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12-9 Beach and Company Hour 3

Dec 9, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'll go out there do the right thing it in the right scramble. Take down those two leaders immediately. -- -- Carl Paladino. Are talking about a Donald Trump and we've been talking about whether there's a possibility he will run. For governor of New York State remember. The last time we heard about trump running for office people are trying to convince him to run for president. President you might have a little better shot because if you lose running for president you're not consider really a loser. Just unfortunately. It would not enhanced his brand if you lost anything like this. He is been bankrupt a few times where it -- some properties and whatever. But we understand their comings and goings in the ups and downs of the business world. But with his invincibility. Cloak videos that he wears. Of being the of the best businessman -- high flying in those of -- -- the symbol of success. Then indeed. If he decides to run for governor. Where everybody knows him in New York State or whether it likes or -- is there is immaterial but at least everybody knows of Syria's name recognition. That if he lost that. Then I don't think it would help woman in the business world and I don't think it would -- with his eagle and that that is a considerable. So he'd rather be wooed and saying no. But then to say yes and lose that's what I'm saying. I don't think he would allow himself to be in a position where and -- he was absolutely convinced that he was going to win. He would take a chance because he's got nothing really to gain. He's already very well known only as plenty of money that's got nothing to do with a it must he thinks he could go to Albany just turn the whole state around overnight. Or over -- course of of -- term is not really a lot for him big game there but there's a lot to be pursue. There's something about totally pursue -- pursue people who have something special to offer. You know whether there entertainers whether they're investors -- it doesn't matter. Those are the people. That we won the special people were good people the ones who have something really going forum. And that's what he loves he loves that but he'll also and you can take this to the bank. He will say no. When it comes time he's gonna say no and that's all there is -- You have another blurb from Carl Paladino to -- to -- I would be happy to -- -- -- brought. Yes but you gotta do it the other two -- equation. So -- yes solar Carl Paladino said to be happy to see him run. For -- for one thing it would be nice to see somebody run for governor against Andrew Cuomo. That had. Name recognition right away while trump certainly has that but I also like to see somebody. Who is is seen as they prior prior success in what they've done. In politics. -- success that may be a as they have -- halo effect for something outstanding they've done. Like there are certain things that that we. I give great credit for May be they're talking about Andrew Napolitano. Running for public office is a former judge and while respected and he's on the Fox Network. We tend to. Think a former judges Wednesday that's a pretty good cash for us and and I would agree we're -- When. Paladino mentioned Janine pero remember Jeanine -- as a former prosecutor. And a former judge. So I don't think she still on the bench I could be wrong. But and so that's that's something positive people know who she is in and whatever but remember what with Cuomo. This is the last step before the throw away Cuomo wants to be president. So the next election is crucial of Cuomo will pull out all the stops to spend all the money. You get every favorite known to man to make sure he wins this next term. Because if he doesn't then he would be he railed as a presidential candidate this is what he's been pointing to this is what he's been hoping for. And so -- if we're going to and I say we I mean Republicans. And conservatives and if we're gonna put every candidate has to be somebody with. If you pardon the expression Roberts somebody serious and remember this and brought this up to me. And it's never been brought up on people discuss Donald Trump. You've seen in the past despite the fact that lots of Democrats have lots of money. But what we've seen candidates in the past like a Mitt Romney for instance what's the first thing they go after how wealthy he has. And there's no way could be that wealthy and it's unfair. Without screwing the average person and they focus on his wealth. And let's face it there's a lot of envy in our society today if suddenly Donald Trump look at the lawyers I mean he could be a standard for Scrooge red -- I mean really he's got plenty of money and a lot of flamboyant C and he's posting television shows telling people are fired whatever. They would go after that it would be blood sport for them they would go after how come the candidate here the Republican candidate Donald Trump. Has all this and you have nothing. Or you have much less or how did he get this though loaded the step on who what short -- that he takes. That would be read money for them up plus I think in the business world. That often times. It is a you know business deals gone bad partnerships that didn't make there's you could come up with all kinds of people I'm sure and Donald -- background that