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12-4-13 Sandy Beach Show Hour 1

Dec 4, 2013|

Hour 1

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello a lot is -- company and I'm sandy beach here that. Last newscast while the most popular things in America. -- our duck dynasty and Miley Cyrus. Is that you might remain apply for Canadian citizenship I'm just thinking if that's -- are we are budding up bars logic and go just laid the bar -- for a Muslim that. Anyway -- is Beijing company hello there. All right usually what I have guests I don't talk to them ahead of time because when I talked to them I want everything to be -- area. Of fresh reaction just learning a -- in there. I just had the best half hour conversation with a guest off the air. But I think I've ever had because this guest as a car guy OK he's not only a car guy he has a fabulous museum his name is jams and oral. You've heard it appears Arab museum you may have been there already you've heard of the Frank Lloyd Wright gas station way do you see that. I -- went on my vacation I'm right there was that. I was at chefs I have to admit it I was it's just getting spaghetti -- but I said. Now I think I'll stop by the museum. And boy I was impressed Jim welcome to the show they accuse him appears Errol first of all that the museum is not that far from Jeff -- on Seneca street. And the pierce arrow automobile. In his heyday was quite well thought out. Oh yes it was one of the premier -- of the twentieth century. Two cars -- buffalo the Pearson Thomas -- were are well known throughout the world just amazing and as I walked through the museum I saw the great examples of -- pierce arrow but I saw a lot of other things too. I soft -- cars are so hard anti gas pumps. And and I saw the frank Lloyd Wright's. Gas station which it's hard to describe you know I'm -- against government. For so let me -- some basic questions. Are the exhibits that you have on loan from individuals. Do you own them -- hobby how do you gather collection 9597%. Our collection my wife and I put together over the last fifty years rarely yeah that's terrific and some of them look like they just came off the assembly line if there was an assembly line rulers there will restoration was my business all these years antiterrorist -- It started 1962. Right here on myrtle avenue and lives upstairs in -- loft apartment and restored -- downstairs cool and -- you look at these cars you know what they have they have character. I mean today's modern cars are fabulous and I lava man I'd drive -- whatever. But the older cars like you like that are in your museum. They are so individualistic. They all have their own story they all have their own look him -- -- with a or a lot of copycats don't totally different everything was different. From the size of the motor to you know there was so many variables. Different much different than today when people come in and Andy as they see the cars I'm sure there -- impressed one of the big. A drawing cards for your museum is certainly -- Frank Lloyd Wright gas station. Now this is not like a gas station anybody else's overseeing. Because it is never did get built right to correct who is the most closely to be built it. -- -- in cherry in buffalo where where the expressway crosses Michigan avenue. Near the medical campus. And and never got built he you know he had a plan and to do it your guy Doug told us a lot of about the gas station because. We wouldn't know how it operated but unlike gas stations today. The way they would actually put gasoline in your tank. Was. Quite different according to the vision of Frank Lloyd Wright kind of give us an idea because you're building that now it's nearly complete right yes -- -- 95%. We should never grounder a ribbon cutting with the governor in. Next spring. OK so somebody drives into a Frank Lloyd -- gas station first of all you can tell just just by looking at him by the winds in the gas station minutes -- right yeah -- -- -- are all over -- in now what happens what happens that gasoline how do you get it from where it's stored into the tank of the car. He didn't tell us exactly what we know from research that at the time there were no gas pumps. Be electric core hydraulic or any way to get to guess on the ground so the attended in 1927. Was hand pumping it out with Pierre a lever on the side we have an example of that right nearly yes. Station to show you sold this. Word attendant would hand pump like crazy to get ten -- banking and for banking for ten gallons. And so frank they're right it pity on those folks and sent. When I designed my new gas station I'm gonna do -- an overhead feed type of gravity feed so that they opposes. Would be hanging from Bell's. He called them bells are all Kopper wouldn't glad. All of a great and a copper work explain the -- -- first of all when you see it I don't know where you find artisans that do this kind of specialized work. But that'd be copper has to be a little bit smaller at. Each different location heading down toward attack while he designed what he called told him to hold the sign. And flex LaBeouf lol donated to sign -- type assigned. And rich full Lee who is a wonderful craftsman Kopper transferred from buffalo. Learn the craft from his dad and he did every piece there's hundreds of that. A thousand pieces of copper each one is caught a different size because it starts small of topic goes wide at the. I'd like -- Venturi effect where they wind comes in on a broad base and gets funneled