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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>12-3-13 Sandy Beach Show Hour 1

12-3-13 Sandy Beach Show Hour 1

Dec 3, 2013|

Hour 1

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello hello -- did you governor Iran's an image Russ Salvatore. That's not how they are not not for us. I suggest they -- reconsider being interred and have himself stuffed. Us after El Salvador and wouldn't Salvador's when you're not what do you say hey man stuff. I'm just thinking you know -- Salvatore is a great restaurant by the way great restaurant and these days an entrepreneur -- and that. And he does a lot of things that I wanted to help while local society. And that's great but he wants to be buried while actually not buried interred. In front of his restaurant. But I went to the Roy Rogers museum when it was opening California trigger stuffed in his usual -- administrator and both the dog was stuff. I'm thinking a stop to cross over to be you could you got your choices you can have a seeded. In his miles -- -- with the top down you know hands on the wheel ready to drive to -- I think that would be nice. Or are you good to have -- standing whether major deal would stand. And maybe a little recording on a little saying do you have a reservation. Or. Tried revealed will be here. All eternity. And -- -- like that's that's a certain panache to. I just think it's a little while. Well out there who are. I wanna be stuffed and put in the backseat of Tom Barley sports car. I think doubt be some and watch them. For eternity. I think they'll be like funded do. I'd just find that as bizarre as ideal goalie Chris my first. Thought was if it's even legal to do that I don't. It just seems I've never heard anything like it are wide rainy bush over says that now it is illegal to be buried like you can't just be buried in the ground -- oak tree but if you wanna be interred in a mausoleum. Apparently satisfied. Now OK but if it's a muzzle him when I got to get to see Russ. Want us press and you know they are doing miracles -- tax at the army now. I am at work and your season -- Russia's body -- southern -- somewhere. And all of those little places on the side of the road they all do that the -- a week. You know I mean come up and -- can you -- why now. He looks so life like people would not at all cordial and have to strap onto the hood when you brought him back. Another thought and -- -- what happens if if and when you sell that property it's like me who is -- Basel I'm going to stay in there are some -- buys it appears on the road that's a good at what if somebody else what do somebody else -- wants to a buy it. They can't just move him off the property he probably has some kind of improper purpose forever clause. In this and the sale of the restaurant at the restaurant ever goes. I wouldn't put him in the kitchen. I think Albion healthy. I really think that he should be out and about maybe put a couple of bills tickets in his hand for some dog game in December. You know it's it's a game nobody wants to go to in his 8000 tickets left and he buys the last 8000 I think we should have tickets in his hand. Preparing to give them to somebody. As he's smiling about the unify and mail I nothing would increase my appetite like a dead man from the restaurant I'm just say in arming. I think is perfectly. Somebody just called him -- Tyler and cities these should be put -- elevator operator for about her. -- it was in his original restaurant where the cars were in Nam wasn't the original but the one you know before this one. Where the cards -- India in the glassed -- -- McNabb behind -- -- I think it but people would probably steal them like they did Elvis his -- people forget that they forget that Elvis is body was stolen. -- and a so I'm aesthetic and who wouldn't want their kids because of it in the gift shop. You know you you've enjoyed a fine Ross -- -- meal now take rest home with you and you know and set it up maybe a little table at Thanksgiving time or something. That is really out there as far as I'm concerned I know he's. He's been known to be a little eccentric from time to time but at this that that the best quote I've ever heard Russ outlook toward happened about two years ago. As you know he's he's always dressed meticulously. The guys had a stress I'm sure pays a whole lot of money for his -- and whatever. And he's not thrilled when people come to the restaurant where they don't look like they should be dressed the way that he perhaps he would shoes. A couple of Summers ago. Apparently this family came and and none of them were dressed the way he would have them -- if he had his choice. So he goes on line on his web page and I'll never forget this he said when they walked into the front. Of the restaurant he was hoping that they were stopping by to ask for directions to affair. -- line and it really is but great restaurant. But I don't know if that request can be fulfilled. -- will say O of the Lancaster tumble it would have to probe. I'm so you -- right if the restaurants ever sold. What did I mean you can distance -- people -- does not require like court order something I think that would