would be willing to stand up and say you guys screwed me go to -- I wouldn't trust this guy units around the country not the country in this case the state I wouldn't trust this -- around the state. Tony you brought that up to me and that is so real. Because of the people bring it up usually have some money themselves but big big position Republican candidates like Mitt Romney. As as being -- wealthy and and may be a little suspicious and that's a that's a strong point. Yeah it is when you get that somebody -- we sit there and you know there. They don't have much in life four or there just simply jealous that somebody has a lot like you -- with Mitt Romney. In Donald Trump they're gonna look at that and say you know while he's he's got is he must've done something wrong. You know so I'm not there like on the arm for the Democrats -- for the working -- The little guy are for absolutely. Class warfare how many times -- -- barely hear the term working families before we've vomit okay. And so trump not only is that the job of the business world he has former blonde wives he's got a glamorous blonde daughter of Monica. I mean there's a lot of show business and sparkle. He would be a sitting duck in a political campaign despite the fact that he's articulate and Smart. He would be a sitting duck let's go to. A first line which would be -- if you -- cellphone -- New York on W via. I I can't be armed conflict that I don't -- and like to comment. I don't we. All ordered but Paul -- -- -- to be that big governor gala walk president. Because -- I hate everything that our country at -- are like it. Adult were talking earlier about metric that the Obama met an -- and author -- the -- back with its corporate anymore. Well Astro you know there's a lot of things that Cuomo has as disenfranchised. Themselves and among them the New York say effect especially around here. But he has enough. A liberal followers -- down in New York City in the surrounding area. If you look geographically. You would think that he wouldn't have a chance to be reelected but if you look where the numbers are that's where his strength is so I wish I shared your enthusiasm. And endure a belief that he who doesn't have a chance to win I think he does I think we've got to put up somebody who is really strong you got any ideas do you have for us all do you think trump would be the right guy. I'm not sure adult probably your guy but I I honestly believe -- -- of the -- has that name recognition. -- -- that anyone could achieve a lot of what looked at but they eat cheat would make a great politician I do believe that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right well okay loud and clear you know you and I have the same attitude. If you achieve success. You must have something gone for our good work ethic hardware may be a great idea a good foundation whatever. But remember the people on the opposite side of the -- have a different view if you if you achieve success you had to -- screwed somebody there has to be a reason you got it it's unfair this is what they sell and does so. We wheat price success we tried to achieve success it's seen as a negative on the other side because that's that that's the problem they've been selling for years. And I mean what you look at what are you look at that side of it. -- argue that -- someone that you that you do that anyway and Arabic bring out -- that would. All right well first I like the fact that he's. Been successful in New York State. So he could certainly know how hard it is to be successful in New York State and he can address the way we do business. Which should be very very important to us and let's hope that enough Smart people wake up and it will be important to them to thank you Matthew appreciate it. We'll take a break will be backward more where at north town Volvo main street -- to transit and Williams bill. Caucus do the right thing to -- in the right symbol is -- take down. Those two leaders immediately. We're live at north town -- bowl. On main street just -- transit way of Israel we also -- -- goodies so we got volvos the goals is good he's a lovely ladies from the promotion department. Life is good to come on out and a Giacomo out not the ladies check out the Olson's and the ball holes that's why we're here. Now should trump run for governor will he run for governor. I don't know whether he should but he won't. I'm just telling you won't and I'd like your impression of who would be. A good good candidate let's go to salmon -- Sam here on WB yen. I clearly. So I don't think. Oh lead mr. trump would run for governor elderly parent -- that he was gonna run for president or he was gonna run through it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And orally informed governor that would Senegal. Well Holland nice but if you don't mind amen I'd have to leave the state media took care. -- -- -- He's got too valuable brand in -- -- is that something besides profiles it's non business related. He wanna tarnished that brand he's got too much in August adamant. He could afford to if you -- -- but he won't he's got -- -- -- the Cleveland. He's a money it you know our. You know I don't culpability earlier he's a business developer and he does a lot of -- he doesn't -- community. He gets out there I think what hurt me in the last election is is there a lot of people when he came out with a baseball. I -- think people they