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12-9 Beach and Company Hour 2

Dec 9, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Sam is back live -- governor we're live at north town ball ball on bay street just these transit -- Oakmont by check of the mobile as we said -- this building also houses a Range Rover. And they got Porsche that's got something everybody right in this one building but today we -- here to tell you about global. Our thanks Lauren fix the car coach. I'd love talking cars with her she's so knowledgeable and she's an enthusiast. And as as I am obviously and a she is been very informative very helpful to a lot of people going out to buy vehicle now we're going -- well mentioned something that ain't gonna happen but I can tell you right now. For those of you think there's a chance for it to happen it is not going to happen. That is my prediction that would be people who are excited about the possibility. That Donald Trump. Will run for governor. Okay Tony first of all your your vacation. You did not. You'd we're not to tune in that time I that I mentioned briefly my thoughts on Donald Trump. But give me before -- lay out my position give me your your general thoughts about whether you think Donald Trump would end up running for governor Christie's talk through. Several key Republicans in the area they have another meetings schedule. I don't think that running for office really is in. Donald Trump's best interest I think he's doing a lot of this. For publicity. And it's you know giving people talk about Donald Trump keeping his name out there. Not that he really needs it but. And I think. In trying to get him to run for this officer that office but I don't think he really has any intentions. Bingo all your your thoughts are my thoughts exactly. You remember when they were trying to convince him to run for president he strung -- -- long and strung them along and strung him along the variants that no. That's what is gonna do here for a lot of different reasons a -- Donald Trump does not wanna get into anything public that he could lose all right he's got a certain image he has -- the art of the deal he wrote the book on how to make the deal right. He's the man whose name is on all the buildings he has an image of invincibility. If suddenly goes up against Andrew Cuomo and loses. Guess what has a lot of respect for the team that loses the Super Bowl nobody are you think of -- the winners I don't think you can afford it eagle -- I don't think you can afford -- business wise that's the last thing you would want the people already -- Donald Trump would use that. The people who'll would -- -- trump. My question now he's not invincible lucky ran against Cuomo like thought could be beaten and he lost that's not a good business decision is not a good eagles' decision. And so it that's not gonna happen so I have an article about Robert McCarthy and Tom precious I just love his name Tom precious. As saying that. A bit from -- met -- met with David DiPietro and some others. And he had a long conversation they thought the meeting was going to be short it was a couple of hours and then another meeting is is is on the table whatever. They're just being lured in by Donald Trump Donald Trump would use all publicity because it's for -- He doesn't you know and suddenly it's actually good for his business. Yeah I'm working with -- view on this project. And they're talking about me -- running for governor I'm not sure I'll do it so the the aspect if it's. It's like. Dating and marriage. At -- but fading aspect which -- -- -- a car the chase finding out who's got what what color is that when Libya is -- off the truck yet those kind of things sometimes that's the real adrenaline rush you -- and -- girls say when he was a -- waiting for that car. That he was so lucky enough to buy it waiting for it to be unloaded from the from the car carrier. Writing the driver to let him drive because it was going to be his -- cars that can do that. But that's the kind of excitement there is what is that kind of excitement when it was like mr. trump for governor. I know the first thing you think about is when he's good businessman certainly number well. He's had to deal with government rules and regulations. There's a lot of ifs ands buts that -- that. He's managed to succeed in -- highly competitive business. And you would think those are all attributes that would make him a good candidate for governor. And you'd be right to think that but you got to get inside his head no -- you know I don't know Donald Trump is thinking but I can guess. I think yes he loves the attention. He loves the publicity. He's got the brainpower. He's got the ability to do the job with nausea but will do it I think he'd like to think that he could he could be governor he wanted to. But as sometimes having people chase -- and pursue value is even more exciting than actually getting in the race and suddenly. You reading rubber chicken and you're making and speeches today and your hair isn't perfect through it and for for trump. So the race I don't think that you'll run. At all and which is wasting our time we are what it's