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12-3-13 Sandy Beach Show Hour 3

Dec 3, 2013|

Hour 3

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now we're back -- Beijing company awaiting the arrival of Ken Hamilton and their cans guest Jeff Nixon former run defensive back for the Buffalo Bills. And will be talking with them when they arrive. Obviously delayed in some traffic meanwhile. You know when your present of a subject like are you in favor are you OK with paying fifteen dollars an hour for fast food workers. It it might seem cruel if you said no I'm not. Because you think everybody should going to be able to have a comfortable living and and that's -- a comfortable living is available. For anybody -- really wants to work for it but the problem as you have to prepare yourself for other marketplace. And that -- you get and it you have to work hard to for either -- go somewhere else that a higher -- pay and and more procedure whatever. Or or work your way up through the initial company. But to come in at a minimum wage job and stayed there and then complain that maybe you're not making enough to support the family. It's not the minimum wage jobs. To support the -- and keep this in mind the relationship. Between your employer. And yourself OK the employer is not mommy. The employer is not daddy. The employer is -- as a person trying to make a living with the his or her company. And their employ knew that's what they do OK you like to have a civil relationship but don't ever mistake him for four row relatives because they're not. All right I've always had a very clear view the my employers employ me for one reason. But I can make money form that's the only reason not because I'm a fabulous guy or any other reason. Although I did after you wash several cars to get this job. And a vote once but I bet that they hire you because you can make money form I mean that's that's the reason OK so make yourself more valuable. But the sit in my -- because you're not making fifteen dollars an hour. It you're making minimum wage. Is not it's it's not right we have to have some kind of balance in our society as to what jobs are worth what people are willing to pay. And because the employer is not going to be really paying those raises if they double their salary you are the customer. And so that puts a monkey wrench and your budget as well that's why I'm asking if you're okay. Let's go to Eddie Eddie you're on WB and thanks for holding -- what do you have for us today. Spent seven. Yeah out in this topic that talked about before. And the last time I put up to which -- on my computer once green was the history of the minimum wage in new York. And illustrator was. Just historic food prices. And I tried had a little time I pulled up. Just give you an idea in 1963. The New York State minimum wage and -- fifteen. And the twelve ounce box so. Corn -- What went through that. He -- by -- not including the taxes and so you figured five times 43 adult that they get five boxes of corn flakes back at 62 that way today minimum -- -- 745. And at twelve ounce box of corn -- vote or read old conservative accept that the Bard walked. Came by to prevent them at a minimum wage so. If you just multiply. Five yards 37 and are within what you can buy back its sixty don't you come up with eighteen dollars and 95 cents at a minimum wage should be kindergarten are. I think George is saying when I was discussing this with Chris. The producer he brought up an excellent point that makes absolutely logical sense is that may -- from that time that you're talking about right up to now. It should have been hinged on inflation and other words when inflation goes up the minimum wage goes up and and that's how well a lot of vote raises are incremental based on that. That would have made more sense I understand the argument you're making it's nobody saying it's easy it is tough. But. Everything changes the job market in 1962. War than the year ago quarter is different in the job market today different skills are needed by good points there thank you very. Yeah I'll veto when Chris said you know we should just tied into inflation. That's the way to do it because of things that aren't indexed. -- inflation fall behind quickly. Like right now we've been in a very low period of inflation for some some time mom no financial expert but I understand that. But the bottom line is you it is nobody says the job markets easy and nobody says it isn't tough it is tough. Of which you have to prepare yourself for imparting your preparation is is to maybe be lean and mean maybe this isn't the time to have another kid. I'm not telling you not to I mean that sounds obscene. Well yes the big bad Republicans in -- have another kid. Because I can't support him but the concept of supporting yourself as opposed being supported by the government is is foreign to me I understand that. Everybody needs a hand every once in awhile. And you can't discount that and and people wanna help and I wanna help and -- neighbors wanna help. But you have to do your share you have to do your part of a heavy lifting a part of it is preparation and attitude. The preparation of what skills are needed for the jobs that are out there right now. Maybe the job of market is exploding as I said it would medical and you have no training. In -- in any kind of medical training well Golan and get some medical training because that's the kind of thing where people are always gonna have health issues. We have more more people in the health system we're gonna need more more people take care of them those kinds of issues have to be thought of ahead of time. You wouldn't go into video on users cliche when going to the buggy whip manufacturing business today. You myself fuel but Jenna got to sell enough to make a living as that's the thing prepare yourself for that job and then have the right attitude. The editor of a lot of people now