be more weird moving -- -- and actually putting him there to begin with if you bought it. -- he would probably deter people from buying it yeah hi I. Would be unusual look at the publicity if if -- like -- town board approves. Look at the publicity this is gonna get nationwide so after he's dead this will be really good for business in -- apartment. I'm saying he won't have to get up anymore and approve every cut of meat I think this is really really good for him. All right that's enough now I in my hot little hands. The list the baby names the most popular baby names soared 23 and as you and -- Naming children has really gone downhill. People name their their kids weird names now many times it's the last thing a woman sees before she gives birth of the TV is on Emma. Delivery -- -- -- -- -- original via because there was an ad for a new miracle drug names you know via. -- that's the way it'll be eight or celebrities like to name their kids weird. Goofy names and and everything about the kids or come back -- over the top ten a girl's names and boys' names. And we're gonna ask Chris doesn't have any children but he was going to have a war girl and I asked him if he would approve any of these names we'll go one time also. What parents prepare for when naming their kids what's in their mind because sometimes you -- You gotta know -- you that you thanking one was thinking -- -- -- -- and now we have a lot of unisex names because it's important. You know where a very progressive society and in some parts and it's important not to. It's a kid with a name -- peculiar to the sex that he or she was born into because. It. Have given birth to little Bobby. And the way government. Should not nobody wants to be little JoAnne. I mean you just don't know we have a name that's a flexible and -- have -- wiggle room in there and we'll talk about that comes at the consideration of what are my baby doesn't like his or her sex. I'm sure I give them a unisex name. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is he afraid there's no good food and have a as he wanna be in your take out I don't get it welcome back requests. He doesn't and yeah Emma now devils could be armament we just don't know these things will be back effort. Sosa WB at AccuWeather forecast that rather cloudy today and tonight high of 38 low tonight 33 breezy a mile tomorrow clouds and the break of sun. A passing chart joining after I'm 48 Thursday mostly cloudy some showers possible hive 51. It's at 11 o'clock can help and will be one of us and bring a lot of our special guest. Former defensive back for the Buffalo Bills Jeff Nixon. Will be talking somewhat about Tennessee team that's that's coming up at 11 o'clock meanwhile got some things they would take care right now. And I'm just thinking that there are so many names out there. There are so unusual and I'm thinking of changing my name from sandy to juror sandy. Because every time I watch I watch the Packers awhile like to lose or any kind of national football game I love some of -- name mister Michael is a good name -- sandy. Manager sandy beach like that. It's a certain ring to it a manager sandy but I'm thing he's got a became a fortune in your -- because the kids. I guess legally they could change of but he usually don't and let's say a -- well -- have it's 113 most popular. Names. Why -- why do people name these kids what they named them. I'm so here is the thinking that went according to the survey in the name. Classical names. I'm names that we bin and on forever 81% of parents like that very unusual or unique names 43%. And they usually name it usually spelled different true. That's close some of them got Karen execution and you can stay in your -- you know Hairston. I think if -- -- mayor -- Miles Austin should be care than Harrison and I think that will be great -- originals and not. About what I'm saying is it's unusual spellings unusual pregnancy Asians. And I think a lot of them are named after drugs as I said your new movie a Celebrex is my is my beautiful not a Celebrex is element. On users all users directive. On those kinds of thing solid state classical names 81%. Very unusual -- 43%. Sibling names that start with the same letter this is the called he never syndrome. Where you got Danny. And gave. And dopey and doc. On -- -- our kids they all have the same initials that so when he mare kicked the bucket. They can inherit their monogrammed towels and it really works out pretty well in on saying so he's always thinking he's always thinking out is that money. Bilingual names 40%. Unisex names 39%. Now you six names have been around for awhile but I think. Very first one I was aware it was Glenn -- who happens to be a woman as you know. But -- is traditionally had its name and then you see now you see there's a lot of names that were traditionally one sex or the other. And I am thinking of maybe if I don't go juror Michael be charming Heather Heather Paige I think -- organized as. I think I'm trapped in this body of a man and unfortunately it's not a great body of -- I'd like to be trapped in the body of the woman. And -- your daughter after your father. Ruby before Ruben something like that similar names for