like while -- waiting for the bills that -- in the Super Bowl we are absolutely wasting our time trying to pursued Donald Trump. We should pursue somebody that has some kind of real interest in his -- won't let him do it. His business side won't let him do it because there's a chance and a pretty good chance he'd lose. Okay and as I said nobody in nobody has the parade for the loser away we didn't -- -- what we -- wide right and we have a special rally Tony as are all yes we did I doubt it. Downtown buffalo yes we did we love Scott Norwood. -- -- it was a bad I mean you can understand a -- missed the Google let that aren't but yeah that that is that and -- we'll -- so to speak. He likes to be on top he likes being pursued. -- -- goes not that anybody likes the lows but I I don't think he thinks losing is in his DNA. So I'd like people would now give me your opinion now maybe you're excited like David DiPietro and the others from here that while ago part of that delegation go down there and trying to convince them. They had a meeting them two -- fabulous office. You know real show biz kind of stuff which is saying things but it the end of the day -- being used if you think it's gonna happen. -- 030930180616926. And start 930. I'd give mr. Kohler live in north -- -- on main street just these two trends that way -- -- They've got the blows you know I talked to -- hierarchy here but I'm guessing there's two cars -- -- -- on them. I'm guessing that if you bought one problem right off the floor they probably -- well I'm just guessing. I don't know I don't know that it's -- you might have to negotiate -- half a ball. Have a ball is in the vote at the thought that. Imagine delivering that though on Christmas morning -- and I will be back with more with -- company we're live at north town -- main street just east of -- -- -- This is the ability towards my idea Porsche guy and service them a while familiar with the talent come here a walk through fantasyland. Notable ovals dealership is closest to the street. Next up is the Range Rover dealership opened in the back the portions so they go articles that appear -- by checking out -- -- here. Get some -- from Olson's we have different pastries from -- everything from walls of the courses the largest facility is just back from a week's vacation and Chris is gone for a couple of days Chris will return. By the way you said somebody took my joke about John Zack and he really having a sex change operation -- some recall Linda -- and wanted some information that you yeah we're sicker that's all right. That might you become that that I'll bear that they understand that the GO I don't know maybe they're not used to at this time slots well there isn't as I've -- -- that for a long time there's no way. He would have a six change average into -- already done it. So unless he wanted to go back to being the original why would he do you know it's. -- declare a hook up up up up -- John would overturn Arizona's all of as part. OK you know how sometimes you order parts and they get delayed in the mail especially christmastime in -- talk about parts is parts. Parts -- parts today he ordered him from parts flaws in and that's fine and good company but sometimes it uses certain run on certain parts. And a maybe the area manufacturers shut down for the holidays and take longer there -- and hopefully get the extended warranty and yeah now -- to me I don't know if you let it go fever ball because. You and your big go to college football fan your big supporter of UB football. Is going through the potato ball and I -- -- in Idaho at Boise State's. And yeah I know that you hate that field because you -- mention every time because the field is blue. Oh with a whole field what what -- -- -- grass caller I don't know I don't know it. The article with their uniforms or whatever -- Boise wears a blue uniform but it's it it messes with your mind I just cannot watch I get sick to my stomach whenever I see their field. You gotta have it traditional grain and it's supposed to look like grass even if it's not grass oh. You you've got to see that I've I've seen. As I've seen the field. I'm not a college football office I don't stick around long enough to see if it's bothering me or not. But. A -- UB going to be playing in the Virgin Mobile PC and he Eagles beat the asked they good you know alone. Com. Kind of mediocre I would gas but enough to be bowl eligible so they have a five or six wins at least. All right so it's brutal that you he's been doable has never have -- -- to finally turned down one bowl -- years ago because all the players were allowed to be there's. Right there was in the fifties and just -- was at four years ago I think it was 45 years ago. When Drew Willy was the quarterback he made it in -- I think it was in Toronto. And they lost to Connecticut. In the apple. OK. Well let's go let's wish him all the best pass you and and while you're -- your daughter turn one yes I was so you have a party for those Samantha do -- in large that are one year old party. Yep -- she turn one the day after Thanksgiving and then unfortunate because of the world's largest Disco that our