is how come I'm not making with a top -- doing the same job as making. Well the bottom line is that they may have worked their way up they may offer skills that you don't have they may have a better attitude the new. You've heard of some callers earlier today say they've reworked a two and three jobs. People who go to college oftentimes. Work jobs and study of the same time not easy but you gotta do it. And so rather than sit back. And just complain and I want you to watch. Watch the television set. On Thursday as the hundred cities are gonna have the one day strike. Hundred cities are gonna have. Additional protest actions of the 200 cities involved -- this. And watched the people who -- mugging for the camera. And you tell me if they seem lean mean and hungry to improve. Their lot in life or they just they are trying to get doubled their salary because they're making enough noise and make your own decision. Can't tell everything by one picture but -- kind of give you an idea of the attitude as I said. You need preparation and indeed the right attitude to succeed and you've got both they're both available to it will be back but more with the -- company. This is that WB at a AccuWeather -- other cloudy today and tonight high of 38 low and -- 33. Breezy and mild tomorrow clouds and -- axis on passing shower too in the afternoon I'm 48. There's also probably was some showers possible -- 51. Two questions are you OK with paying fifteen dollars an hour for fast food workers is going to be. A strike and a hundred cities on Thursday that there -- striking. It's a one day strike and then on in another hundred cities are protesting so you'll have 200 cities involved would this have on strike have just protesting. Are you okay -- that. And second I just I throw this out just for fun. Today just report -- -- mr. -- Saigon. That Russell Salvatore who has a fabulous. Restaurant it's really good. And does a lot of good community service and good community work -- is -- really great great addition to the community. As I asked the Lancaster tumble hard if he can get permission to be interred. In the front of his oh there is a restaurant -- words. They can't bury them below ground but -- -- in -- they can be an -- on top of the ground -- there be some kind of mausoleum kinda deal in front of the restaurant. Now I don't think you'd be able -- See you Russell but you know our laws he's right in there. Now I'm so I think that's a little. Goofy to me that's the nicest and it will. Lose when you go and do you think it's strange. I think it's definitely -- usual. I don't know of anybody that wants to be buried near their work site. I mean rarely. Maybe Jimmy Hoffa. But that was that was -- plan it was as -- off the cuff but I'm just saying. Do you think that -- Salvatore is idea of being laid out in front of his own restaurant is that a good idea. I said earlier I think stopping him would be better. Especially Thanksgiving because everybody loves the stuff I mean is stuffing is everybody's favorite you know I have to stand up and welcome to -- with George have a pre recorded loop. Maybe have a a menu understand. The only problem -- doing that is. He's a very that he Dresser and whatever you bury them -- is going to eventually get outdated. And he's not gonna wanna be seen you know how many times -- heard the expression I wouldn't be caught dead in this outfit. Well he would be dead in the outfit and so -- maybe wouldn't be up to date maybe somebody would have to update the outfit every few years something like that but I think. It's a goofy idea. And I think to be honest -- give me the creeps. And as I said it's a great restaurant the food is fabulous. And he's a great guy but I think this is little over the top maybe -- -- football maybe at some CDs. Going and not she. All right so let's say Chris give me a couple of a FaceBook postings on the back of a phone. This is from bath she says that sounds like these workers are gonna raise themselves right out of a job nobody is gonna wanna pay higher prices to cover these races he could put the restaurants out of business. Yeah and that you know I here's what I think can happen first of all you find this out no matter how little you're willing to work for. Somebody else is always willing to work for -- always. Can't take it's a bank they may not be as good as you know they may not be as dedicated as -- Low bid is low bid. And if if indeed it's not importance of a product and other words if they can keep the service the way it is. And and get the quality from somebody who was willing to work for Alaska so the guy here -- somebody who is willing to work for less. That's why -- I suggest the make yourself valuable to the company. You have to do things in united and asked to do just to you know little extra show that your you have initiative that you care about your job and that's. Let's go to John and Laporte John -- on WB yen. Good Morgan City. Just wanna say it's called minimum wage for a reason it's indicative of a -- but hey but it also minimum wage. Minimum scale many many people -- do those jobs. But the people work that we are younger. Uneducated or under educated or beat tiger need the money. Knocked up at this point just now. As part of the people waiting line to take those jobs and they look -- those jobs. The lesser day. They needed increase are still liable to get jobs. That -- at fifteen dollar an hour. -- he gets on the construction worker that's working outside. -- 1520 dollars an hour in the wintertime. Wouldn't let coincide you know warm and whenever. I thought competition at a minimum go well increases go out of mr. Exactly right thank you John exactly right he's he's a nailed it you have to prepare yourself for the marketplace. The marketplaces and to prepare itself for you. Do you have marketable skills if you do market them if you can't find a job that you want around the corner or across town. If you