a cute little bodies that he hires. Would appoint somebody over. It and I don't all what -- person in the -- black. Like Asian or whatever. Picture you and older. And they put the word go out there and you know -- eighty -- L Laporte what are -- shoppers who want it city. -- shall operate in -- community. But I agree on the -- A person and -- itself up export act or what ever. The employee you -- Taguchi did something you're right right right to somebody over. Can run one of the problem and it should -- by deploying all our. In a new a minor infraction. -- They'll bring to keep your chin and election like I like at its interactions -- -- license. And Ella it now. Remember football players in the national football league of people privileged. And remember it was only two years ago it's it there always look at the summit blame when Stevie Johnson dropped that they're really important as he blamed god so. -- is somebody else. Absolutely you know. It's sad but they know that there are entitled. Our special birthday. -- really do feel that -- title that it and that these are all the law. Should you know what a sport that they're play and what urged football basketball or baseball. Because they are small group of people who can't be special skills. They -- are all the law candidate state if they do per the law they -- -- that money because I -- lawyers. I'm not a war coverage and anger. And make you really the other trial. Took the law agent away with a well. Somalia an even with a high price lawyers the conviction rate according to a survey over fourteen years. Elective surgery to 70%. So you're talking 70% we have a great assistance from very good good lawyers I think that's a startling amount thank you thank you I don't know what the because it's not referenced in this article. What the average. Conviction rate as votes to -- 70% sounds pretty daunting. We'll take a break we'll be back -- more -- BG company is this racial profiling charge overblown and exaggerated. Front page USA today over the weekend. The the black players in the National Football League according to this are arrested ten times as often as white players. There is a 70% conviction rate however one has to question. About behavior. How about that I mean -- that ever brought in and they bring in poverty they bring in single parent councils what about behavior or thinking the rules. Simply don't apply -- will be back after this. The USA today over the weekend as they racial profiling charges. Overblown and exaggerated I'm not saying they don't happen and surely do. Unfortunately you know you know occasionally I'm sure something happens like this that we don't know about. But the bottom line is I think it's way over exaggerated. And overblown. First of all there's something -- should be taken into consideration here. They played four. The National Football League which in most cases are in big cities with the exception of Green Day and things like that give them a big cities. And they span from Y July until at least December if they don't get into the Super Bowl. Living in and around those cities. -- you're telling me on those metro city PD's. With a 70% conviction rate there aren't any black ops he got a big -- Obviously there is this -- a black cops so art is the -- a discrimination. Is that he -- racial profiling only coming from the white cops I don't get this. It are their accusations that the black cops are profiling against other blacks say it doesn't make much sense to me. When I read the wrong reasons. In an article like this why. Why this is happening. Why the players might be engaging in behavior that's not acceptable to the community and the reasons they gave were. They grew up in poverty. I'm in -- bar for if I say this one more time and they grow up many of them with single parent households while lobby dot. You know what that doesn't buy you any special -- privileges regarding breaking the law you should be treated just like everyone else because of -- is that logic. If you're born into a household that that does all right should you be treated more harshly. Mean because a year do you view that we're given opportunities others Warren should the sentences be longer for you lesser for one -- I mean as stupid. What it is I understand and I would be angry too if I thought I got pulled over because of my race but if I got pulled over because. Well I don't know I was weaving in and out or suspicion of drunk driving. Or. Or things like that that would lead to a search and those smelling of drugs or whatever. That's on my nickel I did it I got caught I'd pay the price I don't blame somebody else. Let's go to Amir. On a cell phone Amir you're on WB yen. Although there have been humbled but. Hurt our caller -- old -- Under. Recruits are gonna have to make a quick run from war. But what it would hear everything -- an agreement with the things that you mentioned regarding armed. You know I agree would go to church crap if if from poor -- retain good natured part. I got her briefly which you got to talking about arm they brought from Bahrain. Our Ben Roethlisberger. Aaron Michael Vick. -- our Ben Roethlisberger raped three women. And Michael Vick who did not actually fight the dogs are believed that that was long as well. Because I I -- doing -- put it provided a very euphoric he was the highest paid football player of law aren't. And he was reduced. We need to import job apologizing. Charlotte department that aren't lost endorsements. Came toward the -- com. Arm again I'm in agreement