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STAR Program Sign-Ups

Dec 6, 2013|

Joe Maciejewski

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

On the WBA -- -- -- much she escaped director of real property tax services for Erie county Joseph good morning. Warning is in the morning game. Thanks for the time we're looking at star renewals especially right here in Erie county were facing a December 31 deadline. As for the entire state how many property owners in Erie county GO. Have done it had signed up and how many of not. Well on bad information it's gonna be forthcoming from the New York State but what they have told. Local property tax administration officials including myself is that 80%. Of those that the state believes is -- are eligible haven't backed already registered for the program so -- -- that's the good news. And I believe there's going to be one more letter. Coming out. Is this week. The way you said that's the good news I wonder if there's a bad out there are people frustrated. I think there is some confusion out there because if you are a new homeowner and if you have never had. A basic star exemption. This program is -- it does not apply to those individuals this program also does not apply. Two senior citizens that benefit from the separates our program. Which is you -- parent program which is based on income and they have to apply every year. So what has happened is we found out that some of press releases coming out of state elected officials. It's. Causes some concern with the seniors they're contacting the local professor's offices saying I thought I was OK white I have to be picked by December 31. And that doesn't apply -- them so. I think that is some of us that the frustration but the local investors have really. Worked hard Erie county assesses association. Has worked hard to to help with that I -- the city of buffalo. Recently held -- Their registration information section in the actually. Sit down with people at the meriwether library. And and help them not -- -- The my registration which takes a couple minutes my office as three terminal. In the -- first floor of the Erie county -- building. I will be here all day today it anybody wants to come down on luncheon and apply online it takes about two minutes there will be glad to help them. While okay now the Juno about compliance locally. And the SI read that you know the city of buffalo had the lowest compliance of a voluntary county. And that is why. And that is why the city of Specter's office. Did an outreach from your correct and then and the the state is going -- -- hopefully this you know they're being made I don't know I've heard it being me then that that they're going to make sure. -- everybody that eligible for that exemption. -- that I would if that's not confirmed that they're going to do that but we've heard that. With that may have. The state rationale for having people sign up again is to try and weed out fraud are you skeptical. Or do you see enough reason to think that that's really what's going on. I believe that that I'm not skeptical law I believe that the message has been sent. And that if you're going on line in your putting your information in the -- This database will be able to be here. Across the country with state like Florida that have homestead exemptions down there myopic routinely get calls from. You know the county assessment offices across the across the United States if he does this person who has a home in Erie county. Haven't bury him in because if they do and if they have been at homestead exemption in another state. They're not a lot of people exemptions so I do believe it's going to going to weed out. Some of the serial offenders that have an animal property. Does the state benefit. If people don't register. But the -- I just a state to keep those savings. I don't think it's savings they think -- there -- obviously an appropriation in the state budget for the star program and I think the state is really. Gone above and beyond two to encourage people that are. Eligible. That that have had the exemption and and should not lose it the re register. Joseph we're glad you could join us thank you. Here -- right that's Joseph much EST on the WB and -- director real property tax services for Erie county.

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