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12-10 Beach and Company Hour 2

Dec 10, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

That proves it I've always said about Howard Simon people who love Howard Simon I think he's such a gentleman section nice guys so I learned so articulate. But if you work around here you know he's got a hair trigger when mr. timers said. Give me a fifty dollar bill first you just like Charlie brown and Lucy you know she's going to not hold the football. -- So is it -- the fifty -- lights it on fire now that would be nice for any of us. But it would've handled little bit better we would have kept our temper under control while Howard's size fifty go up in flames he said. I mean. Could it be any worse than that could be any more vial in the halls of Entercom communications are just thinking how many times have we heard what the up in these -- Probably never we have virgin halls and virgin -- So I'm thinking next time we see Howard asked him the ledger twenty in light and on fire and -- Argo is in order mine if he's up there -- -- is a war is what stuff. -- Our -- are talking about. What I I assumed that when Bob Bennett the region looked out his window and saw he was being ticketed he probably said. Not. Because he would have a right to say what. And our audience believes that he had that right 77%. Say. It's not cool to pick at somebody at home are 77%. Or not OK with it. I'm thinking you know you can have their differences of opinion you're gonna have dispute chickens though that what's better what's words. What's -- what's a tie. Budget don't do it at home. As I said there innocent people at home have nothing to do with the reason your picketing. We've seen this tactic before if if there was a god if there was a picketing god they'd -- -- filled room floors house. Because. Because of the lousy results that we seem to be getting from the buffalo school system. The schools that are on watch the less than 50% graduation rate. The parents and and the billion dollars a year spent on that. The parents in buffalo and have a right to say what the well let me here every part of a story by Mary -- the Cantonese jewel EG. About two dozen teachers and parents okay that's that sets the template for the whole thing to a dozen. Two -- 24. Okay dozens 12424. People. Did the thickening. Then I you know how many teachers there must -- and in buffalo the -- parents there are buffalo. -- schoolchildren that well I don't know how many would show up but they you know how many there aren't. So you get 24 people on that's what starts. About two dozen teachers and parents marched outside the -- want the home of regent -- Robert M Bennett. On Monday. To show their displeasure with the way the state has implemented new learning standards and tests designed to measure them. So here they don't like to -- learning standards in the test so they're going to his house. To -- -- at that. You know the I don't know if they simpler report cards but they used to uses time wisely. Remember that I was -- because I never used -- memoirs. All right turned into a career and also maybe it was wiser than I thought at that time. But -- out. So bear 24 people are gonna go -- Bob Bennett's house because I don't know what they expect to happen that they expect Bob Bennett to look the other way I don't know. There's Tony four people out there. Let's just ditch this whole program let's just go back to where we work I'm thinking this is. This is this isn't right an overwhelming number 24 people are against it. Right it's a maidan from the right up there. It's. Andy protest lasted only 35 minutes. That was -- -- yet you've got two dozen people 35 minutes. But the teachers hope to send a strong message. Yes we got the message. By choosing to picket on the sidewalk outside the home of a state education official. What I want is for mr. Bennett and all of the board of regents. To be aware that teachers and parents alike are not happy with the implementation. Are not happy with the amount of testing said Joni Cavanaugh. A teacher at hutch tech. Technical school who -- among the protesters. So I think. First at all. When you get out of school. All right. And you don't get that job because you -- not qualified you don't have the proper education. You don't have the proper knowledge -- surprised I suppose you should get in touch with Joni Cavanaugh and thank her for that. Because she doesn't want you to raise the bar she like the -- either stay exactly word is and that's not at a very lofty position aren't even lower. Maybe there'd be a thank you march if they lowered its so you've got a better grade as a manager learned anything about a great -- that you don't talk about. The residential location was an unusual laundering a national day of action that featured rallies and news conferences organized by teachers unions. Educators. Who belong to teachers unions. And community groups across the state. -- who is a gentleman by the way if you've ever come in contact with Bob Bennett. He is a gentleman with the -- class. Maybe that's always appreciated you know remain. Bennett who has represented Western New York on the State's border regions since 1995. Minutes now chancellor emeritus. Said he was disturbed by the tactic of picketing his home I don't blame them. It's disappointing to say the least Bennett said before the protest. A phone call would have suffice -- film in film room more wanted to talk to me or yell at me he could just pick up the phone the thought of that -- Film room more yelling at Bob Bennett is beyond what I want to endure I can tell you about right now aren't. Bennett was not at the house during the protest. Good so they got the protest of a bear or halts. It. I'm sure the chandelier took at all animate. The wallpaper. And you know maybe the refrigerator took notes I'm really not sure but they were out there in front of an empty house basically. The