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Sandy Beach Show Hour 3

Dec 4, 2013|

Hour 3

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now we're back we're in Beijing -- a steady -- talking about whether cellphone should be allowed on airplanes. And where should they be banned I'm suggesting not a good idea on airplanes and they should be banned in live performances church. Services whether it's a church service. A funeral wedding whatever movies certainly. And also your horror stories tell us about it and with Heathrow and probably our last our little of as though was sub question here. -- Salvatore. Needs permission from the Lancaster town board to be interred above ground in front of his restaurant he wants to -- And though do you think it should be done or not yes or no. I don't know I don't know if they really thought this through May be Ross thinks it's a really swell idea of what happens when the restaurants -- restaurant anymore. But what happens if they -- widened transit road. I mean there's there could be all kinds of things that could happen that aren't for scenes. I think that's that's a bad precedent. And luck. When you say yes tool one successful entrepreneur or you're gonna have to say yes to all of them. And if -- does because it's got great restaurants no question about that fact and he's a he's a great community person does a lot for the community. And there should be commended but I don't know if I wanna be reminded of every time I drive by Salvatore. About his new restaurant let's go to dawn in Pennsylvania. Is as my friend John -- you -- and. Onto a fine thank you said he had to -- and today. -- find you believe there's two people named on on the line at the same time what I knew which one -- word on slugger that now. Well maybe it's more popular than some people -- Exactly what do you think of most cell phones and things like that on airplanes or where they shouldn't be. Well. I would just say that. You can use this cellphone on the plane is gonna create any kind of a problem as far as navigating the plane already communications that would have to be done through. I definitely have to eliminate that. But I have a couple of stories about a soulful that I thought were kind of weird all right. Couple years ago I get on a commuter train some from here to go to Philadelphia. And -- We wanted to stop to people ironic I get on -- set directly across the aisle from me and right in front of him as a woman get on sat there. And as soon as the guy that on the train he started this thing. They didn't bringing him in a very low voice. And distraught for about two minutes in the conductor came down and told me couldn't sing anymore had stopped. Really what bothered me. I don't local. And at precisely that same time the lady cell phone rang. And she proceeded to carry on a conversation with fifteen to forty minute that a boy so way out -- secure -- hold rail car while and I and I just my goodness but he didn't do anything to stop her from doing that. Source says you -- horses. Seem like things were out of -- there. Well yeah but let me give you a story OK and I want to listen up my friend here -- my friends since third grade but I think you have to learn missed. You know I invited a friend of mine a close personal friend and his wife too common and stay at my home. For several days while visiting you know. And that we're watching TV and I think I know this guy this way he leaps up off the couch and start singing. And I thought what has he turned into a karaoke machine and then did -- followed now. He's my best friend I've never seen him saying and I've never seen him dance you think people change like that done. A little bit. Or was in India and from money. Really now. Accounts is presenting. -- thing and I'm thinking boy from an obvious change is done tonight. Like that nobody. -- no there was not it was not withstanding vibration you'll notice. I bet that that that are harsh over the crowd so you think singing and a cell phones are being treated differently even move again I was singing low tone. Yeah absolutely and I've had that had a second at current car I get all of us maybe -- ran into one time or another I was there working I was in the men's room. And knows that the. Or is this is that wait is this a story should be saved for Barley. Probably Iowa Iowa let's just say it anyway what is. Well anyway. And and a guy standing next to me at the Arnold has cellphone -- to be stopped to carry -- a -- conversation. And don't send myself. I feel kind of weird here under the circumstances I think at least he could've done was say that the gunman dispose for the time being -- plastic -- right. Exactly. Shows no respect you know seriously. We have this I've seen the same thing here where sales people have actually gone in two with the John and closes the door. And they're conducting business on the phone and I am thinking if I. Am a client and I know best about the very happy are really cover every and that every once in awhile though for Russians say Yemen Niagara Falls. -- so yeah he's. It is kind of like that you guys in the restaurant you're talking. It was brought to be inserted and the -- have been Salvatore yeah you know that the wrap it all up is that I'm in a place where everything right. Okay thank you -- John version it. Yacht I'd say I interviewed since don't in the in the men's room you're going there. And it did that that doesn't do it the engineers don't do what the newspaper -- -- -- the only ones adored our sales okay. I'd say the front off a video by the ladies in the front office but we used different facilities. But -- just sales and they do it all the time. Yeah I actually and standing updated at the URL I don't know that takes a certain amount of a multitasking. But