with you know over excuses that. Black players white players do of course you're poverty but at the same time look that dirty in -- -- Two people. Which we did one black one white one great three -- Orleans and mobile provider to our dog well. I NS I -- I understand what you're saying I'll I'll throw in another name. From a different sport Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant is accused of raping a hotel -- to. But. So the dispositions of these often sometimes we agree and sometimes we don't and I I understand totally your feeling that. The this is a human being in this case or human beings and these are animals in this case. There's seems to be something in our country. Because animals are helpless. That we can we can understand unfortunately more up people against people crime the weekend can people against animals whether it's right or not I don't know. Right right I agree armed. Just the disparity in how they're treated within the criminal justice system broke and -- -- it's it's it's received. OK I understand what you're saying -- totally look what's going on down to Miami now you've got to. Richie and -- NATO whose wife -- area a fellow black linemen. And that's that's playing out without any racial overtones at all so sometimes we can cut through it. A bad white guy doing a bad thing to a decent a black guy. But it's not racial and that's fine that's how we should judge these things but every time somebody gets stopped they think it's a racial stop thank you Amir appreciate it. Will be back Google are would -- -- and company. Under Israeli and I'm thirty -- stone just moved -- -- news radio 930 edit that won all seven point seven out would you thank you very much of by Olivia. This article on the front page of the USA today bothered me over the weekend. Because it's the same ball same ball. USA today sports special report arrests of black NFL player's point two profiling. -- -- There arrested ten times as often as white players and what you find out when you read the body of a story is there is a 70%. Conviction. Now what you may not like if you got stopped. And you're doing something wrong and your column that maybe drugs in the car room who knows what maybe you'll weaving in and now maybe is the W lie. That's -- angry about and you know you did it in the 70%. The cases that that's been found. But you know like the fact that they caught you and so you've got to get out of jail free card you only stop me cause I'm black. And I think that the probable causes is pretty commonly known the -- to have probable cause. For a stop and and certainly for a search. And the bottom line is that if if they really feel they were profiled I say bring out brings out some proof I like to know. There's nothing wrong with profiling for the right reason. If a set of circumstances. Fits a a set of behavioral patterns. That it's okay. Is not okay to profile just because somebody is black or somebody is Asian or somebody is kilometers or whatever fill in the blanks that's not okay. Because you're not doing it for the right reason. If you do it because it's part of your job. And the example. A man said he was questioned by police so we're talking about blow on them. As he was seen leaving a bank and running to catch a bus. No I don't like you but if I or a badge and I was sitting at a police car and I see a guy come out of a bank and run. I would think he did something wrong. Okay whether he's black or white wouldn't matter I'd try and stop them and find out what's going and if you find out he's leaving to catch a bus in the bank wasn't rock okay no harm no foul but you can certainly understand how somebody could come to that conclusion. But to say no he did it because I'm black then you'd have to convince me that if a white man was running from a bank they wouldn't stop. And you're not gonna commencement. If it goes beyond the logic of my mind. Let's go to die and in buffalo die and -- on WB yen. I think they are and said that a lot of -- the public you know should be -- battles for these scattered. And then he would be right mark mentally strong and I'm not blaming white. I know the difference between the police department and the city about up and it could -- -- in the suburbs. I think -- the police department and the good about the lack a lot of little things well. And in the sub you know -- I'm very picky. You know day hour after a little thing. One of the things I brought up as -- there's no way to will ever know but I'm guessing. If you're a football players that you play for the bills that they forgive as much as -- ticket -- or as much as they arrest. Simply because that they have discretion. And they can use it. Hey could I that there are bad it's too late bigger turns out that yeah. Well you know that you can be -- Andy you know you might go to jail bird problem that was so minor and now. So it it does. Well what a 70% conviction rate with the lawyers that NFL players probably have one would guess they have very good skill lawyers because they can afford them. I think that's a remarkable number if you know if their conviction rate was fifteen point 8% say hey what's going on here. It's 70%. So they they caught him they were tried and to make the assumption that it's still. Glitzy profiling. Then the lawyers would have to contend with the fact of the judges were profiling the cops were profiling in the jurors were profiling I don't. I would hope that they their behavior and pro. And a lot of these involved people that are not acting