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12-2-13 Sandy Beach Show Hour 3

Dec 2, 2013|

Hour 3

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back we're vision governor -- -- -- just say program note -- advance at the end of his -- on Thursday or Friday we will be at the SP CA serving your recounting. For our annual radio Thon. And a helping them. Helping about the dogs and kidneys and other animals here in western New York's of that will be. Thursday and Friday look for that and maybe call and and to make a donation meanwhile -- talking about -- I'm so tired. Of Reading about. Poverty being an excuse for everything. Obviously would be nice we have no poverty and everybody has it means to start would be nice if we all heads dual parent households but we -- But it's an excuse. For anybody whose behavior -- -- condoned by society your biggest slap on the -- of thrown in jail it's because. Of race you were racially profiling. It's not fair I should be held accountable and the latest growth would be the National Football League. Yes the people who have the least. Earner in the National Football League is probably a multimillionaire. People are adored by the public will get all kinds of advantages and benefits simply for being. On -- team and and having a reputation. Now there they're claiming that there's too much profiling going on NFL players. But if you look at the numbers okay. For many black players it's a familiar scene of 608. This is the article you -- today. A 687. NFL players arrested since January of 2000. This one person a man of Matthias Askew was one of 209 before they came to a traffic stop. According to the USA today. -- keep in mind the racial breakdown of the NFL. Is about two to one. It is a third. A third white two thirds black. Now you're saying okay of people getting profiled I wonder what the conviction rate -- are rated as if their wrongly Eric -- The conviction rate is watch violence. 70%. 70%. And that's with people who can afford him probably do higher. A good expensive lawyers these are not newbies or -- public defenders these are probably the best money come by and is still a 70% conviction. So that's bad enough. But then I read that the USA today sports database goes back 149 years. And they say sociologists attribute several social factors. To -- of concern. Including a disproportionate. Our rate of poverty. So in other words if you're poor. When you were younger. It doesn't really matter if you're -- drugs in your car. You're pulling your younger you can drive -- If viewpoint when you're younger you can impregnate people don't wanna be impregnated. There's a lot of things you can do if only -- -- -- war. That the rest of them people can't do. The other thing they bring up besides poverty. Is a high percentage of 01 parent households. So yeah it's not desirable I'd like to know. Who's responsible for the the man keeping keeping people down from having to parent households. I don't understand that at all so don't use poverty is an excuse to use the fact that you only have one parent -- home as an excuse you don't have -- -- everybody else. In fact I think that's the greatest sign of equality is not a must have excuses. Cops have discretion. But cops use -- common sense to -- In fact one of the things we have -- -- about the town tunnel on the police deny racial profiling this is they -- channel seven story. And at the end of his of the story about. Jimmy Yang from the wings wings and things he says that the talent on one of police. Our roads are profiling that they are -- subjects who wrote racial profiles because of their ethnicity. One man was injured in the shooting a couple of weeks ago. At at his restaurant and tiger rodent -- Wanda. Instead officials were targeting his business because of the ethnicity of many of the employees and customers now one would assume they had -- and he's talking about is. Asian. Did I miss some thing is there a backlash against Asians in this country I don't think so. Aaron good to be honest with -- everytime I've gone in for Chinese food I haven't seen many Asians than you usually not agents. But he claims that's what it is in the police claim it's ridiculous. This is the second time top talent on on a police have been accused of racial profiling in the past month. Two weeks ago a man says he was questioned by police. Because he was leaving a bank running to catch a bus. Now I just want you to put yourself. In the position of the cop said he all of driving by the bank and you see guys come out of a bank and start running. Would you assume hey. Something's unusual here he just came out of a bank and now he's running one and you assume that something happened that shouldn't have happened -- And so with a cop and I think that's a natural assumption turns out it was running for us. But the the motivation of a cop wasn't hey here's a black man I can pull a ball over -- can stop women may be complement. And to make his life miserable it was somebody's running from a bank. And so I mean sometimes logic just takes all. And so I'm saying -- I'm sure some racial profiling exist. But this is way too convenient. It's way too overblown a way to. -- way to exaggerated. To think that is assists it's systemic. Let's go to our bill