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12-9 Beach and Company Hour 1

Dec 9, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello -- -- company or live at -- Volvo on main street just needs the transit Williams oh -- in the complex it has full blow a Range Rover Porsche that's -- my portion of service that for many years it's a great location is great company and in a few minutes will be talking to moderately -- your name is Lauren fix meanwhile on welcome back. Up from vacation Tony Kelly Jerry Roberts Donnie yes I did you do see anything. I'm fine yesterday I -- I would vote for him now hog heaven. As there were a lot of snow games we both love the snow football games because it changes everything. Except for the fact that every one of the teams with the one exception that I -- for lost. Every single one of them so it it was a little disappointing there to catch all the game. Yes in fact we change we Jessica the bills in -- channel -- no opinion is like get Smart like it's. The bills make me wanna shout shout them words yeah -- -- -- shout I miss the bills this great I'm thinking. Back. This anymore. Like three games left yeah selling tickets for those three I wouldn't buy them. I mean -- just pathetic. Quarterback gets intercepted four times everything it can go wrong as wrong and then. In the channel two real teams the teams that actually not a football and you say we don't get them. It's like a bitch but -- pitching Monday. I barely made it through the game and back. I think it's -- -- would have been an -- of perhaps -- preferable alternative to watching all ages that all game now I changed it probably in the third quarter as two weeks in a row have been absolutely sick to my stomach watching the bills. And guess what the other quarterback who is also the case. And speaking of awards -- -- not use the words are there anymore who that it yet. As the van -- -- They have been advised by the the people in charge that they were it not be allowed to use the words anymore. I'm I don't know why I don't know it's something lifting of the ban. But that's my understanding is that he has the annual on here on your people use towards. Did you hear who coached eat into a high school championship game and won it. Now -- Brett Favre. -- yeah he called up doing commercials and if you yep well and also. It's the that would be excellent in the blow. But then he eighties went public with the fact that he has and he's having some memory issues -- about -- like all the former players are. But I always thought the Brett Favre. It's multi talented beyond what we saw him on the field so it's high school. A coach team won a championship yet he was the offensive coordinator and they want their state championship. That's beautiful. Well actresses gone that it remarkably -- Wednesday. -- and -- on -- I was supposed to be back today though and but -- longer promote you don't know John is having sex change operation. And it's taking them longer to grow a set four. And a -- -- overlap and that's thanks in patients with these things that yes that it Chia pet. And you -- the -- radio and we had a good time there with the angels Padilla most of our former Botswana -- losses color rob. And Barbara and -- it was a good time while. And they they have a lot of animals that drop that. Raised I don't have a number for me it's like hundred something thousand dollars. So well congratulations to them so good to have you back Tony -- Lindsay back. Setting me. Lauren fix -- all -- -- all the homicide case the but our coaches here hello and hello. I'm. They can -- car showroom we go to Lauren fix -- you know when you first came on the shall I used to give your credit so where you appeared now. Are everywhere. Everywhere but the light standard I turn the team on your hair and a you do have vignettes and you and you write it and and you go to all the car show and see a show. -- just coming up -- coming up I'll be Shelby the car coach two point nice guy. And it adds it's a cool place the goal it's the show we come back we'll talk because they have all the gizmos gadgets. Mining cart and its -- -- the cart and -- were thinking like -- a couple of cars here in the -- we'll show -- big red -- but. You know what it's time that I surprised. My my -- -- better afterward you know my girl from a guy -- a car get some guidance on how to -- about getting it. What's a good thing about it -- surprised or or bring the person with you -- exactly what they want and buried things like that will be back with more Ivan north -- -- On main street the transit and Williams bill live at north town pool ball on main street just to transit worker couple weeks ago. And we have delicious Olson's goodies come on buys it they'll be available. The broadcast goes on until noon Lauren fix the car coach is without a car coach at a car dealership makes a lot of sense to me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When you go as a reporter and when you go marshals whatever the Euro zone in Tuesday's