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12-3-13 Sandy Beach Show Hour 2

Dec 3, 2013|

Hour 2

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hurt very nice Andy bowers oh. First class here quarter zip grid police. Wednesday -- guess what. It's -- and personal. I didn't -- that. Don't we all wanna be pack -- impeccable and personal. Lightweight -- police for all season comfort I can -- alone -- layer it's perfect for chilly mornings in camp. I don't go to camp. I have no cap in my gonna have to find a camp and find -- camp that has chilly mornings for me to -- this am I allowed the word out there under penalty of the law anywhere else. It's as a as a zipped chest pocket. I hope it's a zip chest pocket and not a -- chest which is something we don't want or you don't need their shirt. Keep small trail and travel essentials on hand all of -- because I I I demand that I keep essentials them lecture. Same in my pants. But dating to his pants his shirt. And it's easy cares machine -- well that's very organized and I'm looking and you can tell it's a new shirt. Because it says 9:30 AM on the one that's good because I was afraid of with little shirt they just brutal threat over. This is nice and it's nice soft. -- -- So I'll probably be wearing miss them maybe we're certainly a big remote broadcasts on Thursday and Friday. Will be -- the SP CA for our annual radio Thon for the animals are great cause. And it's something that we're involved -- our sister station stars involved Whitman will be up there and Thursday and Friday morning's. Okay are you okay -- -- paying fifteen dollars an hour for fast food workers now you say. Which are just do it because jumping and affection you. Well if you eat at a fast food -- McDonald's customer Burger King Wendy's whatever Kentucky fried. Then you're giving them a raise and your foods and cost more there's no way it wouldn't. Because the cost of business are passed on to the customers in order for the businesses they opened. Pretty fundamental. But I'm saying there are no unimportant jobs some jobs is paying more than others will go into the puzzle. And the puzzle is perfect when everybody has a job but unfortunately. Some jobs don't pay. Enough to raise a family on so you've got to be conscious enough to know -- I I've got -- as if I if I want a family. Maybe -- I can't take this job. Or I can't take this job if -- already have a family. Maybe it's it's an individual college student job or somebody working weekends and high school or whatever. Not designed to raise a family on plain and simple. But they're going to be out in force on Thursday and that people are going to be demanding fifteen bucks an hour I have of the New York Times article in front of me. Written by Steve green house. McDonald's Wendy's and other fast food restaurants. Are going to see increased pressure as organizers of a movement demanding fifteen dollar an hour wage for pastoral workers say they'll sponsor. -- one day strike in a hundred cities. On Thursday. And protest activities -- a hundred additional so -- 200 cities. Hundred will be street one day strikes a hundred Libya additional activities we don't know exactly what that would mean. Strikes are planned for the first time in cities like Charleston. Providence and Pittsburgh. The protests have expanded greatly since November of 2012. When 200 fast food workers and occasional one day strike at twenty restaurants the first such walk -- in history. The movement which includes the group's fast food forward. And fight for fifteen. Is part of a growing union backed effort by low paid workers. -- knew somewhere. Somewhere and that pilot fast -- going to be a union you know 19. Including many Wal-Mart workers and workers for federal contractors. The -- whoever's back by the Service Employees International Union. The guy you -- yes. They're also demanding the restaurants allow workers to unionize without the threat of retaliation -- the union laws in place in force existing legislation should be fine. Officials with the National Restaurant Association has said one day strikes. Our publicity stunts they warn that increasing paid a fifteen bucks an hour. When the federal minimum wages seven point five would cause restaurants rely more on automation. And hire fewer. Workers industry officials say only a small percentage of fast food jobs actually pay you minimum wage. And those are largely entry level jobs for workers under 25 -- understand. That you've got to fit the job to what you need and what you need of a job. There's a a movement for higher pay points -- studies saying the average age of fast food workers is 29. That's more than 14. Parents of them -- -- 29 are raising children first of all if you're 29 senior at a fast food job I don't do something about it. As I said get some educational more education. Cast your anatomy of a wider casting to try and find jobs may be that are out of the area that you'll be suitable to. Adapt yourself to the marketplace don't expect by beating up a few signs. And appearing in waving and screaming. Like crazy person in front of a TV camera as it's gonna happen because it's not. On August wanting -- fast food strikes took place in more than fifty cities. This week's is expanded -- -- rejoined by numerous community faith and student groups. Monica and while the other faith groups