down and by the time it comes out the other end it's got a lot of pressure right. In in this is is just breath say you walk in and it's in the koppers breathtaking so he was gonna have the gas come up I believe the system was going to be a Y eight. At the back of the gas delivery truck where the gas would start to flow down. And you took city of buffalo water which is under pressure. Mix the water with against the water pressure would take the gas and the water up. Into a tank and you do then as soon as you at a site -- saw the two. Automatically separate you would drain off the water you'd have a thousand yells up in the air and you never had to do anything. That's amazing -- for those who come to the museum and you see the anti gas bombs you wonder why some of them have measurements on -- it just a fabulous especially your car -- Have you ever had Jim have you ever had anybody walk in and take a look at say is this vehicle for sale. Well many times and -- and we can't she do have a few that are donated for -- that purpose -- we always had in probably eighteen tires in the last year donated. And some of them a sixty link in it's sixteen share the two guards -- we have a number cars that are specifically for that and that part of the permanent collection but to raise funds. Now I've -- is going to run a automobile museum he should be an automobile guy and -- and -- -- I want him to tell you a little personal story about while he was waiting for a car when he was young guys to be delivered. The excitement because if you're -- guy you remember. In those days that the carrier would come up the cars might be covered you wouldn't see them the dealers put paper in the window and -- you could hardly wait to see the the new model and he was waiting for delivery of a new model one music young guy. We'll talk to a -- Santoro from the pierce -- museum on Seneca street stop by by the way it is open for rugs to be booked for parties and meetings and things like that. Yes we had in September it over 5000 people come through just for parties and events and this Christmas about to over 3500 people. Just for different parties and events it was him. Place to be there thank I would take Greg will be back tomorrow Beijing company on news radio 930. This Sosa WB at AccuWeather forecast mile with clouds -- on rush hour in the area again this afternoon high of 48 rather cloudy him. Breezy tonight with a brief shower too low 44 but temperatures rising into the lower fifties mostly cloudy breezy mild tomorrow a couple of showers and my 56 and Friday colder. Variable cloudiness perhaps this notion on a high of 36 today's the day for my -- parks is a thirty dollar certificate to be plan put Sonia. -- the Apatow and his plan I would suggesting doctor quickly. In west Seneca for just fifteen Boxee -- put Sonia offers beautiful arrangements of healthy fresh cut flowers custom designed. That's a major exact needs go to WB and dot com and click on my buffalo -- Nobel we have a museum that is definitely worth your time you've probably driven I have from time to time you audit next time you drug by -- stop and go inside it is -- pierce arrow museum it's on Seneca street. A right partnerships as we get the -- actually. And it includes a great selection appears Errol automobiles. In the Frank Lloyd Wright gas station. And that things like that I want you to tell the story because anybody that's a car guy has has had these kind of dreams. You were waiting for Carter will arrive that it walls Chevrolet you were young guy and you're actually watching the carriers come in and unload cars. Well in nineteen of course. In 19631. Of the hottest errors the Beach Boys wrote the song. It was a for a nine Chevy and I had already started the business and I was Chad nice and I wanna for a nine -- so as a lucky enough to put the money together. And orders in the 62 in the and it's Christmas time. And by April I'm waiting for the character and so every day by friends -- I drive to a law in Delaware I want to sit and watch. Paris department but now -- care so finally able 24 the sun was going -- a beautiful beautiful night in warm. And I see the tractor trailer pull up with only one tire on the top top. And it's red and it's got the -- camps often -- 409 am of those in my hired his power is yours and and soul the guy pulls that arrow off. And I said listen I'll give you fifty bucks got a I'm the guy who -- the -- I showed on the order. They -- -- -- -- her dad played dealer plates ready guys that I give you fifty bucks if I can take it down the street bank he is no way kids that you're gonna I'll lose my job there's no way this -- So -- he puts the carrot here run when he drives an off and my I'm just crazy right so the next morning -- there at 6 AM they open the dealership I grabbed the first day in the door said look. And give you fifty bucks if this -- is ready by 4 o'clock tonight. And because it usually took two or three days -- -- never broke jabs are prepped Jeff sure enough my forearm I was ready and I was out -- pants in Shimizu and Sheridan drive which with the big. Paying and paying out for everybody would not Carrick. And I'll never forget as instances and I -- before and I'd just like it a display in the museum and I found my invoice. From able Tony for the ages to again and on display now. All the while that that's that's a great story that's a car -- stored on my dad used to halt cars over the road and most Friday -- -- a buffalo and pick them up by Chrysler's. And almost Friday