pickets walked quietly on the sidewalk carrying signs that read. Our students are not a test score. -- the end of the event by chanting hey hey ho America's Bennett has got to gall. Oh I could see some creative possibilities -- this I mean I think it could be a Broadway musical. Hey ho ho. Emeritus Bennett has got to go and there. Seven years ago -- -- joined other unions in the city and picketing the homes of members of buffalo state appointed financial control board. You see how that worked -- right okay how did it work now. It worked out by buffalo getting on good financial footing but you would want that would you. So they -- -- that one. And -- buffalo is in a much better position financially than they were before. The the financial reward. New York State united teachers spokesperson Karl Koren. Said he was not aware of the BTS plans to picket Bennett's house now the NY issue -- is a lot bigger than the buffalo teachers federation. The buffalo district parent coordinating council said -- shares the BTF's concerns. With how common core standards have been implemented and excessive use of assessments. It does not support protesting outside anyone's private residence. So I'm with them. This isn't about what Bob Bennett does at home this is about what Bob Bennett does at the workplace he does not work at home. I think that's common sense and common decency. Getting back to via message from the NY issued today. For the sake of our children a statement from the group -- it is imperative that we work together to get this right. So there could be big unions says no we don't believe what do little unions doing the bubbles -- federation. And apparently most of the people on the bubble teachers federation didn't agree with -- either because there were only. 24 people there and that included some parents. So it's certainly wasn't an overwhelming show of vote for us on how important was to get that message to Bob Bennett and what. Message that I think really was gonna get through -- that how many times is is that effective I think is not effective very often. So I'm asking. Picketing someone's home are you OK with this they -- Bob Bennett's home because they don't like the New York State standards there -- two dozen picketers -- less -- 35 minutes. Are you okay -- this. I'd like to hear from you in 03 3018061692. Through six and start -- a couple of questions are you OK with picketing someone's home. I say if you want a picket picket the workplace. Is certainly have a right to pick and under certain circumstances. And if you wanna -- the knock yourself out but it should be. At the at the workplace not at the home. A region Bob Bennett a -- latency because it wasn't there about two dozen. Pickets. From being a buffalo teachers federation and parents -- -- doesn't wanna for. I mean that that's. Are you OK with this are you okay -- -- our audience says 77%. Of our web poll and we have several hundred respondents so far saying no it's it's not a good idea at a simple question true. Is does ticket and work. Doesn't work what happened there's already awareness through public meetings and things like that that some people load disagree with the it -- this. Accelerated the learning curve here. So you know that. What do you think's gonna happen and Bob Bennett's got all the way and RT if he had been moments I. -- two dozen people there are contacted. The regents. In Albany and get this thing shut off weekend we can't disappoint two dozen people c'mon. I don't think I don't think -- except under certain. Stringent and exceptions works that well it kind of shows. Shows me aside that maybe isn't the strongest and you employed let's go to Heidi in Lancaster hello Heidi -- on WB yen. And hello how -- I'm fine thank you. Thank you. This is what I want. What does that say it just says that you're looking for something superficial you're looking for good grade and an easier path shouldn't you be doing be challenged path -- I want are tougher standards I want this bar set higher because what's important to me is that my child be able to succeed as an adult. That sure we all live soccer standards and that the that the people that are opposed to the -- -- -- and in acting. I got a quote the proper standards and as standardized testing. That's a false misconception. And what they're pro kill -- -- -- a rollout as Delaware's. Haven't quarter roll outs quickly get back and -- the caps aren't staying -- all the governor. -- that legislators saying it's what we're gonna kill if he -- -- quarter need to adopt it yet as a state assessment led it to get your rate the cap on. And obviously we're in a recession so people get used it to do -- -- I Wii -- with our family member -- -- that it even gets a look at what kind of court life. Now. We very careful -- giving shelter and other America of the future of America. Standards. There that are they have such lies in them. And and yes it's and he I want -- entered the -- and that's flawed and that they had an appropriate question -- -- -- don't have even questioned the aches and. And I -- do you know how many -- do you know how many states have signed up for an -- In my whole 45 but the answers 45. Now now they are pulling out her skates are pulling out of this and people are giving back raise the cap fund because it's gonna cost more money now. The superintendent Rick Williams now to discuss this at the assembly meetings that it if they accept me out -- -- -- -- -- that -- You know you know when it out and you know will not use its segments -- you know who will not be protesting. The nations that value education are pulling ahead of us on the net on an international basis thank you very much. Only political campaigns we hear how he always score in international ratings and math in this and that the other things. Well this might be a good example of why he will be back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. Call us