you have to remember. That only a percentage like you and I are really in those people think of cards as transportation. We think of him ads and we just love anything -- -- on. And and you're doing your reports yet keep that in mind because. Everybody wants to talk about the -- is paying this -- -- whatever a lot of people like basic transportation but even basic it's normal. Edsel and meeting you're talking about the bull's -- actually get a connected car forum for them and they're talking about pedestrian cross traffic edit your. Going to a schools opponents of little kids are going buying Napier being distracted right we are by everything that's just their phones. That the current election it's on he's in the act of his control mode actually stopped the vehicle. You don't have somebody and Mercedes has that as well. And Audi has -- Lincoln has it's a lot made that certainly come up with that so when I go through the show. Like I -- always -- going on yeah let me seated at the new Mercedes India or that you know whatever else but when I report for Fox News or Fox Business channel or -- TV which is global. -- -- reported for Al-Jazeera I don't talk about it -- a flop. And we -- outlook conversation about that you know what I'm talking about just -- everybody else that matter. I after government audience just like you do that we -- cars for three hours they are how many people are as excited about -- we are. I've fallen in love with every Carmen truthfully if if I'm if I bring my card for services -- takeaway on the -- a -- I -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And there it is with the red ball that moment is great but is it better -- Have her there to pick -- -- -- she gets what she wants in the with a guy wants. Exit women make 85% by -- decisions we went over 60% of the cars on the road in we have 95%. Veto power. So if you're thinking of huge -- thinking about all I loved that little convert a global she's been talking about that for a -- he's been talking about that for a long time. All Mike -- just got that red and tear up beautiful Burgundy. And you keep talking about it that's a different story. If you're saying I think you -- -- -- RC 8 o'clock by some now I don't know -- seating comfort is critical that everybody differently so got a field. Comfortable with his blind spots for the week your belt. The rate it -- put someone in -- vehicles for potentially three years -- at least maybe longer. Or if you buy it you have to keep -- for four years. Make payments and -- -- -- -- -- -- myself and passionately Berkman one heating. Visibility. All the extra goodies that you want the things you've beaten you know meet -- want it is at the cool wheels later oh sure and you know but -- -- windows you can always later or satellite radio or whatever. So what I tell people is. And that's -- percent Charlotte had a friend call me a sex industry airport says. I don't get my mother a brand new vehicle and he wants certain meals in this and that and it's one or to get them -- -- -- -- the ball a lot I. Let you know you've been talking about it for awhile -- it should and I don't. Yes you want it right because I think most guys going out to buy something -- -- girlfriend or their wife or hopefully one for each. When you do that you've got to you've utilized is given what you want to have you gotta give what they want now let's let's explain you what I want that's performance and let's talk about the marketplace used to be really easy you go out every car ran on gasoline or some diesel a few that's it OK now you've got hybrids. You've got battery cars -- -- yup you've got all kinds of choices now. In -- it should how do you advise people who do their homework -- to what kind of vehicle is right for you what what you're driving is how long it takes to recharge. Are you better off. -- just the gasoline engine do you do mainly city driving so that the hybrid might be more effective kind of give us a via a primer on what to look. And added that it at that really wide open question at that first question in my book exit says what the best car for me I get asked all the time and it depends here at least neither. It was that I am looking for an SUV. Well -- -- we've pared down to a credit or are looking for a small city and take me downtown and back. I'm a perfect example different mindset I live here and Clarence and I wanted to drive to Ohio. Every Monday for a bank every -- a lot of miles so what she figured out we want it had to be some great fuel economy that would say they get the winners as well. In -- to all wheel drive to the winner you -- and gets great fuel economy so that aren't at that puts you into a hybrid. Or diesel. Actually he and that purchasing a jet and diesel wagon all wheel drive for motion -- Drives all the way. Every Monday to Ohio back every pregnancies and -- -- -- -- 52 miles of the gallon so. Don't think it's heating fuel economy and the fact that it's always overlooked is what's your insurance costs that you mentioned are -- -- I. You mentioned that an hour and a global and that's really important in my mother miles per vehicle as a ligament. The payments or -- that -- three or not my opposite every single car is exactly the -- Price wise now the question is there each. Personality different but what's your insurance where you're gonna cost around and when she was looking at some the other options that you had the insurance was substantially higher -- you know you can't. And also when you switching brands and let -- think about. If you're switching you've always spot ovals and I gonna go look at. -- -- Keep in mind that there is a loyalty cute cute is a loyalty discount if you don't ask for and it and it you're switching brands. All they want you it's called conquests is you don't -- or you don't get it -- -- should look at it. And the thing is if you stay with these hostages position he's in it think about to stay with the same brand he gets around four dollars -- this position. So let's get basic we're in Western New York yes if you don't have a -- a big choice of putting a TARP over your car for the winter and don't drive it every day. You always recommend all wheel drive or front wheel drive as opposed to standard rear wheel drive. Well you know what are. I -- 76 Camaro and high school. I can act with -- or Twitter dot oh yes that probably only in the back smokers I Alley and up next in terror and act that was. Way back yeah but I remember fighting myself and it did a couple times in this that's I learned that that's not a fun way to learn that your body image and frustration and stress and everything else I would recommend especially for new drivers all wheel drive is your best choice. My -- is -- new driver she is an outlook drive smaller suvs she loves that she goes back port downtown every day. So those are good choices for new drivers on where it is up for -- good backup choice but ice futures I have a -- and it's all wheel drive. It's diesel I still run for aggressive I'm ready for -- initially and ice -- tires and is that that -- with the latitude tires and in Canada. So you're you've got to diesel I am Porsche is a performance company very there's enough boom in the diesel guy -- to keep you happy oh my gosh we put -- sport mode. It has towing capacity which you lose a little hybrid TD -- a hybrid there's nothing. TV's electric vehicles do not sell well here in the buffalo area they get their people would have on the Nissan leaf is very cool the Chevy Volt as a hybrid. But for the most part they're also great buffalo -- in my opinion is that they cayenne Porsche which is just a couple of showrooms down. Is the best value torture right absolutely great truck -- great resale value until you know what I. Used will be back live up bar with Lauren fix having sandy beach were talking about things maybe. Regarding automobiles and holidays that what you should look for him maybe -- how you should be sane in your choice of what you're gonna get best special ceremony will be back after this. You can pay for yesterday's news imprint or get today's news free just use WBA. And. Dot com and yes. Hard that BMI the -- Christmas that's what. Well private parts now Volvo aren't fixed by Sama sandy beach of north elbow was on main street just these transit. In Williams -- the Volvo location also features Range Rover and Porsche but we're here. Today for mobile as we were a couple of weeks ago -- all the new models we got a call somebody would like you to repeat the name of that books -- login. Diesel that you recommended two different. Oh is that Jetta wagon actually I recommend to friends. -- one is that a front -- downtown she comes up this way and the other was my friend who drives back and forth that but it Jetta wagon diesel call PDI. Which is Turbo diesel and then it's also for motion is there a will drive and and northbound that's at VW dealership most -- -- innovator of most of diesel and Turbo diesels -- -- you don't -- -- nine Ariel only Turbo -- after arguing a combination of -- -- Turbo charger. In a super charger now with VW objectives -- to bring those out to look I -- it makes no sense to -- both. But they're doing whatever they can meet cafe standards that are required which I don't think most dealers may actually gonna make a -- Would have off hire cost to -- but then. Very engines last longer. You can -- I saw much better you know. You have a better numbers are gonna throw things like that so if they're an investment but of folks moblog. Folks like to -- doing these for a long time. Oh yeah any of the Germans out there I mean the thing is I wish they had that that little mini. I diesel hear the call Caminiti. But they had -- brought into the country -- -- went to European standard matches are -- where it's a lot more diesel. You've got Chevy cruise makes the TD that two liter TD I am thrilled that GM has stepped in to this foray of adding diesel because they already Celek in Europe. And that also Mazda is gonna bring in a Mazda six -- sky active diesel -- is