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Bills-Buccaneers Preview

Dec 6, 2013|

John Murphy & Mark Kelso

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're brought to five billion -- senators wants speed experience in a winning team shop and shop Smart shot value senators John Murphy and mark Kelso are here at the bills radio broadcast team. You know John the Buccaneers started out. Oh innate but they've won three of their last four which team you think Buffalo's season on Sunday the one was winless in the first half for the one has played much better lately. I think the one that played much better is the one the I would expect -- mean they they have to have a setback in their last game a lawsuit Carolina. -- that the people who were there say it is resemble. Many of the issues that they elderly out and -- and that's. That their personnel has been and what's so you're because of injuries they had a nasty spat with the starting quarterback -- -- started the year I think distracted that for a long time. They accept circled it on. A rookie of their country epic like -- -- record recchi scored pretty well so I I expect the bill look at agreed to protect from market bittersweet. Mark that line and quarterback is a rookie he's really I guess not that mobile. Do you think the bills' defense will put a lot of pressure on. Yeah yeah probably not Russian mortgage or maybe some -- other bring in different looks that he not cut in this thing and and then hopefully create some confusion but you know as -- points out this that your team that -- offensively and in -- take way to plot and you're the other thing -- -- Austin or San Francisco. -- -- Denver on the need it when your cost and you usually a really good football team so. What that tells me that there really good defense -- -- that's seventeen interceptions but offensively their struggle and -- -- said because you know some personnel issues that they had early on in all quarterback flocked to its -- the entire season and and they're not predict very productive in the red area or on third down put up the supreme defense they can argue they'll they'll they'll. Create opportunities for their offense that they do that during their building and and you know -- -- certain that they can win consistently on the road yet so that he could be a difficult afternoon they're gonna have to play really well out there like -- the victory. You have mark was just talking about bed -- defense Murphy Jim and -- been playing better the last couple weeks. Do you think he can continue that against this tops box the on the road. Yes I do I think I think he can they've turned -- here right but he played pretty well against. Toronto not perfectly here a couple of throws century what an impact -- it but he played pretty against Atlanta in throughout a large states. -- a couple of throws that -- probably -- back but I thought he put it pretty well I think you know. Settling into position to be his ninth start the murder. Obviously imported go along but I think is he more and more better commander is so offensive and I think each element. But Tennessee did take some deep shot that he wasn't too and in this first start before he got injured so I think he'd be able to -- something -- a great defense -- And market buffaloes had problems turning the ball over at times this season it really cost them last week. Is -- security point of emphasis heading into this weekend. But I yanked you have to be when you have a team that created similar turnovers because this football. Where it's with -- -- Buccaneers -- -- got to do it coming obviously we -- seventeen interceptions. You don't have to look very closely here -- go very deep to understand that they act -- can cover. They've got pressured -- scrimmage and they get guys that are rush the passer forcing the ball come out before the quarterback wants to get rid of it so. Amid a combination of those three things make it makes it difficult processes they're gonna have to have a solid running game stated again at this Brooklyn to play action pass and have an opportunity mean last week although the media -- -- -- really well concurrent with -- and -- last week and and unfortunately they wanted to close the deal with those turnovers lately input but date. We didn't stretch the field vertically against Atlanta and minutes and success underneath him in the running game went well for most of the day but that they've got a mistress just as they have been about defense if they happen except. The extra guys or keep guys in the protected perhaps -- bootleg. -- get him out of pocket a little bit before it throws people they've got to take an opportunity to stretch them vertically. So they create some some opportunities in the in the short medium passing game later our. Our wrap it up force -- both teams lost last week who has the better chance of bouncing back from getting the win this time. Well -- demeaning girl stuff on the -- wrote for the bill when there's marks an earlier date haven't. Played particularly one road win so our. But I think the bill overall have a better personnel I think the bills -- Are healthier than the typical bay -- are so like to -- better than even chart of another way to win this week. All right -- a good weekend safe trip we'll talk youth with both of you Monday morning. Aren't that's John Murphy mark Kelso the bills radio broadcast team from WGR Sports Radio 550.

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