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Mandela Memorial Service

Dec 10, 2013|

Dave Levinthal

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's join now on the WB and Nightline's Dave Leventhal senior political report with the Center for Public Integrity -- good morning. We've been monitoring President Obama over the last several minutes speaking on the world stage today in in South Africa at that massive memorial service. For Nelson Mandela. At this disappearance today Dave biggest boost is his image his world image. It's quite -- uses as an opportunity to talk about Mandela's influence on you know. But it will being -- that he's going to be reflecting. I'm Mandela's flies from sort of eight. There's just a common post anti apartheid fighter and of course says the prisoner food more than a decade. I'd get somebody who I hit it all and out of the public view and then it's just came back in in 1990 and and if it was able to it -- explode on the national stage. As an iconic figure and that Obama really going to. Again uses an opportunity to highlight not only that in another belt but how that's affected him as a leader and organizer is somebody who himself rescue. A political power and political prominence from relatively modest means. Other than talking about the United States on the world stage I don't imagine he could use it domestically could be. It's difficult to see if there's going to be -- fairly political -- -- -- that it's something that's attracting world leader. From all over the world and made -- -- -- really luckily -- president a book or your approach that you bush flying on a 41 with Barack Obama. Overnight to -- allies together. It is memorial service you have other presidents who are going to be going there. Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter apparently it is flight and worked wonders with it separately but they're attending as well the only living president. That they're not going to be there for each going to be push rates it's simply too old and well traveled at -- since at this point out what you had everyone from the leader says. Cuba to oppose the leaders of countries but the -- that there aren't necessarily allies of the United States all going to be paired together in the -- soccer stadium. To pay tribute to a man many people with regard as it's almost pay a living saint and so is is that. It's a few days ago. He Dave looking at a political headline this morning about Governor Cuomo that says. That there's no way he's running for president in 2016 he's been invisible on the national stage no speeches no fund raising. No early state networking. That even if Cuomo had a late change of heart he's done none of the -- work that would be needed to mount a credible campaign what do you think do you think that -- clothes for him honest. It's very difficult isn't as he worked it would have an opportunity to run state for Hillary Clinton deciding her -- not to run. Look at it that way everything that you get described its true Hillary Clinton on the other side has multiple super pac. Taxis organizations that can raise and spend unlimited sums of money already raising millions upon millions of dollars trying to -- the eight. All over the -- excuse to get into the race she would automatically instantaneously the perfect and he announced evident here network of people. What you could stand and upon hundreds of billions of dollars for a benefits fell slightly compared to it's it's really it's comparing you know. Apples and end in org is of the equator -- It's -- you can possibly imagine and it really stick to the nature of politics game right now quicker not a candidate you won't be for another year or two I want I want the president. You still have the opportunity to work effectively and it organizations spring up around here. Up until you decide. On that same continuum let's say Hillary is attending in terms of being prepared to run Cuomo -- zero and being not prepared to -- where would you put Joseph Biden vice president. He'll bite you have to put probably squarely in the middle may be -- five or six the court he is -- and the president before. He does have basically it's its supporters -- very active and and who really like MIT has the bully pulpit of the vice captaincy and at for the parents are here. He a couple of them but he does -- -- nationwide network. -- to be Barack Obama that that that apple is something. In its corner at the same time really at this point that Hillary Clinton has made that the operation. Going areas that aren't on and that's sentence. And that it took a while I am in a -- bureau but but but little one knee definitely is known commodity and not somebody who really has been. Bombing happy being national. Network of partners and supporters. Certainly like Hillary Clinton has been able to even though she's not actively doing server itself the murder. -- Hey -- good stuff thanks for joining us. That's the YouTube Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity.

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