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Sandy Beach Show Hour 1

Dec 5, 2013|

Hour 1

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well is reaching company and I am happy SP CA for the big radio on and I've got a great great moment in radio that's gonna happen and a couple of minutes -- talked to Barbara -- the executive director of the FB CA. I'm driving here -- -- like the tenth annual -- BCA radio we will have to do this it's but he animals everybody loved the animals the staff is great everybody in to the animals and I'm thinking. Hope that I can make it an even more efficient operation. -- -- already is now that seems like an impossible task but now when it comes in my creative mind Barbara as I'm driving here I'm thinking. Two words okay you ready I'm Manny. -- delivery hello there right. You have you have -- under five pounds imagine I imagine the look on people's faces when they've adopted a bad. And it comes down by October copter. If they're right -- front of your bank. -- now think about how well where people might be able to get us. Here good point there Barbara. Robert. SP CA how important is this radio and -- be here. This is our. Our largest fundraisers in the air you know it's very expensive to run this operation even though we pinch every penny by you know thirteen volunteers for every staff person and I look for every bargain I can get. But we really need the community in order for us to be able to do the job that we do for the community so. Where hopefully get a lot of angels today and I know that you never let us down folks out. Pick up the phone give us a call 8737722. And be my Angel yeah. And I'll tell you I'm glad you mentioned the volunteers because when you come into the SP CAC a lot of people are ready and willing to help you don't assume they're all paid -- the pace that is actually small it's the volunteers people. Volunteer for the SP CA for one reason they love animals that and met and their very dedicated I've never seen is that more dedicated. You know that. Our our staff this fabulous but I volunteers to goodness sakes there. There -- good -- our staff and they don't get paid you know we have thirteen volunteers for every step number. It's amazing now would view as you just said watching every penny. How does he impact of like a high profile legal case where you had to put our whole Lotta money how does that impact you on -- on a daily basis you have to squeeze even tighter minority do. Yes in fact this year in on the board required us to. Cut our budget back from last year and -- was it was tough you know squeeze on our -- but we figured it out and non. You know then when I look at budgets of other humane organizations around the country as I I can't believe we're doing more -- -- Than any place in the country. Have a wonderful reputation among as you just set among the of the people who know how these things usually run him what do you think it is what do you think it's good planning if it. It's because the view Barbara here. -- -- -- just one person you know that I mean I have the -- at fabulous volunteers wonderful board of directors. And you know and but even with all that it's really this community this community that is always willing to help and they really want a sea change for animals and it's it's the people in on the line see the change. And they make sure that we have the resources to make that change and athletic all about. Now most people if you set SP CA would think of adopting cats dogs -- here in the air and and different kind of animal. You do a lot more than that explain some of the other aspects of what the SP CA -- provides the community. Well we have very active humane education program that is particularly after an active in the inner city we worked with tons and tons at risk students. And really help them become good citizens. We work we also have a huge illiteracy pays humane education program where work. We're not just teaching kids to be kind and compassionate we're also hoping to learn how to read and so. That you know that's just a couple of a great human education programs we have we have the -- -- -- -- patriots program. Working at with that returning veterans who are having. Adjustment issues and coming home. And they work with the dogs and cats that are at the shelter are also having an adjustment issues that. You know the two. Populations in animals and the veterans heal one another it's it's beautiful thing the city. We I mean I could talk all day about the million things we do for the community and. -- would be great publicity over the years certainly over the last couple of decades on spaying and neutering your animals. Bob Barker and others on a national basis and certainly no local basis. Has that improved of people more willing to spay and neuter than they used to -- Let's certainly improved in the northeast and in buffalo on we've seen the numbers come down or the twenty years I've been here. It's not so much in the south and so we've gone to the point where. You know we and we can. Find homes for everybody that's healthy and treatable manageable. And so now we're able to reach out to organizations. That. Maybe aren't so fortunate like in Kentucky or Virginia West Virginia. And bring