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12-10 Beach and Company Hour 3

Dec 10, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're back live -- -- coming up sandy beach help but think of the embarrassment. Of the juxtaposition. Of two major stories. One is while you know a couple of dozen protesters are protesting the higher standards -- of education -- Bob Bennett. While their protest thing you've got other groups protesting. That the minimum wages not high enough. To look to be able to support a family on a fast food locations. So think about like this. Have -- the first bunch of protesters actually gotten with the program. And more education is actually doled out a higher intelligence quotient is actually available. A two of the workplace better jobs that pay more you wouldn't have to via. Focusing as much on. Minimum wage jobs which are fine starter jobs but are not designed. To raise a family on got it. But I find it very difficult to believe that. That there's any credence is saying that this is too hard. The -- the standard is too much for us. But Johnny can't -- it to work harder and and to do more. Instead we should be trying to catch up with the other nations are already surpassed us in many in many of the fields of education they're not protesting. They're just making their lives better in this article. There's a couple of quotes and near the and then target the video calls. The articles by -- the -- and an -- algae section a bubble -- those aren't. Bennett said the common -- is designed to make students competitive. The state establishes learning standards. Each district decides what curriculum to use so that sounds to me like the standards would be the goal this is the goal -- get there. Well you know it's like saying I wanted to auto Ralph Wilson Stadium. That's the goal body get there -- -- you can take this wrote. You take that road you can fly overhead with a helicopter repel down there's a lot of ways you can get there. The ways are left up to you the fact that you have to get there. Is is the important goal to reach higher standards I don't know anybody that whatever rational argument. That I would listen to this that I want lower standards for -- -- your child's education. And that's basically were -- -- let's go to who lives on a cell phone leisure on WBBM. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- different about you have a putt putt ticket somebody's private home but they're not what I was calling about all the ear bit during high school -- got in the way and I want -- college. And I had gone and true. Courses and gotten really good grades and graduate -- -- light on the -- polish equivalent to catch. -- -- -- Did you see migration -- yet so that it take -- -- part of what you have to do. I took the act and I got under it well good for you well. It's not possible solution will he take them. OK I won't. Be -- I thought the tenth grade English math and wasn't able to get a hundred on -- of these -- not I'm not. Probably more and get close to retiring. I said. I didn't wasn't able to get a hundred on both of these can go to college. You can't quick look at our quote I don't -- classes. -- look at college. That's a good question and we -- fight you -- if you follow the political campaigns as we have to -- There are all kinds of I've graphs and charts that show -- we've fallen behind in educational standards to the rest of the world I think an opportunity to raise them would be embraced. Exactly and about eight -- -- after I graduated from his school. And the -- haven't you. I'm -- Tony just gave me a signal he wants to know lives if you come over and tutor his -- Why you should be proud of the fact that you you -- so I thought it was you swept to decide by showing that. Yeah I you have common sense education and and and and you found that the standards were low. I think that everybody is better when they don't. They don't reach a 100% because it still gives them something to to strive for put that carried out a bit further ahead something to work harder for and I think you'll end up being a better person for. Thank you -- thank you very much that's the point. Challenge being challenged why do you wanna take the easy path. I mean why would you wanna do that. You've always if you know it's like in our business you don't -- to take chances. Because of the expression I've always uses if you don't put something in the pot while ago poker game. You know puts on him upon -- and getting back right there is you you can't be afraid. Pardon me to fail. You cannot be afraid to fail because that's the only way he'll -- -- succeed. If you're afraid of failure or success is never never going to be there not many large scale so you work hard. You reach out it's always just beyond your reach but while -- while you're trying to pursue that goal lists -- out of reach. You're getting better he's getting smarter. You're getting more competent and before you know you're a different person but if you sit and -- all. Isn't this all our. What did you say the dog in my home Morgan the teacher doesn't know why it made me want to. I try that and your first job. Interview with IKEA to get an interview. -- now the way they screen these electronic resume as you may not even get an interview but if you're lucky enough to get an interview whine and complain. See -- see -- packages