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Bronx Train Well Over Speed Limit

Dec 3, 2013|

Mark Rosenkar

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

CBS news transportation safety analyst mark Rosen Paris -- guest. On the WB and my -- mark thanks for the time. And as -- John good morning. The commuter train that jumped the tracks in New York Sunday was barreling into occurred at nearly three times the posted speed 82 in a thirty. From what you heard does it's not the train was already derailing when the brakes were applied. It could've been they. Event recorder is telling us a great deal of information. And as they begin to really look at the mechanical systems -- now have a much better idea if in fact. The brakes were applied by the engineer. They were automatically. Applied by virtue of the emergency braking system when trading begins to decouple. Mark it's our understanding that technology was close to being installed. Let mother of automatically slowed down that trend around that -- of that crash might have been prevented. Positive train control is -- technology which is available. Should they railroads wish to invest in that they are required to invest in -- by December of 2015. Unfortunately. A number of the railroads are trying to push this back in the 2018. I don't think there's an accident is the poster child for the reason why we should not be doing this. This this positive train control of something that had been advocated for decades. And it came to -- when I was the chairman of the NTSB's back in 2008. Through legislation. That congress passed as a result of a terrible accident that occurred in 2000 late. -- and California killing 25 people. Injuring more than a 150. As a result of an engineer texting and he went through a signal that was to tell him to stop. This technology when implemented would have stopped the train he would have done the same thing here in New York. Speaking of an engineer texting. Wasn't that the the cost of an accident in Washington DC. We've seen a number of accidents that we investigated. That this has been a problem. Did the distracted driver is not totally and obviously in the the trains but we really -- automobiles trucks buses and frankly even aircraft. Mark one will we know what the train's engineer told investigators and one who will we know our results of his cellphone use and other factors like the -- might have been drinking or taking. You know prescription medications things like that. Our room and these debts and information will be known to the board. -- as they do their announcements over the next day or two or three. Attempt to get that kind of information out to the public. But they completely -- Read out of his interview and the investigation process with the conductors and the engineer. 72 hours mistreated -- looking at. The examination of this cell phones. That takes a little bit of time that they will ultimately be passing that information along to the public. Still despite all of this and and the other accidents that you mentioned. Israel -- still relatively safe in this country. Certainly it is and it is. That's -- -- definitely in fact that this terrible accident my mother in law was here visiting. But the Thanksgiving and I had no quality putting their opponents. And a -- a -- back to New Jersey as the train travel is really played extraordinarily safe that was an anomaly. And probably we did the most dangerous part of any journey and I said it before I'll continue to say it again this -- drive to the airport you're drive to the trying to station. -- rights mark great talk with you this morning thank you for the time. Mark Rosen car it's a former National Transportation Safety Board chairman and CBS news transportation safety analyst estimates. Shows that teens in the US slipped from 25 to 31. In math since 2009. From twentieth to 24 in science and from eleventh to 21 ingredient. Samsung is planning to -- soccer stars against fictitious aliens to sell its range of galaxy devices. In a marketing campaign which has a fairly an original plot but is on usual course Samsung. The company will showcase its products through -- big soccer match between aliens and humans Apple's looking for more of a social life with its acquisition of social media analytics -- topsy labs were 200 million dollars. Taps these tools can decipher how often determines tweeted. -- influential persons. -- specific subject this since the Wall Street Journal report. Documents arrogance from copier fax business technologies presents. Another business nightmare. It's ten minutes before the biggest pitch of the year and to help close the deal you need -- specific document. That's back at the office and you can't get to it the solution document talent and and advanced data management process ducking intelligence is mobile fast and secure. Phones tablets laptops desktop you can work on anything from anywhere anytime. If you try as a paper did digitized and organized. On electronic files are -- organized and the nightmare. Is that her eyes. Immediate access to all company data and documents. That's Smart business. -- intelligence from copier fax business technologies with offices in buffalo and Rochester.

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