twins and multiples 34%. Naming her son after your mother Daniel Ford Daniel law although I don't know how many women named Daniel I'm sure there are so. First name last name start with the same letter point 5% now it's important when you're gonna name my kid. But the first name goes with the last name now until college theory was about to have when -- is about to have the second baby. I said. And in their Italian OK I said Angelina. Because the war and a good name Angelina goes nicely with college area flows Angelina -- college theory it has a nice rhythm to it. What they didn't take my advice. A standard names -- unusual spellings 24%. Trendy names. That's. Edison which like the sun dried tomatoes -- -- -- Madison's and in the rarely sticks in my -- for summaries and first names containing titans 16%. I don't like hyphenated names if you see anybody with a hyphenated name that trouble. The trouble -- starting trouble is in the paper they have a hyphenated name. They're trying to run for the school board they're they got some some cause. You know they've they've looked like they accidentally set or stick when they were child Amanda smiles sense. Are those of the people with hyphenated names but how important I am my name is hyphenated. Yes it's actually about a little dash next to how good is this. And at 16% and names inspired by celebrity's. 12% of celebrities you lose. Weird name for their kids but you don't see a lot of copycats. Back in the day ammonia and -- zappa. Weasels out but those are brother and sister I don't know anybody named -- -- weasel and that they have but some people -- Smart I mean. Sonny and -- okay. They named their daughter chastity. Later on she decided chest that he isn't right for me I wanna be a guy so they caller -- Okay. And their views chastity. Spike might be more appropriate but every -- whatever -- like okay. Now -- does not have kids yet but I'm gonna go through these names and just say yes or know. If you would even consider this as a name first of all for girls number ten Chloe. Like death a number nine Emily I don't I like am I am lazy that's classic number eight Zoe. Now number seven literally -- number six -- no number five media -- number of or Isabella. Yes number three. Libya yes number two Emma. Now number one -- Yes okay current Italian all you only accepted couple of those Italian names now they are boys now Chris you're gonna have a boy would you name -- number ten Jack. -- Jack nine Jacob yes nor her original project that's the and that's tournament and our brand. Our subjects OK number nine Jacobs Jacobs look at eight Ethan -- seven -- now six Mason no five Noah. Now for a Lucas. Yes. Rob focus if he had a -- the Asian name Lucas and a -- Lucas Lucas. On number three goalie -- -- numbered to even know healthful foods eaten please number one Jackson. -- Jetsons like Jack. He got -- the same thing I don't know shortened version of interrogation of Jack. Anyway -- said. As life and I'm so happy to see Madison is not on the list infective that I'd been -- comedy where they all go to Vegas for the final on wedding. They get hooked up with four showgirls. Of which two of them are named. And and this name and yes two of them have the same name and their both the name -- -- All right let's go. Finding out if my idea is gonna come to flourish and I suggested this thirty years ago and I've been I've been a promoter of this for thirty years I love the National Football League. And the one thing that seems archaic to me that she means it seems that that's not really exacted a spotting the ball is one thing but. I'm thinking there's a better way to do it and thirty years ago I said why don't they use users another is a crown to a football field usually. But even with a crown you can put the laser up above the crown so that the running back or whoever has the ball wide receiver whatever. Would actually see where the first by our first down marker is -- plus there be no question as to -- you make it or not because some of these games hang by a thread. And it's a matter of an injured to -- of error that could make a difference between oh oh win or a loss and now. The NFL is looking at that they're looking at lasers to mark first -- I don't know -- they'll do not become the competition committee would have to approve it. And there's a lot of stuff that goes into any kind of changes with the NFL. But I think it as a great idea and it was mine and -- it I'll take credit for. Our site. You down Madison. -- I will be back with more as I said today at 11 o'clock Jeff Nixon will be joining him Hamilton former defensive back for the Buffalo Bills play for six years for us. And talking about CT which is a discussion a lot of former players having right now we'll be back after. -- and and they. The what kind of names feeble light but there -- looking for tributes to the baby to now you don't really know. When the baby is born and what kind of attributes are going to be there when the baby gets all their. Budget kind of -- that they have is so I'm gonna go through the boys because like my mother. My mother and Amy sandy knowing that someday I would go -- to radio -- name's sandy beach. You know I don't