nights in our driveway was a car carrier filled with cars that we're going to be delivered throughout new England and I would climb up even up to the second rung up there climb in the cars and that's right got hooked on. One of the odd days you're open and one of the our merger open at the museum right now -- These this month Thursday through Sunday eleven to four. Our web site his peers PI ER CE dash arrow dot com VE RR OW. And if people wanna go website there's more information about the admission and things like that. First thing I thought I saw tables there so I knew that they probably you guys probably had groups that would common and a and -- -- the museum. To me this is an ideal for a church group a school group any group that wants to know that -- some history and automotive. News coming out of buffalo. And how would someone go about booking area a group. First of all we don't two weddings. And don't be afraid -- an auto Lola now I don't watch I watch all those shows that. -- -- the two brother in laws of AVG on each other forever if it can't you're throwing things across through -- Liberia. Mostly mostly -- corporate sandy mostly corporations commend us. -- have anywhere from fifty to 500 where you'd be really almost a thousand people their September 21 from UB alumni association. And besides the cars I think I mentioned earlier the anti gas pumps the clothing from the different eras. Who decides or is it your decision. As to what kind of mix you put in so the into the museum and this is the beginning or the middle part this is not the end you're going to be adding. Oh -- word we use and we intend in those 35000 square feet if we can raise -- other. Two and half millions of -- building was built meant for the new addition. So the only grew up in the walls have come out -- temporary. The way the we have it set but my wife is a curator of exhibits. Luckily I stole her from the historical site -- Forty years ago where she was curator of exhibits. And she has a marvelous job in a lot of like the women's outfit in the women's section they were a lot of were donated by ladies who sent all our first loan them does. And they said you know what we're gonna give to -- no way were put those back in the attic. When you of these beautiful mannequins and he could show off our grandmothers dress and things like that do many of the cars or through all the cars or some other cars run almost 95%. And I try to take him out the scary problem our tires are getting so dry. Even really look good to drive them to sit and easy automatic. Pro audio you almost have to start putting new tires and everything. For safety reasons. Well you talk about you talk about individualism. On on cars of that era. A one of the big things if you follow automobile history. Is how. How old individual the hood ornaments were ought a lot of -- Premium cars had these really elaborate and valuables photo ornaments that he's in many of those holiest site and yes and I've praised many collections of those for. Donation other museums vote we probably got about they're not all out right now that they will be probably about seven year eighty of fire on both. One of the most famous is appears -- archer so we truly have you all right I came from another segment because I saw some more questions and it's my show. We'll be back tomorrow BJ company under -- or nine thirds. It's a terrific museum I -- while I was on vacation. Invited to a gym to come in and tell us about it. We were like to CEOs school's booking. We legacy of fraternal organizations book and we like to see government organization -- it's a great place to bring a group and toured the museum. A we're talking about what's they -- the pierce arrow it's -- -- Errol. Is the focus of it but as we said there is a clothing of different periods there's. Again anti gas pumps his motorcycle is all kinds of things in there it's it's it's a nice mix what are people normally gravitate the most toward. Well they love the memorabilia the signs there's over a hundred different porcelain and tin signs there. Believe that are that I am 19100 more that are storage or you know we we have a gigantic collection that we're passing and my wife and I. We don't have these children that we know so we're gonna pass everything and two -- -- repairs and everything ounces children of buffalo and all the properties we own everything is being left to the music go almost cool things all I can say is one word you. Dad then took off and don't look down like that yeah I -- a lot of -- doubt -- John and -- Now I've mentioned I've mentioned to Jim. One of the reasons I love to watch classic movies especially the Warner Bros. stuff -- Cagney and and Edward G. Robinson whatever. Are the cars and then he mentioned the may one of my favorite all time movies is a once upon a time in America you have an association -- Did that work for regency films. They got a call one day and said Jim. And I'm coming in with somebody special and though would you take them I need you to take them out to Annika. And that he says okay and fell by name a tanker deal that was regency films that are new York and so. I go to the airport and who who is it but in -- -- my. I can remember 91978. Chevrolet Suburban real big red -- and there is Sergio Leone. Big big man a big big big man drool only spoke Italian a little English. And I spoke very little Italian but could understand him. And the assignment was for me to the -- out buffalo for the movie for portions of the movie. In one of the