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Taking Issue With Common Core Forum

Dec 10, 2013|

Assemblyman Sean Ryan

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Later this week the state education commissioner will be in town for a form on the State's common core learning standards but buffalo teachers union got the jump on letting their feelings be known. Teachers showed up on the sidewalk in front of New York State region Bob Bennett's home yesterday. A picket organized by the buffalo teachers federation. Federation president -- remorse says it's because of the emphasis on standardized testing that came along with a common core. But Bennett tells WB and he wasn't home for any of the protests and says the pickets were misguided. I don't think or call or at this. In the first place since my record. On the region is that we have sent increased funds to buffalo every year. This is America the beautiful land of the free -- and you know. -- -- -- Do it at that wish they would pick her opponent told me specifically what changes they want but we're gonna have a more all right or an act and. But the Pickett comes the very same week that New York State education commissioner John King will be in buffalo for a forum this Thursday on that common core. Learning standards. Do you think it was right for the buffalo teachers to picket outside the home of regent Bob Bennett that's our web poll question at WB EN dot com and a majority. Our website visitors have checked now we'd like to hear from you two on WB EN dot -- The teachers federation is not the only group with some concerns about these learning standards let's open up the live line now. North buffalo democratic assemblyman Sean Ryan is with us good morning sir. Good morning. I understand you have some issues with the size of the venue and basically public access to Thursday's meeting with commissioner Tommy -- Is that correct we've -- there in the commissioner -- -- Erie county in Western New York several months now and over we had a public meeting on this head by his need to call the more than 2400. Parents I came to meeting to hear about. High stakes testing in the problems with the so we're happy to hear what commissioner can finally -- he's gonna come into. Erie county. -- to hearken to a refund our future here is very small location at television studio. Well I guess what it was the biggest problem with having it at WNED. Oprah orchestrate the commissioners -- parents that they -- auditorium visits it is between. -- thousand and then 12100. People. So were we ask them to -- reaction to -- like you know similar type of public events so there's a perception. It is to -- and ebitda king has been talking on the parents and Western New York. And having it at a very small event like this really in it and of course is that notion. Tomorrow's forum holds about 300 people if people wanted to attend I know they had to register online in advance later today is the day when. WNED in the official sponsors will figure out exactly how many of those were applied get to be and those seats. Beyond that the number of people do you have any concerns over the access the fact that the the forms sponsors are screening who comes and who doesn't. Yeah that's that's the second thing it's not you know it's not. Actually open admission of the superintendents all got a few tickets there's been the leftover ones in the screened. And you know who knows what criteria they're going to use. But we don't look again don't look at parishioner is trying to do with high stick that's been controversial. Around New York State the first time -- put this idea of public forum together. He quit after the first one because so there are -- angry parents. So we retooled it. Any coming out that this new new -- Maybe you know this is what it is less -- navy secretary and from parents silly he certainly partly -- of the ball well we tried to try to out as much as possible. Has anyone from the city Education Department responded -- concerns. Delano commissioner came good eagle -- street when it comes to information that's part of the reason. We have a lot of upset parents in New York State is because the commissioner is not a good hitter. I've written -- the commissioner several times rarely get any response from them I got no response. A decision. Very good assembly and thanks for joining us this morning. That's assemblyman Sean Ryan Democrat from north buffalo.

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