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12-5-13 Sandy Beach Show Hour 2

Dec 5, 2013|

Hour 2

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Backward did you governor have sandy beach and I'm like blobs dog book -- and I'm an artist job forever and I think I know how to do it but when you're on remote you can like detached. From hearing the audio signal. So I had my headphones off and I heard the weather bed come on I immediately -- the headphones on and started doing it. And who is doing it ahead of the Elliott Abrams and he said the same thing I was gonna say anyways so feel like a bit of a full. I would like to thank personally Marc blank and -- For coming down here making a 250. Dollar donation we most appreciated mark thank you. So very much we appreciate any sized donation. And we also understand. That mrs. hide from the Hyatt foundation. Is that taking a look at mr. Mann the the super -- that though Barbara and I described at the beginning. Via broadcast here's what's going on now from now until noon we have a challenge from the -- foundation. If we get. A 100 angels for the animals by noon Knight foundation will donate an additional 5000 dollars which is very generous. And those so far we have seven -- or off to a good start. But let's let's keep it to keep it going make sure we get the goal 8737722. Is the number of golf you can don't nonaligned by the way if you like to maybe you're sitting at your computer you -- And I'd pattern. An iPod or whatever yet. We're up 20. 2120. Line what happened at a glamorous girls they used to have coming your changing their numbers. Might get involved -- It's. Not that does any of that but we have cameras women now promotions department. And I would really really pushed that number because the mark we. The more they come over you know I mean it's like positive. I got it would have hurt. -- but I comes it was -- of the number the -- -- while it's better than the girl with a recognized that though. The number is 8737. Visa and when he to award 21. But that's 21% of our room -- or after a good start but let's go let's keep -- going. Our asking about -- drones. The Amazon got a gazillion dollars worth of publicity by saying. And it's not tomorrow -- it could be a fairly soon maybe five years where -- delivery helicopters. Took adopters. Would drop your front lawn your front porch and -- your package that you ordered from mom. Amazon. And then fly away and it seemed like everybody and you know really cool at school but the more you think about it that offers it would be. Let's go to. Who loses -- And no line one there and a Libya. I'm sorry. -- I'm just calm about it previous caller is some concern about the dogs I think is when lawyers say it like drone lands and somebody's record Walter -- out there. The dog might attack and they might get hurt why the -- Roy yeah okay I understand that because I didn't understand it when he said. Yeah that's obviously something to be consider or human beings. I in fact I think -- those himself said we've got a lot of things to work out among them not landing that helicopter in your head. Some -- -- could be standing out there looking at and suddenly it's. You know OK because I didn't understand what his point was but that's that's good clarification -- do you think this -- ever gonna fly if you pardon the expression. Yeah I think there's always going to be a little bit of jitters about new technology about this I think once it gets and operation people get more cultural. Culture ball out and it won't be no big deal eventually. Okay -- thank you very much appreciate it I I tell you when I first heard about it which is probably when you first heard about it on sixty minutes. You know that's cool that is really -- I mean for years now they've had the toy helicopters and stuff remote control toys. Airplanes and things like that. I almost thought that was interesting. But this I don't know. I don't know if it's feasible on a large scale the FAA by the way has a plan that they're working on now. I have argued that information but they expected of this plan goes into effect in and all of the all of the hurdles are crossed that we could have 7500. Drones in the air in five years seems a little. Ambitious to neighborhood who knows let's go to a George in buffalo George you're on WB yen. Yeah that's. Almonds dry group critical superiors ordered -- big. Night and I saw it in the sort of smiled and Lance. And it. Is nobody talks about whether. Wind snow. Rain OK and you haven't acted out in in the elements are saying getting there. Okay. And since this is such as servers business. And aim is money end they just you know they keep pushing pushing in good for transit times and getting them. Getting that tactic there he's looking for same day delivery so. And what's. What he doesn't tell you about which I'm sure. George -- -- -- -- Georgia is gone and George was giving a right as he got to the information. Something happened to George let's see if we can get him back Jorge your I don't know the end yes go ahead was something happened now. Yeah he was doing these fulfillment centers around the country okay. And in five years he won't need FedEx. Field started on delivery company and deliver those packages. Okay and that's right think he's gone he watching that -- that. But I think he's gonna do the other he's already has the delivery company in California called Amazon fresh which delivers groceries to your right okay. So he's got he's got a product. He's got the audience he's got it all in one fulfillment center. OK so what makes you think we instead of playing UPS trucks -- that extra. He's gonna have his own little trucks and he can deliver that product that's say 80% of democratic out of that fulfillment than it would than maybe in ninety