prison scenes they want to be taken Danica and we ended appointed Danica. Sold before we go out there he says -- a chicken awaiting the senate. She can always do you would like some chicken wings he says is you CCC. So I stop and I don't remember where was on the way it was an anchor bar at the time because I -- -- start moving him out to Annika. We get a bucket a wings now were close on time because he's got a flight out. Nolan a reason Mike Harris Sergio I only I took a large piece of paper put on his lap. And put them the whole bucket of chicken wings on his lap strapped him in which he just could barely do and he proceeded to eat fifty wings or between here and Annika. Man and we waited Danica he looked at all over he did the Italian mostly look you know. He looked around he looked around he's OK so we get back in the carrier. Chick in a way you must -- audible fifteen more Willie and starred in one trip to and can back the man eight overall hundred chicken wings she likes. Is finished everyone having cleaned the bone and and it was still amazing and -- and actually they never shot it here but they did take me to new York and I did do all the automotive -- I. Put the Paris together we'd for authenticity. I got to know Robert junior I already knew his dead by coincidence. It was a regardless of jewelry was at all the -- I got to meet all of them and they knew about tires and it was a it was a great gig and you there he -- circles you travel do you also have a story about. Well the and back in 1927 with Frank Lloyd Wright was supposedly. Doing great cliff he was a big financial trouble. They closed his studio in Wisconsin who's in the middle and nasty divorce. His ex wife happen to know somebody in Washington. Who knew this up and coming guy named. She's mad because he's got a new girlfriend who's sort of under age in a foreign national and gets -- over this world war for Franklin writes arrest. For violating the -- angles elections taking girl across -- -- for your moral purpose about that on progress okay go ahead. So hole so all. What do you think happens and he tells Darren mired in all this stuff and Darren was the finish styles. So -- was says you know what I know wild bill Donovan he's our fragile attorney well at the time. It's also a minister Ivo -- says the CIA director from buffalo used in the building by his name it's a law firm now filled flannel. But it's all it's almost like The Sopranos thing he went to him and said you know this guy's got to start to earn for us. You know -- -- he knows. And will put -- work and we've we're forming a corporation Paul Franklin -- corporation and the first commission is a gas station. For Michigan and share is all documented well. -- there's the story about so woman about a year ago calls me. And says. Would you be interested in. And I thought she was -- for awhile but she Gabby -- are very rough -- Because. After he disposal -- It went to county fairs across the country and they told people who is villagers Ferrer who is one of the guys who put away. And they allowed people to shoot -- I'll. And it's always got bullet holes all through. It's rough as can be but is so cool that we are gonna put it on display over by chance the oh it's it's and that's going oh yeah each door probably 600 pounds the glass was two and a half inches thick. And we have a clipping from time magazine 1935. To pierce -- today were delivered to them through the to the White House. -- -- Capable of 120 miles an RV 1214. FDR and one Virginia home -- yeah house on a very famous characters are great stories. Just one quick question before is bigger by actually restoring cars of this -- How difficult are the parts of the I'll have to be fabricated. From scratch we'll believe it or not there's a lot of parts available and oh yeah that was a big part of my business was parts and parts acquisition. And now with the -- new 3-D. Copiers she can make and they can make almost anything you know the beautiful so -- hours of the museum again it's on Seneca street what is it opened weren't cynic in Michigan writes a quarter -- -- ski weeks of the waterfront. Thursday -- Sunday eleven to four our phone number -- 8530084. And the website is pierced a share of that count. And it's for all ages and in both sexes in kids and adults everybody's gonna enjoy hours ago and I'm -- and check it out. I'm one tree will have to have you on again saints in -- you an opportunity. Do you think I look like him because he's -- these great things it's. Everywhere back after this. -- WB and AccuWeather forecast a mild with clouds and -- is on a shower in the area again this afternoon high of 48. Rather cloudy and breezy tonight with a brief shower too low 44 -- temperatures rising into the lower fifties. Mostly cloudy breezy and mild tomorrow a couple of showers and -- 56 and Friday. Colder variable cloudiness perhaps some snow showers and -- 36 like I think the -- on those are being so helpful. A Chris you might like -- too because you're a sports guy there's a photo of 20 high school girls playing basketball okay. A one from Grand Island and the other -- says sharks on. All right now -- the body of via the text says -- hearts -- As the blues who BL UJUS. And really not sure Brown's name sacred -- Juliet blues you. Races and throw lay up and then in order for us to tell which one she is it says ten so that's -- number. Okay the girl chasing -- is also tan so he got a and they got to dens but they didn't put her name down. And I guess you could take your