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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>CBS Special: The Mandela Memorial Service

CBS Special: The Mandela Memorial Service

Dec 10, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

CBS news special report paying tribute to the -- Nelson Mandela. I'm Dave Barrett CBS news south Africans gathered and hosted world leaders. It was raining all through the five hour long event there was some sense of celebration. Nelson Mandela died last week it is 95 today interfaith prayers were offered. -- -- Yeah Sarah has its. Boots and -- it's. A little oh it's. We will as the event got under way at that soccer stadium that was only partially filled because of the rain general tended Colo Mandela spoke for the friendly let -- bear for good market -- good and nearly an hour after the tributes again. -- President Obama took his place at the podium the world. Florida senator Nelson Mandela. In his tribute President Obama referenced Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Doctor King we would get involved voice. To the -- -- different. The moral necessity. Of racial stuff. And he recited the poem that Mandela recited while serving 27 years in prison. It matters not how brave the a -- and the punishment. The scroll. Good my baby I'm the captain and canceled. What a magnificent -- -- love it we won't miss him being. Earlier a handshake between the president and Raul Castro apparently that hasn't happened since 1995. When President Clinton in Cuba's Fidel Castro shook hands today. -- Castro said Mandela said an insurmountable example the Latin America and the Caribbean other tributes from UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and. And then. Sure does the big. We don't I'm. Not -- this stadium. There was some political -- to the tributes today at the silhouette a memorial. South African president Jacob -- Wire and tool to sing to -- Doing. -- -- -- And I would give a sermon followed from bishop I've been Abraham -- really -- Has been taken -- The joy you grow old Mikey Nelson Mandela will be buried at his ancestral home of community and as the current south African president saluted one who had served before him self confident hands. Saying they -- -- an update on song. Apart from our president says that when that. Okay. We -- seeing now. No fun all right thank him and it. And this has been CBS news special report. ID Darrent.


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