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12-10 Beach and Company Hour 1

Dec 10, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello hello does region governor I'm sending me Chad I've been on remote three days ago last Thursday remote last Friday remote yesterday remote and Ambac and Estonia. The problem of being in the studio audience to quiet in here. Like ambient -- I like the excitement of a crowd it shows what a trooper. I should know I really. -- understand talked to a John's -- plastic surgeon and Doug Johns those sexual. Trans transmission from one to another is complete and he will be back tomorrow just the parts finally showed up on FedEx. There waiting for some some some parts his surge in order -- parts in there were delayed you know. -- the Christmas season you can always count on timely delivery. But there attaching those parts today and then and they should be ready to go to tomorrow he goes on -- didn't get nearly dead there he and he he's expander he got beat by -- ball. Price he didn't wait that he just didn't wait for them to be auctioned off and because like yet. With John without operation and the problem is you have to buy things in Toulouse. You know two would be used to those. He already had -- one body needs to old too old too old. And that -- gotta match him up on my team it's like having a team of horses. The other team has to be matched in order for them to pull properly. You know I'm talking about so this is basically the same thing on a sex change operations up. Now the final part derived they're being insulted and I think by a team of technicians excellence that should be noted he should be back tomorrow. And at at at a meanwhile. Was weather forecast right where is almost -- in the southern -- when tomorrow and that's why I'm going to be tomorrow seventy volunteer -- right resolution I have an appointment. But that was after BO 130 tomorrow. In Orchard Park while that's nice. It. Hit driver there. Hey you're talking about a used to winter weather driving I don't like ice. Forget ice but there's no ice in this forecast is meaningless now. I've driven snow off the mind apples around here has no problem for a manly man who -- it's fun you miss read it trickles. Watchful does that Christmas the bus several years ago exactly where. I'm talking Elliott Abrams several years ago on the Christmas Eve afternoon. And today he said we could get this was several years ago -- current OK I want people panic. -- -- and it weighed against seventy minutes ago. And I said pardon me if I really didn't think her. Never heard anybody say seven feet of snow and he says Symbian -- now and over the course of liked to have days we've got some -- now. I was on Christmas Eve after an I don't know remember. Forever yet we're looking out the window during the show and it's like getting hits higher and higher and and leaving the cars are parked out a lot leaving they have bush steps steps with -- iron railings okay. Hold onto the railing because the snow couldn't see the -- oh so you're very easily could miss this a step. And I remember I was meeting Cindy. Well over here at the Mary got four or for dinner we had the dinner reservations -- their parents. And I had at that time I had -- I had an excursion which is the biggest truck you can buys huge against huge. And I could barely get over there even an all wheel drive and low block and everything's and I -- a little Plymouth horizon and at all by the way I. But that was a several years ago but that those character builders joy out of it and driving miss W in drive in and out. Sorry to hear about the passing of its early arrows. The son of the founder of Ted's -- as a buffalo institution we've all enjoyed heads over the years and sorry to hear about his passing. I guess you lived in Arizona. And he has memorial service will be held in Western New York -- funeral be in Arizona but -- -- here that I a couple of members of the assembly nice people. And certainly. They -- buffalo treasure now I keep telling. Wayne wolf look. You -- sheriff's deputy. A sheriff's department. He would get a new name for this fund raiser. It's a great fund raiser but every time every time Craig Matthews AKA Wayne wolf sheriff's deputy. Every time he's he rides a horse okay. Every time he sends me this. I could barely get through it okay it's it's to raise money for food and what better cause during this time -- the -- -- -- by going hungry. But the name of the promotion -- call. Mounted for meals. And I just think and maybe. They could get a little bit more creative than mounted for meals don't you think. But apparently it's very successful because everybody reads it -- Here is the area county sheriff's mounted reserve unit. Four -- Behind definitely cherished it with the amount of it to be real yeah exactly. I join your county sheriff's mounted reserve unit for mounted for meals it's going to be Saturday December 14 at this says it. 10 AM to 1 PM at the Southgate plaza in front of the market in the square. The reason it's in front of the market in the square as little while and take courses in the market on the -- so. That's where will be collecting food and funds. For the a funds while now. And it it -- -- quality -- food bag Western New York means the deputies and the horses true. Yes lock up tournaments start start -- Wayne wolf. And significant in an awful lot of your hand. -- -- be nice little sugar cube every once in awhile it's not it's not a bad thing that's -- yet that's senate hideaway. OK so that's it -- premier Southgate plaza this Saturday. Ten to -- he's great -- great he has raised is terrific person in the horses beautiful -- and I love horses. So check it -- the horse gets see the sheriff's deputy and get did participate because. But it would take a break will be back with more with -- and company I don't know if you saw the game last night but Chicago is -- They you know they retired -- that there is number. That was it that was a good doping at halftime. But at any time the