can't find a job across town go to the next town that's the way you do it that's -- course. Where a little prejudice in this -- radio because that's how we do it. That's how we do it in order to improve ourselves we usually have to go to another town. Okay sometimes you can do within the same town. But not usually the case. Usually have to go to another Tom bigger market. More money available and -- the same thing if you if you are complaining that there's not enough job opportunities here. Go somewhere elsewhere there are job opportunities. You know especially with today's social media. And -- -- information at your fingertips. You can find out where they're hiring where there where these skills that you might possess a worth more than they're worth here. This is what you gotta do. But you can't just sit around and complain about it because that doesn't. It doesn't win any friends. And -- and they give the impress you give the impression that you're just you have no initiative. And so you're going to stay at that same level forever. And when you -- quotes him like this and there are times story that I've been using. From people who are making minimum wage who keep saying they can't support their family on and you see guys like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. They'll be out pounding the drums saying that. Yes nobody arguing them you can't support a family on that it's not supposed to it's not designed to. That's not the that's not the goal this is a starter job for you. And it's not an easy job that's -- not an easy job. You have to hustles the same way if you work for a place that -- serves coffee and and things like that you have to hustle there's little pay that's how you start. And then as you build your skill set and you you broaden your horizons you go to places where there are better opportunities for more money and then you'll Null. That you've done everything you can but if you haven't done every catch everything you campaigning up a sign. Or some clever she and usually assigns her. Like three or four different sayings that I mean make up the signs. It's not gonna cut -- people on government are going to be sympathetic okay Chris another of from the FaceBook. This is for Matt he says everybody's basic raw Wall Street brokers are making record proper it's in the middle -- is shrinking you can't survive at 725 an hour. You complain about unions for the current things that they did but they also did help. Pretty robust middle class and that benefits both skilled and unskilled workers I. Considered a person of Wall -- making more money why don't you get the skills needed to go to Wall Street. Is sitting and across the fence and wondering why their prospering and you're not. Why don't you make it -- possible for you to be on the other side of the fence. -- do you feel you have nothing to offer its marketable. You have low self esteem I mean I sound like right now I'm I'm speaking to a group. Trying to get them drummed up for the error of their future lives. A motivational speech. In a motivational speech you possess something that nobody else says. And that's your own personality. It's your own work ethic is Gerald thought process it's that your own value system. So have faith in yourself knowing that what you already have is capable of learning the things necessary. To go further in the workplace. If you don't believe that nobody reasonably -- -- first of all tell you that right now. But if you do believe it you can -- a lot of people that even though you don't have everything. That you need at this very moment. Invest in me by hiring me and you'll never be disappointed. Ever. Because I will meet your expectations I have the determination to succeed give me a chance and opportunity. You that speech to somebody hiring it's awfully hard for them this thing now. But if you -- arms and the first question you asked is does its job and nullification light yet. You're gonna have more time at home to -- syndicated shows because you are interviews on the last for a long and unfortunately a lot of people like that. How much does his job they have one -- -- -- vacation well guess what it's not an -- -- -- an aggregate. In play -- employer with your work ethic -- your character with the -- ability to learn things you don't know now. And you'll probably get a shot if you get a shot that's all you can ask for. We're back with more -- company undocking -- Hamilton's day. I am I'm gonna have to find him through a red flag there because you're supposed to be here right now with Jeff Nixon from the bills. Any in the air and neither is yet so. We will keep talking about office and also -- Salvador's a good idea -- rusty stuff to put in front of the hotel. Should he be interred in -- to -- him. -- an -- it was his eyes are going into the restaurant. Extra creepy will be back. -- OK I just saw an example of what we're talking about probably a monitor as we don't have any audio is that the video. And there was they want and they were talking about something scientific and there's a warm up there. I wanna be polite about this and ought to be a nice guy about it but let's put it this way. Gisele Bundchen is in no danger of losing jobs in this moment I'm just saying okay this is nice is -- consent and it turns out when they finally put the banner is what he has. She's a neuroscientist. Okay. So here's an example here you have this neuro sciences. And you have Gisele Bundchen. I'm sure there is one big Gisele Bundchen was younger she said. You know one. I don't think I'm going to be a neuroscientist. I think I'll be Gisele Bundchen and make a lot of money and have children with a with number eighty as a prominent -- And this woman who are just on TV said. -- I don't even like Tom Brady. And I'm probably probably not going to be that good on the runway. Except for towing planes away from the idea that terminal so I think I'll be a neuroscientist. OK