that takes a certain amount of dexterity to. Because your thinking is it here that I'm not supposed to have the phone to my errors are driving on the Kensington I'm not sure. But driving on the Kensington leisure got a second hand for the deal. As far as I'm concerned if you're using your cell phone. They you know you're one hand short so I wouldn't suggest. I don't think it's a good idea and besides you kind of lose track which are doing unions and you make a sharper after a sharp right there's going to be fisticuffs like in just. I would take a break and we'll be back with more -- -- governor who wanna know. Cell phones on airplanes what do you think most people think and yet that nobody said yes so far. Where Russia where else should they be banned if you don't want America live performances you know only buy a ticket. I'd take them and radio pardon me just. Oh yeah OK people do that in hand money over that you detect it. That doesn't have a hole and it doesn't they comp I don't understand these things but anyway. When you're buying a ticket you're not buying a ticket to see what members of the audience can entertain you know you're there to be entertained by the people on the stage. But people in the audience wanna be part of the show now. They all have show business aspirations. So they going to heckled comedian. There are going to. Shout -- song titles to bands they're going to be doing all this stuff because they think it's so cool you can hardly wait to see what their true what they're choosing. I say shut up the most into the concert. I don't think they should be there I don't think they should be to. In church and all the itself once in Milan and cinema movies will be back after this. We'll make you wanna shout yes this is a W Vienna to the board has -- clouds embraces Sauna shower in the area again this afternoon. And -- 48 rather cloudy and breezy tonight with a brief shower too low 44 but temperature will be rising into the lower fifties. Mostly cloudy breezy and mild tomorrow with a couple of showers and -- 56 in Friday colder variable cloudiness abreast of -- -- and I'm 36. Chris I'm telling you don't run the of the Christmas bash promo anymore -- Gado -- eliminated from blog because every time we run it. Tyler gets very excited he's our calls and they because he loves -- -- she says it's a great place to meet chicks you know I'm talking about. And you buy a month ago cookies and -- him. Bad -- bad what you're gonna do when they come for you. An -- asking about cell phones or whether there appropriate and airplanes. Most of you infect all you've said nyet no they're not. Where else should they be -- I -- live performances church. Any kind of a church service. And movies tell us your horror stories and also. -- Salvatore. We -- -- yesterday -- wants to be interred above ground in front of his restaurant. But. I don't understand you know at times it's fine now maybe ten years and here's a novel what happens fifty years from now. What -- the highway needs to be raised or there's some natural disaster where it can't stay where it is and has to be moved our. But the restaurant. I must -- some kind of in prepared to do forever clause in. For a clause in there. I mean I had its. In -- face yes apparently there's no law. In the State of New York that says. That you can't be interred above ground however it's subject to local interpretations. And so local. Local -- People may not be be that thrilled about it so should be Lancaster town -- say yes we knew we loved you when you're walking and smiling and singing and buying -- tickets and providing us with a great restaurant. But -- got to find someplace else for your eternal rest. Maybe at the corner of transit and main way to. Pointed out there let's go to Don Don -- on WB yen. I have a couple of situations. So well. But first although I don't think these on the -- and I would agree restore annoying and it happens quite often work. -- on the phone and it's really into the cashier in -- in the customers and make a streak I'm. -- that louder than it normally would. In order I was talking about her hysterectomy in the -- and a well and that's where I finally had enough that they continue police shot your phone off and wait until you're done with this. Everybody in the stores and in the -- audit -- Do you have facetime -- happy and -- I thought -- Then we can. -- what a solution pastor teacher came up where the phone rings and middle discernment and really -- a little weird -- So stop -- the sermon stop talking and says go head to the bulk. And that person looked at a typical -- might be something important I had answered that probably. All that awful. At the following. And it has ordered and the power -- -- -- import. Can finally she put all that bears her outrageous that -- -- finally get stop the forward into the OK it's OK okay I get back to market and ever had a formal law in the church again. That is that's a good way to handle it though because it was handled were good natured fun about -- got the point across -- thanks Don thank you to those stories I appreciated. Any grocery stores that's the worst place for etiquette of ball. Well before cellphones okay. First of all -- and now -- at one time in my life when I did my grocery shopping and all that I would go at a time when nobody was there. 