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Culture of Christmas Evolving

Dec 9, 2013|

Bob Thompson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's open up the live line and chat with professor Bob Thompson -- Syracuse University he's the director of the Bleier center for TV and pop culture. It's that last part we while look at pop culture and the role of Christmas cards have you received any yet. Do you send them anymore Bob let's start with those questions with The Who have -- happening. Well I think probably. Maybe gotten fully in the mail so far but it definitely denying felt that not. The -- Who knows what could happen but clearly over the best generation. The number of Christmas cards mailed has gone down -- considerably. The hallmarks do reports that over the entire year of 2012. Oprah billion greeting cards were sold so it it's it's not ended but for obvious reasons there's not as many years appearance fees to get. We'll Bob do you think that may -- were transitioning. To extending greetings another way maybe US a picture on FaceBook. You know I think the big thing was. Defective Christmas used to be that time the Christmas card really started settling at the time when you caught up with people. Bet you didn't. Talked with every date which is still had some kind of but. Our relations with that same besides Iraq. You know a lot -- update letters that people would get. And you're right that kind of thing now is done -- a minute to minute basis. And FaceBook not and other social media. Not just with people that you were intimate didn't see all the time but with people that they might not even have been on your Christmas. Dubbed FaceBook goes even deeper than. The Christmas card list sold. That means that -- with the Christmas card used to do is now done. You -- done all the time. But there were other things a -- that a Christmas card -- it was decoration. My mother would put ribbons up in the living room and each card we got we get people to be. Does stapled to the ribbon and issue would need pretty -- today if you were doing. Is it better this way or the old way what do you think. Well I mean one could make an argument. That environmentally. Those not sending Christmas cards. Using -- lot fewer resources than sending Christmas cards. All of at the same time there's seed that -- equality the Christmas card tradition has been around for long long time. And you know -- -- -- quality of seeing someone's signature and getting a personal note that all the rest that but not to be alarmed the Kardashians are still sending out their traditional. Does this one this year is getting an awful lot of attention. Did you yards right well I'm not on the list unfortunate. Our time. Now we'll ever seen the practice of Christmas cards dining out completely. -- move yet I mean I think probably be the whole idea of aid delivered a piece of video is completely died level look at the percentage of what you take out the mailbox. Every day how much you bid is a personable. Missive sent by somebody I don't think I've gotten a letter from somebody you know long long. Time. Bombed there are certain things sell for example the have sent out by businesses. Those are useful because they're physical things. You end up putting on the refrigerator. You've got a number of these they work well for advertising. In the old idea of -- BID card that was going to be the big thing you know you get that card you'll open it up but it's usually got a little music and all the rest of it. -- maybe -- -- -- -- of those things over the past -- you're too but that does not seem to have caught on -- nearly to the extent that people -- Some companies I know have started instead to send those out. Around Thanksgiving time sort of as a as a way to to massage the relationship and say hey we're still here as you started shopping. Right there's still is that you don't nothing beats the old pretty at Christmas cards you send somebody a calendar because they didn't use it. You've got the phone number right there -- the the web site address or whatever. Bomb they are you that you all the time and Christmas the perfect -- defend that because at Christmas time. I think that one week before you need to -- All right Bob thanks for joining us this morning watch your mailbox the Kardashian -- is still be coming. -- -- I watch every day of them constantly disappointed. Well it's a disappointment at this early brown waiting for -- not ours we'll just have to take Allen for its. Professor Bob Thompson on the live line he's the director of the Bleier center for the study of TV and pop culture at Syracuse University.

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