now an 8030930. -- calls are free and -- -- -- toll free line as well. 6169236. Not other outside is frightful but the show resolve delightful. -- sentence there -- At all okay. I don't have anything run with its own and -- -- anyway it is -- -- and company and we're. Talking about the the protest. That Bob Bennett's house Bob Bennett is. An emeritus a member of the region's stay regions. And he's a classy guy he really is if you ever met him in all that. But we had what two dozen sold approximately 24 pickets outside his home. Not you know not -- works but where he lives. Picketing the what's going on with the higher standards and big required by by the state. And so we're we're looking -- is looking to raise the bar now I'm very logical person. During the last presidential campaign. How many times did we hear America is rarely. Losing its place in education. And then they would give you all of the all of the exact numbers where you know I'll make them up to them room. -- seventeenth in math where this in this way Wear always like seventeenth -- 23 or whatever according to world standards so we're not leaving the world and hardly any thing educationally. Now I would be willing to -- That those who are let's take -- say we are seventeenth. I would be willing to bet that those who were ahead of its number one to sixteen. Are certainly not having. Picketing activity saying businesses to hire. Catch and make it isn't. Too hot weren't. About -- You think that that's happening in foreign countries no probably not. So this is a perfect program or not. Is immaterial the bottom line is there are complaints because somebody raised the bar. Should we be encouraging raising the bar certainly we want it well thought out. Well plan but shouldn't we always be demanding that the -- that the bar is raised. All are and I don't want a solid Smart ass. Do you want your kid to be the smartest kid at the dumb school. Wouldn't you rather have your kid the dumbest kid at the Smart school. Because that's -- that way got a better chance of succeeding in life. That would be the day that I would go to a protest whether it's a meeting or a picket line or anything else demanding they lowered the bar. What do you gain. I said at the beginning of the show I don't -- insult anybody but you know what that tells -- it tells me that you really don't care about the amount of knowledge that ends up and your kids head. You just care about the grade that shows up. On the transcript. Is good -- -- hear your -- subject now knows Ozzie gets into orbit -- like a different. My son biz and through that call will be impressed nobody gets a call -- that's another story because he's going to be competing. With the kids from those sixteen other nations. At all finish ahead of us. The didn't protest. Is a so a competition is is a worldwide. And that will be whining and moaning on how many jobs go overseas. How many how many areas of expertise we've given up that we used. He can't have it both ways doing the work hard. You raise the -- constantly to challenge yourself where you fall behind if you fall behind. Don't be surprised. Don't be surprised if you can't make it a decent living in get the things that you want it on your own life. Storage area and hammers -- on WB. I -- -- because -- -- -- -- there a little bit about an idea and this time in court saying good why don't they have a situation where the Buffalo News. For example as a good newspaper or whatever but that's a principal at this time in court thing to say about his foreign countries and stuff like that being adamant what hope they do this. Take some of the sixth or seventh grade -- state students picked they -- ten common cords subject to man up. And I've been there are questions -- May -- intended science then compare it. To what let's extend -- Latvia or Singapore as tent and that their questions. And put into the Bob wouldn't boot and then let the people say what is a different light wondered -- why these questions a little bit different than the one we -- complaining about. That's not why I like that put us on the world stage because where you first -- used to being on the world stage we have to compete on the world stage and instead what are we doing where or making all kinds of -- About lowering the bar and then getting a minimum wage raised at the a fast food -- that's what our concern. Let's not rhetoric that thing get pregnant but that actually show it to -- people don't even know how important to melt down. I'll bet that is something and it put it in front put at the Bob when it was put. Pretend or even fifteen questions he's been sequestered from the -- Finland -- -- -- the -- This is the -- of the questions that were all disappointed about it too tired -- go black -- state. Jerry you -- right on that's a good idea thank you very much you know we -- going through a would we be afraid to take on the world and in sporting events no not a most events that you. All right well why not our transfer that to the world of of academics lets us take my suit I was exactly where we are. Because as I said we weren't hit over the head with a club. During via a during the elections were told how terrible we were in in our positioning and various subjects. In academics we were not leading the world. In any way shape or form and almost all of them. But now when somebody tries to raise the bar whether it's it's perfect or not it is a higher learning standard in indeed. In America I see and Denise Jewell -- article in the buffalo -- It's as well filled remark complain that schools are quote testing our kids to death. Bennett said the amount of state required testing has remained relatively constant for many years. Quote the fact is the state tests have not increased at all in ten years of Bob Bennett. -- said that's a mischaracterization. So let me get this straight. Whose idea go beyond this one. You wanna be on film room marsh side where they buffalo school district. Because that's who represents the buffalo teachers federation of where the buffalo a school district when they graduate 50%. 