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Russell Salvatore's Interment Request

Dec 3, 2013|

Dino Fudoli

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Morning folks this is a new one. Knew him that we are not aware that something like this has been done before around here -- it involves who is perhaps. This area's most prominent and well known restaurant tour. Let's talk about it our guest on the WB and live line -- Lancaster town supervisor. Do you know for Dolly mr. for the -- thank you for joining us. -- the you know in the town board have -- to approve those proposals tell our listeners what you know about the so far tell us what it's all about. Okay well it's -- -- -- what what we we discussed publicly. We were approached a couple of weeks ago by -- Salvatore too obvious. -- do you want to put it to -- content but in front it is memorial park of his shot. Print road property they're. Where the restaurant is well Russell's agent chops there's the number tell. So they were institution research arm. And state laws and help end an old cold. And whether or not to -- look at it allowable. According to state law yes it is it's probably about to be buried at your own property. Obviously. I'm pending approvals and certain you have to follow certain things because obviously there's the water -- think look at what are we can have you -- People very initial over the patient you know so. There are certainly you know so what we're doing right now we're in the we're in the stages of actually researching patrol post to find out if very helpful because. -- get the ball out. What the term cold arm themselves between these forward. Through history is about the -- and adapt to different policies. And we don't know as of this moment if that's how you know a hundred years ago adopt that policy against such a population or oil or natural. All that's what we're doing right now we're researching it basically. You know. I'm on the legal side. Do you know how you feel personally about any any worried that the site might become some sort of shrine. Well you know what. I -- Russell Russell Russell has been no obviously a staple of our community hurt her you know. Decades and you know this is one of those things that he almost has been very classy very. You know very much everything he does he's -- -- you know. We see that that bit of the most attention to detail and I'm so I don't think this is something that that I don't think we worry about essentially is it output down and I don't think that. -- he would be something that would see liberty -- Speech. Forgive but honestly most of fidelity when you first were asked to consider this. What was your reaction out of the other board members to react. But a lot of positive to -- port number there was no there was no negative he decorate the -- numbers. Greater restrictions -- -- -- -- the war who want to check initial public figure out you know because the way the Russell -- we don't think -- always -- of the -- gets. Upon his death when that -- with a in a big way as well outrage so. -- -- that we are all. A little the price figures but it -- they aren't you know in a waste. What can you say that you have the other members of the board have been researching the -- in the state laws but has this been done anywhere around here are you aware. -- And I look at senator produce -- somewhere I don't know I mean. It as far as I know that you won't get out -- the rural -- you get out into the know what you what was alleged shooter ever predict -- -- your gay couples are labeled -- hundreds and hundreds but thousands of acres. I'll note that that -- please doctor where people appeared on the properties I I don't know that's for sure there isn't something like this where there's actual memorial I don't know what. But look at certain if you don't. Year ago or a -- yours to order a couple years ago people used to be you know they were very profitable trying to you don't know that was contractors. So I don't know if there are firmed up the middle of the street somewhere or in the in the in the world heritage house. Of the counties where there were were where people are buried -- harmed or things like that so I don't know. When -- the board vote on this and and -- think there's -- a support for. Addition there was still no there was no -- -- -- aborted all. What is embodied restriction possible as -- as and so you know what he's one of the most. Well recognized out of business leaders in our community it certainly not at all what you're correctly and not and I think that the -- the outboard motor up through. -- when we bought a couple of those got some view it shall it is so popular because there's certainly don't know. If there's nothing inflation at prevention I don't even know if there's something noticeable building permit that might. You know that we need to be true would this require public hearing. If yes it would be would be -- it would be would be required. So -- resources to change accordingly -- supporter or anything record regularly regularly quote the public hearing -- record. -- ability good to have you with us this morning we appreciate your time. Lancaster town super browser do you know for Dolly.

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