mile race. And he can do he has the ability to do that. So that's where I think he's going I don't think. One package here one techies there he is doesn't make any sense when you loaded drivers truck with 200 stops. And 200 -- You need productivity and make money. Yeah I don't know I think a big cost effectiveness of what you just said right there in other words the expense of running the drones expensive keeping them. Two of the code. How expensive would a big hit maybe cost prohibitive when they when they find out that we can't deliver enough packages to offset the cost of these drones. Exactly exactly what are your report I -- more point of can start in his own little delivery company. And he won't need FedEx or you won't need UPS or whoever else he uses OK he's a one stop shop and that's what he wants to be. I think you might be onto something they're George thank you thank you very much OK we'll take a break we wanna get to a hundred. Yes Raoul is putting the new number on there. Rove the bearded model 23 we've got to toiletries soap -- soared 23%. Notice -- did do these numbers in my head I'm amazed by it. I'm so glad -- goal is a hundred because it's easier to figure out. Call now and help us reach our goal it 7377. -- he to where -- can donate online at the SP CA dot org. We have 23 out of a hundred so far while we try to get to a hundred well for the various reasons but among them. We have a challenge from the Hyatt foundation we get a hundred. Angels for the animals by new moon. -- foundation will donate an additional 5000. Dollars and thanks for their generosity and let's see. Let's make -- write a -- -- will be back with more -- -- company. Sosa WB accurate forecast mostly cloudy breezy and mild today with a couple of showers and -- 61. Tonight mostly cloudy and cool little rain. Changing to snow later on accumulating according to an inch and low of 31. Mostly cloudy and cooler tomorrow with a snow shower and spots and I have 36. Saturday. Times of clouds and -- Wednesday snow flurry or two real live at the SBC arena if not a member this year it's a tool day event. A two day event so we wanna hit our numbers as best we can't. And we have a 5000 dollar challenge. From the Hyatt foundation. We get a hundred angels for the animals by noon that's 5000 dollars now pretty boy rob lucas' doing his best. On his station but I'm just saying. We've got the goods you know I'm talking about I want you to want to call that number and cell wanna be an Angel for the animals which is a fifteen bucks a month for twelve months. And I was so they take it out of your road. Out of your credit card on a monthly basis for twelve months therefore the biggest did you have any month it's fifteen dollars so. It's something is very doable for a for most people. And we would like to see you help out the animals call that number is 873. SP CA. Today's the other day from my buffalo -- as they fifty dollars and -- a good. -- -- willow brook golf course and log report for just 25 dollars enjoy their 27 hole. Course a driving range pudding greens full restaurant soon -- clubhouse and more. Go to WBM dot com and click on my buffalo perks no go let's go to line one to go to the gym is waiting for a -- here on WB. It's been good morning reminds them. Concerns about the -- involved here and air people -- one. The final process the book in the packages are going to be handled by human actually operating. The -- with my video feed. There I'm sure part of the ordering systems and it would like package last. The entire -- on the Hogan chief Pietro. The final moment I'm sure that doesn't have any actual human. Dropping the -- jobs and with the ordering system and the -- going out about and though -- looking. 85% of their packages delivered if that were less than five pounds I have one of these. It's a quiet after the copper. Wire around my house in Ocean City elected by the upstairs to a federal. It sure there are pretty amazing and in the -- popular within five years Lebanese board -- And I really believe. It. Idea I think it's -- it's cool technology whether they can -- and are not alike I'm thinking on the business side of it. As you said if it's a human that is the guiding that with a video feed. Let's -- you the FCC says that about the FCC the FAA says they would like to have 7500. In the air and five years. I don't know how much multitasking you can do say you're sitting. At Amazon and you're delivering many packages all the ones that may need an individual person for each one can one person handle five. Is that like there air traffic control I mean there's a lot of questions about cost and efficiency. If if it doesn't make money they're not gonna do -- so I'd I don't know how much it would cost to keep these things flying. Well I got murdered have to average out how long it takes to actually dropped the package and then kick it back in the GPS throughout. And I'm sure someone could handle probably. If they if they time it right probably under at a time -- early Dylan at the landing should take no longer the landing and drop -- to take no longer than 152. Wow that is so you're here pretty optimistic that they could multi -- that level on. No question about it partisan you say you have one how hard was it for you to learn how to maneuver that. It's it's it's. It's not harder all the matter fact. The whole stabilize -- system that they have now are so bad it's pretty easily spread out the box and in fact. I live near a golf course. -- program mine. To -- the -- golf course so they could have like a take off from which idling ending at the Edgar holt spoke it will from the GPS but -- one hole golf course. Wow that is so cool. I love electronics in my cars and GPS has been out for a long time it's very efficient occasionally -- be a glitch but most of