and not want a bill you're on WB -- Not good morning candy. I just want to talk about this English guy living a kind of kind of lined up the -- the nicest thing I can say is he's a bad neighbor. Just a bad neighbor he. He has no reluctantly delightful little people they didn't take too much about that paper. Per serving minors -- back when my kids to work on that date they're grown now. They were telling me anybody -- -- a piece of paper that looks like IP tickets are there. So you think his of -- not a good neighbors always claimed shouldn't be taken seriously as. Well I don't I first thought I don't know I don't think he should be taken totally -- I -- again I just don't think that he's all into it for the money. He hired VCR -- the DJ to bring these kids and that's fine. But the kids that are -- and I have friends that live right near there it is that are coming -- now have bombed before they get under which is no nothing unusual. But have to crowd is jacked up before they even get in the place cares about is the money -- -- -- -- -- gonna happen. And maybe they're cops are used to seeing things happen at that address of and not surprised when it does okay thank you bill later in March I get a look at the whole picture. Regarding the guy running from a bank I mean that's a given. But it took a hundred people. And put him in front of that bank and watch a guy come out of a bank and run. They think something was wrong. I I would guess 99. Out of -- hundred with thanks the other one obviously is unconscious will take a break we'll be back with more -- -- -- company. For those flying in the NFL who think they're being profiled just keep in mind are you who are you a high profile person. In other words professional football players are very high profile simply because their names go on on national television all the time where. For many of them they you know they endorse products whatever. But so do movie stars. And those so episode do any other high profile people and it doesn't just stop. Because you're wearing a uniform of the community which you live you have to be judged by the same. Patterns as anybody else. But there are times when. Are you going to claim poverty. Are you going to claim one parent households when your Plaxico Burress and you go to look a nightclub. With a gun in your pocket you shoot yourself in the leg. Okay he went the president for that but now we was back playing in the National Football League is that anyway to blame the the poverty put the gun in his pocket and I mean did the poverty or make him shoot himself in the leg while the one parent councils about Aaron Hernandez. Right in the middle of his career. I was certainly. Oh with the New England with the patriots. It's an you know there wrote thanking -- he's not only involved with the current murder but it is involved with a pry her murder. Poverty make them do that. I don't know one parent households make you go on kill somebody. I don't understand it's a series of choices. Whether it's a a choice to smoke a joint while you're driving whether it's a choice to I don't know drive drive drunk. Whether it's a choice to drive erratically. If you think the rules don't apply to you. And you wanna take your chances and haircut too bad man up just man up don't blame it on racism. Don't blame on profiling. But that's exactly what happens. It because profiling alone is used all the time. It's used by the armed forces -- Jews by law enforcement and its use for good reasons. If you can expect an outcome because of these circumstances. Then you look for those circumstances. To kinda take care of that outcome. Now if you're trying to profile somebody because you know like the color of their skin on the way to Wear their hair or their who their marriage or whatever that's wrong and and that is not acceptable. What I'm saying is profiling goes on all the time we all do it we all do list. You go into the mall is somebody's walking down -- corridor towards you you look at them you profiled them. You know exactly your mind that they're married and our kids or they work here they don't work bear or of error or loose morals while while or a site I've been. -- it's a human tendency. But you do it and not out of animus for the the person. And I'm thinking police know what kind of profile. Leads to crime. What kind of profile leads to something that they may have to done. And so days they have to be a color blind and number blind. That it might happen to be their favorite football player but they pulled the moment they got to know what to what's going on. And they have the discretion to proceed with that but to just simply blame at all on poverty. Is ridiculous and and -- that this article in the USA today says that the factors are poverty. Single parent backgrounds. These factors also include profiling according to civil rights experts while. All rights experts are looking for civil rights infractions that's what they do. Okay. But that they're not always fair sometimes there imagine. Because there civil rights experts and they they have to be informed of what's going on they have to have. With C week for the grist mill. And in order to do that they have to see things that may not always be there thank Al Sharpton doesn't have an active