dogs appeared to get them homes as a matter of fact we're having an infant seventeen or eighteen guys delivered today while from Kentucky. Now you know what I love to your outreach program. Like when I go to Lisa mills mall -- -- in -- -- see a fu fu movie. Picker who wanted to actually might improve your delegates. A right across the hall and I look every time and I going there every time but you've got even more than the eastern in the hills looking. Yes where at these hills and -- at the gallery a mom. We also have about twenty other off -- organizations and the reason reduce its Lindy is that. People own cats on them because the countless in front of them you don't go looking for cats and a they have a Catholic home that you had no intention of getting. No I grew up -- -- -- look at that you don't have Beckett would join me that cat when you when I came into it described. Boy I've seen. Fabulous codes on cats before but nothing like this it's really exotic. They describe it like it will. This -- is mr. -- and is a one year old male Penn and his fellow we can't smoke. -- too often we see it may be one in every 2000 cats that we see. And at first glance it looks black and then when you begin to touch him all the under code is why right. And it's it's really fabulous looking and then beyond this I had this would include. This cat has two different color eyes one green and want amber I don't ever since such that it's. Really an exotic looking -- and -- us beautiful and that's -- -- how yeah how you doing on numbers of cats and dogs for adoption. Well we have a lot of kitty is always for adoption and again and then. The communities really helping us out and holding on to -- for a little bit longer so we can make sure we don't have too many in any given time. We have fabulous Foster homes that now hold onto -- it is so we can get the man. But we have lots of kitty isn't there on all this off site locations and here at the SP CA. You know we have ahead at half price on for the whole radio so this is the time to -- -- Pick out a -- Our beautiful thank you Barbara think -- and thank you so much for being here for years this has been great and we're gonna raise a lot of money -- during his radio pundits today and tomorrow. Of the number if you would like to donate 87377. When he -- that it 873. SP CA. Now any donations welcome but we delay especially loved to see angels will be animals. Which is a fifteen dollar donation were twelve months. And they would -- put -- -- charge card and they charged -- each month as it occurs so it's it's a very easy reach for you and very helpful we'll take a break we'll be back with more thank you. Sosa WB and AccuWeather forecast mostly cloudy breezy and mild they would a couple of showers and a high of 61. Tonight mostly cloudy cooler little rain mixing in or changing to -- snow later on accumulating according to an inch and a low of 31 mostly cloudy and cooler tomorrow with a social hour in spots. High of 36 Saturday times the clouds and sun we have a snow Lorie or two. Today's video from my at today's deal of the day from my buffalo perks is a fifty dollar certificate. To the willow brook golf course in -- port for just point five dollars enjoyed their 27 hole course. Driving range pudding greens full restaurant -- -- clubhouse and more. Go to WBN dot com and click on my buffalo perks ago. And I hope we take advantage of that meanwhile wanted to -- -- a boy here before we start our subject. And if -- I would like to go to C a translator and Parker surrogate as well. At 6449875. Here's the deal we have -- tickets to see the trans Siberian orchestra Monday December 30. At 3 o'clock in the first Niagara center general -- on -- rules apply the value. It's 75 dollars tickets are on sale now at tickets dot com a dollar off each ticket sold -- vulnerable lymphoma society. Western New York so that's certainly a good cause and you'll enjoy a good. A good concert. A reminder we are here at the -- era if not realize it's been ten years until idea I've heard it said. Ten years we've been doing this it is broadcast so that we can that help keep the SP CA doing fine job that they are doing. If you like to make a donation. Is a good time doing and you maybe just rolled out of bed or whatever but. I dial 8737722. Out of courses 873. SP CA. Now any donation is welcome we want to stress that however we would love if you would go find it in your heart. To become an Angel for the animals what does that mean. It means a yeah and they'll put it on your charge card a fifteen dollar per month. For twelve month donation. And what they do what they charge the fifteen bucks for the each month so it doesn't all show up but once on -- on your bill. And at the end of twelve months -- you've been an Angel for the animals it's terrific we only have two days this year that we're doing the broadcast. So it's important that we. Up front -- with as much as we can't simply because you never know things happen. That might interfere with the the giving mode. It's 73 SP CA do that right now and the like Tuesday. Brosseau. -- -- hardware. They donated 101000 dollars to be the phone bank sponsors or congratulations to Grasso. -- hardware and let's say I'm supposed to start this -- so I IE I will