cowboys going to be count me in the I'm happy when I worked in Dallas I used to root against them not publicly -- But. -- a Dallas has as horrendous defense the matter of fact Chicago scored the first eight times they had the ball first -- And they never punted now I don't recall -- game. Where one team never plotted and why do during your bills against San Francisco neither team -- shall. Neither team on either team party -- we have a defense today have a defense when this was in the Super Bowl -- nobody putted at all -- all teens just scoring all Albany law all right so that's good but. Any time Jerry Jones gets -- it's okay with me and talking about it and I guess this this -- filling in four Cutler. For the bears it is a parent and what's gonna happen -- Wimbley for string guy comes back there's a lot of talk of whether we'll have a job yeah I mean think about it that's that's Brett Favre. Get the starting job yes I went to. When I went to Wisconsin. The guy from a -- I'm house economic ski was the starting work he got injured just before I got there. And because I -- thing OK I got and then I can call -- what you do some things in my radio station because he's he's from but you're right it's injured Brett Favre field's in and that's the end of that story. Brett Favre was you know forever. And and and Sylvia but is rocking chair -- to the line of scrimmage. So when you well when you lose. You know when -- an injury and did you by the way did you see the injury. I'm Barack Garko -- I didn't see the highlights where I've run an awful lot about it people CNET it was cheap. All the way that he was that well the problem is this idle this is -- sports talk show on not the Bulldog or shall although I wish it were you know I wish or potential -- that I'd like one was pink. That those pink bar rises in the women's tennis I think because I've you know I've feminine Paula qualities. Why not Wear the pink visor but here's the deal. The NFL is is saying if you if you get people hi. You're going to be fine okay. It may even be suspended so there are going well now and we're seeing all of these a CEO. Injuries on the -- on. Not good either way I I presume they'll be determining where you can hit you can hit from the shoulder down to hit ball something. As mean no place left the if if you -- DB. Fewer defensive back you're caught a tough spot because you wanna be able to make the play or you won't be employed. But if you make the play in the wrong place you can be flying or war. -- you can't. Oh lead with your had obviously you can't you discouraged from goal for the knees. You can't tackle the grab the shoulder pad from behind in knack for that's a horse collar -- that's a flag. It's getting to be where their defense is a completely. -- I think they the NFL should that make a rule that says you get extra points maybe an extra five yards if you grab anybody who's who is here. Hanging out there Helmand. Because it started -- one guy and now they've all got it and he and I love it when they just poem I have -- hair and -- comes out their hand was that a couple of weeks ago and that happened. They you have good and nice that's -- good air I what I'm hoping is that they draft Edward scissor hands of the defensive back. Because that would be if you wish to reach over and snip a -- clip from right at the Helm line -- regret this. Less like a bush -- looks like a huge bush that you would see out in the woods. Really the football uniform bonds still much hair yeah it really really is here's the ever felt that I find with your stockings. If your stockings on our pulled them to Sox called up you're gonna get a fine -- they have people look for that aren't. But the hair looks ridiculous. Just like in baseball. Especially as you get close of the World Series what they all had those stupid beards are like they'll look like mountain men asked as doves and -- -- -- -- we are now ready. -- -- -- it's. It's just -- album. A gold mine now let's see today I I don't follow baseball what I see. Very well known pitcher -- one time I guess a pitched in to Ronald is retired what's his name it was. Validate and I Halladay you know so he's taking on holiday he's done after after many years of successful yet -- A good forum. I don't -- tickets to giveaway -- we do this now. Who would like to go to see the TS hello. Trance of your new Yorker should have -- tickets to see them Monday December 30 and the reason the tickets that day is that's that is going to be here. At three at 3 PM at the first Niagara center value is 75 bucks general contest rules applied. Tickets are on sale now tickets are com a dollar off each ticket sold -- of the lymphoma society of Western New York. 6449 at some privacy and call and will take the the magic ninth call and you'll win that tickets to see that. So here are your daughters that are one year check up. And -- soldiers she's -- to be -- yes she's in the upper percentile for -- I think she's over thirty inches while also say WNBA hopes she's really talk about that -- really Darlington -- -- -- and she can sign a big WNBA contract -- be neat medical. So you're going -- -- -- everybody's -- their medical appointments at the end of the year -- idea I I -- I put -- altogether there on December -- 111 get away. I need more time it would go and get all mine done now well you should usually you know yes OK who witness over here turner had an off. That's aspirin it's okay. What did you tell -- you are generally good health yes how are opening knock your -- would this hammer toe hold on sergeant in the exact knowledge in math that's good save in six month OK I don't have a lot of time we got a lot more -- Michael page with Obama -- reform. Leave it at the deaths either that or leave your -- at the end the suspense of something at -- -- we -- for some go to that sent. Out driving everybody nuts by the way posted pictures of which about the -- all of their bed they're good. Now you know also is this is a shameless plug as a Mike line. -- makes me around most