the time not. So let's hope that you're optimism. Come stroke because I think if we could do it efficiently. And the right way I think it could be could be unbelievable thank you thank you very much. I'm telling you one thing. You're not going to find certain things delivered that way because I am thinking really expensive things I don't think you're gonna have. Jewelry delivered that way. Things that will be of great value. Simply because there are areas that. Okay they've put it down were real wanna down on your front walk your front porch or where -- If you're not aware that it's even they -- although they could probably program -- saying look out your front door. -- packages appear but I'm thinking anything really valuable especially if you have an apartment building where there might be a hundred different apartments. What do you do do you -- landing spot for each one. Can you -- one down and hope nobody nobody steals and I mean one of the biggest things we have as problem it's called shrinkage people steal anything. So you're telling me that a -- a drawn drops a package down for you and they somebody lives in the same apartment building and say you're not home. I think those factors could disappear in -- questioned -- you actually I've got delivery that are not who would be responsible -- that I -- -- were the reason we're asking these questions. These are questions are gonna have to be answered. Before this could be put into operation. And there's a lot more than meets the guys OK we're up 20 -- we up to -- up to 29. So -- 29% of our goal has been reached and we would like to have you help us. Be in danger for the animals 873 SP CA if we get to a hundred. By -- where 29 now we will get a 5000 dollar hit. From a -- foundation -- donate an extra 5000 bucks which would be very very helpful. Let's see we wanna hear from YouTube regarding delivery drones Amazon says it's not going to be -- next week. If but it may be within five years you pro RU -- do you see the benefits do you see the negatives and they'll also. Where were entering. Well we're not pandering already. A technology first I mean is so much has been happening in the last say twenty years. It's incredible one of the things that the the National Football League is talking about is something that I've been talking about on the radio for thirty years. I still wider they use Ozal fashion chains. Four -- determining where the first down marker is why don't they use lasers. -- I I've I've said that probably a hundred times. In thirty years. And now guess what they're talking about maybe -- may be using lasers because if you use a laser first the most precise. You'll know -- that first down was made secondly the running back or whether you receiver or whoever has the ball quarterback. Will know exactly where they have to get that first down. I will be back but more we're live at the SBC radio thought it was colleagues haven't three SPC. Hey. -- thirty that's what we've read so far. Is on the record I'm trying to do for the -- trying to get to a hundred. If we get to a hundred angels for the animals by known and that it's fifteen dollars a month for twelve months and then you can put you can put on your wrote credit card. And they -- inducted each month so it's no big hit in any one month if we get to a hundred. Angels for the animals the -- to foundation. Will donate an additional 5000. Dollars so give us call 873 SP CA you can also go. Online to your SP CA dot org. And so are we have thirty so we're not quite to a third of what we need to get so let's keep those the phone's ringing. At. 873 SP CA let's get that that number. And also like to talk about drones delivery drones were talking about here with a big announcement on sixty minutes that. That Amazon is. Working on a long term project who deliver packages. They mentioned that way five pounds or less. By delivery drone. And we're thinking of the lot of hurdles that would have to be crossed before about back could happen. But forget it become at a cool. About the main concern when most people. Is is the security. Environment because it's nice to think that bad package that the drone has. As your latest dvds and whereas has something else that you sent for that you can hardly wait to get and not an explosive okay. Now the FAA. Has a drone plan. But it is behind schedule according to this article that I have fear. By Bart -- Here's the here's the deal the Federal Aviation Administration. Has a plan for allowing drones that fly everywhere in the country. Research regulations are months behind though. They wanted to to be able to get to a spot where they could say that they can fly safely -- commercial airliners by September of fifteen. So much time is running short. The FAA administrator. A released a five year road map. A month ago it projected 7500. Unmanned drones will be in this guy's. Within the period of regulations if if the if the regulations are in place. Now the next step is and there in the process. Is for the FAA to designate six experimental locations for research to test the flying drones. In general airspace the agency received 25 proposals as likely to announce it's -- fix this month. The FAA also hopes the release of proposed rule for small drones next year. Under the congressional schedule set in February of twelve the six experimental locations was supposed to be named by August of twelve. We passed that obviously. The roadmap was doing February 13. Legislation call for unmanned aircraft to be fully integrated into the airspace by September 15. The FAA insists there will meet the deadline so find out of their talk about 7500. Drones in five years. If the FAA gets a gets through this we'd like to hear from -- -- whether you think this is feasible. What's the upside what is the downside. About that