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Market Made Moves Friday

Dec 9, 2013|

Jill Schlesinger

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- lesson jurors with the CBS news senior business analyst and host of Jill on money Saturday's four until six. On WB and morning -- morning where the Dow picked up almost 200 points Friday investors are hoping that this rally will continue this week is this what they call. A Santa Claus rally. Well I don't know about that in in the market would really interest in coming into the jobs report on Friday because a lot of people thought if we got a strong report and we did get a strong report. That -- might sell off because that would mean a strong report means economic data really improving care it's gonna stop putting money into the system not good for dot com. So a couple of different interpretations of that speaks. Spike on Friday one is set to jobs report was really good but it was still weakened after the Fed will maintain its current on policy. This second interpretation was said he'd just can't stop -- market because the momentum is really surging higher. Until we know that doctor up the F and 526 and a half percent were on -- have the best performance since the ninety. So I. I think it's not exactly sent cartel could more facts have been doing so well already have to coming into the end of the year at a lot of momentum people don't want -- sort of like that trend. Maybe bill because tax selling this next couple of weeks but I don't see anything to -- -- railing the rally like this met. I've seen some talk about things to come later this week and it all involves this Volcker Rule what the affectionate. And explain how that's gonna move the markets and what it is. Well you know I don't know but -- -- move markets for anyone who normal but like the inside Wall Street crowd is very concerned about the Volcker Rule it's named after the former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker and it really controversial among the beat Wall Street banks because this is the rule that. He -- to prevent banks. From trading with -- my own money. Can make money so speculative trading. Is really prohibited. If you aren't FDIC insured banking institution that's what they're trying to -- to try to figure and one business he can't be in the other business. So for some of the big banks they're saying -- this is terrible for us through this we'll cut our profits. But so far if you look at the results have all the big bank and you look at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase. There -- doctor not trading at the anyone's too worried about the vocal. Okay what is on your radar this week. I think this week that the big things I'm gonna be looking at a Thursday we're going to get the November retail sales report. -- just sit in this one because you may be people were shopping earlier in the month earlier in the month of November and that maybe why those Thanksgiving weekend sales results weren't quite as strong as expected. If that's the case that the very good sign but if we -- general weakness in retail sales throughout the month of November I think some people are gonna be a little worried that this. Holiday season could be a little bit of a -- media. I want a hole in the retailer stockings. Well will wait to -- Jill thanks for joining us and have a good week. That's just -- your CBS news senior business analyst and host of Jill on money.

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