relatives are going to we help the party. This past weekend in -- And had a lot of fun she smallish. A cupcake interface that was. -- very enjoyable. And -- great. And why you're gone and you didn't realize that. -- school. We -- that lives last week. Down in the seventy year has decided there will be no cupcakes at school parties one with some kids Thursday. It's this is elementary school because. This principle ones the kids to be eating. A better guy -- and cupcakes there was oh yeah you know so ignorant -- really was. Somebody trying to do something just so it sounds like something good to do has no effect at all. Yeah I saw that in immediately I knew OK there's -- crucial topic. And I'll just like that. This is just as stupid. Really as you know if you really want -- -- -- tackle childhood obesity be talking about getting rid of the sedentary lifestyle. On May be adding more physical activities at school. Instead of sitting in front of the computer I've playing video games than you might be better off. Being more active in Vietnam back route you can -- yeah it in the meantime favour of childhood obesity but what he proposal what he's doing doctor -- In the meantime they're taking things activities away that the kids could be doing. In gym class like dodge ball and kick ball went in you know what -- -- because you know we have to protect self esteem and whatnot get them out there running we -- have to do. A series of lay ups in in shots you've brought up this -- on the court. You would get you would get through you be tired I beat a good thing because now kids don't play outside that much anymore everyone's analyze -- -- kids playing a little street hockey. That's about it you don't see a lot of kids out that we used to be outside until our mothers. Where yelling until you're blue in the face to come at any dinner exam and that was we'd be out all day our faces of the bright red. And guess what most of us survived it so the thing that they knew full full thinking is that they've got a micro -- everything from the warmth of -- -- is just ridiculous so when you saw that and you know be a good show we did it as a show. And and it was and I think we have one person. I think we did it on Thursday we had one person stand up for the principles there was -- right thing to do. But everybody else it's just window dressing not really worth the time and effort it just is designed to look good but not actually change rights. All right so let's get to load Donald Trump neither Tony nor I think that Donald Trump is going to run now Michael cook who go. Hello Feldman from -- while I was on vacation and filled in for Tom while he was on vacation he's a political consultant. Said. And this is a column or working -- Otto with Robert a Bob McCarthy and Tom precious. And Kapono said this all right. He's that we got an invitation -- personally -- I got the impression he moved into the maybe column talking about trump running. Four for governor after they met with them so he got that impression of these in the -- -- Said we got an invitation to return. And he did not sound like a man in the no column my call. I call come -- time. I've Michael Kapono as a savvy political. Insider. Who could understand when -- being played. I'm sure there are people like this maybe not as high profile as Donald Trump there absolutely. Planning in my -- The bottom line is he's not gonna do it because it's not in his best interest to do it he if you could suddenly a pick him -- and put him in the governor's mansion. And he might do a good job IE certainly has an intelligence. And days scene was like to try and do business in this state. So he might be very very good but he's not gonna do it because he's not going to risk losing. And that's and that's as simple liking get -- right now there was a quick spots are great gun and he said he'd get swamped. By Andrew Cuomo the only way trump would run is that he was -- was running against -- dog if there was some kind of what they call -- horse racing a bowl race. Where is it that fixes then basically you can't lose that's the only way he would get him it. Because if he's gonna lose he'd rather lose as -- running for president. Then who's running as governor in his own state think about a like this. He could explain why maybe he didn't get the votes across the country. There with different parts of the country as though running for president but he'd be hard pressed to explain where the influence -- as -- New York City. And be a favorite son -- status he would have a New York if he lost he will be losing more than a race to be losing a lot of his. Big winner a lot of his attitude will go down the drain because he be thought of as just another loser he's not gonna do it I'd like your opinion. I give me your opinion as to whether Donald Trump should run. And whether he will run and what kind of a governor he'd be if he ran and won. 803093018061692. -- -- and star and I thirty -- over Barack rely a bit north on mobile. Main street east of transit in William bill. You -- hearing the voice of buffalo WBS. Call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and starting -- and our toll free