drone package delivery let's go to Ricky. In Niagara Falls -- run WB again. Well Eric what do you think is that something's gonna happen and I. While I don't know but it pilot the hacker. I would take my band. And parked someplace and divert flights to my little -- him. Yeah I in other words if you OK if you can cracked the the electronics on the drone who could command all the drones have come to your place and drop them off in the middle of the woods someplace. But I assume that would be a top consideration before they allow these things the fly. I don't think anything is hack proof but. That would be a big hurdle you have to overcome. Yeah but that there's some of these people if they can within the department to try and show up computers. But that's a piece of cake while. -- They they won't they would have to worry about going to a mailbox or somebody's front -- or anything just without enough. It'll -- quiet little place slipped into the burgeoning. -- hear him. I like your criminal mind there there it works is they -- -- does because that's that's the first thing -- think about it I got I got -- little. You know your enemy -- to think like you're going to be absolutely and I don't know Iran. Absolutely and hostess at -- that there could be drawn to those guys that are really caring -- packages that are just doing surveillance. Over military installations airport -- -- traffic patterns. All kinds of things like that. They could be disguised as delivery drones and and sudden nobody if they get up in large numbers nobody would even given a second thought when they could absolutely blend them. Was just partly human nature can be remembered gunpowder in China. Anything that anything that is that is my -- or that there is discovered. The first thing that Cubans want to do is turn into a military. Okay yeah because it -- immigrants rounded into a military application there's a lot of money to be made there. By selling it to foreign nations may be selling it to our own military. But I understand what you're saying and I'm thinking. They would be very hesitant to send valuable packages things that. Have a lot of value because I don't know how they can guarantee that it would it was even received by the person -- ordered it. You know that there -- people. I mean people here in front of a microwave and don't hurry up. At a well if that. There's some people want something even faster. It's. It's the nature of a business to satisfy the controversial real cut corners to get it even quicker. I hear you and earlier caller said that he thinks. That is part of Amazon's plan to start their own delivery system not necessarily by drone but not to have to use the traditional. UPS and and FedEx or whatever but to start their own delivery system. Now that you know like terrorists. Terrorists will know we can get -- at a crowd of civilians. Mexicans in the same way that government or even terrorists. They can slide -- this. This legitimate thing. And trying to beat cloaked in -- Well think about this I mean think about just an average NFL game yet another vacancy the big stuff by you of making sure that's a no fly zone. But how would they ever keep track. Of individual drones that could easily and suddenly show up -- the stadium and fly over the crowd into destruction I don't know how they could keep track of that. There's there's a lot of there's a lot of really bad Nash in the fair here's. Potential in this I I don't I don't like it. I think you're I think you're right the potential is there I wish I wish they could guarantee us that it would be useful purpose that they're developing it but. Any time somebody can corrupt something as you said they will thank you very much. 80 -- 030930101806. On 692 through six -- an interview -- talk about drones what do you think. They're doable or not we're up to 33. So where nearly add a third third forget and on the third will be of their equipment. A 33 if we get to a hundred by noontime today a hundred angels for the animals. The -- foundational kick in 5000. Dollars to simply give us a call at that number will market up but it's number 33 so far. We'll take a break it will be back after this. Nothing is as Buffalo's improvement I loved immigrant. The exodus of WB at AccuWeather forecast mostly cloudy breezy and mild today a couple of showers and I have 61. 61 that's great cuts and I'm mostly cloudy and cooler with a little rain mixing in in changing to snow later on accumulating according to an -- -- of a 31. Mostly cloudy and cooler tomorrow with a snow showers in spots higher at 36 Saturday times clouds and sun. With some snow flurries we are up to 3535%. So we need another 15% to get to the top of it allowed -- to fifty. And that is downhill toward a hundred. I know we need a hundred angels for the animals by noon today. Four of the the the matching grant from the Hyatt foundation. Said if you've got a hundred angels for the animals by new would give you 5000 dollars so this is a real money. And doesn't really good job here at the SB CA. To wanna talk about drones delivery drones seems like a cool idea I think game. If you're going to use -- they have to probably be used on things. On deliveries that didn't have a high dollar value. Because I'm thinking would be very easy to steal. And people would figure out a way to do it believe me. Let's go to Brandon and Clarence Brendan -- on WBBM. Anything regarding. -- beaten period why didn't more what woke up in inclement weather. All of a sudden inclement weather I think it's as though much greater ability to win it -- Than it would -- everywhere and we act. -- right after they might have been around them just as they ground airliners during inclement weather and the question is how sensitive would the avionics on -- the as to how often a good fly I