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Snowy South & East of City

Dec 11, 2013|

Meteorologist Jeff Wood

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's head of the National Weather Service officer of greater buffalo international airport on the line meteorologist Jeff -- Jeff good morning thanks for joining us more. We're doing OK a rundown the latest on these warnings and advisories are posted for buffalo and Western New York. Sure. These latest that we have been totally defect. No warning in effect until 4 AM Thursday and that includes. Southern Erie county and there is including the -- towns scatter August should talk well and Wyoming county. We also have eight lake effect snow advisory. In effect again for. Northern. Count -- as well and that. Ryan's. Through 7 PM this evening. That's a nice surprise in the -- of metro area driving through here this morning it's it's not bad at all. Do you expect that to change. Yes that label we're looking -- as you know early on today it's going to be again mainly -- pound show kind of from Dunkirk. A toward Wyoming county. Where the bulk of its going to be for the first part of today but then we will see some of the -- Creep into. Closer into the southern suburbs -- -- what Seneca lack of one of that area a -- going to be the main focus downtown buffalo in the north account should really. Stay out of it today. It was sort of a time line if you can Jeff. Folks waking up this morning are thinking about to have the drive in the work of school this morning and running them on the way home early afternoon what's the timeline on this. A really good note gonna be ongoing for much of the day like said -- kind of a cut off line and be right around what -- -- there it's gonna be. Quite know Wafer much of the day. Particularly the farther south you go on down towards Dunkirk. But really north of north of that line it should be pretty quiet most of today. Thank you Jeff nice chatting with you -- thank you -- meteorologist Jeff ward of the airport weather station.


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