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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Who Might Be TIME's "Person of the Year?"

Who Might Be TIME's "Person of the Year?"

Dec 11, 2013|

Pop Culture Expert Bob Thompson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking about the 2013. Person of the year time magazine reveals their pick today. Bob Thompson is with us on the WB and -- director of the Bleier center for TV and pop culture at Syracuse University -- about. What direction do you think time will go with today. Well who knows but I know what direction they won't go -- appearance of Miley Cyrus on the list I think at one intentions. And that was to get everybody talking about this to have conversations. Like this go on -- -- all over the place tie a needle used to beat. Much more relevant in the Yiddish when magazines were more relevant. That it is today and I think they want people -- continued to cater to the going to be announced. So they put that out there just to outrage everybody but I can't imagine is that a hundred years they would never actually choose somebody like. We know this shows selection of the -- spectacle. Well the magazine selected Adolf Hitler now the choice doesn't always celebrate a nice guy here and his woman. Oh absolutely not there's and Hitler and be out by far the best example of that. And I can understand part of that are to their rationale with Miley Cyrus was that she kind of represented. In certain nature cultural trend that we've been -- prologue type. And that's true this is the year of you know all the card -- -- movies that are -- shows all the -- that. But -- you're going to kind of choose someone that will be represented that kind of trend toward. I don't know what's stupidity bad behavior whatever. I'm not sure this would be a year to do with -- which she would be don't want their -- a -- -- -- -- Smith for example of that big. Represent that much more. Significantly. That whole working thing to do -- base about ten years from now is going to be difficult to answer would be. Question. Bob is Sarah safe pick for time or is there -- media. A pick that they'll sell more papers went. Well. Maybe those are two different. Would be two different answers I think one -- pick of course she choose the president of the United States. Always a person of the year because it's the most powerful country and there are running -- whether they're having a good year or a bad year or whatever that's all they picked. I think this year probably. The Pope you've been. Some of the things he's been saying some of the directions he seems to be moving. The the -- Fijian would probably be a a pretty safe bet. Japanese -- they've already given that to want I think he appeared -- hundred. People of the century list as well although I'm not sure all. And Ted Cruz I doubt they would give it to kind of seen by Betty is one of those. You know powers behind the government shut down but I don't think they'd give it to her take him health and human services Kathleen Sebelius. Because of all the obamacare problems. Possibility. And who voted Snowden. That would be a possibility of -- it -- -- broad. A gay rights activists could be a -- -- that that one speaking in the whole Lotta people -- even mentioning -- achieved on the list. Thus selling magazines really. Doesn't really enter into the equation here doesn't. Not technically I suppose it's not I think selling magazines probably entered into. Some of these nominations were together I have the big Miley Cyrus was a gimmick to get people to talk about this should therefore perhaps to what. Control magazines but though I think that's probably not public. Decisions are all of these you know made consciously but you know it's certainly from the bureau thinking. Hey Bob nice talk with you again thanks thanks yeah that's act about Thompson director of the Bleier center for TV and pop culture. And Syracuse University.

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