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Previewing the Buffalo Common Core Forum

Dec 10, 2013|

Bob Bennett

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking about the common core learning standards this morning and more specifically a big forum coming to town in the next couple days. This Thursday's state education commissioner John King comes to town. For a forum the meeting will be held this coming Thursday at channel seventeen studios. Regent Bob Bennett is here. Bob thanks for stopping by nice to be here again you're doing so on a day when the buffalo a day after the buffalo teachers federation picketed your homes toppled but about. Common core standards. And we're hearing some other concerns. About the form as well. But earlier on the program we had assemblyman Sean Ryan on and I want you to hear what he said and I give me a quick reaction to it. Questioner is trying to do what I -- -- -- -- controversial. Around New York State the first time he put this idea of a public forum together. He quit after the first one because so there -- -- angry parents that are happy to hear what commissioner came finalists say good com into. Erie county. And department to a -- our -- to hear it very small location at television studio. Do you have any concerns about the size of the venue or the amount of parents you can reach at this -- no I think the intention is to read more inclusive and and the -- that the and one -- going to be televised live is encouraging. This is the fifth public television environment. We've had Binghamton Rochester. Syracuse and Plattsburgh -- users forum. It does not affect the number of speakers that come forward and speak. Or questions that are raised or criticisms. And so that the BO is thirty to forty of those. After each -- sixty commissioner responds. He's very very accessible public official most I've ever seen. And the first one and duchess county. He was shouted off the stage basically so and I don't think it's it's right to say that he quit. He was shouted down by folks in Dutchess County after some thought and consultation with the board. He reestablished and there's going to be one Wednesday night. In New York City in Manhattan with speakers over. We'll see how that goes in next week we will assemble as a border region to get feedback and all of the issues. That have been raised and to see what if any changes are required. I would just remind everybody that this is a very very multifaceted issue with the legislature the governor the border regions and the federal government. And it's on an issue that only the common car which are 21 century learning standards. England also. Use your immediate requirement. By the federal government recently testing must be done and if we camper with that at all. We're going to be -- trouble with hundreds of millions of dollars don't wanna watch that very very carefully so. Broad based input I met with assemblyman wants autonomy them again. And I think that hopefully we can get to a point in the legislature. And the governor and the region's next. Year early which can never really civil discussion about what works what doesn't work. We want very much I'm gonna propose next week to regions or wrong answer that we've. That we asked the districts that have been implementing this. And most of them in my district and so doing. How's it going what changes -- they suggest that are within the boundaries of the law. Teacher valuation is a state law so that need to be changed only the state legislature can do that. June how many tickets for requested for this venue at at -- the public I don't know today -- I'm going to be at a meeting today in the afternoon to find out exactly. I wanna pick up on one of the other things you just that next week. The regents are going to start to ask districts to suggest changes or don't have known -- share their experiences and -- anymore. Next week we're going to have our regular December board meeting. In Albany Monday and Tuesday in this obviously will be on the agenda because all the forms will have been completed by then. And we wanna hear from others. Around the state about what did you learn what did you hear and there are common themes that that are have arisen and in Jamestown for example with forty speakers there were about five themes that kept getting repeated an all valid and all and needed to be discussed and aired. And the frequency of testing. The measurement of a teacher against testing the local control that still exists 80% of the teacher's evaluation is entirely controlled locally. And and the need for. Curriculum. That is a local decision to develop the curriculum that is consistent with the learning standards so. When you look at the international results of where students are in America. I think we should be very concerned about how well -- About with the although the noisy opposition to the common core. Our districts that are having success with it we're in one right here this week -- I think it would be good to hear the superintendent speak about. When they started planning to -- years ago retraining their futures. Making sure that the common core was one that suggested creativity which it does. And and how it's going with them and what changes might be afoot in their opinion same thing with other distraction there are counting so I think that. All the information will be it has been listened to received. And low -- -- discuss with the folks at them have the power to change things legislature governor. Federal government. All right Bob thanks very much for stopping by thanks for writing me. -- emeritus Bob Bennett talking about the common course standards and a big form about it coming to buffalo on Thursday.


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