people and make butchered bodies only make him a Christmas time because there are involved and I got to make a guy it's heavy lifting and they're not an easy -- to make. And that was that Press Secretary members use the word for George Bush. For mine. I did. OK -- will be back with the completion company. And that's. They're great to talk continues in the evening. -- Sean Hannity we thank seven till ten on WB. However act revision dominate -- imagine this people are. Yet now people of the National Football League as I do have been following in my whole life and I -- goods -- sports who's in the background. Volume of this. Yeah I don't -- girl but. That's the name of the fans. Good person. There's about a week. -- instrumental break. Why don't you. But it. You take a master charge or maybe. American Express. It says getting a little tough to Saddam. -- -- -- -- -- I love sex offenders don't you know. Christmas act on -- Guys playing. -- with a high voice. Well I'm happy to hear that. Woman of simple case. Has made all day dream law. What I have. One more time. Heads of female lead -- nobody's Vince. A bad so that's good -- remember whether we got turned on that song by Jack Armstrong former KB. As discharges from the south and I think this record broken the south than. A once who was back in -- he mentioned it and and it's great song I'll -- my favorites HO I it's -- -- It's on my iPad it's on my iPod. And I listened to -- room. It's really go -- as one of those songs especially with the saxophone and you'll excuse -- seems I didn't mean nothing beats no telling. Not violence they don't insects no I don't crimes per gallon drums he can beat the drums which camp beats action on doctor about. So good sex good Christmas -- and I -- -- -- guys I beat the drums this accident never worked out what can Rajai. I don't -- who I need to sway a warrior for jeweler just homers and again. And get some water we're going to be getting into our topic in a little bit. And hopefully we'll get some nice calls and conversations go right here on news talk -- nice job nice job -- for summaries in the studio is drive it -- like that you have to hydrate. Are you have to hydrate otherwise you get this they're going to throw. And I learned a long time ago when it particularly his throw you cannot get rid of -- -- -- not present that results in long trips to makes it worse though look at material can tell you. I guess that's that's great and -- see what else one more thing reports are subject healing Jeannie. Are in a death match now on fantasy football -- -- on parallel courses here. Yeah we are we both won our first round of the playoffs this weekend. And we could actually both of us could afford to lose this week long as we don't lose by a lot of points at 320 for -- 35 for her so it looks pretty good that were going to win the next this next weekend which will set up the championship match up neat vs my way. -- you know probably NFL coaches say you know look ahead do you look at that you -- is directly in front view. A little less -- a -- good this week VO. For -- Calvin Johnson Drew Stafford. DeMarco Murray. -- don't go -- -- Calvin Johnson's you know he's probably the best wide receiver you know in football in obvious this past week in the snow kinda gotten way. They didn't give particularly good numbers but the thing that I like about this weekend is now the team that the players -- I have are at home there in the dole. That's good and they have -- calling on the home is not recent years ago yet -- fantasizing here at Calvin Johnson some others -- Regina. She only needs one player Asia patent. On some. I -- I've never beaten her I love Peyton I love -- their regular playing Thursday night. Thursday eyes I don't remember it was there Tuesday night I do remember that is that. That's the bills that's the only team are really root for. And it's hard it's getting harder and harder for the bills via. Yeah idolize you know they're from here and that's nice that's about it but that is. Not happening. Here's that's the sad part of it all week I was welcome back we've made the playoffs I think what five or six times may be in the sixties maybe once in the seventies. Five times a peak in the eighties and an all throughout the nineties we have this in the playoffs now embarked going up fourteen. -- announced that it was thirteen at the beginning of the seasons of his report and -- -- -- you're in trouble and the people it at the Ralph bring signs saying play all the games in Toronto how should I you know. And as we've talked about it before. How -- the Super Bowl for the NFL is a huge event. -- was a huge event for all of us. But if you go to the game it's just one big corp church most all of the sponsors everybody gets taken care of all the best cities blah blah blah blah blah. Have you heard what it's not going to be happening at the Super Bowl this year in New Jersey and -- the eighty tailgating no tailgating. You know why because. Because the kind of people go to the Super Bowl don't tailgate why. So they're going to go out no tailgating allowed and soda is that supposed to be like a ritual for American football you mean the limousines don't break the -- -- the -- now rely police wrong yeah I don't have to did this come double -- growth in the this back in front of -- in the airplane LB all the growing you're gonna do it. -- -- Dogs are getting sorry to be super cold why would you. -- I'm rooting for the you know armored blizzard blizzard -- because they have an alternate date yeah. I was so if it but imagine if they have to go to the alternate date. Do you know how many reservations. At hotels and restaurants. How much catered food and all of this stuff has to be. Ready right at the last minute because they if they got a tremendous storm. They wouldn't call off the last minute and then all of a sudden everything's done and they got to redo it for the following way can all the NFL -- deserve it's I'm hoping that's -- yes absolutely. Because I love to see that but they