think it's masculine very much I think you know maybe -- beach would have been better. Also I think if she didn't mean food. Then I would have had an even bigger career than I've already enjoyed the match and it's a nude beaches next. I mean he could you not equipped to not leave that dial just welded in place while nude beaches on the radio I'm just like and that's the way it's ago. But here -- here's what they're looking for four boys names and I'll see if my name's sandy it's any of these things. Strength. Now I mean the name isn't strong although I'm a tolerance and I'm armed. Kindness. I exude kindness I couldn't be a kinder person let's I don't like you knock but if I'd like you I'm very very card. Intelligence. You know what they had to read -- the intelligence test just to make it fair. Soledad about that let's say masculinity. Come and now I couldn't be more masculine if -- -- ever imprisoned there be a line in -- myself I'm just saying that's how masculine I am. Individuality. Yeah I was -- living. I'm 43%. So a strength 69% -- 60% intelligence 50% masculinity. 49% individuality 43%. Next at 42% leadership I am a born leader I'm just telling -- people will follow me if I asked them to simply because of my leadership ability. And unfortunately 10%. Good looks I'd have to give this one up Clinton's heart that it did I'm sorry I I can't claim that but that's a bad about seven out of eight. I think it's pretty good. I do have a I do have a giveaway which Tyler. -- -- And food food should Tyler Ennis you know earlier hockey player but just a regular guy named Tyler bit. Folks should have done on the favorite name -- so to at least you know you have a shark named after you. But a -- waiting for your call if you like to see and and listen to -- Of the trans Siberian orchestra Monday. December 30 at 3 o'clock at the first Niagara senator you get home early and have dinner. A general contest rules apply tickets on sale now tickets dot com a dollar of each tickets sold goes to the lymphoma society Western New York on the house 6449 -- some five in the the ninth caller unless he doesn't like -- -- in that case the tenth caller will win all right call him now into that. I had not heard of this happening. And it did happen local police and Pittsburg. Said an apparent gun battle caused a power outage and part of a straight. When a straight shot hit an electronic transformer now it makes sense that this sort of thing could happen but it's the first time I've heard of please say they responded to in the 911 call reporting shots fired early Sunday evening. Police didn't find any suspects but they did find two different types of bullet casings about a block apart suggesting to people have been shooting at each other. One other shots went wide right oh I know did that used to play for the bills. And about forty feet high and knocked out the transformer darkening parts of the city. Duquesne light crews were able to replace the transformer in about an hour a police haven't come army found any signs of injuries. From the gunfire. Or the sparking transformers so. They had they didn't kill each other and they didn't -- the transformer so I guess it's OK now I don't want to talk about today as I said that at 11 o'clock. -- no arrests over -- and got us out of our in my mind. Jeff Nixon used to play. 64 video of for the bills will be here at 11 o'clock. And will be talking about as some things but specifically about CT. With a high concern in the National Football League. And former players and current players about it it's about -- recurrent. Hits to the head it's about brain injuries is about things like that. That are to have everybody concerned we will talk to Jeff. About to his take on this that's comes up with Ken Hamilton at eleven we'll take a break and we'll start our subject today on news radio I'm thirty. -- -- Well simply because if they get it. It won't be McDonald's it's getting a -- on it won't be Wendy's although I like I like the one to him right there she's not. I know OK what -- Burger King. If they get the fifty dollar wage rate. You are paying for. Because that's the only way they can stay in business. Is that the customers which -- be you and I have to pay for that now I've said many many times and I really mean it. There are no such things as unimportant jobs some pay more than others depending on their responsibility and and what they had to the bottom line and things like that. But it's like a giant puzzle. Everybody has a job to do and that job fits in the puzzle and when you've got all the jobs together than you've got American society. So that you'll that you may not be making the most money. But if you weren't doing your job somebody would be disappointed some people might even do business -- somebody else's so. The bottom line is yes you are important to your employer. But the age old. Yardstick is. The more people that can do assuming that what you do is indeed that there is a demand for her. The more people that can do what you do the less money you make. The fewer people they can do what you do. The more money you make it doesn't take a genius to figure that out. And fast food workers is meant as meant to be an