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Is Free Shipping Truly Free?

Dec 9, 2013|

NYPIRG Attorney Russ Haven

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

First they're shopping then the shipping its time of year when both the post office and all of the shippers UPS FedEx what have you are busy. Let's talk about it now attorney Russ haven is with us on the WB -- blind he's with night -- New York Public Interest Research Group. Turns out they found that all that free shipping isn't necessarily the bargains that retailers say it is Russ thanks for joining us. -- -- good morning explain how often is the free shipping deal not necessarily a deal. Well it -- you know it it is certainly. Evidence that there is some scams out there. Where -- in general. Like everything else consumers really need to have. Are you close comparisons among their options and read the fine print. You don't end up voting for something you thought you weren't gonna say what. -- do you think there are a number of people number shoppers who are -- lured into buying something. Because it says free shipping. But I think marketers and retailers whether there. -- martyrdom bricks and mortar and online -- telephone sales. They've figured out that -- -- in the real good car -- CC a prominent display. And like all the other come on terms they shoppers we need that. Need to be mindful that there might be more of the stories. In just the leadership and so if there's a Hamlin torches. Its its are the kinds of things they want out. -- you win on. You really need to put -- pay close attention but again compare you -- your options. You know free shipping shouldn't be the end of the story should be just wanted to. Pieces of information considerate to shut up. And when those ads say something like shipping and handling charges extra. That can be anything can't hit. Yeah there's not much you know there's not much. Cap on that I didn't and this is at least in the case I can remember being a little kid and ordering. You know stuff two magazines -- comic books and things like that. As a child in war. Which he contributed in that -- opinion -- -- when -- would be more than the item you're gonna be really careful about that one ST itemized. And if they don't disclose it to you that's probably -- -- that maybe. Maybe they're trying to where you win in fact you musical story. Well if it says free shipping should -- be a skeptic and assume that. Maybe you're paying for it in the price of the item or somewhere else in this deal. Well that that's the best case scenario right if it's good to ship in costumes. In the handling costs and they consider. The price they're advertising. If that's dictates at least you know what's the cardinal pride and you can use that to compare. To your other option and so you know the local stores that maybe you're doing -- -- -- -- mine reached. So and all all of their past theoretically they inherent humor crosses. Both that they paper. You came through credit -- for example. But it's been hidden costs that really make -- court you. -- -- comparison shop. What what I was saying that he -- -- is don't let the the free shipping either tail that wags the dog. It's you don't it is it's not the manufacturer. Or model number but the Culver the style that you would regard. You don't get correct by the free shipping and you don't want to end up with something you don't really bought. All right Russ good stuff thanks for joining us this morning. Merger that's Russ haven an attorney with night -- the New York Public Interest Research Group.

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