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Holiday Open Studios and Galleries Event

Dec 6, 2013|

Catherine Gillespie

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is a big weekend to maybe. Get some handcrafted items around the buffalo area. UB host the Rochester folk art filled out an Easter Roy it's the right -- annual artists show. And debt over 100 locations in the city of buffalo. It's that thirteenth annual. Buffalo artists open house in studio tour this week and talk about the organization and then tell me about the event. I -- they're invasion has grassroots. Our organization. My group of artists. We came together. And around 2000. Can be realized that buffalo it's all. Talented and and artists that. -- and I don't get a lot of visibility so our goal was to increase. The visibility for the local artist policy visualize this. And and we started doing that group show opening studios. Mostly male one village to check. We will go from. This year there's places up by -- Terrell and Amherst street. Down virtue of having. Running down help wanted down towards. Children's hospital. And being down had. The Red Cross building and we had argued it some locations we -- artists together some are just. Single iron -- look studios or galleries. And it's a great way. Support local artists as well as be able to see a lot of things that are pretty exciting and security. It can't president of this and then last year particulars of the Red Cross building where where you know you can go and see. Dozens of craftsman local artists but the emphasis really is on the fact that. Much of what you're seeing and buying. It's one of the kind of locally made stuff. It is absolutely. Everything has handmade. All the artists are doing homework we don't have any. You know outside people we are doing the work for it. And it. Yeah we -- have an incredible breadth and depth of our talent talented artist in the buffalo area. Give me a sense of the range here are we talking little jewelry pieces are we talking pottery medal work. What's out there. Armed we have yet we have all of that we have we do have Jewelers. We have. People who make handcrafted so we have. Potters to do. Functional where where as well and as as well as sculptural pieces we have haters we have watercolor. We have oil payment. You know there's just an incredible. Brett and we have some metal workers and from what -- so it's. I think if you know it is there's something it one's interest to them you know it's there and it's a wonderful way of getting the media artists and and that makes those -- even more special. You're absolutely right he we were putting an -- get it now section on WB and I've come a link. Two at the flyer and all -- locations the map and everything but what are the hours for for folks to know. 829. Friday night from five to nine. And tomorrow and Sunday is from eleven to six and you can go to any of the locations you can start any of -- occasions and now have the -- But you can get it down notable both for your mobile device as well as something you can print -- On their artists -- buffalo. -- or web site. And we've got a link to that right at our site to WBM dot com Katherine thanks for joining us this morning no problem. That's Catherine Gillespie director of artists in buffalo they're studio tour and open house begins tonight.


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