it's nice that you have a faith group. But I want you to think where is the money coming from because keep in mind as the prices of fast food goes up. Everybody's a -- up including those who are making minimum wage and other industries. OK so it's harder for them to. Two afforded as well. As we said community -- and groups including USA action in united students against sweatshops. And so you know you've got to make your way in the world united students. Okay you're still students it's time mommy and daddy you know helped you -- maybe kind of got you started. And now it's time to fly the nest maybe. I know that President Obama made it possible for you to stay on mommy and daddy's insurance until you're 26 but it's a good idea if you if you have an independent spirit. That you get out of out of the house. And -- hunting down a good job and getting on with your life instead of just bitching and moaning. Life is so unfair you don't know what on three areas you're still a student okay triumph there are many foreign countries. And they'll tell you one on fares. 8309 trio are you okay. With paying fifteen bucks an hour for fast food workers. Because you would be one thing will take a break we'll take your calls went comeback on news -- 930 W via. Sosa W -- an actor with a forecast rather cloudy today and tonight -- and a 38 out of 933. Breezy -- tomorrow clouds embraces not a passing shower too in the afternoon high of 48. Thursday most economists and showers possible hive 51 today's field today from my bubble -- perks is a twenty dollar certificate to Theodore his original red iPods. For only ten dollars visit any one of their three locations in Cheektowaga. Grand Island and Williams will rediscover that tradition of Theodore hot dogs go to WB and our common click on my buffalo perks in the -- Today at 11 o'clock Ken Hamilton will be joining us and they -- is bringing against with him and I guess to be Jeff Nixon played -- -- around six years for the Buffalo Bills. In the safety position and will be talking about though among other things certainly CT. Which is has a lot of people talking about. Repetitive concussions and possible brain damage on the road what the NFL is doing. And what the players are doing both the president and pass so we'll be talking to Jeff Nixon analog clock. Meanwhile we're asking you are you OK with paying fifteen dollars an hour for fast food workers. They look. In a perfect world we wish everybody made you know -- 100000 dollars a year but that isn't the way it works. Your job performance. Is tied in to local what you bring to the company and how many people can do the job you do. And your there's a lot of things involved -- that I'm saying. That if you cannot make a living on minimum wage and salary you ought to. But -- do something to get yourself on either another job or more education get a better job or whatever. But to expect just to double your salary because you're gonna have Sonoma. Some protests on Thursday going to be a hundred cities with the shutting down in Russia and on the cities but they're going to strike. The other hundred cities are going to protests those 200 cities will be involved in all and that's on Thursday. Let's go to -- Kathy Kathy in south buffalo you -- WB yen. That this so annoying I mean I we want to copy the other day it would take out place in a big name. And the girl at that kid is getting the money and she's said to my daughter digital used to go to this school or work at this school in Baghdad are saying yes. -- got satellite graduated from Mary Karen what year did you graduate. I don't know. -- not know what you're you graduated but they want fifteen dollars an hour. While she doesn't know I mean most of us have that in grain. Eighth grade she did not know what you're she graduated quote and the other thing that made me so -- is so many of these people that are screaming about it. It can go to their -- they got I can't. I was married I got -- had a daughter I got divorced I worked for the county and get -- it was a decent money but it wasn't enough. So I worked for. Umpire attendant are not here and there. I sold it did alterations for coworkers. And made some money I made most of my clothes in my daughter's. And Lendale wanted to limit I went to a big company and I got to -- and I worked. Waiting tables at restaurants and company won't say the name. But -- I was working three jobs. So you showed initiative you decided I've got to do what I've got to do take care of myself my family. And I never had a dime support from anybody I walked out on him and let him his money anything else -- -- I didn't want him I didn't want is money. But I need to -- share. That I wasn't going to get any more children. Well -- a culture now where President Obama and I don't wanna make every subject we talk about political -- Where he'd encourages what what it's called class warfare although I hate using the word class. A why does somebody else have something you don't what you have to look what are they doing you just gave us an example of working three jobs. That's why you might have more than somebody who isn't willing to do that. But that that's a culture -- and now but it should be also provided by the government or by -- a more generous workers workers bosses even if it's not merited and that's what's wrong with this problem. Why do you go