searching all the manufacturers who already make diesel and other countries bringing it here because it's a good solution. You can get -- a regular gas stations now. -- and the thing is not just trying to pass it -- 700 miles on my kind so next week I'm driving in New York I'll drive there and I'll drive back on the same tech. Why don't you always you've always enjoyed that it's -- to -- not a slave to a gas pump yes I sort of we're thinking at Christmas time we're thinking maybe there's somebody special could meet new cars might be a good time to do it I know it seems a little over the top on the TV commercial whatever. But it could be practical. Now this isn't a sexist question it's a legitimate question are there vehicles that women prefer. Type of vehicle. Are kind of vehicle that women might prefer over men we know the -- vehicles are doesn't -- that's what I can't happen but what about a from a famine of feminine point of view. Are you more likely to be more comfortable. Well. Today is the kind of tempers here for Easter driving this warrior car you're gonna want a sportier car and the course that about the current range rovers here if you want the big suvs and get the dollar situation and then there's a styles that you -- out there like north cal Lexus got a beautiful dealership on cheered right. They syllables -- like crazy mostly women because women love and they were designed to -- is very Smart designer product lineup. To really capture women's attention if you want an edgier maybe it'll. Different looking -- just everybody's got the same city and you Infiniti Nissan they have they're also Japanese lineup that's nice. There's so many manufacturers out there now and I have to say. I can't really think of as a maybe one or Jakarta wanted to mention the brand. That I would never buy but other than that. I would say really every single manufacturer Ford GM Chrysler has complete phenomenal product. If you've ever driven little Fiat that's adorable O'Connor the alchemy -- -- if you go to UB analogy Vienna were fighting a parking spot with such a basketball. And they'll Carla committing or Fiat off some you know is there a site. Logical break through to where where especially with women now we're talking about female perspective he says I don't wanna I don't care how nice the minivan is I don't want it because what I'm saying is now. My youth is behind me I'm bringing the kids to soccer practice and that's the image and that's what it is who do you have a psychological side that guys have it. Yeah electric cars we. The burn out with a high school right into many of the cars -- a collectible like a bear checks this year the -- that we remember from our high school days that's like the mustang cobras and the Camaro is a while but. Mid sixties muscle performance is very popular right now because those of the pressure never argued but today. You know we got little kids kids in college. And we start purchasing vehicles that -- are neat. And admit they're trying to make it minivans cooler. I mean upgrades -- Cuba with the man again because I'll tell you get a -- engine and it. If not I would never personally never ordered many and there are women that I've spoken with refused I mean there are wagon it's like noted that the statement. Right it's just as they want a crossover crossover utility -- UV segment is the largest segment right now. It's not a full size SUV. It's not a cool little city and it's accommodations have been nice ride he said that storage capacities of the flexibility of the seats down -- -- -- Kids can get an out you -- all their gear so that every single manufacturer makes as governor. I brought it to be she up to Land Rover. Of course that when I have something to sell vehicle itself I hope that the person coming in to look at it knows about it and it's knowledgeable because that'll help me solid if we don't it's a tougher sell because they think all of vehicles -- like I assume that the of the salespeople like Branson's the ball closer as we've. Prefer that when you come in here you know something about what your interest in what vehicles have. And now they're so easy access to get all this information that we're advising not your daughter she's in the same business you are but if if she wasn't. I'd rather a lot guys that are half what kind of information would use suggest that they have before they come into the showrooms so. That they can appreciate what's here. Well I think first I've got to figure out what price range -- right at that's obviously priority one that. Within that price range this is what I want to I want an SUV light the UP relatives at the end I want a convertible after whatever it is once you've figured out that vehicle. Fit in or have to be all of driver tested this amount of fuel economy and has kept this insurance. Price range. Then when you walk in before you walk in and nice particular trainer so I used to train the dealers like mobile and GM and Ford called the country we're back in the nineties. My background my