couldn't park from maybe that being. You know what you -- or whatever but I think that kind of welcome my -- a little bit of a surprise. You know I like -- too if I were advising Carl which he doesn't need to nor has ever asked. So that's why I'm but I would say. I would I would hit heavily effected -- is as successful as he has been. Despite the how hard it is to do business in this state. He could certainly give all kinds of examples. Of things that are beneficial to the community provide jobs that that increase the tax base and they kind of vote problems he's faced trying to get these things done. And resting these of the issues I've taken up here let me take on the issues on a statewide basis because I know. Where the bones are buried and I think that could be a very effective message. I think you know to know -- you go at this. Karl says that led to argue rant can warrant the government pay you can have donated -- do whatever it. But he didn't want. You know I kind of like that a welcome. Yeah it's nice to know that somebody is an -- him to build up his fortune he already has a fortune. That's certainly good and and the fact that it would be a that money will be diverted to better causes I like that -- I think he's a solid guy with a solid message. I think it be tamed down the baseball -- part like you just said and and gave the message of survival in the jungle to jungle was New York State. I think he could do very well thank you thank you very much. I think that that would be the message. When somebody has been through it just an -- understands the frustration. You know like for instance if you're running now save the election where right now. And he could say on a national basis we know how frustrating it is. To try and again at the get health care right now through the national registry okay. The state registries -- not been too bad but a lot of people are getting insurance cancel whatever so is a lot of good negative stories. Then he could lay out individual stories from his actual experiences as somebody trying to keep his head above water and actually trying to succeed in New York State. And he could point out what kind of things stopped. This kind of approach. What kind of things don't enhance this kind of project. What kind of things don't encourage this what kind of things encouraged us and of course he could delay it all out. Because with his own experiences. Which could be verified and say you know. -- know what the problems are I don't have to guess what they are going strong and I've managed to circumvent in my managed to succeed despite them. Now if if you're talking about a guy who wants to be governor. Who is seen all that in those all of that and knows that the better business the better it is for business in New York the better it is for you as an individual in New York. I mean that's a powerful message he has a success rate. That is very high and he's done very well for himself at a lot of -- a lot of people speak very highly of him. But that's it it has to be that populist message of I know how to fix it because I'd been through it. And if he did that yeah I don't mind seeing him run again and leave the baseball bat though I think we got the message last time around. So wanna know should throw trump run for governor will he run for governor who should run. In 03093018061692. Through six and -- I'm thirty. -- by Ed Norton sound Volvo check out the Volvo's -- -- main -- the president -- -- check out the Olson's pastries as well will be back. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WB ENN -- now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. I would be happy to -- -- wrong. Ya but you -- get the good part of the equation. And that is Carl Paladino. Talking about really are getting getting back in sync of what state government is supposed to be like. And as saying that he would be efficacy to attract brunt. I think a lot of people would be happy to see trump run but -- -- it because he's not a -- he's not a -- I feel so I'm no expert of politics. But if you can't read Donald Trump. At this point yes he could do it if he wanted to but he guards here is. His image is brand call -- what you want zealously. I'd he's all about winning he's all about me he's all about ratings he's about. You know those sorts of things. I've first of all I don't know if he would like the campaign trail. Because yeah he's Smart. And he probably do very well in debates and things like that there's no question about that but I don't know if you liked the seriousness. Of of Los speech after speech after speech chicken dinner after chicken dinner are getting home at 11 o'clock and nine getting up the next morning I. Fees cut out for that sort of stuff are really don't I'm not saying he's he's not a strong guy because he has a strong guy but here's -- being treated differently. Like royalty and the candidates sometimes get treated not with kid gloves. I don't know how he would react of that he certainly has reacted to adversity before. And as head as some failure is no question about that that's a whole different ballgame so I'm thinking that. Donald Trump is is going to string along the people that went to see him including a David DiPietro on Michael Capuano and the rest. He he kind of dazzle them. And some of the quotes here we got an invitation. This is Michael -- photo to return and he did not sound like a man in the no