line is 1806169236. Now we have backward vision company modern technology. I happen -- know while I'm here in the showroom of north town global. On main street just these attractive way of Israel -- a lady named -- who's in Florida. And Ruth is listening to show that through streaming audio back I just saw a picture Ruth on the telephone so I saw -- Listening to us says that it's pretty cool so thank you a -- we really appreciate it. -- weather in Florida is a little bit better than ours today it's hours isn't debilitating but it's. Not sunny and bright but thank you -- we appreciate you checking in with us. Should Donald Trump run for governor should he run for governor. Will he run for governor. And if not -- who should run and the reason or asking this is because there was a meeting. There were of people meeting with Donald Trump last though last week. Including Michael Capuano who filled in for me laws -- -- Tom while he was on vacation. And they're trying to get him to consider running. For governor now trump is trump you gotta you gotta know when you're dealing with. If this were a different sort of person you might be able to say hey I idea at the quote here is we got an invitation to return. He did not like a man in the no column those are the words of a Michael could photo as I said it in a regular situation. My -- some water you know but this is Donald Trump you're talking about he's playing these people like a violin like a stradivarius. When assembly. He will advance is Brandon I love the modern technology names here bill advances brand. He'll -- he'll keep the -- A perception that he's a wanted man that people want him to do great things. -- that he is the person that can do great things all those go down the drain if he decides to run and loses. And the first snap poll done after wrote the question of whether. How he would do against the Cuomo shows that he would -- And the bottom line is he would not be able to still have that same aura of invincibility. Certainly. He has lost in a business the only two that's all right we understand that that's the nature of the beast. But if you went and ran against Andrew Cuomo in las. Not the same thing -- ego would be bruised his business will be bruised and the of the trump brand would be harmed okay. And that's why I think he's not going to land I know I'm no Politico are not going to win not gonna run. I know a political expert but -- photo in this article. Who served as Paladino spokesperson in the 2010 campaign said the fact that trump even accepted the group's request to talk about opening a significant. Come on my call. If you see. -- report said the group presented trump. Who went twelve. Toyed with the idea of running for president on you know what he's doing now where they detail strategy and financial plan. He said he believes that trumpet gains instant credibility from name recognition alone while I'll give you that he does have name recognition. But what sit tight and -- it's tied into success. It's tied into flash it's tied into winning it's tied in to being successful. It's not tied into losing okay that's not what his our brand is. Getting activists quote from a Michael Capuano Donald Trump comes to the table with numbers already. And he will have better numbers in upstate new York and I do well in upstate New York but I don't think I don't think he would. He would win even though he's very well known throughout the state. -- trump is a unique. Is an unique political place in New York politics. He has a New York City base and extraordinarily high in New York City name identification of -- strong upstate. Assuming the -- campaign's messaging focuses on the core issues. The -- positive for trump according to this article is the public reception he does not pander to special interest -- will deliver on promises well ya. You can you can have that. But what you find out if you really think about it. -- don't you may not pander to special interest special interest. Very strong ties and the governors -- mansion is one part of the three forms of god of deformity a total government in New York State so it's not everything he's not he wouldn't be elected king. He would be elected governor about the -- elected at all so I'd like to know if you think. He will run for governor should he run for governor. And so or so ago what you would suggest that he decides not to run I think counting on him to run down the line is a fool's errand. -- really -- I think they're wasting their time and wasting their effort GOP leaders attending the meeting including state senator Kathleen Margie only assert over springs. It's a similar in Joseph borrow eight. That island and assembly assembly woman from Portland there was a group -- about twelve people went down there. And he -- apparently. He let them pursue them. Okay. I think yeah I think there's almost no chance that that happened but that's my opinion and a bit of an -- legacy. Run its code to. On a it's -- -- that Iran WB. That accused there. It's a computer Tony is showing me things I've never seen before. I'd just punched up that number one points out there. Are no. -- -- hope that if they