the job. Know what people in the higher than they want to they wanna have people. Who know how to get the job done a willing to who did take. And even tougher road. Together and even tougher goal accomplished. Because many times good companies will send you the school that's it take for other courses. Of further -- lectures. I mean I've I've taken courses at the Wharton school of business. Why because they were important to lower -- was a proper utilization of time during -- in the workplace whatever. You you'll learn -- Bulent skills which are applicable to which you wouldn't guess but are applicable to management. And so -- wide and I take those courses because I want it to absorb and learn everything I could. And that's what you should do and that's that your kid should do. But if the kid sees mom and dad protesting. Until. We can do is just launched instinct would assign them there -- my son is not a test does that mean. It means I'd like to know what it means okay but your son leaves school without a diploma and some knowledge between his ears would that be helpful. It would be or maybe you'd just one he'd. He'd come and who can and is the colleges and one of the great. Bowling Johnny and to a procedures com. Become -- a year for a great course when Johnny gets out. Gonna move back home with you because you -- At that. So you know aren't you know and now you you make macaroni and cheese every Tuesday -- -- favorite. Get that out there in the geologist before of that that marathon session of starch. Okay is that what you want. You educate going out there and competing in the marketplace and succeeding in the market. And making a good life for him and his family. See him could be her could be either sex. Is that what you want. Because that's what you showed will be back after talking about the picket at the Bob Bennett's house. Bob Bennett is an emeritus member of the board of regents. And he said he was disappointing. I'm disappointed he says disappointing to say the least. A phone call -- of supplies to film in the film room or wanted to talk to me or yell at me. He could just have picked up the phone he was not at home and it was not a home during the protest of pickets walked quietly on the sidewalk carried signs that read. Our students are not a test score. Okay. Well. Tell me what that means. Out of dumb guy. I usually get things. Maine are still things are not a test score. Are you saying then let me guess. That the student is more than a test score it's there inner core and their inner being while that's true. But I would say. If you get stopped on the moment -- -- I would thank you tell the trooper IE I'm not is speeding ticket. I mean rarely come up what does that mean it doesn't mean anything. And according to -- this article. It says that while -- complain that schools are testing our kids to death. Bennett said the modest state required testing has remained relatively constant for many years the effective as the state tests have not increased at ball in ten years. They set the standards. Bennett said common cores designed to make students competitive. The state establishes learning standards each district. Decides what curriculum to you. Are you going to say your cat wants to veto are -- and while -- it shouldn't have to take a test. It's more than attest to be apartment -- -- -- -- is more than its ST he should just be requirement. Civil service is -- he shouldn't have to take a test of that. Oh please -- tested all the time. Plus we get these tests. -- Direct opposite and that we have to take all of that I alas that's you've got Tony Harris. Because it. I don't want to just that I wouldn't you -- -- for me. For summaries and get this malignant mark when you -- product it wells and did you. -- -- -- -- one wrong one wrong that's the boy that's -- you're executive producer on our -- he didn't get -- there with -- and -- not the only one maybe the value of -- Chris got Jimmy -- the crystals -- that he -- -- -- aggressively back tomorrow I think you know I think he took two days -- the study for the test. A they're been sort of followed by the way he -- Great because I I'm always inspired when I get those from corporate -- you know you would have nailed the last one because it was all on FaceBook or is it all -- -- I I have two jobs one on the radio on the others overseeing my FaceBook account maybe that's why it is that you needed it it. That's that I could teach these classes to teach FaceBook -- feeling good about myself thank you because you know what. I'm more than intestinal -- you -- talks are you certainly don't want that of this. Let's do a Julian gets real Julia on WB yen. I can be I -- I am out there hi I agree that they -- and -- I'm picketed and individual how in the and that's not. I outcry here the mother. Three children or in Williams solitary you know -- school district yes -- I have children -- range. Upgrade -- And I'm like that hadn't happened in eleventh grade English and -- class citizens aren't quite as well she now and then expand it to. -- that greed is not queuing. Common core -- -- being in the difference between Elvis southern and my youngest of them particularly with my eighth grader. And I am hearing it from the teachers is that in order to catch. These war that is now mandated that comment Koreans that they have a lot of literature. And it's -- and