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Common Core Forum in Jamestown Tonight

Dec 4, 2013|

Bob Bennett

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WB a lifeline this morning New York State regents chancellor emeritus Bob Bennett on a state education commissioner's visit to Western New York later today Bob good morning. It John King will be in Jamestown. To hear from many on the Concord learning standards as that public form between five and seven at Jamestown high school will you be with about. Yes same little room and actually meet him down there about 1 o'clock and we're gonna visit to a -- schools with -- Local superintendent and the district superintendent and then down. A later in the day around 5 o'clock I believe he'll have a press conference followed by. Before on the social his eleventh form in the last three weeks he's been all over the state. And he's done. They might call this a listening tour in an explanation and poverty tour. Well is -- are the only visit to Western New York. No no there's another one we haven't fixed a date yet for some time before Christmas. And I'm sure it will be sooner than later we're trying to get it sooner. But we don't have yet so I really can't say but there's definitely going to be a visit to -- yes. If these standards are etched in stone why have listening tour his wife talked to the people who are against it. Because I'm not sure it's the standard that people are objecting to most of the criticism comes from. The state law that was passed and on the eleven -- teacher and principal evaluation. There are two separate items altogether that learning standards were adopted by the border regions. And in 27. And there really hasn't been much argument about the standards there explicit statements -- learning expectations by grade level from pre K to twelve. However. Teacher valuation obviously. Has to be based on the progress of students in our. And the the progress of students as measured by how well they've learned the standard -- and state assessment which by the way igniting these one iota. I guess part of what I'm asking that Bob is after all of these hearings are these meetings are done. Is there wiggle room are -- changes coming. Well I don't know that there's needed to be wiggle room with the standards. The assessment issue needs to be very very much -- -- -- there have been many hearings. In addition to hours by the legislatures so I expect genuine Trevor -- report could be very lightly and very. Good depending how about down. What teaching should look like what learning should look like what school leadership should look like almost all of the delivery of education and -- locally decided. The curriculum is a local matters the teacher valuation is entirely controlled by the local. -- the board and the superintendent currently labor unions. 20% of a 100% -- -- -- assessment which is given month here. Do you find it a lot of time in these forms -- spent. Clearing up the confusion between curriculum in the standards and evaluations. I hope -- ESP NN correspondent there's a continuing issue and it's very interesting. And very important to Russia's they need to push special education kids and what's appropriate for them we're gonna actually ask for a labor to. Assess the child that there developmental age vs their chronological age and we felt the federal government will prove their. Now we're glad you could join us this morning thanks. Harry and that will be following it Bob Bennett chancellor emeritus New York State -- he will be with. State education commissioner John King in Jamestown and Jamestown high school later today for the first public form. In this region of the state from fine until seven.


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