imagination. And Jesse Jackson is in a power house of creativity and between the ears of a problems that the that some of them may have been imagine. Or all of them mentioned of course not of course not that's that's not the true. Even in this article. Even in the face of a driver can't be clearly seen by police other types of profiling and disproportionately. Affect black motorist. Well where and what their driving and areas where patrols a more prevalent. Nobody is going to be profiling. Ron Amadon who was white former quarterback for the -- Ron Amadon after the game what Eagles of the Mormon retreat to talk to Mormon kids according to have -- quote in there. They're going to profile somebody. Partying at the club after the game when your profile profile all the factors in where police are likely to be looking for suspicious behavior. They're going to eliminate numbers of white guys right off the show because that are going to be looking in those areas oh really you think they should be. They should be maybe they should follow Ron Amadon home just to prove that we're so fair we can't believe it. Yeah I get I get the Mormon who's going to speak to the Mormon children and make sure that everything's okay with him. You want don't you -- allocate your resources like that. What you -- your resources allocated to actually stopping crime. Ticketing infractions doing the things that police have to do. You wanna waste your time it's the same thing way of you go to airport now they're going to Frist granny. You know -- 93 years old when -- barely walk what they're gonna give her the same. The same frisking as they would somebody who might be a serious contender for serious problems simply to show how fair we -- still open. That's -- we have X amount of resources to euros and he utilized they should be utilized properly. So why would you waste your time going after yourself. It's like. What are fisherman. And there's two ponds here is upon over there and upon their units upon them -- with -- Does get anyway in pairs of the shore up there in a boat they jump into the boats. They've put themselves on the barbecue grow on this other pond over here is going to fictional. There are fish there but there's only two. Don't waste your time you're gonna gonna -- tool no of course you're not -- -- for infractions -- gonna go to the after hours club are you going to the temple. I'll get a break with -- stuff but it's always uses an excuse and that's what annoys me because it it its assets back civil rights it really does. Because people of goodwill want people treated fairly. And what we see people that are obviously been caught with their hand in the cookie -- bitching and moaning that the only reason -- -- god is because they're black. Or there where men are there Asians are blah blah blah blah blah what happens is you get weir yeah you get tired of it. And you say a 70%. Conviction record. And you probably have very good lawyers and you're saying -- being pro. While ways to me a break and obviously. No one wants to be just chosen out of the crowd. Because you're not to do any thing. People who are arrested or stopped or whatever there is they probable cause in the mind of the officer there supposedly. There's something wrong is happening or is it's just happen. And so that's what they do that's their job I think we should give the cops the brakes are all cops perfect -- are some card cops shouldn't be on the force absolutely. But I think by and large accounts have a very difficult job to do and expect -- to waste their time pro not profiling but of observing. -- very low opportunity. Of any crime being committed and kind of a turning a blind side to a to a target rich environment is silly it's not only silly it's stupid. And I will want your opinion we come back have you ever thought you were profile 8030930. 18061692. Through six star and I. Like about it the -- knockout game it's supposed to be a game. But I don't understand how our guys. I get off punching old women in the face. And punching -- older men. And solely -- fault on that they had on the pavement and tried to knock them out with one punch. And to me that's that's not does nothing to do -- your manhood shows you're -- As solar Stewart punk and someday they gonna punch the wrong person. A kind of hopeful that I gotta hope that happens. And they're gonna learn the hard way that the -- is not a video game. While we have an assemblyman named James Tedisco wants to do something about it in Albany he wants to say you don't normally. Let's put it this way normally we're not super anxious to get any more legislation that we already have. And immoral laws that we that we already have to -- but in this case that might make some sense. Because too many people will try to explain away something. I didn't -- because I didn't think of doing it but over the weekend I read -- a column by a female columnists and relief. -- should I came back to mind. Where she says you know this knocked out game -- neutralize it's been around and that's been done in Europe and whatever. And then she starts to explain the thread between this and what we're just talking about. On why people would resort to that when you try and figure out why. A young guy a strapping guy punches an old