there's no outside reading. -- -- not lending and they're they're they're not getting any Shakespeare they're not getting any aspect because the teachers are now time for. Additionally these kids are now coming home but a lot of homework but it is greater to come public to get three hours of homework. There's a huge -- lot of work and -- eleventh -- to be up to 1 or 2 o'clock in the morning -- -- that teachers are and they know that they can't get to -- out. In order to meet these standards and the people that hang -- we don't have time to teach that these kids are teaching themselves. And that's the hard. And it has ink and it because its teachers now to our class are open and and getting test scores because now there. Pay grades are associated with that. -- that we got from bad teachers and we that's an ambulance to learn you know so I don't understand that but what their focus aren't. -- or aid. That is hide too scared. -- standard element of it and the kids taking an attack. Bingo I got my first question I would have for a first argument very informative my first question would be. I don't know about you but I've never. I've never been instructed by somebody who profess openly that they didn't believe in what they were instructed him. Never if you don't believe Bennett. How can you teach it and if you don't believe it how can you expect the kids. To embrace you can't and it's it's quite obvious I mean you see quotes and like the article I'm using now with the pitchers saying that they're against us they don't like to whatever. If if there if you're teacher hasn't convinced you that this is important and may be difficult but we can get through it together if they've given up on that. Then you have to be as you said a self motivating students and those those are few and far between. Absolutely and I also find it sad that my eighth grader and the end you -- like theater acting much because of that great. My kids how big is it created that. Strange transition period in elementary and run my eighth grader on liberating copyright -- -- -- as part of her alleged. Later as well as reading cops tested either because it -- An -- not reading you know groups Iraq which -- utter uttered at any great order or reading you are reading it now. You. You have a good point before -- -- go by I would love to know how many students out there right now. Know anything about Nelson Mandela. A very important person -- And -- and that morning beautiful I am I have to. I have to run they don't and it's a shame that usually they don't and it's a shame will be back after the. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. When you have got a code down on and on that I'm on the way it is a major company picketing someone's home. Two dozen picketers. From the buffalo teachers federation and parents I guess to doesn't -- for. Decided let's go to regent Bob Bennett's home because we don't like what's going on in state educational standards now. So will pick at his house -- wasn't there. And there's the question of whether you should really be figuring some -- -- house. I think unless they work out of their house that should be outer limits. They may have children in the house and have nothing to do with -- your -- about they may have. You know wives or husbands or whatever. And that should be -- for the workplace as far as I'm concerned but this and you know they do what they do and that's why we have the attitude about him that we have. But the bottom line is he wasn't home. He wasn't home and I don't know picketing works anyway but certainly not like that. Out of all the teachers in the buffalo teachers federation and all the parents. They came up with 24 people c'mon now. Get more than 24 people get a cool -- stand and put it on sale for quarter okay that's what they had. The -- for 35 minutes it was peaceful and the reason award and he. About 35 minutes or does picketing work was a Kosher to it's a -- in his house. Our WB and well what poll. Said that 77%. Of our listeners think no okay. And I'm asking. Regarding the higher standards. In the buffalo schools. Another bubble schools the State's schools. Is your goal to have the smartest kid in the -- school. Well maybe the dumbest in the Smart school. When -- talk about raising the bar and according to this article this isn't about curriculum this is about as standards. That you have to reach you get there the way you think is best to get there which -- a local decisions. But if but if -- first of all in the last -- was very helpful. If that call her talked about students there if the teacher. Of your class doesn't believe in what they're teaching. Because they don't think this is right. Then what chance do you have to grasp it. As a as a student. You have to be convinced everything's a sell job you know everybody has to be -- The teachers have to be sold that this is going to be we're gonna get good results in this is a fair and honest method of getting there. The students have to be I have to be sold that they believe in their teacher they believe that the teachers teaching them something worthwhile if the teacher doesn't believe it. What's the point -- going -- butcher shop. And you pointed to different consummate and a butcher goes -- known now in them. That you can. -- you having company that would serve them and if they don't believe that teachers don't believe