back and I need a job. You learn a lot because there is what on the other side of the fence they are being taught they assume. Sales consultants are consumed that you had some sort of homework you've got on the manufacturer's website you know because there are incentives there. There's discounts on finance its discount. If you're a new -- percent buyer that the discount. If you're newly married does -- discount if you just got back from the service there's a discount or go to US -- USA offers discount your member of that. So I mean when you look at all these discounts that are available but you go to -- plays like Alec -- cart dot com. Because you can type in your make and model what you want to -- the -- we wanted to as the Joker and just the average price in your zip code this year. There's some people that it -- ambulance paper -- than ever paste it I don't -- new Corvette today I am not paying sticker. Because they called it the business. You don't want. -- it does not take that it would be -- go to walk and they'll take that card. At stickers just to watch the salesman things don't like it. Just -- and death there I would compare it with come back we'll tell you how to go about getting that information and -- the -- web sites -- helpful because you -- who's got what I generally. A week and I can tell you are on the cars and I'm interest that in. While ago -- what color they are when they go up for equipment dealers keep it website that pretty well Margaret. But aren't -- he knows all of the car garage is that our coach actually and we're alive and -- on mobile -- Just -- -- transit and Williams bill. Where wrote alive Lauren fix the car coach cells and each went -- on mobile. On main street just -- of transit in Wales bill. And we're about it's not as outrageous thing to get a car for Christmas especially human thing well one good time. You're talking -- dealers and a and the them because it's quieter during the year and maybe be very happy with the war -- We talked about getting homework done. Web sites are. -- weld guns oh is looking for a specific car you can see who's one -- while I used to go out in this weather. Witness no rush and a scraper so that I could I could see one -- but now on line all kinds of information before you write. Absolutely I mean used to be we go on Sundays the dealership and it wasn't like -- few that are opened up in the buffalo area. Actually it's in phenomenal dealers in the buffalo area compared to other areas of the country -- group we have really great. Dealers and long term deal -- its -- -- several locations as north comes one of them right there there's a lot of them and it was right after I go on Sunday saying what was there so that you could kind of compare without those speaking with anybody right -- But now we have the Internet tonight -- take your library on your iPhone or iPad whatever Smart device or computer you have. And you can get on web sites is a punch -- -- ED and you and DS dot com there's true cars just to TR UEC they -- going to be -- KB be a lecture -- -- again you put in a gives you a velcro and second paid by the -- it's like what without. But Edmonds has true cost of ownership which I like so -- get to the bottom and you build your cardinals yup this is what it cost you but here's the maintenance hears any negotiation you can see what. Vibrant colors look like go to me colors very important -- -- -- breaker -- is that people don't care that much. But you can build a car you'll see exactly what would be if you could get the ideals that. Right and once you build it and and they'll also give you incentives almost sites located right scientist but I still say even though they lift the incentives I still under the manufacturers' technical show inventories. Those are your local. Bolt hole dealer is -- -- here's their. There -- that you click -- legal right to their website and not your north on mobile -- -- they got you it's good to have an inventory if you incentives they might have that are specific to this dealership. Mean they've got a when he thirteen -- love to get rid of your maybe there's an intent about 2014 it allows you that opportunity. So I think there's some really great choices out there and if you do your homework and you printout that -- and you come with him for paperwork. That feels consultant educator home back Miami and it turns off other. What do you need you by releasing and they don't answer those questions Lockett regulation any -- got lots of -- today. And says that we by releasing today -- to Newport. What are your book I did everything else actually the living happy that's that's that tells -- something that goes -- -- -- don't think we've -- talked about this before okay we know what we like by the looks we know we can afford. What about the what is the ideal test drive because I don't think anybody who has regardless it's really -- Korea that shipment. Are without driving it what's an ideal pastor. Well they usually have a route that they plan and that route ultimately