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Obamacare Roll Out Still Flat

Dec 3, 2013|

Dr. Nancy Nielsen

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

More now on obamacare. Our guest on the WBM live line is doctor Nancy Nielsen. A doctor Nielsen as the clinical propose a realty UB school of medicine and biomedical sciences the past president of the American Medical Association. And on top of all that she's still -- practicing physician. Good morning Nancy good morning -- you don't. I'm John Howard Hewitt and we're doing well what do you think this is going to work you'll. Yeah I think it is I think -- people should start hanging fruit crepe. Because there's no question that the web site has improved. Now -- -- the federal web site is a problem and continues to problems but much possible problem. New York State's web site on the other hand. Has had really quite remarkable except where one of. Highest -- roll -- in Raleigh state in the nation along with California and -- Washington State. Nancy why is that whiny. Our states especially New York's working so much better than the the federal web site was working. Well it's pretty easy -- -- because that you know when there's a lot was written it was anticipated that every state. Would want to control their own web site and they're in world I mean it was just anticipated that that would be estate issue. On the other hand when things got so politicized. Now we are down to only fourteen states. And that had decided to run -- an end and and they seem to be doing very well as far as I know. Doctor Nielsen may have bothered by the fact though that some facets of Health Care Reform will nevertheless. Be delayed because of all these issues. Well the one that's being delayed is that I know about the mandate. On -- businesses to two in the role of people and helped plant or pay a penalty that was delayed for a year. Is that what you -- talking about acting. I think certainly it was a good idea to do that the congress we got to straighten out for individual. And then for businesses. You worked on the think tank. Four of the White House and reforming health care delivery not just where I'm not a but the website is really inhibit and handed them but. But what else would you like to see. Going forward. But I think we need to kind of heard the age and and not. Get Celek right in a partisan way about when things are working on one side of the aisle or the other and and I it would lay blame on both sides. I think what we have to keep in mind is that we -- forty happened million people in this country citizens. Who didn't have health insurance mostly because they couldn't afford it. If you just look what's happened in the -- state the latest numbers. Quarter of the million New Yorkers have completed their application. Many of those have not yet chosen a planned. -- but they're ready to choose the -- they're still thinking about it and of those. Quarter of a 1041000. Are already enrolled in a new plan it will be in January 1. And 35000. Qualify for Medicaid so if you just look at our state. 76. Powell and people now have -- sure that didn't happen before. I think we need to celebrate -- -- get -- aren't. Who's right who's wrong -- Who should have said something different and then try to make this work because we have a lot of people were hurting that's what this is really all about. Nancy just brought up Medicaid you know we've -- many folks seeking insurance have logged on to lose health insurance exchanges to finally actually qualify for Medicaid. And now some states say that eleven of doctors to address so many Medicaid patients how to address -- What is the problem on -- there's no question about it act access. Two medical care is really a problem and there's plenty of work to go around for all of us to provide clinical care physicians nurse practitioners. Position consistent. There's plenty of work it wouldn't we shouldn't get in despite -- should be doing what there are shortages that most of the shortages. Our geographic in the bigger a bigger problem in rural areas for example. But it may be that we need to worry of topped the the production of people. In the area health care professional. Medical school have already begun doing that we got it at UB. We are are we are. Working toward enlarging our medical school already in which canopy cheer so. I think you're an eighteen medical school -- and Corey begin to enlarge their classes. Our continue to do that but the big problem in this country. Let's be honest is that we have a whole lot of special. And not enough primary -- -- providers. So that is something that have to be addressed. Doctor Nielsen we're grateful -- to join us thanks again. Doctor Nancy Nielsen clinical professor at the UBU school of medicine and biomedical sciences.

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