give. It to run for governor. String along. Now he's. Now these -- run for governor would be a good governor. And what is attributes most of these bankrupt the twelve and I don't know what kind of fiscal Steward Karl thinks I'm trump would be. Where we -- supporting Cheney's -- -- you actually might if America ever or somebody else. I think it's way to early in the game. And I think. Again. Wow I love Carl Paladino what he brings to table I don't round. -- I know putting that the current global for the horse would be potentially this year. Welcome into -- Colleen have four of the Euro was a former prosecutor and former judge. There's something about. People who are former judges are given credibility. There there they're touting the name of another judge who might accounts they run for New York. Governor whatever so you got credibility there but with trump he's very flamboyant you're right he has gone bankrupt several times we understand -- that's why -- mentioned it in the in the run up. Is that we understand there if you're going to do the high roller sometimes you win and sometimes it -- we can understand that but I don't think he has the temperament. To be in politics -- Well -- -- that in Cairo where -- the other problem but there were the real provinces. The Republicans -- conservative myself. Look ridiculous when we keep floating these. Cool all. It diminishes our credibility in my mind that he could even stand behind that Arctic you know that's the -- we want to. But again that and -- -- -- open is coming from a guy who you know during his campaign -- wielded a baseball bat it it doesn't make good on some. Guy whose values -- and especially when names are floated that we're not even familiar with certainly they would pander to downstate that's where a lot of votes are a lot of acceptance as the -- But that means you have to build up there ram their image -- reputation from scratch. A lobby -- one Andrew Cuomo hits the ground running because he's already governor I think that you have to get somebody. Which experienced. Who is -- IA I would think a successful national background. To be a serious contender against Cuomo. And I just don't consider trump was serious contender. I agree with -- percent. Okay thank you very much with that -- will be back -- more. Including the wonderful world of computers Tony you know how when you when you hit that line it draws an arrow. I hit below mine and it's like a cartoon clown -- -- -- yet but it's fun is that 839301806. Or six -- that -- 930. North bale -- where we'd be on main street -- -- transit -- -- -- golf should Donald Trump run for governor will he run for governor if not who should run we'd like your -- it will get it won't come back on newsreader at thirty. RWB we are alive bad -- town mobile on main street just these trends in a way of Oakmont by check out the cards also check out the Olson's goodies. Things from all of the bakery good good things tasty tasty things and it will be here until noon we're asking the question. I mean they got all giddy in this article. Written by Bob McCarthy and Tom precious in the Buffalo News last Thursday a group including some local people like David DiPietro. And and the photo went down talk to trump there was about a dozen people in there. And then he gave he didn't say no known though. He kind of I think who led them on there's going to be another meeting they thought well this is a good sign he's playing them like -- -- and he's not gonna run where he's not going to run for governor take that to a bank. It's too injurious to be loses to his brand. He's thought of as a superstar. In not bottomless as the -- going to run lose OK and so he want to. I'd like your opinion as to whether he well whether he should and who should run in his place let's go to lying to cool. We have a chance maybe of getting -- on the area of airline to. No because the -- Tony would you put on line through forming please. You know what -- I tend to agree with -- -- would be elected. But I really think that in the near future there. That. Pick that year. Obama care other Arabic god is it YouTube president appointed -- you got caught while you get caught on regularly. -- come to the forefront and I think the like -- you're informed voter is now an art form in the they don't jobs there on that in real -- news. And -- and you thought the secret parent. -- viewership in the month. People aren't recognized. You know the -- of conservative ought to build the need will be more common and Paul what about ball or the you know the premarket. He knows how to speak eloquent that way. But I agree with you I don't think he can run but like you -- I think people Ron I think would happen very much. She got me but don't remember art work and not let your -- there a few months go. On your. And then there you know all want political being down there and I really believe. But what other things that you -- -- rings a -- with me. Is the fact that the -- informed voters are becoming more -- it's because they have -- because they or away from it before but now bit. They have their health insurance policies and getting canceled and they're trying to go