woman in the face. And tries to knock her out if you a reason why he did that your phony. You know I'm talking about you shouldn't be me practicing medicine. There is no excuse for that kind of behavior. All of you know all thought process of rationality. All the angles right out the window because there's no logic to it there's certainly no need for it. It is is simply a vial as far as I'm concerned. The lawmaker is James Tedisco. And he said these twisted and cowardly thugs are preying on the innocent bystanders and they don't care the victims are young old man or woman. -- Tedisco -- Republican from Schenectady. He announced that he would be. -- one of the first it would be one of the first such bills in the nation -- isn't a video game. These are real people whose lives -- not only being put in jeopardy but in many cases destroyed. No I don't know if of the movie to fight club which results of years ago. Had anything to do with this sort of came here from Europe or whatever I don't really care all I care about is that justice in the proper punishment for this give me an idea what's going on this is an AP story that I have by calling in -- In New York a woman. 78. Years old. Was strolling in our neighborhood she was punched him ahead by a stranger. She felt that aground in Washington a woman 32 was swarmed by teenagers on bikes and one hitter in the face. In Jersey City, New Jersey a man 46 died after someone's sucker punched him instructors and an iron fence in each case police are investigating to what extent the attacks are part of a violent game quote unquote informally known as -- Where the object is to target unsuspecting pedestrians. With the intention of knocking them out Cole -- one inch. I mean this isn't. This isn't fun. This is and recreation. Is is an exercise this is just cowardly. And as as -- dollars in debt. At least two deaths have been linked to knock out this year and police have seen in recent spike in similar attacks in -- city police. Have deployed additional officers to city neighborhoods where at least seven attacks occurred in the last few weeks including. The assault on a seven -- eight year old woman 78 years old according -- police commissioner Kelly. -- someone's as a smacked her right in the face while she was just minding your business now I want to think about it doesn't have to be your mother. Doesn't have to be any relation to you. Doesn't have to be somebody you know -- church. Is just have decent person walking along the street not bothering anybody. Not interfering with -- anybody and some punk kid probably a young male because though those have been reports. Besides let's invite him knock thorough -- one punch. To me it's disgusting and -- I don't know why you would even try to get into the underlying reasons that it was Ruth Marcus. Upon notes that call all week. There's no underlying reason for this. But if they if if the first one prosecutor for this and I don't know if we prosecuted any report yet as it happens and then they're gone right. The first one prosecutor -- wanna see the defense attorney use a poverty defense are one parent defense. Or diminished capacity defense. There is no defense for so I'm asking if you favored to -- goes bill. Saying that you could get the bill would make a violent game and a gang assault with a sentence up to 25 years obviously. If they die. It's I think it should have an even harsher penalty. What's the difference between them shooting -- between the guys with a bullet or punching -- between the guys -- there with their -- if you end up dead. The big dad's dead. So I'd say yeah although I'm not a huge fan of or legislation immortalized. I think we have we have something to cover something that wasn't a problem. That we know -- before this. Usually if there was any kind of -- fight. It would be between people of similar circumstances in a young males at the club or something. But -- 78 year old woman just one example. And picture of that your mother. -- that. Pictures somebody walking up -- or mother. She's walking down the street she's not doing anything anybody. And he reaches back and clocks right in the face and Knox -- what you would. By ever caught anybody like that their best friend would be the pulleys. Absolutely be begging -- -- Bunch of punks that are not all of them certainly is a very small percentage but the thing they would consider this sport. Yeah ha and he wants to make the maker of the crime punishable over point five or not group of people hitting. The other people but people would posted online publish online. So that everybody who watches taxes that's what they do now. Euro. And they said everybody at fifteen minutes of fame this is everybody's fifteen minutes of fame to get something on YouTube and have a go if -- -- It went viral. You're arrest. Your first shower in prison record that CL viral targets were. Let's go to Peter in Hamburg Peter WB again. You have -- warrant. Everything acts up again it was a dumb. Black on white crime. -- -- Jewish where rubble of the Jewish people. I'd I know one thing for damn sure if it was a group vote. Overweight. Dog. Hitting 82 year old black women and a below the president by now would be how being on the podium all of the act MSNBC. It would be -- it