would assume they'd want to be able the make it fly in almost all weather with few exceptions. Yeah but you are a number one pretty protected but the other thing is -- -- get them out at 11 o'clock it's now a private street. It and went in your packet is there other ODs or when I -- call. -- these days to keep up doesn't think the only -- out it is easy and of the public row. And then that night and it an end of public wrote regret he popped up front street. That's a good point and and and GPS has to be update all the time because in the building -- when they're building new communities in new roads going there. That constantly has to be operated otherwise they can't fly there. Right in and we private street but it didn't count require another place. You know people are doing more that we -- all the facts and all that there's several out -- in the in the proper street but now at a public street -- And I'm wondering if there's you know a mailbox. Usually are not sometimes we do -- usually don't have locks on them. But there's something about the mail going into the mailbox. Or -- package delivered to your door attempt to sign for horse or put behind your screen door. I don't know what kind of access a drone would have. To get it beyond the end of your driveway and other words some people might might expect -- right on their -- -- in front of their front door. And unless they had technology -- called you into the packages here what are your not home -- the packages there. It could disappear by the time you know there's so many questions -- there's a lot of hurdles that they have to jump over. I Corey okay thank you thank you very much. I think about that now I know like I've -- Tony college theory. Would was very excited when he heard about this he's on vacation this week as we can talk about him because he -- only once he says you know. That twenty minute delivery. A lot of that is -- because sometimes a moment night with -- And romances in the air but suddenly I realized. I might need a little help. I might need a little. -- -- But wait a minute I'm out and had better call Amazon now and get a express delivery it's when he minutes or less I can I can dance and sing and say nice things to -- merrier and in twenty minutes my package will be. On the front step. So Chris can you see that being a very big plus for Tony yes is a matter of fact I'm I'm recording this segment -- now just -- Casey Mississippi. I hope your package would benefit your package basically are right now we have 42 were up to 42. We'd like to get to -- fifty as soon as possible. That means where the -- they help. And then to reach the finish line another fifty is straight downhill it's easier going downhill. And so we need another eight immediately like right now let's get another eight. To get to the top of -- -- and then woke figure out the next fifty in the next hour. Meanwhile there was an opponent college 7377. When he to that is 873. SBC. A a -- at some posted comments regarding drones. Yes we do this is from Kevin he says I'm not sure how practical society is right now battery life on the -- owns a short and can only carry a small load also how this worked in inclement weather. This could just be a publicity stuff in the end. While it could be a publicity stunt in the end but I think there's a scene there even a -- not gonna happen exactly the way we'd like to see it happen. I think there are applications. That would be safer my concern is outside interference you know as well as I do. That if anything new shows up electronically the first thing hackers do with figure a way to defeat it. If they could change the course of the drone or have been strong land in their gardens that are your yard. Or take them drawn down to the ground for some reason. Plus some people have vote but -- fashioned way. If I see a drone -- shoot it out of this guy much like you know this sporting clay as you can have sporting. Drones. People a lot of people don't like drones at all because they think it's an interference by the government that the government is watching us. Some people feel better you know there under surveillance all the time. And those people -- gonna like -- too much -- -- please this is from -- she says -- is my biggest concern with this hour we're -- place like Seattle with all the rain or maybe Chicago words very windy and I also can't see them working in one of our snowstorms either. No I can't either and if a draw of first of all something as simple as. How does Amazon know that you actually received. The package. And other words even if they can prove that their zone that they are drawn left it there. I could have been stolen. Or it could've -- -- shipments five pounds or less. Probably wouldn't blow away but it could be suddenly governance now. Could get wet. You know things like that -- so I'm thinking that the people who have. Things normally delivered by mail where there's a little more security. Might be a little reluctant. For instance a lot of people get their prescription drugs by mail. They find their on certain scripts for their whole life it's a cheaper for them to do it by mail. I think they beaver locked in to do that by -- simply because if people are going to be looking for anything in those drones that they're not supposed to have. Drugs would be the first thing I think. Because you and I don't -- gonna find diamonds being delivered by drone. I will take a break we'd like to have you. Be an Angel for the animals were at 46. Let's go another quick for I'd like to see that more before the newscast is over. And that would get us to a hundred -- I'd have fifty that we have to get 200 -- 8030930. On talk about drones 873 SP CA if you wanna make a donation we will be back. After Davis.

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