on the exchanges and finding out that Obama is blatantly lied lied lied. I think we put it at their doorsteps of you have to pay more attention. Our weather group has been I don't know. Did you eager weakened and Emmanuel comment out. And and chipped it. If you look at it like you're looking at like a soap opera are typically they could not even. -- -- that they can -- well and of course brother to a man you'd rather it. -- -- who doubt their book rock for awhile now the Chicago bear. And I believe and look at look at let go back there could very quickly Illinois. You know what I mean and where would walk before you know and -- it it took pocket structured liberalism via. Well you know this obamacare first of all we all fought it tooth and -- of the Republicans it could be the greatest the greatest gift. Too conservative vote political thinking because it's like if it is imploding. And it's showing what the real world is like when your lied to and promises that can't be kept. I happened so in my actually end up helping the conservative cause. A rather than helping the liberals. It doing a great and you look at somebody Eric you're in a lot smaller people calling in from a small universities. And into talking -- students and they're like shaking their heads in these repeat these -- the opera the ought that Obama Bible comfort tort type attitude that we're knocking on doors. And -- whatever they could and you know yes we can yes we can and all -- I mean that's sort of cult like you know. If Obama ism is. I think the bloom is off the roses specially you know you can idolize somebody and and -- fantasize or what their presidency might be like going to find out it's not working and you find out they've been lying through your knowingly. I think the party is over thank you very much -- from Canada we're really appreciate it. 80309301806169236. And star and I thirty when he -- about the inform voters. One of the things that just. Grates on me. Are are people who just don't think it's worth their time to pay attention. To what's going on politically. I believe me I have no interest in politics. Beyond what I have to have. But I think it is important to be informed. At least if you're informed you can cast an informed vote you're not a a sheet and not told who to vote for. And they don't come and pick you up and put your hand and you know to strike the ballot. And then bring your home you can actually make decisions on your own mr. Obama care as I said. It might be a great gift to a conservative. Politicians and conservative values because it shows that. A lot of promises -- one was they they said would happen. Art happening than not available that happened. And the things that you dreaded the most like not having proper insurance and subtly it's it's so when you have to. Replace your policy that's already been canceled. Now having to pay more for all of these things were told that. -- and expect to happen and they're all happening at once so if you're open minded and you'll understand. You know I wanna I wanna hear the other side you listen to it might might make sense. -- liberalism in this country I don't think is. Is viable over a long period of time. You can promise all the cookies you want but eventually you run out of people or making the cookies. And when you run out of people making the cookies you reached a critical mass. Suddenly your finding honors as the last caller pizza even on college campuses even traditional people who were just malfeasance were Obama. Suddenly I'm feeling the tingle in the leg anymore. And that's them that's pretty sad all you still have people like Chris Matthews. Who actually use that term talking about Obama. He walked among us I'm thinking you -- it I waited. For the next pronouncement they're Chris Matthews says that the Obama let him touch the hem of his garment I mean that's what it's gotten through. But there are many Chris Matthews left. Anymore because once once burned twice show I mean. Once you've been lied to once -- have been sold a bill of goods and you see it didn't work why would you wanna go back to the same place and have it happen again only a fool would do that. I'm not saying around the falls out there to go for re election because -- prove that there are. But what I'm saying is long term it's not viable and so we'll see what happens there. I won't come back. I'm also gonna go over something. If you like to comment on trump certainly go over something about the congress does congress finds ways to pass laws that are good enough for us. But not good enough for them and plans that are good enough for us but not good enough for them. And we're asking a very basic question now we see that Harry Reid has excuse some of his staffers. From some of the things that -- or not excuse strong. Okay we're going to find out if congress should be allowed to pass any laws that don't include every body. As far as I know. These are not royalty these are people just like you and I should be subject to the same rules will be back -- mark. With the -- company from north on global main street is intrinsically.

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