would. Pipeline every news broadcasts in this country. And you don't see anywhere. The president always say. The that woman that was -- -- could be could have been my mother because that's what he does he personalized is everything. Well apparently giving -- personal experience. My actually my brother's mother in -- who live. I end up Broadway the failure. And she used to that -- -- -- and can't be sure there. The right on Broderick. -- what they're per year she was 83 years old and she walked to church every Sunday -- this beautiful. Wonderful. Lady that actually spent time in a concentration camp. And Poland and actually get attacked who on her arm she went to tell her life and here that woman walking to church on -- Sunday morning. And I. Black teenagers beat. -- -- -- -- You're the snow bank and older that they have caller identification. Or bad trip there should call the police they're gonna -- -- -- She tried to hide it but my body out just a -- or check out or just about every other day and saw the bruises. And you didn't want it all at first but then she did and then she called they are complete and cute crying in here at all. And then there's so many people on the east side that are hiding behind multiple lock forward five blocks on her door a a split the walk out there house and they don't have enough. They could help out for more than a dollar and their and they are held captive in all Paul and I think -- ashamed. I hear you're a passion thank you very much regard them knock -- game quote unquote it's not all black and white some of it is black on white some of it is other. But the bottom line is it it goes beyond human decency. You know it's bad enough when somebody. You know the expression -- pick on some of your own size is bad enough when somebody picks on somebody that might be a match for them but that is what they do they don't do that. They -- defenseless people. They hit defenseless women defenseless man and know what to what you really annoys me this isn't an exact. A copy on what we're talking about today is there was a World War II vet. Lived in buffalo they got beat the hell out of by a bunch of vote kids. And I'm thinking this guy laid his life on the line. So that we could beat that Nazis. So that we could be the fascists. So we can beat the people that attacked us in the Pearl Harbor. He -- his life on the line for that in this is this is the thanks yeah it's. It really disgusted me well Sunday these ponds are gonna gonna punch out the wrong person will be lost points they do. We'll be back with more after this. -- This is MW Rihanna accurate forecast mostly cloudy with -- rain or snow showers in spots and I have 41. -- most of the time tonight low of thirty. Clouds and areas of fog tomorrow morning some brightening and I have forty and Wednesday when the cloud a win -- with clouds of breaks of sun some showers in the afternoon high of 49. We're talking about what's college game is certainly doesn't seem like much right game to me. Of a street assaults Coleman knock -- game in which people usually young males. Our goal after helpless people. Older women older man just people that are not going to be much of our problem when they attack them and how they attack them. They don't even go face to face. You would think that they're trying to knock somebody out -- one punch at least. They have the decency. To look you in the eye when they do it now these these punks that's always our. They -- tomorrow homicide after you've already passed them when your unsuspecting. When you didn't do anything to anger about it and say anything he didn't you couldn't do any wrong suddenly before you know it you've hit the ground we've had. Because of punch in the face and we've had people died there have been in the several deaths because of this. It's not just black on white. It is a combination while somebody attacks have been on why some suspected attackers black experts say. The incidents are more -- preying on the seemingly helpless. Than race or religion it's about somebody who's choosing helpless. Seemingly helpless and choosing that person to target somebody that can't fight back. The behavior of a sudden assault of someone who seems helpless has appealed. To the idiotic impulse qualities of these adolescents forever you know want part of its disaster the life they lead. Their big deal is to get the and -- -- the video game in which you're killing 5000 monsters are soldiers are blowing up is are blowing up that. -- is if you're gonna go punch people on the street. Why why not a punch out somebody your own age and somebody your own sides. Would be unfair -- -- -- yourself. You consider this a manly -- to punch -- -- 78 year old woman in the face amendment you fail but maybe somebody. Who is 78 year old guy. Somebody who can't really defend themselves much anymore but just remember. -- seven Euro guys and some of those 78 Euro women's they'll have enough strength in this finger to pull a trigger. Just remember and some of them do. Hasn't happened yet is just a matter of time let's go to Ricky and Niagara Falls -- -- WB yen. And it accurately what that thing. Well I call them. Because. You know I their -- animals all my life what we -- -- I called Terrell humans because they may have been