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Healthcare-dot-Com Still Ailing

Dec 3, 2013|

Dave Levinthal

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dave Leventhal is with us this morning senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity morning Dave. The White House says the new and improved health care dot gov website is ready for users. Was though where we're hearing -- of rocky real launch for the insurance marketplace. But the site didn't crash yesterday what is the word on this morning. That's why didn't crash but there are still issues to be out -- -- a lot of people who have been trying to log on and still haven't been able to you to get up there have been people who have been able to get on -- are having errors once they do itself. Ultimately dissipate much better situation make that mistake but it was certainly a month ago. Or two months ago when -- dispatchers were allowed by any measure Republican or Democrat. No matter where you are if you tried a lot you're having a bad experience by and large so -- line as things are getting better -- still not a 100% the way they're. And that there is concern that there are going to still be some technical glitch is going forward over the next couple of days couple of weeks it remains to be seen but we do know that the White House. And the Obama administration is spending some significant resources to make sure that the system is working as well it can't -- at the. And we all been wondering you know why so many issues aren't. Presented -- this federal web site when the states the there exchanges seem to be working almost flawlessly. What it seems to be here -- I'm gonna get in the system reported out and even -- some acknowledgment. By the administration right now even though they weren't doing certain initially. Is that they just simply weren't prepared and they did not have the system together in the way that it needs to be to be launch of the time that it -- on October 1. But it's funny because. The Republicans on the political side they've been pretty quick to look kind of be on the website has it been hammering the Obama administration for about two months out by a broken web site and but. Barring some further cycle as for you here with the web site. Should expect that there and relatively quickly in its place -- hammering the Obama administration not about the web site but look for the next year. Camera that about a -- on the your system being broken. Writ large about this costing people more money about people who want to keep recovered. Not being able to retain and set already telegraphing their -- -- on in the sense that that for example the Republicans Republican senatorial committee. Come out with that it is saying look this is all going to be about when he fourteen we've got to keep on the Obama administration's -- About. About repealing Obama care about it we get a senate majority it's gonna be something that we won't be able to do because -- majority in the house and the senate. But again bottom line it's it's been very politicized. Situation and that that are very politicized so I think what's been happening for the next well month. But President Obama is holding a news conference later today on the so he must be confident about it. I didn't like about the the -- news conference in as many weeks that they that is at about obamacare in the lot so yes it. Is gonna come out -- expect in -- say that things are significantly better that people are signing up. This is they've a much much better -- system that you but it was a couple of days ago. Fire is this -- self imposed deadline that they had to improve the site. To get 50000 people at a time to be able to simultaneously log on the web site. And it should be noted here isn't that they'd be it really didn't reach that number reports coming out yesterday. This morning are showing that maybe about 30000. 35000 people were able to China hurt the other web sites and times are on the web site at the same time but again that these are details. Obama's gonna focus so it really on the big picture here would probably come out and say. Why we understand that we get -- understand that this was not a great great web site launch but we're doing better and people need to buy into those because ultimately. Here's opinion this is something that but a country that is a better plan and the status but that we had going into this year. Okay and and Dave I am in real quickly you posted an interesting story about the American league of lobbyists and a name change. -- -- Certainly dead -- it was under the headline are being lobbyists is to -- now certainly lobbying is not dead in America but it should be noted that. I -- something bad happened right before Thanksgiving that the American legal lobbyists it largest lobbying association and the United States. Actually can't sustain some the association of government relations professionals out. Sort of two it's to bleed from Shakespeare era. The rose by any other name smell -- -- -- -- its sales rose by any other name also smells is this followed suit like it's some people's opinions. So lobbyists is not now like a dirty word. It's -- big scarlet -- you're watching NBC lobbying is certainly is as old as the constitution enshrined in the First Amendment. He can petition your government for redress of grievances but. That's that's certainly something that a lot of people do not like to be -- as even though it's a profession as says steeped in politics. Anything else here -- -- stated. Dave good stuff thanks. That's Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity.

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