correctly and so they could be a good role models political. Well you know I don't if pro sports especially. Yes especially the NFL. There are some people go beyond that the pale into really a lot of nice things in the community and they're good citizens it's -- accommodation like any group citizens are some that aren't but the ones that aren't should stop bitching about the fact that. They're being singled out because they're black when indeed they're being singled out because their behavior. -- that there Lilly. You know bad. In a negative attitude yet. Okay thank I don't know much about I mean look at the Buffalo Bills because there up close and personal. Do you ever hear racial references about the Buffalo Bills. I mean maybe I live and drink horrible I don't really don't look at the Jim Kelly here's some of our best players of Thurman Thomas obviously Bruce Smith. Some -- of the best players Andre reed in the Nash in the history of the national footballer. You ever hear any mention. Of their race when they were applying now and now miss some of them -- around here any problem now. No because I think you'd get good people and troublemakers no matter what the color your skin. But the bottom line is just says I don't think that I would get a break because I'm I'm Y eight. If I got their questions -- stopped by the police I don't think it's fair to assume you're gonna get nailed because your black. And the assumption has to be made that there aren't any black officers out there. So I want to think about the fact that. Most of these guys live from -- of the end of July until the end of December in a major metropolitan city with few exceptions. That at all those police departments have plenty. Of black officers so they get a 70%. Conviction rate. Where they live most of the year. We have a yeah more than a handful of black officers is a remarkable number so I'm I'm just not buying it I'm saying yeah. I'm sure it has happened but not all the time. Mike in Cheektowaga Mike you're on WVN. Good morning Obama. Hillary got that that Ben Roethlisberger. And now Michael Vick you know I'll. -- I think were horrible stories. But the gentleman needs to really realize there they're all different venues you know -- lucky -- here compared to New York California are going to be different. I think he's -- judged differently. It's unfortunate that bit about that there are skated. But it's that -- nature of the attitude of the municipalities. I don't think -- -- racial component at all. You've seen in poor they're making more strict on certain things you know where they might not be used -- the Key -- judgment. In different jurisdiction to. -- right most of those crimes are or are we stayed away crimes and different juries different judges different evidence what you can prove what you can improve. I think that's that's a good example and I said earlier I bet a lot of people. Get a pass because of their fame as many as they get nailed because there -- -- Definitely and you know I've played football and local law. But I'd be hard pressed to bring up an an independent stage where a white Buffalo Bill -- -- in trouble and I can probably need three great now that -- black. That okay I'm good thank you very much of the of the National Football League. Was players we did to our. Whose players warship by groups. He ever go to ever guru the camp sometimes. My guide you think landed in town instead of a football team. And of those -- -- gesture of goodwill is met with all kinds of applause sign an autograph thank you -- -- -- of -- for my -- if it's on like -- -- to think that they would be singled out for negative treatment in the community is ridiculous. In I'd I'd maybe in the bigger cities they don't have as close its sides lose some of the players as we do here because were smaller market. But I work in San Francisco and owners like at work they have two teams there. Worked in Dallas I hated the cowboys but I work there and I notice like there and I know what it's like here. The football players get exemplary treatment in the national football. And if you scroll up and you get caught I don't want -- -- -- -- the race card or the poverty card or -- -- one parent card a lot of people go through that make something of themselves. You should be very very pleased that you of god given talent and the ability. To enjoy making a living as much as you do literally tired. And just blaming everything on somebody else instead of your own choices. With a 70%. Conviction record of NFL players over the last fourteen years. Aware of them have been arrested 70%. And that's with the kind of representation and believe me they didn't have about new lawyers or public defender is nothing wrong with public defenders. But they got the idea of the Craig got the cream of the crop lawyers and they still convict and 7% of the time. So does that mean a big of the cops are profile as the judges a profile of the jurors are profiler as. I mean again -- that. Yes you have some god given talents and your work hard to maintain. A high level of vote fitness to play in the National Football -- but it doesn't give you the right to break the law. Plain and simple -- don't believe it. As soldiers and it's code to -- Spencer port Xavier on WB again. Mornings and -- A couple of previous callers were thrown out some names of individuals. And I would like to throw one out for -- and and -- you'd tell us what. Category this would slaughter. And it was right in buffalo. -- -- Absolutely. Marshawn Lynch ran