to most of the historic in the small chain -- at the big story. I think I'm the money and it isn't on there computer and the cash register they cannot give you change. It the other day a person I know told me the story exactly what you just said. I could they could not figure out the change -- the person that I know always the customer had to explain to them how to make the change for the transaction. That you're not gonna get ahead if you don't have those basic skills. I didn't they're never going to be any different because than between working there one jab at fifteen dollars an hour they're just gonna keep they have elected. And then I want twenty dollars and hour if you don't make enough that one job didn't get -- but when you're not working and go get another one. You don't work 24 hours a day at -- job. Go get another one -- like -- you present me the paper you'll get -- -- and wine or Golan picket lines. And complain about Europe for a life it's your money you get to choose what you do look at -- don't blame it on the I had nothing to do that. I love compassion and an analog logic thank you Kathy thank you very much and she's exactly right quit bitching and moaning again and get it together and and do better for yourself. Some examples of people who've done very well for themselves who started -- nothing is so nothing but they weren't willing to stay there. But if you're sitting back waiting for it to come to you. -- -- maybe you don't even have to go somewhere they'll they'll just send -- a gift card or. They'll replenish your supply on on that benefit card that. But you get from the government if you get used to that. You're never going to you're never going to if I get forward mobility because you're not willing to to work for now it's as simple as as I can say it. Now there art the fast food workers and I've dealt -- work very hot and it seems like their run around and and do a good job. But the one you see -- be interest thing. But once you see on Thursday on television there will be the ones that yeah I can tell you right now you can paint a profile this is a person. Who expects it to be done for them and not somebody is willing to do it themselves. -- then I'll watch the videos whose appeal over the let's go to nick and Lancaster. -- you're on WB yen. -- Nick are you willing to pony up fifteen bucks an hour for the fast food workers. Elbow. And he. Barack Obama as the one that -- just think -- light over the and although these international. There -- media and I think he's the one -- in charge he bluntly should be cutting taxes. -- I think. Well go get the money back to the people that would be the cost of living raises to people would get. He has no interest in cutting taxes none at all. Because cutting taxes means he can't give out as many cookies as he can -- doesn't cut taxes don't expect that to happen in Washington plus he's beating the drum for this stuff. It's all in the class warfare. As we explains over the last callers every speech. He Gibbs he brings that in and so it's no surprise that the unions have picked up the drumbeat and they and they are trying to force a stroke our revenues are gonna happen. Well -- at least the people should go for their congressmen and senators and I get them to go there and even lobbied for that that's what they gotta do. -- but he's got to get off field -- in order to break in occurred around. Well I don't I wouldn't expect him I would expect him to back up a moment like this. Because that's his whole MO this is what he does he's gonna continue doing it until his last day in office so don't expect any changes there thank you thank you very much. Bottom line businesses is what he does Chris let's go to a couple of oppose things and that will go back -- more calls after the break -- via the. This is from Ellie she says -- fast food workers -- -- feed their families issue to go back to school or learn a trade they can even if financially if they do so on some certain circumstances best when jobs are mainly just for part timers or high school kids six. Actually right and the bottom line -- you've got to help yourself there are enough programs out there are willing to give you a hand but you got to reach out for that hand and do it. Don't just expect something for nothing but that's the kind of let's decide you -- and everybody expects something for nothing another place this is from Richie says fifteen dollars an hour is ridiculous my company starts at 1425. And there's a lot to learn. What's special skills do need to work at a fast food joint. Why should remember. It depends on I said there are no unimportant jobs because we all contribute to a whole. I'll vote the total picture but there are some jobs that are simply worth more than others there are some jobs that are worth last. Keep in mind as I said earlier the more people can do that job assuming it's a job it's needed. The more Republican do it the less money you're going to make the few people can do the job the more money gonna make -- supply and demand it's pretty simple. And after training ID is not too difficult to get people on those entry level jobs but that's what they're four and I liked what the first caller said about having kids. It's not up to -- he or anybody else to tell you how many -- that's strictly your own personal decision. But use some common sense if if