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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Sabres End Long Lay-off Tomorrow

Sabres End Long Lay-off Tomorrow

Dec 4, 2013|

Mike Robitaille

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Microbe it ties here sabres analyst for MSG eight. And were brought to this -- by ENC state SE New York's artisan -- -- great to see. While it's always good to going to be here are cocky yeah few minutes. -- -- sabres picked up 34 points over the weekend and and then at four days off for in this rest period as a player might would you. Like the rest period or would you like to keep that momentum. That always comes under it's a personal thing on your personally playing I mean after playing well. And your corners going in the right direction and your confidence levels up you wanna continue to play. In the way the team is playing right now in the last couple games -- -- for five games even games they lost the seemed to. It's become a -- they have more energy and Adam missed that -- mindset so. Those are times that feel good to athletes when your we're nearing that frame of mind and so you'd really like Islam layoffs for. You know it goes so quickly and you lose your momentum and you're trying to. Think with -- -- trying to build something operate on the move for -- in them does that just cut our shorter. Hostess. Leave Lana rather replace -- now view you know two months ago I'd say I'd welcome a month. I know that had no wonder this break has been putting that team through a lot of long practices does this really give him. An extra chance all this time to put his own stamp on the team. You know -- is -- And I've watched him coach pretty well all asylum in the national hockey leaks so my -- -- Ted is that soon. He uses he reaches out and touches a lot of news touch a lot of these players -- mines and change your thinking and so -- have been prepared mentally for hockey games. Which is every bit as important as what you gonna do them politically. In my estimation anyway so. I think with Ted realizes them being the old school to a certain point that. This is nothing new if you go back years and years were new coaches or teams going bad. They just -- hit the brakes thought. Let's go back to point zero. And result -- -- situation. This is how I won -- this is where I wanna call this the hockey part this is the stick. In April 1 foot in front of the other and you continue to goal like that -- facets to him. And play hard and good things her are always gonna come your way through good artwork so. I think we're -- right now he's building he's building character. He's trying his best to build character and he's trying to find out even in practice. He may be more -- Lotta times in practice more Sony game. Where you can watch these individual players in really good a good feel for them you don't do you want this guy -- You know if you can't sweat blood journal practice in the position you're in right now the way I want you around as a full time player. You know is this for my career as a coach wants ago players like you or you gonna jump on board you're gonna run through walls and also the players that want. They'll find that out. I'm sure a lot of times even through practice but it -- -- games so he wants the show the whole -- a full Monty not a part time job for these guys. Those days are gone. Mike the sabres host the Rangers tomorrow night New York one to nothing over -- of the last time they played when you expect tomorrow. I expected. I fully expect them to be new York and -- it's odd to go into a lot of these games and where you kind of have that feeling -- you can say that directly with honesty and I do expect them to beat New York. New York as a hockey club it's rather room. Sparse in certain areas critical areas right now they seem to be a little confused but we have a long way to go to get straightened out. Where but looks to me like Buffalo's team on the come that's going anyway. Are great talking hockey with you this we are always good -- and I Kimmel do it again next week. Sounds good -- neighbors analyst for MSG -- attack.

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