2 in the morning. Where they're stocking shelves and it's easier to get around the you on the -- and stuff like that that it is to be there when their crowded aren't never go on Saturday morning forget it. You must have a death wish if you wanna go on Saturday morning okay. About what happens is people lose all sense of etiquette there first of all they're there there with a cart. And they'll stop there and a walk either forward or backwards to get another item but they leave the cart right in the middle of the Ohio. That's what they do and they don't care if you have to go around -- -- to move their -- they don't care so there is a solution to that that tonight let me tell you what it is and I've done it. I have done that people don't believe me but I have done it. Put some condoms in the car. Without telling them because they're not on notice them just drop them in the cart that they just left of them right. And when they go to promote the cart and they get to the condoms. And these are my Condo -- and they're gonna it's gonna freak them out. It's gonna freak them -- I did that to my own sister. In Nantucket. -- staying with her. While we had to go to grocery store my sister Beverly is a straight arrow OK. And this grocery stores sold a product that perhaps a straight arrow -- wouldn't put in their cart. And she walked away to get some kind of bread or something. Put it in there. And her husband spotted it before before check out -- our didn't quite work the way I wanted to -- it the idea was there. So you have -- cuts that are just left -- -- in the middle of the island of care and also this is this is a woman thing. I know you guys say why use sexist pig men do that too but they don't we don't we really don't. As cart is coming down the aisle the other cars going up out. Oh and I don't know how are you how the kids dancing -- blow out out out and they just chit chat. On parallel paths and there's no way to get them and they feel no obligation to move in clearer for you. The third thing that and that's mainly women I don't see guys doing that are really don't but and the next thing his kids. They think if I had on the -- you can do is have to put a couple of them and they put them in the cart they hang them on the side of the cart and usually. You'll see the the woman who is you know fourteen months pregnant and she's got three kids in the carton to -- and -- decide one one ready to make its debut. And bill that he -- -- -- Nobody cares in the grocery store. You have to do -- you can put your common sense and put your good -- aside because you're not expected to show any. When you're trying to get them food and goodies. This is from M Perez. In the USA today. That could potentially talking about. Cellphones compliance. They could potentially be really annoying in such a cramped space people wanna relax on planes not hear chatter which is exactly right. Yes the bad and should remain unless they have a special Booth where people can talk as loud as they want to -- And isolation both actually it's not a bad idea. You know instead of a telephone -- which you don't see many anymore or none of us miss those you have an isolation Booth on the -- Like sort of like a men's room without wash -- Washington a toilet. In going there and chat away maybe they charge you X about a minute to get in them a little Booth where nobody can hear you private conversation. Might be good but people worry about security -- that too I can tell you. Here's another from mark Becker little more. Flight attendants should have the ability to confiscate the phone if the passenger is disturbing others okay. About that like that one of our engineers one time there caught talking. On a cell phone cop pulled them over. And the department denies it to this day okay. -- -- see that phone. And from the phone. The -- broken in half and tossed back to pieces into his -- When we first told this story we told you which police department was they really got their panties in a law outlawed but it really happen. Will be back after this. Should they be banned almost everyone let's talk today said yes they should be banned. A your horror stories about that and where should they be -- I say live performances church any kind of service and a church and movies for sure. Plus -- Salvador. As the Lancaster town board for permission to be to be interred above ground. And so they have to make that decision because apparently is not against the law in New York State to be interred above ground but it's up to the individual. On municipalities. So I don't know if there be a big the big rash of people. You know wanting to be buried on the front lawn or not. Oh but the we'll find out what they're gonna say we want an all your opinion on let's go to well might. On the Grand Island Mike here on WB yet. And he might just get the preface my comment about -- worst scenario cellphone is one and -- and between. And kids were and we're visiting Texas during the course keeping. Silent in the church. And that there and about in the -- service. Seven cellphones went off. And including mine. And and the -- recognized we thought with my brother. So he goes and says the -- says. Well -- just let you know this is kind of special service he says that calling each and every one view. Increase should donation to a really calling and calling it -- and then he didn't realize that when. -- -- -- ultimately you know. You -- and double my explanation Paul the the electric and by the public at the objective here. Beautiful that's great I assume you got a lot of stories about -- are you identical twins. That. I think if I was identical -- and have a good time with the. It got a couple things that you know like if we uncheck that went in deeper on that doctors. Still -- OK okay and also and yeah okay and you know and we got you a couple of story that we I have a problem may well yeah identical -- -- to -- every -- the same girl. Guess. But. And. Next time we talk about this be sure to call -- -- -- about Mets and twins dating the same girl. And you know at the end of that quick and she's. All. But maybe not. 393018061692. Through six -- -- third I love this next. Twitter because this is the mindset of our society right now this is from