you barely keeping your head above water. Financially why would you think of having more kids. It doesn't make much more a much sense because not only are you gonna be more dependent they can't go to Europe dependent through the use some common sense. But I don't know how much common sense goes into the of the thinking when you just think the government I'm just are -- -- some signs. And will organize -- some rallies will be at closing down and -- -- cities and protesting and a hundred other cities. The as the pressure will be there the government's gonna have to go from 725. Which is the federal. A minimum wage to fifteen dollars. You got to be getting is not going to happen there's no chance is going to happen -- the reason I'm asking you is if you're the one's gonna pay for. You have to pay for everything. Basically that the government hands out this isn't a government issue it's a private industry issue but it effects the mindset of our current government. Will be back with more aware of beach in company news radio nine there. Back -- And senator John Thursday Adobe. Monday's strikes on fast food facilities. In 100 cities in an additional hundred cities there will be protests. So a hundred cities a closing down that's foods as far as they're concerned with the with a strike I'm sure there will continue to be open but they're going to be on strike. In a hundred cities the other hundred additional protests and or asking you okay. With what they want they want fifteen dollars an hour. For fast food workers right now the minimum wage. Is federally is 725. And the fast food industry says they're very few people actually work for that. They said that it's a small percentage. That actually work for that. One woman here -- they dollars and seven cents an hour working at McDonald's in south central LA said she was gonna join the strike. Very difficult to live -- 807 and our noting that she was often assigned just wanted 25 hours of work week. At the level of my parents -- to be able to afford a car and an apartment. Well yeah. Well here it's possible for -- -- afford a car and apartment. -- again on the ball start applying for other jobs get more education. Maybe work it will more than one job people. I have done that traditionally and and have very high rate of success. 8039301806169236. And start and thirty Dennis and -- port on WB again. Good morning Jason that hit the holidays Merry Christmas. Bob thank you Dennis so what are your thoughts about this. Well I I started -- a buck and a quarter an hour with a Stanley and all the grocery store that. Started a small grocery store. Take their tanks and pay their light bill pay their hate still paid everything that they can't do it still could afford in the box and -- an hour. Taught me is this stuck for an out -- -- can't register how to cut me how to start the people in one of the best foundation education act and terrorist or couldn't put money and that. But I in a place to. The goal and that loses stopping -- Starting point in my next finalized I can go to Harrison radiator right in go to salt factory here what will we end manufacturing. And look forward to getting a bigger and better job more salary and take care of family. Now these people that are trying to it's fifteen dollars an hour. They want it put their hand out the government makes more money they take out market access these people don't -- -- -- -- you know how to pay the bills. They're in the money they take to check -- south deposit or whatever today and they go on what -- they think it's a free lunch. Yeah they -- and this has been a the atmosphere in Washington is that there's no real need to worry because we're gonna take care of your every need. And the bottom line is it's. I always felt that -- better be self sufficient if you if there are times when you need help there's no question about it and people are willing to do it governments willing to do it. But by and large I grab it by the throat go after and see if you can succeed they'll sit around whining about it. We not a government problem with the government and as we get all these mayors and all the government. They are not entrepreneur in the hours ago addict goes out exits are -- box goes out and that's in the sporting benched or is that so whatever isn't an issue as. And develops it. Is it not to -- government and take all the money that the tech as good -- and stay out of the main street -- -- work out great folks. Yahoo!. I mean -- this worked out where they think they're entrepreneur or playing with your dollars. Yeah I had the bottom line is they feel they can't go out of business because -- the government if they have private industry was run like the government everybody be out of business. Well candy it's a web out there got bush for your shell them and free America radio and I know that I know that you come up -- anyway everybody that that people and that they'd go to work everyday. Right. And in that -- you like -- working. Thank you absolutely. And move on up through these do a deal -- apartment in the sky thank you very very right Arthur. Ally. Now I mean everybody starts -- -- my first -- your job which was I was working with Marconi at the time when Bennett radio what does a 45 dollars a week. I remembered specifically. 