column. While that's because he likes to keep his options open for one. But especially since he doesn't wanna shut the door because shutting the door would be shutting the door on the publicity that comes -- He likes to be pursue also like to be for everybody does. He likes to be -- that's what he likes that's the joy that's the sweet spot he doesn't necessarily like what would go on and a political campaign. And he surely wouldn't like -- Now nobody likes losing I mean it's it's ludicrous to think that anybody is comfortable with the closing but especially him because that's not a perception. That is not his perception. Anymore than Floyd Mayweather wants to lose his first fight. Obviously you -- my caddie either but it ruins the image of the Donald. So and as we said earlier Tony put this. This thought in my head and he's so right. The Democrats are so good at positioning class warfare or warfare. You say what they -- it would Mitt Romney. You know kind of dumping on him and it's housing project in San Diego and this. And Mitt Romney doesn't have nearly the money. That no trumpet so they were positioned him as they rich out of touch guy how come he's got what he has yet to screw somebody to get it. He took advantage of this is though what he'll do if he's in office. This is what they always -- should be no surprise with that this is CU they would have Vega a sitting a duck. Florio for a target. And as I said can you imagine you know how many successful. Deals he has dad can you imagine. How many that we never heard of or that were resounding failures you're telling me the former partners. Former people who wanted to work with trump. And it didn't work out wouldn't come forward and say as the worst thing. A forever. You know you can't trust him you can't do is he promises that didn't come through. That kind of -- you'd get -- campaign that. So they would be trying to poke holes in his invincibility as the the maker of the art of the deal. So he's got a lot of positives but he's got a big negative he'd have a huge. Target on his back. And people who are low information voters -- just looking for that stuff it would feed. Right in through right in two of the narrative that the Democrats do in positioning Republicans. Opponents as -- -- on. Kind of -- involved with the -- Lesser. Offers of life that they've always enjoyed more the ideal candidate would be Smart. Being able to. Through the rigors of a tough campaign and be starting with nothing and ending up with something so they've. Proven they can accomplish something. And in started without you know. A golden -- day. So I think that the kind of things we're talking about would not be beneficial to trump his name would be. His glitz and his lips might be but because the press would love it but I think that as a candidate he would which shows them some real weakness. I don't know if he's if he's made up back kind of fabric or not. But it be nice to have an attractive articulate. Successful candidate but I don't think he's going to be because I don't think he'd run I really don't they don't tray on Montreal 1806 on 69236 start I'm thirty. And we come back we wanna. -- trump run will trump run. And who should run if he wall will be back what more would preaching. I would be happy to be -- proper. Yes but you gotta do it the -- part equation. We are alive at that north town -- won't. On main street just east of transit -- a way of -- we're here for another segment and will be hadn't. Out to these sides with the -- apartments. And enjoying some old some goodies we still have them available c'mon by and and it checked those out. My idea -- firm conviction. Is that experienced hands like a David DiPietro and even Michael cook food or being played. By Donald Trump Donald knows how to play the game he's implying no long time. You know it's the yeah Akamai and to my gee whiz bang office -- gonna just amaze you. Yes you want me to run for governor although I don't know he's going to be coy about it. But at the end the answer is going to be no he is not going to run for governor. Yeah I don't know if he's equipped mentally to run for governor this is not the kind of -- usually has. And he definitely wouldn't do anything that. Possibly could damage his brand and nothing could damage his grand more than losing to Andrew Cuomo if you run for president you -- that's a little different. Because that's a pretty exalted position even run fourth got to go through a lot of hopes over fifty states have ordered even. I get it decided if you can't win in your own state. Where your owned -- in New York City where your power base. Is even though it's probably democratic. About where everybody knows you this is like cheers everybody knows your name if -- Donald Trump okay. He's not gonna damage have -- and he's not going to take any chances so. Unless it was thought it was some kind of boat race where there was no chance he could close he's not gonna throw his hat in the ring. They can they can hope all they want. They can have a second meeting all they want but at the end he's gonna say no just there's just alert your thoughts on makers you have some that you and expressed. Well I guess are what take a look at it from another point of view and that is the unpopularity. Of Andrew Cuomo look at New York City fact look at his treatment of the sound -- and how that played. With with voters. In New York State didn't