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Wintry Forecast Update

Dec 9, 2013|

Meteorologist Jon Hitchcock

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tell me who gets what when where. Welcome to media relatively evenly spread across much Western New York this morning in his got a warm front lifting and across and a little more for overseeing. Areas of light snow and as certain temperatures are below freezing right now -- -- -- dribble kind of turning in the freezing drizzle and -- on to a elevated surfaces particularly bridges overpasses. Areas like -- that can make for a Lichter identical across any untreated roads. You know I did -- and I both noticed glaze on the roads south of buffalo. Well this continue for the next few hours. Yet actually will we. We'll see the heaviest of the freezing drizzle looks like we've been through about buffalo metro right now. Over we could see some areas of of -- drivel hanging on through the morning. Temperatures warm up though by late morning we should see that freezing drizzle turned more to spinal -- characters go about -- The rest of the day that an OK day you're saying basically. Maybe you know it is certainly become a truly in and then gloomy out. But do like that the worst threats for icing will be this morning. Is there enough ice to have to worry about power outages. No not really it's good. Pretty it's pretty good encoding. Now I know that starting tomorrow -- tomorrow evening there's a lake effect snow advisory for the area tell us about -- -- right now is believe we have a lake effect snow watch out for tomorrow evening -- action communities like effects no this evening and overnight however that should be relatively light early look at a couple of inches but it. Much colder air moves across the region tomorrow and and indeed later into the week would confuse potential for some -- like effects. And a lot of what you're talking about this for buffalo proper tell me a little bit about ski country need in the southern tier -- they have a different picture. You know right now it's that special later in the week it's a little uncertain of the kind of series of disturbances the move across the area who could see some of those snow bands sort of moving. North and south basilica get into the buffalo metro area and then kind of move health and the ski country and possibly even back -- and these are all over the place. All right we'll be watching I imagine you will too thanks sir. Actually think that's meteorologist Jon Hitchcock at the National Weather Service.

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