45 bucks a week. And WR ED in Radford Virginia took home 3750. Net okay of the 3750 a semi -- ten bucks. So I had 2750. A week left and that was that. At the end of the year I walked into the general manager's office a year of work him hard. Are really hard with a twelve hour shift on Sunday when asked for a five dollar a -- raise he said no -- way. Now was it so that was the end of my first year in radio but I learned. And I decided not well okay well I don't know we're gonna a move on up. -- -- eleven states. Got a bit blowing them all you gotta be willing to have a go for the war is he can't just sit around and bitch and moan about you've got to make it happen and you can't make it happen. But -- -- why the unions are coddling you know. Because they want you unionized and they want your dues. And your dues not only enrich the union they reached their political committees as well so they can keep electing the same people got you there in the first place aren't. Why does the government want it that the last caller just pointed out the more money you make more taxes you play. To the government the government wants to make more because as long as as long as the private employers gonna pay it because they're gonna make more money the union's gonna make more money. Meanwhile -- after you paid them off how much more money actually gonna make. But asked to go from seven and a quarter which some workers are. A lot of tomorrow at their hired him ready but. To go to fifteen years unreasonable to double your salary you know anybody that doubles or salary now the only -- to double of his fold in half. I would take a break it will be back with more with the -- governor but we want to hear from you. As to whether you're okay. With paying fifteen dollars an hour for a fast food job. As I said before keep this in mind. That it's not McDonald's that's going to be paying it if they if it was agreed to snob Burger -- -- Wendy's and Kentucky fried you. It's you because when you go into any restaurant that agrees to this or if it ever came to that. At that point you'll be paying more for your food more -- beverages and that's dollars to there's no way. That the industry. Can absorb. A double the salary that they're paying now without passing. Osama may be all of it to the consumer so think about it that's why I wanna know if you are okay whether it. McDonald's would be using your money. To pay those strikers will be back after this. And the -- them -- and you'll have a Jeff Nixon former defensive back for the Buffalo Bills and will be talking about the state of today's game and CT. And issues like that -- -- -- Jeff meanwhile we're asking are you OK with paying fifteen bucks an hour. For fast food workers as we're we're not trying to denigrate. Any workers when trying to amend normalize any jobs as I said you should be proud that your earning a paycheck. There's a big difference between earning one in just getting something in the mail from the government. I think that that that sense of pride. Is very very important when you cash that check knowing you earned every penny of it. However you have to be realistic and say that some jobs are worth more to employees -- -- -- -- other jobs I mean that's common sense. Also look at the what's on the job horizon. Get the proper training for jobs that are emerging. Our jobs that maybe didn't even exist 1015 years ago. And there on the calendar for growth for future employment. Think ahead I get the education need. A knock on doors network all you can. Of these show us and that call people you know write letters while numbers letters and Barbara. Send electronic. Information to whoever you have to let him know that you're looking for a better job but sitting around. Complaining about the job you have. Because it doesn't pay enough and you can't raise your family on and I'm sorry I don't have a lot of sympathy for that because you have to adapt to the marketplace you really do. Maybe need two jobs maybe need a better job. But before you start having kids think about all that I'm not here to lecture anybody have as many kids you can support that's the key. How many can you support and do you wanna bring -- -- on the government to do it. Get a job that yeah allows you Brinkema let's go to Jim in Lancaster general on WB yen. Yes -- you know I concur with you into crawler shall there at school or all the reasons is why I would agree -- and not to hear of BS from people -- 151000 hours I was save us. The constant the constant world generations if president futurist changes. And choices. -- -- -- situations in theory there -- with. With just the serious side they need to revisit their choices. In in the -- find -- way it -- -- themselves to the changes that are taking place in today the case. It's not for an employer or anyone else. -- -- would support anyone. -- choices of the -- alluding is the living beyond -- means -- -- article toward the government. All the government gonna do is make in encouraged him to be lazy. We don't need to leave -- people. OK so we get the take initiative would over situations revisit our choices nobody -- there. Stop the blame game and they use that stopped the crying and whatever you know. It just moralist gave up while they're make an earnest and honest effort if you do that you're persistent and they had something will eventually calm your weight. When you said don't expect to be sitting down on the couch. Weep