not. I will not do it now but I gave little hint. We have somebody a standing in the wings and has a cheque for 5000 dollars that we get a certain number. That's from ten to twelve but I what I may do being the kind of rebel that I am. I may give that information a little bit early so we get a head start because I definitely. Definitely want to want to hit that number. -- Wednesday. We've got a lot of things to talk about today. It's undecided. Whether. This would make a good talk show subject but I think I've made up my mind and well I I hope people will participate in it. Everybody. Was talking after the sixty minutes interview. We have Georgia I would just -- -- -- those. About the Amazon delivery drones now we all do business with -- Amazon I mean we really truly do it's is that an amazing. Company when I first started buying things from Amazon online they only sold. Dvds. CDs and books that's it now they sell everything in fact one of the spokespeople on the yeah. On the segment said everything you want in the world we can that we can get for -- and we will deliberative now. They had sixty minutes got quite a Arco and Amazon got a fabulous publicity. Spot. To announce that they're working on. Delivery drones. -- you know -- drones are in warfare what these are on the column October doctors here. -- small versions and what they would like to see happen is that when people order something. We have no patience anymore we want it now okay so what what happened we used to have a -- two or three day delivery. Then went to one day delivery that went overnight delivery. What they're saying is if this -- thing can be worked out if we get past the FAA and and get the bugs worked out of it. We might be able to deliver things in certain markets in twenty minutes. So think about that -- doesn't get much of faster response and that you work you'll orders them online twenty minutes later there are now how would -- get there. The way it was explained on a sixty minutes was. These October adopters. And their four rotors. Why wouldn't -- called. No they call it -- well I don't know but they're Kaloko got -- but they don't have -- I can tonight. I think. Four rotors and what they can do is take anything to wake up to five pounds and delivered to your front doorstep. Now as you heard patents that. -- probably that. Well what is it -- in the jets and category right now until you're really stop and think. About what that would include when we come back we'd like to talk to you. As to if you think it's a good idea. Or not so good idea what could be standing in the way why you think we should do what do you think we should not do it. Meanwhile 8737722. It's a donation of the SPC there are tenth radio that are coming up. On -- radio and I thirty yard WB. -- -- I'm glad to see eroding got a smile back. Actually it's very important that Mike -- I smile because. He's married to Isabel and if your marriage Isabel and you look at her you've got a smile. I think that's dollars or so Roby Roberts got the world by the tail. It is a big company we're live at the tenth annual SP CA -- -- this year it's a two day event. So we wanna get people signed up as soon as possible. If you like to make a donation. Any size it is most welcome. If you like to be an Angel for the animals that is of fifteen dollars per month for twelve months they will take it from your charge card. On a monthly basis so there's no real hit on anyone month. All you have to do is call 87377. When he to and do it now and a few minutes of the explaining on another benefactors. Coming up. If we get a certain number between ten and twelve it's going to be worth five. Thousand dollars you while I watch your thoughts on rowboat deliberate not robo a drone delivery. -- delivery as you may have seen it on sixty minutes. Where the Amazon says -- we're working on this it's not right around the corner but hopefully within five years will be able deliver packages. To your doorstep I want your idea of if that's a good idea or bad idea it's it's gee -- idea that no question about that. But there's a lot of downside to it that you may not have thought about let's go to. Mike in Amherst Mike you're on WBN. Morning and -- -- can guarantee you're not going to happen I'm human like the -- it's all that you added that. -- -- -- -- -- -- You might be right because there's a lot of downside to -- tell us why you think they wouldn't approve it. That big down side that they an invitation import Jarrett what -- hit and explode. It's no longer stop it that'll be all right to speak at great that it what they do the better that there. Getting Bible that is what it acts. At the bank got him at all and it won't not allowed -- where national security. Yeah I'm not only that I mean think about crime can be committed -- drug dealers used use the drones to deliver. So suddenly there not standing there and handing over drugs is much less chance that they be caught and there's not to mention the logistics. Of all of those things flying in the air because they're talking about maybe 7500 by five years. And it would become my new sports city -- what good shots out what went hunting we've. So hot but I don't think yeah anyway. Our program just put national security read them I'm what -- them. Yeah I can -- think about it when I first heard about it I thought. Wow what a cool idea but then as you think about it. There might be more downside and upside but either way Amazon has gotten a ton of publicity over this thing but will award goes. Corner and a court -- -- at bat and an immediate media that deliver it for quite convenient. But the -- -- -- -- Powell would outweigh any convenience sport and -- Well sat there like thank you very much very well said yeah allies of the report something obvious -- real whiz -- stuff has been really. But I'm thinking about it like my house. Suppose I ordered a package from Amazon and it was going to be delivered by drone. All right I have a porch outside my front door. So first of all how would they. How would be -- managed to get it right to the exact spot where I would even know was there. Okay they certainly can't get it on the porch and if you can't get it under the porch. It would have to be literally outside. Subject to rain snow ice things like that. Also another thing to think about OK if you're thinking about rural delivery that's one thing because. If you. Rarely looked on line. The GPS systems we have now are very efficient they have been for a long time. If you think of a rural delivery that's one thing. Where the houses are quite a ways apart. What about urban delivers a you're telling me that -- they wouldn't be worried about dropping a package say at an apartment building. Where there might be a hundred apartments. How they gonna do that what kind of security would you have with the also as I said that the GPS may get to the right address it may even get you to the driveway. But out of a no -- it would be in the spot where you would even know it had been delivered. Lot of things like that plus the interference of course -- of any kind of aviation. Traffic guy I don't think they'd be flying that high. But think about how they would send it to your house they would probably sent to your house by putting your GPS. Coordinates in there okay. Well all right it it could get there but let me tell you something. I've been driving vehicles -- GPS for a long time and most of them work buying they're really good they're very efficient okay. But every once in awhile. It doesn't work. Every once in -- coming back from Mecca on -- I was about across one of the bridges. Coming out of Michigan. And it's at on the electronic sign. If you're using GPS it would give you a faulty. Exit do not take this exit take this other one instead so there was some thing. In the GPS systems in the coordinates there was not working. Well obviously that's one thing for traffic where you can put a sign up for what it's another thing if your package gets delivered to somebody across -- Or -- next door neighbor and I'll never forget one time I was visiting as someone after dark. Returning a five -- actually. And iPod I'd only -- into the house like it twice okay both times in daylight so I punched in the -- -- the address. And of course my car took me right there. I walked up up the driveway rang the doorbell I was one house over the cut at a so there is a six foot 4400. Pound bald guy with a pie plate. Standing at your door and wondering why you're not the person he's looking for so every wants it because there was one drive way off. I mean there there are pretty specific whether -- not exactly. You don't get the military great. This -- a military thing in the military had that exact we have a pretty close to exact what it's not perfect something there's a lot of downside. The the security side is something people talked about for a long time. If by you saw the the opt -- The October drone. Showing up on -- on maybe you'd think your packages there or maybe somebody would blow it up. On your lawn I don't think it's -- -- take too kindly to having October drones. -- over his property to be honest with you. Might be fun to watch though. I would take a break we are alive at the SP CA radio Thon. Give -- -- 73. SP CAA if you like to make a donation you are most welcome will be back after this. Excessive WB yet few weather forecasting -- you want and now mostly cloudy breezy mild today with a couple of showers and a high of 61. Tonight mostly cloudy -- little rain mixing win and changing to snow later cumulative voting to an inch low of 31. I did it I didn't I didn't know I could do it or not. I had a water board Larry rob as you knoller robs the big major dome or here and he says you can't get this information out before 10 AM and I said oh yeah -- -- And I did it and it worked he cracked he grabbed my -- man here's the deal. From now until new -- if we can get a hundred. Angels for the animals the Hyatt foundation will donate an additional five. Thousand dollars now these are the kind of donations that really really helped help us reach our goals here at the radio on. But that's the deal if you call 8737722. You can also donate online by the way your SP CA dot org. But if you call that number if we get to a hundred by noon by the time we sign up today the high foundation will kick in 5000. Dollars and I'll let. Larry -- go otherwise and even tied up in the basement overnight for tomorrow show so give us a call 87377. 