50% one out of -- As a party. Okay where we have all kinds of schools on the state watch list that are underperforming. You wanna stand on on his track record or do you wanna go with somebody who says we wanna raise the standards. I can't I don't get this at all you show me in any way shape or form any part of your life where you -- who you actively want to lower your standards. Does anybody wanna do that now. They have but the point is this nobody wants to get a bad grade either -- nobody wants their kids to work too hard every time we do a subject like this. All I can think of is what happened and Akron many years ago you remember that. Yeah I do too. Akron decided that they wanted to get there -- advocate their results up so they it was an intensified campaign that was more homework involved. But it worked with -- Except for one parent who decided that her kid was to burden. With homework. That that was too much for her kids to have -- to have to look after every day and so what does she do she sued the district. To lower the bar. So she didn't care about everybody else's kid. Well who was doing better you know as a as a school district she's scared she didn't want her kids were. While I'm saying that if you don't want your -- -- worked hard what did you work harder giving the minimum waged raised at McDonald's because that's where and a or a teacher -- best teach him three words paper or plastic. OK so sit around and -- soon have to go to the world that the bar's been raised when indeed the Bart needs to be raised. I just don't have any. As far as I'm concerned I have no feeling for lowering the bar at any time under almost any circumstance. Alone here. Will be back after were asking the picketing of Bob Bennett who is -- emeritus member. Of the a state board of regents. It was not home. And he is -- if you've met Bob Bennett I've I've had the pleasure made him a couple of times are right is is a class act a wonderful nice man. And he's trying to do the right thing and so what happens to a dozen picketers show up to -- and this house because they don't like. What's going on with state education right now. And well first of all we ask you all day. Is that okay is that Kosher to -- somebody's house. And the WB and web poll 77% of you say no it's not. Wanna you wanna picket picket where where they work but you don't pick and now it's unnecessary. So an and then I wanna know if you're okay this -- only two doesn't think of how many teachers and parents are in the buffalo school district. That would be represented by the -- after this was BTF inspired. And two -- that was that kind of puny I think doesn't really show any overwhelming passion. It shows that two dozen are always gonna have hard core people who can hardly wait they have a blank side ready to paint. I'd go -- -- displeasure with something. Meanwhile show me how much displeasure you'll have when your kids living we're -- their 45. Years old living in the basement. Watching star -- because the the standards -- Julie's. We're way behind the world in many many areas of academics. And so when they wanna raise the bar even it was not perfect idea. I'd I wanted to get it as good as they can edit but I want the bar raised. I would I would be eager to see the bar raised not protest to get the bar lord. That does that doesn't cut it to me you know -- -- sound on on a SoundBite of -- one of the local TV station where they are used to government -- the works too hard the loads too much make it easier on my child -- Really what you care about just the grade. If that's all you care about you and -- block your kid will be the smartest kid at the dumb school. That I will be a real love feather in his cap all right Tony we have -- several postings -- day lunch -- problem. -- says no -- should be picketed at their home. That affects his wife and family -- not right pick it all you want at his place of employment or public venue but not his home. That's true your home as your castles not a good I don't think it's right -- it's Kosher. Unless you work from home I'd I would I would -- on that one another please. How is the -- pick is on how he says well he's probably goes the home ticket is. That's how he says that's when he's always famous -- who's on first and no he's the president trying to. Yeah. All right how he says what he says -- -- it is unacceptable these people should no and they really should. Ask and you also have to ask by the way does business that kind of picketing work. What is expected outcome. Well got a front page article in the buffalo and -- -- not from -- from bases section -- Of the city and region got that say more people know you're not happy with what's going on I -- You could consider that an accomplishment you really think that they're going to curl up and die because you stood out front with two dozen tickets for 35 minutes. With signs it's a year you're against what they don't those work that another please. Let's go to this guy who's looking back Texas. Yeah that well it's altitude -- -- all that crosses the line does it really does but it ends this sort of thing before. We've had tickets at various places they they seem to think that's a great idea meanwhile I think if you want a righteous ticket should be -- film room -- For the lousy results that they're getting out of buffalo school system that's who should be directed and how Phil would feel. Being picketed at home. Probably two. Two. Our only comeback moments -- few basically picketing somebody's home. Good idea or not and we found that most people -- and not think it's good idea of a UOK whether or you're not also. Also this is important does a picketing work do you think it it accomplishes anything will be back.

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