entry level job that's what it is it's more -- may be people who are going to college you know little extra money to get through school. Maybe people who are helping her family out whatever it's not meant to raise a family gone. Plain and simply it's not and when you see these protesters saying seven point five is not enough to raise a family there and it was gonna deny that. But instead of spending time for testing of spending its time. Trying to be more upwardly mobile may be that you might need to take because some courses get a better education. -- you might have to do more -- A a bigger a search for a better paying job but to expect somebody -- just dump money in your lap because. You know have a family and you have to admit took a minimum wage job. Is unreasonable. That's the whole point would we like to see everybody be totally financially comfortable of course we would there's no. There's no question about that but just going out in force and invoke trying to trying to you have bully. The the big fast food places or get sympathy from the American public in general. I don't think it makes it because every time I hear. There's two things that annoy me one thing is when when somebody gets on usually it's a social activist. And and it will say while you can raise a family on that -- we know that okay. They -- and we all understand that but the others who -- -- even entry level jobs like that you have no work history. I -- radio school. That they taught us you know you have to be realistic when you get out of radio school. You have nothing to offer the radio station. Not think okay. You learn how hopefully how to how to apply your Traber -- nothing to offer you don't have any experience of having ties with sponsors there's no guarantee you're ever going to reach out and and grab an audience we don't know what you're gonna be like -- public appearances that so many things that to be sorted out so you don't -- and radio station expecting to be top of the card you don't expect to be the highest paid person there it's not gonna work that way they -- what you have to do was make yourself more valuable. And in in radioed the way you do it is -- its future revenue and ratings I mean that's that's pretty obvious pretty apparent. That's the way that works in the fast food industry yeah maybe you work your way from being a collar person strictly to an assistant manager to a manager to a regional I don't know what the hierarchy is on test vote. But the bottom line is that sometimes -- -- going after come to the conclusion that. In order for me to move up I need more education in order for -- to move up I need to I need to -- a wider jobs a market. An order for -- to move up I might have to move. I I would question how many people. That are going to be in this march. On Thursday have even reached outside of their comfort zone which would be the area you grew up OK how many have you done that. I would guess not many all right most people want want to live and work near home. They want to higher rate than theirs than their you know their ability. Our commands at that time not sing -- never get a but it's unreasonable to expect it and an entry level job. So if you're not willing to move. You're not willing to reach out of your comfort zone if you're not going to get more education if you're not willing to put your family plans on hold it doesn't make much cents. To have five kids are working an entry level job there really Gaza. So. Maybe a -- work a little bit more overtime -- was kids I mean I've basically you can't raise five kids on an entry level job and and maybe you can raise one but the bottom line is. Do a good job. The as a as let's see what's ornament for as. Salary worthy as you can and things might get a little bit better for you within the confines where you're working now but if you really. Only. Want to improve yourself you gotta gotta make a big -- You've got to either as I said either move to a place that has something that. You can make more money or get more education so you have more to present an employer but to expected to come to you. That your entry level job at fifteen dollars an hour which would be more than double. What you're making now today if your -- seven point 515 bucks is more than double. I don't know many people that managed to double their salary went one fell swoop a really don't. And it doesn't usually happen. So my question is are you and you are the American public you are the ones that go to McDonald's you are the ones that go to Burger King journalists -- go to Wendy's. You're the ones -- go to KFC are you OK with paying fifteen dollars an hour for fast food workers because believe me. If this thing happened. I don't -- well but if you're dead if it happened you would be paying more money for your food plain and simply you'd be paying more money for your drinks. There'd be more expenses and the expenses are passed on to. You know. That's are you okay what is. Are you so magnanimous is that I don't care I'm willing to pay more for my food I demand that you've given fifteen dollars an hour. Eight Austria on 930106169. Through six are now and there.


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