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Medical Marijuana

Dec 5, 2013|

Dick Gallagher

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dick Gallagher is on the WB and live my former head of alcohol drug dependency services as we talk about the issue of medical marijuana -- good morning. Good morning news morning you don't date addict with a couple of mom's coming in to tell us that medical marijuana. Is the only thing that works in treating their daughter seizures is this acceptable. In any way TU. I think -- last year at this time I think we had a conversation and I was against medical bound marijuana as far as to pass -- legislation. After seeing media articles and here -- know everything about the win the -- family and what -- children go pro. In other look and is it suppressed some relief. And then looking at the debilitating disease that they have and the effect that one has 350 -- the week one has. Seventy. Those nations a year. It is something that is delayed nightmare and then when you look at someone with a sand to build the road -- disease. That in Colorado that is able to take medical marijuana and have some -- start able to live a childhood. With a much better quality of life and activity. I think that when you look at the distribution amount medical marijuana centers -- compassion centers. And I think those cases illustrate that New York State to pass the legislation. And provide compassion not only to these young people. But the those that are suffering from so many different illnesses and diseases. That's really interest and it has for years I know you've worked so closely with Renaissance house you have seen addictions up close -- -- the guy that always says. Marijuana is a gateway to hire addictions. Yet you've had a conversion. Well I know I really believe that I'm not and support legalization. Of marijuana that they and I understand that man marijuana is. A gateway drug allowing alcohol nicotine and prescription drugs. But I think that would be the proposed legislation and your state has the safeguards to make sure that not abused. In lemon live at that point one other states that have medical marijuana. You don't see a lot of publicity related to abuse of of that with the exception of California. We hit some of the drug dealers buying up homes and just. You don't have a marijuana plants and those homes element and just using the medical marijuana is a scam to try to get money. But I think that when you take a look at what this can do for so many people that are suffering. And did did did the researchers there as well as you know when you won when you when you watch. -- -- -- -- Williams' iconic family and what they go -- what that child goes through. And I think that when you look at it. What they said was they're gonna have to move to Colorado or some other places like would -- will mention what you did have my medically. Marijuana refugees which is really set in today's society's. How should it be regulated than if if it's allowed. Wanted to distance all the states that they have so many different ways to regulate in that and so many different rules but of them most of the you can get two and a half. Ounces and it's pretty rent regulated in there are some states like Massachusetts where you can get. Sixty days' supply in some states like New Hampshire. That tested this year I think that you could he get two ounces of usable campus. In a ten day period. And there's some states that you could actually. Committing crime. Groups and big beat of Canada -- marijuana. But it did. Connected to a medical issue when you can get the doctors know the -- They would have to pay that fine and whatever repercussions are from the group crime but they would be able to. Have that that marijuana charges dropped. That regulation would be very strict making sure it goes only to patients under doctor's supervision. What are their concerns about the societal acceptance of marijuana if this goes through. Does that then make it a lot harder for someone like you to make the saying no to drugs argument. Well I think it's not just. I don't think it just stand no I think it's educating. Everyone the kids and the parents going to take a look at today's society and make. Social network and it's that everyone knows everything about everything today and particularly the negative stuff that goes on and I would just think that. With the proper education and the understanding as to why would be passing of the recent port. And also then they need. Tremendous negative consequences marijuana. If you you know if you use that for just recreational purposes. And then when you look at the conditions that this would cover is whether it's cancer and look -- HIV aids positive severe pain seizures etc. that. So as at all as far as -- the that the that the people who donated people are hurting. And I remember John asking me a question last year what will learn about the people who really need it and I said well when you take a look at. In response to your question that the magnitude of the problem marijuana verses you know the small number that needed merit medical marijuana is still win. -- against medical marijuana but now after. You know looking at what transpired in the last week and that's changed my mind completely and I have no. Reservations as far as advocating important I have no reservations and explaining. My change as well as what to do when you're. Dealing with these pitches and it's for recreational purposes are -- is in the cards for recreational purposes. -- we're glad you could join us this morning thank you very much thank you. Dick Gallagher former head of alcohol drug dependency services.


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