play very well. And I figure at this point in one of our calls for a drop quote vulnerable he can't be beaten. Whether it is by trump or someone else but I figure who ever gets out there and runs with a message of anti New York City for acting in. And Cuomo's bullying tactics and in things like that I think if you can't be beaten. Well if you could affect your proper very interesting and important just remembered. -- remember what I always say about programming radio stations you oh or even commercials you have to pick your places to fight. Another words you pick the places where you have the best chance to win okay around here were very aware. Of how he has treated the Seneca is in the past okay. But that's around here I bet if I bet if you went to New York City. Or you went to other places that they were non Indian tribes. That they would hardly be aware of some of that a sort of thing so what he does as he picks and chooses where he can fight. Where he can dump on anybody where he can be populist remembered when he was having problems but with the senators -- an -- he went out and made a deals with the mohawks and the unitas. So it is -- he's not a dumb guy he knows that you can't have everything on the fire at the same time. The New York -- fact okay. Around here I mean that's a kiss and of death for him -- -- to -- that we all feel very strongly about it. But in in the city. It's no big deal by and large because of the voted the kind of thinking that goes on in New York City they're wrong as far as I'm concerned but that's the way they think. So rather than light up everybody wants he does that little at a time. You can you can afford to infuriate. A a percentage of the population at anyone time. What you can afford residual -- wants and he's never know Romo once so you bring up good points but I think that's the the kind of plan he has. And dollars every time he shows up. In the last couple months now he shows up with some kind of announcement here in Western New York some kind of you know some kind of a deal some kind of a a big major breakthrough. Some kind of an investment in bit of information. So that's we he wants us to think of when he comes to town he's got something forest this guy is no dummy and at that that's his game plan. That's because he's -- of this area he knows he does not have. Western New York in his back pocket and he wants to be able to have holes eight when he runs for president. Well I agree with that I totally agree that but I think trump. By and large would not -- -- I would not that I don't think. You know how they have matchups in football they always talk about this is a good matchup because of the style they play as opposed to a style the other -- employees or their strengths in their lineups. He's I don't think I don't trumps a good match up of four row four -- Andrew Cuomo I I just think that they're two different animals I think we need somebody a little bit different than Donald Trump and the point you brought up which is so relevant. Is that if the class warfare card -- played all the time it's played all the time in Washington. It would be played all time here in New York State if if trump were the guy. -- you want this guy. So out of touch this guy who has you know who knows built an apartment building on your grandmother's old boat trailer location at -- who knows what they come up with but they'd make him seem like the worst thing since the dabble. Because of. His success they would use that success against him. I would like to know Donald Trump's favorable ratings in New York City. Because I think that's would be the key if he would be able to do research that showed. That. That he's likable that. He would stand a chance against Andrew with in New York City because that's what the battleground where it'll be won or lost. Look at OK if we compare it to us okay. Who elected in New York City. Purchase. Unprecedented extra to -- Blue bird would be I mean the kiss of death around here I would think because of his. His name and he the -- On legislation on this now -- and I would know. A new air in New York the -- was left organs. So this it's like to you know we talked before about this it's like two different. States we've got to stay and we've got New York City. And so I don't think we can reconcile. What would work in New York City because it's so different. Of the things that work in New York would not work year. And the things that work here I don't think they keep me willing to try in New York. About wraps it up yes Tony I said that's true. Yeah I mean it's true. When you -- -- -- says they make in New York is that what you thinking but that's -- that. That's all that reminds that I'm sure they think -- a different country apartment where party Europe. Or something if that about wraps it up and other Pakistani Lamar Tony. I'll help you win the rope with your Christmas greeting good as were were a congressman screenings here's a suggestion. Hello this is Tony Killinger nothing's it is getting -- Christmas time. And you urgent -- if you're entitled -- Q why not give to me. I would think would use I have two lovely children in -- some lovely wife and your money to me Tony Snow in the news that I like it. Like I like good luck tomorrow. That's rough draft. Tomorrow. Six. It's a good folks -- -- -- blow to come by and check out these special.

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