movie magician. Asking if you should be able to use the cellphone -- mine he says. What else to do. If you aren't talking on the phone -- talk and what others what's the difference. That's the mindset wherein we must be entertained. Or informed every single moment of our waking lives. There's no such thing as contemplation of something. Nobody looks up at the clouds and wonders what they look like anymore than it looked like a picture of something. Everybody has to have entertainment it's going to be in their here in their face and that's the way it is Chris that we have a FaceBook and. Please yes we do with this is from a DC says I don't mind people using cell phones on planes are starting their conversations I find it disrespectful. Texting is okay because that doesn't bother anybody texting is okay especially if you don't. Have and annoying. Signal. Now some people put annoying signals on on their attacks on their email on their phone ringer and all kinds of things. But if it's unobtrusive little noise like. Something like that it's okay and as I said earlier in the show don't think I'm crazy. But we are so used to hearing those noises and there's an X amount to choose from especially with the iPhone stuff okay. And we choose a lot of -- the same ones that you hear those noises in commercials. Where it's not coming on from your phone is not coming from your iPad or Europe. You're my touch or anything else coming from the commercial we could do that as a movie -- -- is coming from a commercial member of calls coming amounts. And I think they do that to make you pay more attention to the commercial because you think it's your phone owners something urgent it's not. And please don't. Don't I don't think Cameron for straight jacket that I really have heard that we'll take a break we'll be back for the final segment and what about -- Salvatore. Should via should he be interred above ground shouldn't be put -- the curb on Thursday what do you think should happen -- us over -- As far as that's concerned he wants to be in turn above ground but needs permission. From the Lancaster town board will be back. So positive WBM AccuWeather forecast. Is your humor is just reserve from the air. There's two guys out more -- weather today Tyler and Chris get the benefit of my off the air humor true no charge. And if they're guard guys that work with. Mild with clouds -- -- a shower in the area again this afternoon -- of 48. Rather cloudy and breezy tonight with a brief shower too low 44 but temperatures rising in the lower fifties. Mostly cloudy breezy and mild tomorrow a couple of showers and 556. And Friday colder variable cloudiness perhaps snow showers and 536 it is -- company. We're asking about cellphones should they be allowed on planes where should they not be allowed also are your thoughts on -- Salvatore. He is a great community citizen is no question about that and runs a fabulous restaurants. Having said that he wants to be interred above ground on transit road and down. The OC the tomboy and Lancaster is gonna have them make a thumbs up or thumbs down on that -- just wondering what you think that is an idea. I think putting him at the curb on Thursday is leading in the votes right now let's go to a Georgian -- charger on WB yeah. George. -- George. Thank you George divide. That the suggested. A private place I think would be really cool. They have like a little like a telephone Booth in a plane that is sound proof except that you would have security concerns about it. Where you can go in and you pay by the minute. And -- use your cell phone without anybody being bothered but as I said the security aspect of that might -- wait a practicality. Let's go to David in buffalo debut on WB again. A mandatory that you were okay this is what -- should do and I mean this analysis here in May sound funny but I. It might Michael belonged -- had been his place for weddings in place -- Parties crimes this is what you should do. -- -- -- -- -- -- He beat somebody or let him do it a nice little memorial place so Motley a -- truth and with a with a plate of food over at forest lawn. And people can do this Sunday tours in vacancies seems -- means like rush Salvatore LC is monument like red jacket personal uncle. It's in their to -- does what he wants to do our transit road. You know what's gonna happen when all of us are dead and buried. Some somebody's gonna turn his restaurants in I don't into the casino -- They're -- -- They're gonna take his side they're gonna take it to the owns the property now on to some to be dead. They are you wind up at the Niagara Falls museum or something and the preservationists shall get up a blue and yellow plaque like they do for the war between twelve. In places like at saint -- Salvatore famous restaurant tour -- here and I think the future people are critical I -- there. Hovercraft or whatever the gonna read their -- -- it wasn't. -- -- -- A source brother -- or are these. Different at full applicator now nobody talks. And nobody will ever remember when all the deputy -- Idea for a slot I think is excellent because many notable people who shape that history of this city. And this area are bare and I think I think Eddie would be in good company I think that's an excellent idea I don't know why he wants isn't particularly in at this location I mean this is his restaurant but it hasn't been a hundred years I think for a lot of idea is excellent thank you. And -- you know you put it right next to refreshments them know I'm getting a bite out of the forest -- idea. I mean there are notable buffalo means there and he is certainly among them. The couple more rom twitters. Talking about whether they should lift the ban on cell phones and airplanes worst idea ever to lift the ban I think people would