domesticated or civilized one time the crucial reason they've they've. Terms while they've turned -- And we'll -- it really great me. Is it people say is that while it's happening all over for it happened before. Or the that doesn't justify it. And -- Using that kind of logic -- The laws against murder should be enraged abolished because. I'm very in -- student of the holy scriptures and the first murder and in the in the Bible and generation this is Kahne showing his brother -- And that's been happening for how long now millenniums. -- It's for you know longevity wise. It must be all right so we should eliminate any laws because it's been growing country so long. I didn't hear you hurt your tongue and cheek commentary and you're absolutely right -- -- amazes me about this is. If they wanted to do it so they can video -- anything go on our online. What. What joy they get out of it through their peers think that that's really cool or are they like most normal people don't think that's. What note that the I think I think it's because of our technology. Because they liked 2030 years ago. Most of these people wouldn't have done because. They could not sure what other people right away they -- -- it -- right that's right but he couldn't get into the network and share at all. But no I mean everyone pretty much everyone even children have a cellphone. And if you if you do like that he can instantly. Instantaneously. Putter aren't parents and a few bodies and it becomes. If it becomes a eight standard. Big. It is your -- it's your fifth day it's your fifteen minutes of fame but you know it was. If you look back in history. Many cultures have always revered the elderly revered their wisdom and what they have done and what they gave us before we got here. But that seems to have been forgotten by these punks they don't seem to have any thought like that at all except it. As you get older you become wasn't able to defend yourself so that's all they're looking for. All of those great they may not have those those qualities those virtues but you I also would ask. How many parents today are teaching those -- I mean many repaired surges just materialistic and hedonistic as the young people. Yeah because if you look at it used to be that several generations lived within the same couple -- blocks and you were regularly see your grandmother and and whatever and now a lot of that has changed people move all the time as -- they don't have bad of those ties of those influences. But it is really sad to think that they consider this a badge of honor upon Joseph somebody that's that selfless. Well I'm I'm 68. And I grew up. You know I grew up but it at a time -- but the family was family we -- Stanley real intentional trying to stop -- -- blessed. Boston and especially in -- like your native American. Community are not native American yeah native American community they they had the elders yes absolutely yeah this order storytellers. They they told the history of the tribe. In all the things that happen and we don't have that now especially today because being an American and being out to be an American. And that good quality of America are all being denigrated. They are they're being marginalized denigrated. Not observed. And it's getting worse and worse as time goes on so -- that you brought up some rare very good points review thank you very much. Someday they're gonna time punch on the wrong person they're gonna attempt to punch the wrong person. And note let's hope that of this thing you know kind of goes away. But I think as long as as he says Audrey said songs the Internet is there are so he can show what you just dead. Oh look a little woman. She can barely walk I think -- punch -- okay well my push -- did you get a garage and that that's post that now he just -- just punch of enrollment. What the hell kind of George can you get out of that how sick would you have to be to think that anything positive in your life. Wow let's go to and as far as them. You don't look out I mean you have a woman may be 83 but maybe she's related to somebody -- 45 -- 357 Magnum 44 Magnum shotgun. In which case you'll find your fist is very puny little -- different. -- salmon lowest. And you -- WB yen. Good afternoon -- in the east and what's. You know. What are your answers -- have been answered. Saturday. We were. As you know if you recall. On the law enforcement we talked about German shepherd OK Andy. We're doing a staying. Picking up. We had a female. Well coupled he hoped he quarries. -- problem. Sixteen year old. The remark went to swing -- other kind of macro. Obviously you found yourself on the wrong end up well we're trees just in the -- I'll -- here and being put in America. Well patrol car. There and he's still sitting in jail. There's no bill you kind of like a little -- Congratulations. That's that is it that makes your job and and our appreciation of your job worthwhile thank you Sam thank you very much -- -- great call to end this show it. Yeah you pick on the wrong person you may actually pick on somebody that can defend themselves you young punk. Write that about wraps it up. A historical note. Oh conflicts if you look up to par at nine under greater diverted WVU.

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