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Pope Francis Named "Person of the Year"

Dec 11, 2013|

Sister Margaret Carney

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Francis has been selected as time magazine's person of the year. Time's managing editor Nancy Gibbs said Francis has managed to change the tone perception and focus of one of the world's largest institutions. In an extraordinary way joining us on WB and lifeline is sister Margaret Carney the president of saint Bonaventure university sister good morning. Tell us how you reacted to the selection today. Well I'm actually ecstatic about it because I do agree with the time editors that. -- Francis has transformed people's understanding know what the Catholic Church is. We're predictions are simply. Not by changing its teaching expect by. Really exploring a broader spectrum of those teachings. And by making sure that people understood that only god is capable of charging. And so it is very clear decision not to stand in judgment old. Postured people over complex issues I think are reassured people that. There's a bit much larger space in this big tent and perhaps they had mentioned in the past. He had to sister Francis has been called for only. A few months do you think our magazine was -- magazine's assessment. Let him as a base still largely on what they're expecting. Of him based on what these citizens being elevated. I believe that is the case but I also believe that even more than its product suffers. The power of social media and media to communicate. His actions has magnify. Its capacity. To make an impact on people eat and -- slight changes its. In the way in which he pronounces -- to accomplish and he is going to challenge the world make no mistake about it he's just going to tell the world in sectors. That perhaps people have not in the -- spot where of great interest to Catholic teaching on sectors such as many qualities in economic system. And so I think that he still going to put some very -- teaching in front of us. He's going to do it in ways that helps people understand. That all of us struggle. So find the right answer in truly complex moral situations. And the really complex moral situations. Don't admit that -- -- black and white stereotypes. Yeah but just in a short time misspoke. He has captured the imagination of millions with his humble ways he really is the people's Pope listening. He is and I think that it's wipe this slate of the name. Francis was cleared he's such an inspiration to him it's because friends of the graffiti at the bailout figure not just among Catholics. But among world religions. Also because well it was completely committed. -- Christian gospel he did not try to impose that gospel by force. Aren't people whose beliefs were different he invited them. In to a dialogue he didn't demand. That they submit. And so I think it's that invitation to dialogue persistent demand of ignition. That has made people really want to listen to what transfer -- up to. You think 2014. And then maybe 2015. Might be the years. When Paul Francis shows the world he's really on the driver's seat from Vatican City. -- -- has certainly taken the immediate administrative steps for NASA to bring to demonstrate that. His creation not -- particular captain of Hartnell. Was a really extraordinary move he's already made simple appointments that will change the tone. And some of the chief cabinet. You know. -- -- in governance. And I think what we may take a little while longer is the different national. Conferences so anxious. Really I think you know always trying to follow -- this sort of of people tone and I think it may take some of that -- couple conferences. A little longer to figure out how to work with this -- Manner and method of dealing with patients. Sister we're glad you could join us this week how's your weather down there. Actually right now we've got sunshine it's pretty clear that we expect we're gonna see -- you know a lot it's. -- -- any minute now. RA will thank you again we appreciate your time thank you you -- Arnold. Its sister Margaret -- the president of saint Bonaventure university.

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