so you have people designed for certain jobs you have different attitudes for certain jobs. You like to meet people get a people oriented job I'll tell you one thing that is universal. Always has been and always will be if you're good at it and if you are -- edit you'll make a good living and that is in sales. It's not not for everybody it's a tough job you get rejection a lot you get on reasonable requests and demands a lot. But if you -- good. In I don't care what you're selling what -- selling a widget or something intangible. The bottom line is if you're good at selling you can sell anything first of all because -- in those about it. And secondly to make good living and it's up because scope out what you wanna do. Don't says take a minimum wage job and and bitch about it moan about it but -- -- -- plus or signed together. And show up on Thursday. For this is a big ego revolt let's go to -- and ransom bill carrier on WB yen. Thank -- my point is there any kind may look they they raise the minimum rate it creek without ax fell. You know I'm currently at let's say in meandered some -- I'm making thirteen dollar hour. And then some sixteen year old kids just got hired in the Burger King opened Carter says Alan. You better believe I'm going to my employer and saying hey look at him -- flip burger that same money like Aries you. -- -- -- Edit gives you more opportunities that you don't like the people you work it would now but you can get equal benefits somewhere else it gives you more opportunity to knock on their dark so not not only. Is it a domino effect. But it it weakens the chance your employer has of keeping -- was a happy employee. Right now at the united like the question becomes where where does this -- That's exactly right because I'm sure that even within a hierarchy of the fast food business. As you go incremental steps up every one of those people are gonna want more so it's not just the entry. Right good point yes glad. Like my -- -- I would sort. You know the settlement in the very active member of the community like they'll think I'd be -- eat -- looking out the way to go to it. I happily home. I. I'm thinking you know could put him on a chair with wheels -- -- -- would you like -- to join your party and we'll figure -- -- -- That's exactly right bags carry -- -- Yeah it's eight Samarco success. Like go. Rockland and went to Russell's oh -- -- that I won on two of the best they can a great let's go. He wanted to show off his card because I look anyways so we went there and was fabulous meal okay now here's a sign that you've got Jews. I don't damages but no lock and does okay. Russ Salvatore came to our table everything and start and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So once rust is gone awry and you would think that that would not be of -- Because you know the owner comes up and -- spends little time at your table but. If they if they place Ross after his demise in which there with a -- you need to -- the -- one of falling head first into the soup. So you put him in there with a seatbelt. And and the head waiter says would you like to be joined by by -- to -- that be terrific and then they wheel motor to your table. And and you can say join us for them. Very nice I mean that's that's a real I think that's a real show that. That you achieved something. In in Buffalo, New York if he joined however I don't think I I don't think he'd be visible from. I think they wanna build them houses Leo but I don't think you'd actually get coliseum. Which would be half the fun obviously driving by but I'm -- -- his -- I'm sorry. I'm sorry I think he's been cooking -- too long that as bad as far too goofy for me why why would you wanna be there. Because nobody else is going to be there you know that can be alone for eternity. -- at least your body will be so there you are in front of what happens. What happens at every -- restaurant make -- a taco joint you think he's gonna wanna stay there might go buys them. I might I was very successful. In the grass is going to be laid out in front of mighty taco. Don't excel wonder what of buys them they're gonna put -- a -- It would happen so I don't think it's a good idea -- -- is really thought this out. Will be back Lamar would -- and company under his radio 930 agent company where asking how how are you okay. With paying fifteen dollars an hour for -- fast food workers because on Thursday there's going to be a hundred cities with a one day strike. On fast food outlets and another hundred cities that are just protest exit I have 200 cities involved on Thursday and they want the minimum wage -- go from seven quarter to. Fifteen bucks so I just service central fund because we didn't notice at the beginning of the show. Russ outlook toward the famous ross' restaurant -- -- of a community guy. And it's -- hasn't world class restaurant to bring anybody there and maybe throw. Great food great everything okay. But his request from the Lancaster town board. Little bizarre. He's asking that they allow a mausoleum. In the front of his restaurant. That would hold him. -- words when he goes he wants that's where he wants the golf and I'm just saying. First of all. How. To say whether that will stay a restaurant or stay. And in the estate of his family or whatever forever. And what happens that they sell to somebody else's somebody gonna wanna have a mausoleum in there. And could you could remove its job better and that is the stuff them because at least it has some marketing potential. And I just think you know a creative guy you know how what and -- Dresser that -- is. I think you'll be cool to have him on the roof of the restaurant dressed in a Santa suit -- maybe it would one foot in the chimney. You know what they -- -- -- prime rib or states and and that would you can do that then and then in the Easter you can have him as a as a -- You know the bunny suit handing out Easter eggs