certainly have the organization get a straight but no tailgating so you'll not be able to do that. All right let's see what we come back we'll start our subject today which I think is. It's very annoying to me I don't know if it's annoying to you and I will find out on Israeli and I'm thirty that you began well -- that I thought was very disturbing today and I'm using an article by -- merry appease the act. And -- these -- Judy. Talking about the buffalo teachers federation and some parents picketing. Bob Bennett Bob Bennett is a regents. Let's and a New York State education system. He is a region emeritus and and they're picketing his home. Now I as far as I'm concerned you know we all understand that there's a right to picket there are certain rules and regulations about picketing. But about -- a if you picketing. Eighty somebody as an individual. Yeah orders especially if your picketing something they do at war. That picketing should be done at the workplace. If if somebody you know it were a runs a plant you know like you picket at the plant you -- picket at the home. Because a home is includes innocent people have nothing to do would -- probably would watcher picketing. And maybe the person who lives there has a wide for a husband who have nothing to do -- Maybe they have kids have nothing to do maybe they have an in law that Islam -- nothing to do it so I'm thinking picketing should be reserved. When you do I don't think it's appropriate it should be reserved for the workplace. So the first question I have. Is that is why they would be picketing Bob Bennett's house. And I know we did a web -- WB and today it's still in effect as a matter of fact and I give me an opinion before I get into the the meat of this story give me an opinion on how the public feels our public feels anyway about the picketing someone at. Home -- the web poll says do you think it was right for the buffalo teachers to picket outside the home of New York State regent Bob Bennett. And does 77%. Say no 23%. Say yes. 77%. Say no you know what I think to be more appropriate. I think you would be more appropriate if picketing was done at film room -- house. Because of the psyche job that's being done. In in the educational system in buffalo. You can point your fingers at whoever you want to point your fingers -- but what about that I wonder how comfortable a mr. -- more would be with that. Probably not too much. On now I'm not gonna get into the weeds as to why the picketing is taking place. Standard dead -- testing -- have been increased and and common core standards have been raised in whatever. So people decide. Some parents and some teachers aside this is this is too much it's too much to overcome. It's not fair or excuse excuse whatever it is now. I'm not go away as I said I'm not gonna get involved with the merit. Of the increasing the curriculum and things like that. -- -- these kinds of tests and other things that are required. A -- what I had to get into is the logic. Of this OK let me get this straight now and -- first of all I think. Many of -- -- not gonna be very happy with. -- would what I have to say and to be honest with you I could careless okay. I it would be impossible careless that I care. Because the logic just isn't there. Let me see now somebody wants to raise the standards. Of which your child will. Will be educated somebody wants to actually make yours or your child have more knowledge than they -- had before somebody would have had to make you would have had a higher academic standing. Than before so that's certainly a good reason to harass them is meant. I think you should be picketing to lower the bar because I think your goal should be to have the smartest kid at the dumb school. Okay you certainly don't want the dumbest kid at the Smart school that's not a that's not important to you you -- half of it you'll have the smartest kid at the dumb school. Add that to me is is not logical at all it truly isn't and you know lying and I'll tell you why and this is the part is gonna rubbed the wrong way I'm sorry. You don't really care how much knowledge your kid leaves -- be ready to take on the world you just care about the grade. Okay because what is the great stand for a great stands for what the right grades my your son or daughter can get into the right college. That's what it's about with the right graves I have bragging rights with a right academic standing. I can you know I can I can stand head and shoulders above my neighbors and my friends of my relatives doesn't matter what the kids learn. The actual knowledge isn't material it's secondary nature the key is to get the right grade. Now to me that is as screwed up as I can think if my kid. We're still in my my daughter was a very good in school. And and and bright and I was very happy and we're very pleased whether. But I if this is happening while my daughter was in school. I would applaud it. I would want my daughter challenged. I would want I would I would want somebody who had to work. At the work of being a student that's what I would want. I wouldn't want something that's a lowered the bar 'cause it's easier. Lower the bar because I'll get a better result. As I said you might be use a sports analogy. Would you want to be the best quarterback in the economy -- I don't -- if there -- -- -- mentally. -- would you like to be any quarterback in the National Football League. I mean you wanna play with the big boys you've got to work you've got to adjust you've got to patting yourself as being somebody who is wants to be challenged. Wants to be encouraged to two to reach out for something that's just beyond their grass. And pick giving Bob Bennett seems to give the wrong message to me the message is don't make it so hard form just make sure he gets good grades. Boy you talk about the wrong message I don't know who should be in school the students or the parents. We'll be back and we'll get more into this on news radio I'm thirty WB.

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