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Medical Marijuana Problematic

Dec 5, 2013|

Mike Ranzenhofer

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The issue of medical marijuana is coming before a state hearing in buffalo this morning. The assembly is considering this and if approved the senate would take it up next New York State Republican senator Michael ransom -- offered. This has been that he's joining us on WB in -- line this morning and Mike this has been hung up in the senate before where do you fall on us. Also lose my feeling is that the if you ever want to consider. You know use of marijuana for medical purposes. You have to be done such a way they're treated just wiry hair and you know the draw okay it would have to be acceptable or would have -- monitored by -- physician. You know look at this should be a special exceptions are special rules war marijuana already have a particular drug that used for pain relief for other medical purpose. In general though are you face in favor of the idea or against it. I -- a lot of concern because you know every -- we are dealing with folks that come in. And talk about the problem of young kids -- addiction. And how marijuana and alcohol really gateway drug to. And of people that become involved it sure distraught people commit suicide because could be you know because they're dependent drug. And invariably it's -- talks with -- it would use of alcohol abuse of marijuana that's. Insert. That's concerned and that needs to be addressed before and say yes noticeable out this. You know which would open it up for abuse and would open it up war you don't want to create a -- that everybody would anticipate. You know we we had a couple of months in studio this morning how might one is from Colorado where medical marijuana is legal. But talking about how it works another mom is in from Orchard Park who. Once this desperately as a lifesaving medicine for her daughter. But the at the Colorado Obama saying it's so restricted there I mean it. First of all it's it's. So control -- it's not smoke that you don't smoke as it is you would think may be somebody would think you know this is ingested some drug it's that it's a pill. You know and -- they don't go too. You know -- hot story to get -- the they have to conduct a special clinic where that witnesses and they get support they have counselors. You know it's it's not the perception is not. What many people think that you just going up off the street buying you know marijuana and smoking it. -- that I heard I'd met with. Maybe a couple of years people that come in and really. You know -- heart wrenching. You know very. You know very vivid. Stories about -- this would help them. And you know there -- you you're -- sympathetic for the I think that's the the other bill had. Is it you're gonna get -- -- field and now is this going to be administered obviously would have to be. -- fortunately it was originally. Mentioning earlier comments. You know apparently he could not be treated differently than any of the -- okay if this is -- obviously. Federal rule that would have to have stayed cool well it to treat this as in the all the sort. Pain relief medication I don't think that there should be your sort of social -- exception. You know -- sleeping medications are monitored today. You know this could be global that would also be comfortable but. In the -- -- too because it is -- all marijuana. You know you do have to make sure that this is not going to be a drug that -- currently available late other -- strict control. Our content. And -- other -- relief medication. And I think you know your station and -- stations have talked about. Although it is people becoming. Addicted to these very well control -- well -- mean he's. Greece secured blog you know we have a tremendous job outlook on the view and tragedies as a result of short of that the consumer. We don't want this because of -- one -- short stories that they're putting reported. You know so so much about. In past years this state assembly has said yes to this the state senate less than enthusiastic. This year the senate is ruled not just by a Republican majority but there are some renegade Democrats that are part of the leadership coalition there. Do you think the winds are changing enough that this could pass. -- prediction. One thing is a little bit of experience you know not make predictions because. There are many things like predicted. Would that happen and happen to -- itself. We want wholly to it we won't hold you to a what you're gonna say -- what you will be. Okay. If you ever need you every -- a new year you know will be meeting with people that are you know war against. Gonna get you know one of the things that you consider that critical legislation. You know you don't -- create the article -- stories forego the club that already exist -- -- very well control drug. In that pivotal time. Do you see change -- do you see change in the legislature are more of your colleagues on board now than maybe in past years. You know it it's hard to say I mean it's you know they're very compelling stories that we're told stories. And again you know entry get everybody you know in the wrong. In the pros and cons. You know -- it's very very hard to predict. You know what goes what goes results are going to be. Mike thanks for joining us this morning we appreciate it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- right. It's near -- Republican senator Michael -- offer.


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