what chance of -- tab. And they've already got three if you're a kid. I think about it like this you use. Every angle known as the man. Let's face it mom says now you go to dad. Dad says -- you go to mom but -- you're a kid -- -- facing some new standards and guess what the teacher doesn't like it. The principal doesn't like -- mom and dad are protesting at wide incentive would you possibly have. For embracing. Everything they've given your -- get out of jail free card. But guess what kids. Now that your your listening but if you happen to be by accident on your way to find Christmas bash tickets okay if indeed. You know if indeed evade they don't to convince you that this is the right thing. Your teachers not going to be would you for the rest of your life and neither will mommy and daddy. You gonna be on your own then you don't wish and hope that they've pushed to a little further to -- convince you a little more convincingly that this was the right thing because now. Now now you're involved with a different protests that they don't pay enough at the fast food store for you to make a living for your family. Now at that time you probably won't think about gee I wish mom and dad have been more forceful and not been against it. I wish they had given me a perfect out by everybody I know being against this. I don't know Bob better that's all I mean don't you wish that that would that would happen. Because you're not going to be able to blame them you're gonna blame yourself and it's not all going to be your fall Tony a couple of FaceBook post. Lawyers meg says it does show the level of anger and outrage is caused them to cross the line this is a very serious issue. And why would you be angry. Mean here's my question. Why would you be angry if it's not perfect as far -- first of all other standards not reachable that's the first thing -- ask okay. You know -- doing college testing on mentor girls that's different okay. I'm in a reachable. You want an easier curriculum you want an easier target. You want an easier goal. You're willing to compromise your standards at this level. Well I think you you should expect they -- a more difficult life that because life is not going to get. In the easier it's going to get harder. As new technology comes into -- into our own lives these are things are gonna have to be embracing going to be left behind. You think there's anybody out there and now who says I'll never use a cell phone computer it's tough forget it. No not if they're working you have to you have to you have to learn to adapt to it. There might be some people out there who say I'm not a big fan of FaceBook I would knowing that certainly but who. But I know how to use a computer. And I know how to use a Smartphone and I have and I applied actually have them. I have an -- nine get around like different things -- do that. And especially faced him this I'm just immersed. People call me are -- sandy Zuckerberg. They think I invented based of that conversation I wish you'd stayed leader give me some tips I will tell you don't because it would be nice -- you. As a producer took some blown away from me cause you know line. Card. Just like math -- -- moment for me but met his car he was. The two best people in my class from out the best person in my -- -- map my friend Don Landry really yes he was the best the second me. Stand out -- to elect our planes exactly. How can I. And many games of cards that the clubhouse guys -- out after a break back after this Salvatore is Italian gardens. Here's a here's a clue when you there -- redshirt. It always works out well because then again sauce nobody on the all this this -- a meticulous either I'm very neat when he. And I will try desperately not to get any sauce all twirled carefully bring up the amount of little pieces. And right near the end when -- about like to spoon or fork pulls away from whatever you're reading a spec will get on your sure. And that's enough to set me off. I immediately assume that everyone in the dining room concede you know it's almost like -- school member when you rip your pants you sure they are rip my prince people -- the nobody's stand -- cargo -- -- -- and our national ordered a something that would of shown. That -- you. A look at a little bit differently than you. I look at it as a badge of honor it is the schedule on a -- guys outside you know I did I did a Gene Simmons once and and licked elected off -- to hit it. And it was over it was down in my belt buckles so I had a -- stretch my -- -- army and when I laughed. No one knows that I had once -- off on me. Now the key is the eat fast you don't have time to get enough about the restaurant I was -- and Roy didn't. I do this restaurant it's very nice it's. Alicea DNR restaurant it's an idea and I -- from him. It's a former train station and guys okay well I ordered an Italian dish. And for some. Reason. The whole dish. Came over and went in my lap OK. And now I'm a table that's the furthest table. Away. From the door. OK well first of all they come over and they give me extra I didn't Afghans or whatever it -- as best I can't. But it's obvious that it wasn't my fault either I I don't recall one how it happened but I recall that it -- So here's what I do. I'm thinking if I have to walk from this table. Out to the front where the cash register is and the door everybody. Is going to see that -- it's awesome my pants so here's what I did and it's pretty clever in case you ever get sauce on your -- is what to do. People react to motion. I just walked out -- Lol yeah it's awesome -- -- what kind of a -- busy. So I'm walking I'm moving around like an answer like Baryshnikov. As locking up people may -- I was crazy but are there guys there are my hands OK I'm doing as I'm not making it up I'm not making this up it's true. I'm going like this walking out of it thinking. Is that -- ball what was he doing -- and but nobody saw other riots as a in my pants. So you've got to hear -- -- a distraction. It's the same thing is con men do it all the time magicians do it. You know you're not looking at the hand you should be looking that would depend our OK you know that so that's that. If you learn nothing else from the -- today nothing. Learned that if you have sauce on your pants. While leaving the restaurant move your hand witness okay. -- that is that a good to be here thank you -- I'm here to help and educate it's it's part of my new curriculum. It's it's common core with sandy and he. Let's go to Wendy find out what Wendy has in mind she's from Lancaster windier on WB yeah. I'm hi thank you for making it part about the timing for us. I apologize if I haven't heard from the and the other comment by. Things that are being stated -- really a 100% agree with that I don't think parents. And that can mom elementary children -- and my final lottery search and determined course and that is good summer that is not so good. He and I think the parents I'm one of them. Are actually -- lack of standards lowered that it's not the case these kids need to be challenged. Outside debate world it's tough and it's getting tougher by the day what we want is an accurate measure for these kids an accurate standards should be kids to reach. When you're you're handing it Childs. 3200. Minutes for the average third -- contacting. What what did that say that's left for the curriculum. Well other what other areas do they get to meet hot and it's. What it. Is the problem with the idea of the goals -- is a problem with the implementation of those goals which are local decisions if that's the case why was but if it's local. Why it was Bob while I was Bob Bennett picketed instead of a local school board. I think now I would now one of the picketers. I can understand. How it it. It is OK maybe dozens of the greatest you know for other people that are not 100% getting on the subject and I respect after. However there's a lot of frustration we at least talk to the board of regents we've talked to assemblyman and senators. And even call while he said that he wasn't gonna he had nothing to do with it in and out the other that it is not so I think we'd better pass some legislation on the it's you know it's it's a two sided story. There's a lot of faults in here where we're trying to get fatter curriculum to these kids they can't even banks have a dead. And people are comparing -- to other countries. But only the other countries are reporting. I. -- I am you know here's a quote from Bob Bennett. The common core are learning standards not a curriculum. So if you said the standards are too high that's something that kid could be discussed if you said it's the incorrect curriculum to reach those standards that's a whole different argument. It would mean world out there -- it was. It wasn't able. Like obamacare actually if you think about it there there is about you know -- said that. I mean that's it because it wasn't as obamacare was not tested I don't know what they did go before they rolled out. A 45 states signed up with a I don't know what they did. Before the rollout of what the standards would be -- I don't know if the standards are different from state to state. So there's more information that we need but the curriculum the meat of it how do we get there that's a local decision and it and if you think that he had too many minutes piled on one kid to reach one goal maybe that's a curriculum local problem. Well that's actually it's a state problem isn't that what they're saying you have to deal with the state says that about -- regular statements -- LA tested the he entered or an objective -- that the annual performance -- he attacked. If if I ask you to reach a certain standard. And and that's how you're going to be judged on on getting your diploma or whatever. I wouldn't care how you did it as long as you reach another words are different learning standards a different ways to get there and there's not one answer so I think this could be a problem it's more local and state thank you thank you for calling Monday. Because that wraps it up to not have time to talk anymore to anybody about that thank you. We really appreciate it and I'm glad most people. Whether you -- common -- or the standards of testing most of you agree with one thing that the that the picketing was not a line 77%. On our rogue web polls that it was online and almost everybody that we talked to said it's all right. I'm not gonna have anything to read today that's why I'm not wearing red. But just remember that if you have Sutton -- -- here's a -- remember -- -- sauce and your friends move your hands on leaving the restaurant. We'll see you tomorrow can be your company. We never had to leave -- beasts.

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