pick of -- though thanks to excellent news for being very helpful. Also we'd have a giveaway. Which I should do right now how would you like to go to see the trans Siberian orchestra. In their first concert of the fifteen Christmas season. Because going to be on December 30 you know others have to wait for near Christmas week edit like twelve months at a time. -- tickets to see the trans Siberian orchestra. Monday December 30 at 3 o'clock in the first Niagara center value 75 blocks. General contest rules apply. It's on sale -- tickets dot com. A dollar off each ticket goes to the lymphoma society Western New York will call you when the tickets are in and 6449875. Is the number also if you wanna check out if you like cookies. You might wanna check out that some cookies and fold. From a Brando -- and though Brenda as -- switches on WB and it's a blog about food. And she's talking about cookies and I'm gonna see if Chris is up on his game with cookies -- cookies for the wrong. I do like cookies I'd love cookies the top. A commercial cookies sold in the US just give me one of them Oreo. That's the number one. -- there number one as -- number two is a Nabisco chips ahoy and number three is Nabisco Oreo double stuff. You know that's why I have always been so envious. Of of Janet Snyder. And and use -- wondering why would sandy be envious of Janet Snyder when talking about cookies. When. Paul Snyder. So freezer queen okay. He became the largest. Single. Stockholder. In Nabisco. Okay that means it's the largest single stockholder in Nabisco and they have the top three with Oreo chips ahoy and doubles stuff. Think in and it did not go without cookies aren't tired childhood one would guess there's cookies everywhere and so that's why I am a little jealous of Janet. Are right the Girl Scout Cookies the earliest reference to that was in 1917. I'd name they most popular. By far. A flavor of Girl Scout Cookies fin -- and you are like cookies editorial. A lot of apart. Cookies -- first made in Persia and seven -- days. -- chip cookies in general of the most popular making -- half of -- cookies brought baked in the US fortune cookies were not created in China. There were created in California. Policy year you'll 835000. Cookies in your lifetime. My goodness I think I've already -- that. I passed Michael -- limit so you wanna get all of the information. About cookies or go to WB and dot com. And them and see Brent is blog. Called brand is bites. And they're you'll have more cookie information and you'll ever be able to to you knows they can win some -- And out talking about this today because this is something a lot of people talk about why is it. We love our cellphones all our cell phones we use them for everything. We use them for games we use them actually make calls occasionally we as a protects. We use them for information. Go to Google and you go to web -- you conserve -- you can do all we can take pictures you can use that as a flashlight. Depends on what apps you have been though what kind of self on you have but you can -- for a lot of things and and that. We love our cellphones but you know we hate. We people's cellphones when they -- zone I kick it over this you -- using ours all the time bomb. But -- somebody's sitting a couple of tables away at a restaurant and they use their cell phone you'll take them you don't know much hate them. And if you thank you hate him there how much would you hate him when you couldn't get away from. What if you are on an Arab line. You know how many people -- cellphones practically everybody. If you were on an airplane and they allowed so appalled because that's a discussion and having now. Oh -- whether the technology used to the point where cell phones can be used. Without any interference with the with the avionics of the airplane. And I I would like to know if you think it's a good idea to allow cellphones during flight. Now one might say well you know especially a long flight it makes the time go by faster. You can chat within an area and if you're on your way to and Marriott's house. -- you can do a lot of things on it and day and you have a right to go with -- like I have a lot of my musical myself on I have my music on my iPad. My iPod and myself on my music's -- word goes with -- me wherever I am so I think that's a good idea however. What if you're on a long flight and -- You wanted to get a little us shot I'm Wilson losing time in somebody's talking and people always talk louder on the -- -- they need to. If you always know everybody's business. I think is extremely. Rude to be using it right in front of somebody unless it's important or an emergency and most cell phone calls. -- -- and through the I'm going to kill some time by by chatting with somebody. Humbled rather than being ultra important so wanna know from you and you can call me at 80309301806169236. And -- 930. Where where is it okay when you have cell phones or use on airplanes and my second question. Where should they be banned you know how we -- it was cigarettes we did it was cigarettes where of you can't smoke here than it was on you can't smoke there men you're canceled over there now -- to a point where you can emit smoke outdoors. And you certainly can't smoke in a stadium. You can't smoke at the C shortens -- as active as it is wrong way and so where would you like to see cell phones banned. And what about cell phones on airplanes. Collison 803093018061692. -- six and star 930.

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