22 we're talking about delivery drones the -- you saw on sixty minutes seems like a whiz bang idea. One how are you telling me Amazon could drop off what I ordered is going to doesn't weigh more than five pounds. Are my fronts that come here and but there's a lot of negatives to think about two and I'm asking you to give me your opinion. As a whether it's workable weather will have a weather should happen. Let's go to a wreck in buffalo Rick you're on WB yen. And demonic view correct I think that -- the joke I've heard -- tech technology wise sure it could be done. But practically speaking I think it's good joke that's precipitated by Jeff speed guns -- -- media. Just any sit back laugh and as product that's what I think. And here we are talking about in all seriousness I think it's a joke. Well he got a billion dollars worth of publicity out of it by announcing it on sixty minutes so that's that I can see. I could see it under very strict circumstances and very limited availability. But I can't see it as any as any general way to deliver packages. Now I think it's -- I think I honestly -- subordinate and I think he probably I didn't see the sixty minutes I don't want to have program but. I had a feeling he covered it up to the point where they took him seriously. And the media and in my opinion does. So much with so much luck Bob -- Thomas from reputable you know -- that. They're trying to disguise some of the stuff that's really happened they're not reporting the real stuff and very important this kind of junk. Well you're already there's there's a lot of people who have already threatened to shoot him out of the sky a lot of people don't like the concept of a drone. And think it could be used against the the civilian population. I it's been very effective in wartime we know that. But they they're thinking it would be way too easy. To use it to spy on on our own population to do things that we don't want done. You thinking about how many they gonna have out there I mean some of these some of these numbers are crazy. The industry group it's promoting this says in three years this could boost the US economy by thirteen point six billion dollars. And I don't see where they get that I just don't -- I think they're making up stuff -- up out of whole cloth. And obviously you're great thank you very much let's go to the next call would be. Greg -- waves -- Greg you're on WB. But I. My comment was so I have a couple things but one of whom was what -- -- for the pet dog to -- attacks one of them grown -- get chopped up. Pardon me and would you repeat that please. Yes your pet dog yes if you connect the drone. What happens to the dog. Well okay. Not really quite sure how to answer that thank you very much. It yes my government. It is I've foundation challenge -- we just told you. And the all the mr. -- -- but as bad as the -- that Barbara showed me when a payment and the mr. -- cat is so beautiful. I have to say I've I cannot shoot a lot of cats ever have a lot of cats and I've had cats -- beautiful -- for a business demand kept. It's like a Hollywood. It's like a Hollywood cat it's that outstanding a coat and though the one blew by. And -- no one green -- one yellow light missing are red -- -- third IE could be traffic signal. But anyways a great cat and and the people looking at mr. man right now they are 3093018061692. Through six are 930 if you would like to. Talk about the Amazon proposal that they're working on delivery drones are still come officers. There would drop things down within twenty minutes. Of your rugs of your order now in some circumstances. It it is possibility to work if it got approved by the FAA but it voters if you really think about it in others. -- urban situations or even non urban situations. What if you live in an apartment building is a hundred apartments there that are going to be able to have a hundred different landing spots for drone. That doesn't make much sense. One of the big problems -- With delivery is the possibility of theft. Certainly at the holidays are you telling me that they can just drop it down and and what's the guarantee you we even got it. I can see of people. Complaining too. Amazon that we never got the package is -- anybody -- assign Florida or anything like that. So what about malfunctions. Mean drones -- machines. Even though they may have gone a long way towards. Getting them both bug free as we can so far there's still machines. Also what do you delivering stuff you're not supposed to be delivering. What did you do putting bug got parts with composite. A lot of guns like blocks and whatever made of composite and they're very light. Secretly shipping guns you can be shipping drugs you can reach different things that will be much more dangerous the ship except -- they come -- -- -- took off so that's that's what I'm thinking. A one of them deals okay give me hide. Beehive foundation says that we get to a hundred angels of the animals by noon and we got a good head start we got two hours not a make this happen. The -- foundation will donate an additional. 5000. Dollars so that's good motivation. Get on the phone give us a call the the number of course is the same number it's always been -- 873. SPC. A will be back.


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