end yeah because they want you to feel a certain road type where certain road noise are certain pattern. What I did the first time ever by -- current -- you -- go to test right come back is it that women. -- -- get -- and carrier and the first day or guide you back marry him on the first day that happened. So you get their business cards I'll be back drive the other competitive models when you come back for that second one finance sales consultant make an appointment to get that vehicle in your garage. I I that I deploy large parking spot doesn't it jumping -- my usual route now by parking spot you know it in a mall or. Wegmans -- -- ops or wherever I cannot tell you I've vehicles I. The worst ingredients. I get vehicles every week -- -- -- every manufactures and it from a week I come through and some don't buy my garage you have to -- Michael my cash had to rearrange my cars to get in the garage. Lot of custom van in in Wisconsin because the manufacturers there and I got home and realize that been -- -- garage I had the garage. Overhead in large they put another panel and they cut out there and put another panel and so. -- -- Now one more question -- financing. Art dealers financing plans usually competitive with -- banks and in other lending institutions. At least. Always go through regulation is if you don't outs at least to commence your corporation its academic and that's your -- And remember her credit you know credit unions check the credit in they have dubbed best rates better than the banks unless you get a great relationship like and then T. And you're always. My mortgage and -- I -- Earlier about everything -- right there premium customer check with them about a character and anti revolves usually and going through that manufactures. But they can switch it around so make sure that whatever numbers they give you that seems like I minutes ago. It was twenty bucks more -- month I wanna see the numbers if you really confused. I and is good at numbers and account for some apps and explain it to you because -- -- pay -- -- backside is a longer term. Or interest rate changed so make sure with a -- print -- that the small projects to explain. Anchor this is so important we got a couple minutes left this is so important and nobody ever thinks about this is a -- Ricard. Residual value when you have when you talk about release the residual value is the key number Telus would -- were. -- -- means what that car's worth at the end of the least in terms. So a lot you don't know that there's also turning and fees so your delicate vehicle it could be three get a thousand production thousand dollars now we by Arabs. Of course going to be in portrait and value that out. -- going to be so when your look or Ford or Chrysler ever so when you're looking at that. Look at all the numbers a residual value the higher the value the more it's worth at the end -- payment regulations -- you're looking at. The Toyota Honda you know and I think is going to have a higher residual value than a Mitsubishi or in some of these other vehicles that just to hold their value. And it's easy to look you can if you're confused go I'm -- residual values dot com and there's also -- he's put -- usually percentages -- yes it is very helpful. And then a lot of not come up without he's come up big time. DW -- come up huge. -- racing in general racing was great what's hot and dried up and now it's coming back coming back because after them the bubble in housing bubble that the credit bubble. Everyone was pleased as you know what you better have a really good credit written like 750 opera where they give you a lease so people were fine. Now the -- numbers are back. And they are great deals and leasing. And more people are leasing their bikes Burkhardt I do I get bored after three years I want something else you are like -- -- exactly especially daily driver as collectibles are another story and it's and releasing. By the way if you I would hope you never do go through a divorce it does you know -- very nice to have because it doesn't come against. Who's -- it goes into which it says give it up and things like that so there's a lot of things to talk about a lot of things to work before you would come into a showroom so that the salesman will know that you've done your part now that salesperson will do their part right and hopefully you'll have a -- and new addition. Right let me ask you never want buyer's remorse -- be the worst thing at a car for three years exactly or you know you got on what was I think out the other. Right now it's accurate this exhibit this clown car. I I don't think you aren't threats always a pleasure to have you here will look for you where were you going to be now you'll see me on Time Warner Cable -- am talking about. Don't get -- -- wager and you'll see him parade dot com I have a regular column where she was voted -- you most like to go Kart. Will be back -- -- we're live at our town mobile and Williams bill.


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