over somebody they -- witnesses and everything I didn't turn himself in until I think it was like the next day. And there was no discernible punishment he kind of skated on the you know exactly right. Yeah he's he's now playing for Seattle Spector is on tonight right as I think Seattle's point tonight. And he'll be running over defenders instead of -- people leaving bars but the bottom line is there a bad actors. Remember that I'm trying to think what is -- That had sex -- all of ours every woman in Western New York Henry. Yeah try to senator beyond Travis Henry. I think he's given birth he isn't your birth but I think he's impregnated eighteen women at last count he's also in prison now for setting apart I think cocaine deal -- I'm sure they only did it because he's black though come on let's be fair. -- now so after awhile it just bothers you because poverty is used for so many bad choices business. I think you you feel that okay. I don't have much but yeah YE a something I really have its valuable I'll never be responsible for anything I do again because I was raised in poverty. And if I'm lucky enough to only have one parent I can do thing man. Because these are some of the excuses brought up in this article from a sociologists as to why the these kinds of things happen. I don't think. Poverty. Gives -- -- right to -- doesn't give your right to use illegal drugs doesn't get your right to drink and drive. Doesn't give your right to assault anybody doesn't give your right to take advantage of anybody sexually. -- poverty has nothing to do that. That's character. It's got nothing to do what poverty there of people who have great character whom who have endured poverty and still do. They're two separate issues but to use it as a shield. To hold that up every time something happens to you that you wish didn't happen view. It's because. Of racial profiling. Be kidding me. Let's go to low Linda in -- lending Iran WB again. I think unity and the guy before -- just don't like ponder all -- -- -- A harsh comments mark Collins. Trevor simmering. Oh yeah they won it since. OJ all of your forget today the biggest name of the mob or. Again and he said racial profiling when he was not on trial. And he got off I can remember that dated. I get there in -- break room and watched the decision commented everybody went my god. But anyway and tapped that now he get to keep the jail now any -- in the spam act. Debt they gave him -- jailed because. Deal with the trial. Yeah police say that he did not get a good legal representation in the lawyer he had he been using for like 28 he hit it. Yeah and besides which permanent. He went ahead and he made him look like -- real. Well that's that's not that's -- ratio that's the reason he got off I mean when the jury saw. That the DNA was consistent with -- one in like three billion and they still didn't convict him because they said you can't believe blow a white police officers so they disregarded that they use race to let him off a greater than any ends up committing more crimes and going back to jail anyway. Apple also -- gotta gotta do justice. All right thank you revised -- I only have met OJ error a few times double -- I think about three. And when I was programming. The the bills and producing the unit at the bills radio against victory. In I asked him there to come on a couple of times the guess you're very generous very nice. I was in Wisconsin. When they brought him in as a suspect and I was shocked. Because he was one of the nicest guys in the -- -- somebody you wouldn't ever in a million years suspect that. But I also suspect. That. If you talk to some cops in buffalo -- pros say they turn the other way not certainly on things like murder. But on May be a little infraction here -- -- regarding OJ Simpson. But the bottom line is. Is Greg guy well loved by the community whatever and still he was only convicted on the civil crime and not the criminal but you know as well as we did it. As you have the -- Just. You know piece of votes don't -- enough to understand that. -- the blame that on poverty. Doesn't wash with me to blame it on one parent households doesn't wash with me. I mean there are plenty of success story is planning a decent people. Who suffered poverty suffered one parent. Households and that made something of themselves but there's others that even though their lavish where they are great lifestyle because there. They have god given gift to play football. It's not enough. They don't want the rules to apply to them -- the rules get him away they just claimants racial profiling that's the way to go earlier caller brought up a good point. We have even a legal tensing of windows. At night first of all you have no idea. -- well what the racism the person you're stopping but even in the daylight it's sometimes stuff I went down to Randolph on Saturday. To celebrate their class -- you know state championship football team and get my fabulous cheeseburger and and the cops were out in force. And during my trip to Randolph and back I counted I'm not making this up seven traffic stops seven. And I also saw that they were. All white. There were all white. So you know I think three police are profiling like people. It's not fair you think it's coincidental that all the people pull over worldwide not their fault. There are born with two parent households and enough money to go to the movies. There's something wrong there I suspect foul play will be back for more.

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