certificates and rolling them summit at oral form obviously. He doesn't quite have the spring in his step used to. But what I'm saying is I've finally goofy. To be honest with you find it cool -- would you do it would -- especially would you wanna be. Well -- got to -- him that's not allowed I guess you can go on the ground but. Above ground would you would you want to be a so you know of their forever. You'll be the only one there nobody else there. Only one and -- as I said what happens on the line of these difficult and I hope it's not this group. You know maybe barrier put him up at the fair. Tariq Aziz he would get to enjoy all of the clothing selections made by the people go to fair. And you know although people will vote to a retreat I think it'll be great an -- reorganize and to do Chris do you have a couple of of baseball forcefully. Yes we do use this is from a Nathan he says people -- supportive families for less -- 725 an hour. I don't know why fast food workers now think they deserve better. And what are they doing about it picketing how does that really help all through high school you're warned that fast food isn't a good job so why did indeed just get a better. Good guy a good point -- then you know the old joke joke because of her when you do this well and don't do that well if you can't raise a family on minimum wage. Either don't raise the whole -- I don't have the whole family -- got a better a job or don't take that job get a different job. But to expect that fit -- -- the square -- in a round hole all the time and expected everything has to adapt to you know who is wrong. You have to adapt to the marketplace your skills have to be marketable they have to be worth something to somebody. And not your skills your attitude towards things. I spent seventeen years programming radio stations and they usually -- is very high price talent. And all the things that come with talent. And believe me a good attitude is very marketable. A person is there when he needs them a person who is creative when -- Needham a person who is really a team player. People are hard to fine. Those people are hard to get so don't minimize what you have to offer and even if it's that it if -- -- entry level jobs. And it's minimum wage make yourself the best minimum wage entry level job employees -- oversee. Okay do it because it'll pay off it will pay up for -- -- you'll feel better because you'll know he's doing a good job. And your employer will notice it. They absolutely. Will notice and that's -- Uga. Above and beyond the minimum wage -- bill and arts I don't want to build it here on WB and. Did -- good morning hello bill indeed just the one thing to say about robustness. They could put them in or movie ash trees and we'll -- It couldn't put him one and one with a dead battery ago and pay your bill your weird bill thank you very much. Bill this is so bizarre to think that -- over two or would wanna be interred in the front of his story. -- just beyond me because if you just drove by. I don't think he'd be visible this is going to be like a Russian leaders where there under glass for eternity. Some hopes on the glass be ever had -- armored glass it's very tasty. But no I think there are some some desires and things that are under glass I don't think -- Because I don't thing under glasses on his menu. Like as -- -- last I don't think is there so you will see them. It would be a monument that would say hello Russ out to -- them via start and stop dates. Then maybe. Former menu make it look like a menu selection and -- I mean. And the only guys who put the dates right on top. I think that why he want us once adored is beyond me I really don't know why would you wanna be alone fraternity I'd want company. And and it's on transit road a busy busy -- -- a quieter place in on target about our Chris another please. This is from autumn she says I work in fast food I do earn minimum wage and you this -- in the job. I knew wasn't going to be enough to support my family working in fast food is not supposed to support a family it's best for high schoolers Palestinians and people like me who just -- a part time job. Well autumn is exactly right and that's the right attitude you've got to assess whether the job is right for you and what the your employer will judge what your right for the job you have to you have to judge whether the job is right for you. I said don't under sell yourself. Don't don't feel that the only way you can get something is to have a strike or demand it. Hopefully if you get something they're gladly giving it to you there willingly giving it to you because they recognize your value as an employee. That's the best way that is the best way and that's the way that you'll have the best chance to advance. But what I said is each person is an individual so even though. You may have to people doing the same job. One might be infinitely better than the other even if they're both proficient at the job -- a good attitude that customers like you. Is -- a pleasant experience for them or -- my mother used to say about my younger sister she has a plus on. Do you do you work with a plus on not now have a smile you'd be surprised how far that goes really seriously. And then you don't have to be making up these signs and watch on Thursday. There will be a lot of signs but they'll only be like five different ones a case of human and animal out. Panama -- not they don't matter of creativity come up -- more than five. Five sayings. Of there we won a five of this tantamount. As you arrive and you can you can steal the spiel meanwhile the reason I wanted to get that raise. Government wants to take more out for you and the union wants the collect more for you do sport collector -- at all. About wraps it up among those who cross over to receive those feelings and though will see you tomorrow. And -- radio -- there.

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