pay extra. To be in a non phone zone. So their their use and if that's. If there's money involved I guess the airlines that the interest in him because they charge you for everything. You just see it now -- now do you wanna be on the phones on and on phones alone Milledge charged more. For the non phone zone. Because you get peace and quiet and they also charged more for the phones calls -- could -- have to -- -- both sides of the street. On that was from goal but -- the armed men. This is from navy crewman I dislike the idea but the European Union has allotted for awhile it's a revenue source for airlines. So that's -- you talk about maybe there's some kind of a terror for the airlines are always looking to increase their revenue flow. Why do you have anything in there for stress regarding. Yeah we got one from jail she says as a frequent flyer for over ten years absolutely no cell phones are complaints fights will break -- trust me. Because -- -- LaMont plan is already so loud people's ears become plug. They're going to be talking even more loudly than they already talking on cellphones -- cell phone calls or 9% nonsense these conversations and wait until the flight is over. Joseph has wrapped up by -- that's exactly right the decibel level of planes even the even -- in the quietness of the planes. Will cause you to speak ovaries just like the reason Oprah here. Air personalities have to Wear headphones you have to be able -- over here over your own voice and that's of people -- People do all the time and and usually you know I don't wanna be little anybody's conversation I guess if you're on the phone is the most important thing in the world. But it's not the most important thing in the world to the person sitting next to you or in front of your back you better not of people in the middle -- we're gonna head on your shoulder drooling. Are you the last thing your name is is as a cell phone loud. Chatter chatter -- another place this is from Mike says I -- -- -- on the plane with people with cellphones but I don't think it's the government's place to restricted the airlines should be able to make their own rules well I think that big government although I'm certainly no fan of government intervention one thing have to look at is safety. I just as you can put a lot of things under the guise of health. That's how they got the smoking bans and in place. And that's why they wanna charge more for fat people and stuff like that I think was safety safety is the same kind of thing as health. If they say safety from a media perspective not that it would. Cause a problem with the avionics in the plane but safety from the aspect of people getting in each other's face. Because they would it's a confined space for -- all the combination of things you're doing. All right it's a confined space people don't like that right away and got all of you -- general hassles of flying are you gonna make your connecting flight. Things like that aren't easily got that he got people who are afraid to fly. People who are white knuckle people who are around the fine edge anyway they got those -- gonna have people annoying other people by via. Either a cell phones ringing. Six cell phones ringing and apartment and elect the cell phones ringing. And and and calling out with a -- a dialogue. I it's an idea I think it could be called a security issue and if it's a security issue it's a safety issue is safety issue you get it done. That's just the way it is and I think that if you wore a flight attendant you would not wanna see it either. -- flight attendants this may surprise you are also there for safety they're not there to refereed a fight between you and the person in the next seat. They're not there to although some of them can get a little short at times. They have a tough job to do and they usually perform admirably under duress if there's an unfortunate problem with the plane. The the flight attendants were always performed remarkably they're very very brave people as a very difficult job the last thing you want and that it was at the center around. And and and kind of a broker a peace deal between you and the person at the next eight. Have you ever had a problem and a public place with this Obama Chris. I have most of the time -- -- at times -- think about it was one back forests that are working here worked at a gas station was when I was going to college. Cellphones weren't as bad back then but they were still pretty bad and I used to hate -- when people would come in on the cell phones because it was like you -- inconveniencing them exactly like. Whatever work here you you coming in your -- brigade has won a pack of cigarettes. And they have to be like a whole -- the economy this this and this is. -- -- been sitting in a restaurant where somebody comes walking in -- you can tell by their pace there. Very important because I've got this fast -- I'm going in there and then. I'm calling itself on in my -- because I'm brokering a big deal I'm about to sell. US dale I'm gonna go right now before before the opening. And and so they got to give -- or of importance I think oneself one's first came out. You might have had a better shot at it. You know -- -- important I've got a portable phone now. You know the phones. -- phones that are dollar fifty I mean so you can get any any kind of phone you want without being on the the chairman of the board is what I'm trying to say so the bottom line is no no phones on. On airplanes no phones is during a concert no phones in church and no phones. In the movies. Okay where we would like to see fold -- tomorrow when we do would be. The big goat and a big radio thought at the SBC that's going to be tomorrow and it's going to be Friday -- --

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