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Bills Blasted By Bucs

Dec 9, 2013|

John Murphy & Mark Kelso

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Are brought to this morning by DeLia -- senators wants speed experience in a winning team shop fast shop Smart shot value hump senators. John Murphy and mark Kelso the bills radio broadcasting aren't with us this morning and after a tough go for the bills Sunday in Tampa -- on a bills were buried by the Buccaneers Sunday can you find anything positive. About this game from a buffalo standpoint. And no actually I can't I mean we you know we talked about we have three hours to talk about yesterday I got. I think -- between affirmative a whopping that there happened wasn't effective -- -- all the date ministers -- insult to get the parents they think -- people. 48 dark or all that's experience second absolutely Buccaneers. -- ineptitude peculiar that 3.2 -- have to create darts. All -- ancient -- -- quite a bit that's been built to treat the president of this two week. Mark I know on Friday brought up Tampa Bay's ability to take the ball away. Buffalo did have five turnovers to the -- do anything special on the or was this more or less the bills to sort of not doing everything they could on offense. And that's a couple times because it was a little errant but he was under -- -- -- -- he was -- I think seven times he threw the ball late report says because it was only under heavy pressure and and another three or four times you ran the ball -- like sixteen times that. That he dropped back to throw at me and he was under -- so I. Man opened the offense line had a particularly good day LA and then a couple times they've brought extra people want them apartheid David had a sick -- under reduced payments. Other than those instances and and maybe save a couple more and they weren't rushed -- with four guys that they were movement and was sentenced and you know -- -- their defense of lineup played our offensive line has a question but and and done -- -- creating some turnovers some room we have an opportunity I think you know speed eater bowl office and it wasn't perfectly thrown by TJ but. Certainly a policy would normally catch. And a couple of more Eric I think because he was under pressure Albanian. And in the long run I'm not rubber -- when he can -- he gets so far across the formation that. You know he's got to be aware that that situation and they were playing zone country knew that it there was probably gaggle there that but he didn't have a chance to cover up before. People predicted -- -- from Revis but it was not you know just right and there -- couple. Bright spot -- Stephon Gilmore played really well. And barriers -- -- -- terrific play by him over on -- that kept silent but but there was there was very little to point to the next game that -- positive. Here John and EJ Manuel did struggle but it's hard to put all the blame on him he didn't get much help. From the running game or the F offensive line how surprising was it that the buffalo offense had so much trouble. Well I mean just it was a pretty good defense that -- you know great defense so. Especially up where they've got a couple players Claiborne in particular for the defense why in this. A couple of guys and replaced them that the bills shouldn't struggle like that offensively they have very little. Accomplished all that -- there at the end of the day that just shouldn't happen and and you know you keep in mind that's more of eternity till they offer some wind issues that's absolutely correct you reminded. You're dealing with that you -- and will refuse -- right it's still yet to have more production and -- reduction -- -- -- side at all. Absolutely the defense only gave up 246 total yards but they gave up two huge plays in the the first quarter really kinda set the tone for the whole game. What happened on those two touchdowns mark. And our first where -- where they love the back guarantee is that militia had quarters say is that it is in position and may make a tackle what's. The -- played Isner that he the -- touchdown run he was. Many started to the defense of left side that's where the play was designed ago when he saw whole Auburn the other side and he took it. -- reacted really well as he was moving to that left side that make that play EU changed directions and he was in position. And nine great position that he was their position make an attack about four yards and he can't slip up from. Then he went to the edge and it motion they're done as it runs some months. They the receivers got behind quarterback. And apple almost rapidly cubicle for abortion as well and in -- bills or their cover so let's put up this -- -- as a matter of fact as he went across the formation with the motions like he was on the other side of the field so. There was really nobody on that side and and these are all of the equipment he's quick he accelerated and it was done aside last that was that play in the near the Olympic detect a dispute injection coast or the them -- Vincent Jackson touchdown. And in Annapolis and that's quite an -- young rookie quarterback making it. Kind of assess people they just threw it out roaming the scramble as blatant in industry -- game he couldn't scrambled to his left and -- very welcome to the right. He could still be functional and get the ball on the field. And I think you saw -- -- and down there near the goal line need to bigger receivers are bigger body on. -- -- is that so raw opium and it was interference only because fertility and turn around at a turnaround he might have made the play but. But I didn't even know most common at his teammates around them into the you know let him know learn to expect couples comedy and injection at the plate because his rookie quarterbacks and -- throw -- -- and -- what happens and productive for -- but again -- defensively they. They are there were times when they didn't play well -- to -- but certainly put their figure they give their offense some opportunities and number I mean I think. Temple they they're starting field position and acting like 47 yards. We're selling our lineup that's ridiculous. You know so it didn't bills to be closely at least kept them in the game. Think to do not enough eventually gets a tip that the best. OK guys next up is Jacksonville next week and thanks for joining us this morning. That's John Murphy and mark Kelso the -- radio broadcasting from WGR Sports Radio 550.


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