for someone to enact a new door ordered a mailbox and it doesn't work that way if and in pitch generations and it doesn't now. Changes in choices that we make we have to take accountability. For their. Well as well seven that's exactly the way it is in Ottawa but the government right now is an encouraging personal responsibility. No it's it's saying that if you're in a difficult place it's because of unfairness in the workplace or you've got an unfair treatment so we're here to help you to try to make you even more dependent on the government what are you trying to earn more money for to be less dependent. And the government wants the work the other side and it. Let me say those are our people to be penalized for being successful and running a business. -- the guy thinks all that we you know in in itself -- what messages that we -- any young people you know real quick I think is the future it will clear in school. If quote Haniyeh who only yourself to these changes in Detroit and we make. Well I think I I figure we can learn that we'd learn a lot and things get better and -- thank you thank you very much. Absolutely what he said is absolutely true I don't expect to happen on its on you gotta you gotta make it happen and you can and there are enough. Opportunities out there to reach out when I said look ahead if you're a singer studying right now and you're you're not really sure war. What you wanted to would -- live look at the possibilities of what might be available. Do you think I mean this doesn't take a genius to figure out do you think that if you get associated -- the medical field you might have an opportunity. That's exploding. And it's in the news every single day things are getting bigger and bigger and bigger a more more people are needed in the medical field. -- learned study something in college it's useful to you. If you take museum management. And college of them when you get out of college if you can find one job that's open metal BO law okay. Gotta take things that are marketable got to get marketable skills. And if you do that if you if you are what's happening. The world of electronics exploding all the time please let the people who started with nothing all of these electronic guys. Bigs -- and all of the richest people we have an American now most of them started with nothing. They started with nothing worked and -- rise to the Steve Jobs -- the world he and Wozniak started and Raj. And a look at how they ended up pretty well I think so you you got to be willing to do it though -- don't sit and wait for example and go out there and make it happen. Let's go to Jane and Sanborn -- Iran WB yen. I'm -- what do you have for us today. Well actually a few -- my first job was in the battle. And what I worked there you know my parents would throw back everybody lots to see your child -- for a job I think I was at the time fifteen or sixteen. And I think an eight to fifteen an hour both. Ever wanted in my mind that that was going to be my career and I think they're probably people go out there and they make -- career out of -- and if you support a family. You can't cricket McDonald I mean sorry you just can't it's like. And and fast food is not an easy job so he got to work hard and you've got to you've got to make yourself more marketable on a wider scale. Well but the good thing now working their lives by large customer Charlotte and handle -- you know -- -- and are typically I think they'll. They anyone here get all thirteen fourteen years old big that you can't work at -- -- On the other hand -- people at McDonald's say that they should make the same amount as a -- should. Now and as you know and here's the deal if you'll see now in fact some legislation has been talked about. That would make the CEO is of of any company. Their pay scale. Commensurate with a with a table of how many times more than the average worker on the floor. See that's the kind of mindset or in now everybody bring something different -- company and has a different value to the company. Trying to put it in formulation like that is is ridiculous and silly but that's the way they're thinking in Washington. Yeah ordered the younger that you might find it to paramedic and it -- -- 8000 dollars to go to school or an eighteen month and how could you possibly compare that I mean if everybody takes a personal ambulance consular -- that their family -- All do you go -- its obligations be on the same page scale and that's that's just insanity to me. I hear you loud and clear and thank you that's a good clear message and by the way congratulations to all the paramedics out there in light of the Wendell -- fire department. Don't beat them last few days and they were over the air just like ms. -- no fire but just but something had to be tended to. So people doing good work out there and they're doing it and they're good at it because they love it. If you're going to make a living out of something hopefully pick something you can enjoy doing -- you got the world by the tail. Will be back Ken Hamilton should be here at 11 o'clock -- now gonna throw -- flag. He's going to be penalized ten yards. He's supposed to be bringing Jeff Nixon went from the Buffalo Bills and talking about CT. Meanwhile until they get here we will continue this discussion hang in there.

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