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12-11 Beach and Company Hour 1

Dec 11, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All I follow is -- -- and I sent -- H maybe you watch some of the errors some of the ceremony regarding the think Biden Nelson Mandela. A story broke less than a couple of hours ago is something nobody knew yesterday. And nobody knew early this morning with they're gonna put out a statement about it later today where I tell you because you can't make this stuff up you cannot make it up. The regular growing hair Tony is back he's been back for a couple of days and not Chris is back and congratulations. -- -- Chris does a good job you know I know because. The guys who scored the goal -- sabres in the shoot out you know how to pronounce his name. What what's his name again this -- scored at all Zambia's Jurgensen. That's sounds like he was trying to a couple of offer Wallace something when he said that -- go ahead. And I'm just waiting for the first hockey player named your Michael. I don't think there's anybody in the National Hockey -- -- name's Michael but of the NFL has their names. National arguably has their names and I'm I'm half finished so I should know some of these names. Idea because I want to Schofield and -- locker and then. And no walk a line in and things like that all finished names and a lot of the sabres managed. I can swear and finish big -- -- -- -- -- saying and that leads to lot of guys I started to show where. Yesterday. During the Nelson Mandela service. Nobody knew this until later until the service was over. You know we're all public services and speeches now they have someone on stage signing. A four of those of those who can't hear okay and they say and sign language what the speaker is saying verbally. What they did not all of them. But they've known now and there are quite a put up the crowd as it related today the guy on stage. Was a fake. The guy signing that Mandela funeral service was a fake nobody knows who he was and now because people who used to reading signs say. They didn't understand what he was doing because it wasn't in any language I don't know how you change languages were assigned to be honest with you. But because I don't know -- assign a but it was nothing that they know nothing that they recognized. It was a fake. The guy who was not the guys that was supposed to be I -- happen regardless was to be there if if they hired somebody that did do it. But it was fake and I'm just hoping it wasn't somebody from Howard stern show is saying probably bubble boy. Inside. It's you guys ever heard -- -- Know what I always wondered why it hasn't happened -- and they said when they review the video. He was doing the same thing over and over and over it was like this. This again this again this again he had like -- Pope who is and that was the -- My question is why I don't know is so wild crazy world we live event and one could say he could've really influenced. The the -- home of the funeral which is a dignity and you know and and respect for the man whose past. As he could be saying things about each speaker as they came up that would not be very complimentary. I don't nobody has posted any kind of a transcript of of the godly -- that he was signing. But it'll be very interesting to say well to see what is said later today. From South Africa but as soon as I heard that I heard a couple of hours ago. That it had happened is legitimately did happen is that it was perfect guy and I. Beep beep -- amazing because -- always in law of the people that consigned because. Think about it how precise you're hand movement would have to be in whatever. And -- you try and you watch when you're not you know years you can hear you're trying to watch and figure out sign it's almost impossible. But those of that that I mean I'm just thank him as very strange not strange as I'm sitting home last night. And always have my iPad ready it's always ready to go and it beeps all the time. And I'm I'm I'm sorry I'm a committed to I have to see what's on there I can't let it just says it's -- -- it's like somebody -- the phone messaging got to know what it is right. And there's a title line on almost every on every transmission that I get and this one says. Are you going to display your grass okay yeah that's what it's that and it was from Catherine the woman who gave me. The gas it's days or ceramic replica my sister has a cement gas which Jewish inherited from my mother. A donkey. Appalling a cart and the cart is where you put flowers. All right you put different flowers and it but the thing weighs a lot it's a heavy gas. And that's all my sister like that a woman mother passed. It was it was handed down my sister so I've talked about my sister's some people come from miles around -- -- I mean it's very famous. And service woman named Katherine comes up to me at the remote though for the SP CA and says Eric -- for you. And I opened it up and sure enough it was it was a it was a replica -- ceramic. So it is now posted. And you'll see that there are our festive. Holiday flowers and at. So I do I say Christmas I want offended. -- Margaret flowers and it and that -- is on display at my house and unfortunately can't come miles seem since when are you worried about offending -- Lester well I should give that up. -- And I've ever been like that. But idea I put the flowers in the -- and end of the spying and and then -- VS will be out until about January 3 at us as. Most -- And I get that all the time. -- -- -- A couple of met him Lance organized. I was bringing him but I was afraid other people would would would handle yet you don't want everybody handling wise -- can't do that so thank you. Thank you Catherine thank you very much. And if you don't wanna check it out it's on the sandy beaches and FaceBook page will be back -- mart would be you governor activists. Majority of the -- all -- shopping I'm just think an organic facial just eighty bucks that's not a bad idea are you Chris and rewriting Columbia. I got the number my wallet are already -- a beer guys. Give her the gift that keeps on giving. Are let's say what are we have -- got some information. Bill Clinton seems to be back in the noses make in this and bacon that and here's another news story out of the mine where strangely enough they raise hogs. Organizers behind the annual bacon festival. Say they -- their first reservation Perry bacon fame wedding. The Veba oh loss bacon wedding will take place hourly at the each up oh Chappell oh bacon. It's a private room in the Jacobs and building of the Iowa State fairgrounds I'm thinking. Might be all right -- this but how many women. If the guy suggested to we have a bacon themed wedding how do you women of a year ago for that you'd be surprised how many women law. -- -- Yeah okay but I'm surprised but usually it's a white dress and it's prim proper pristine and as well yeah Nancy eight and on that's also bad that they can -- going on. So if you wanna go to Iowa chuck and I don't Od IDB I'd be torn between the bacon wedding. And the organic racial. -- I wouldn't do. Let's say. Kerry Underwood of course was in the sound of music live guests who didn't see the show and that would be Julie Andrews. Julio was giving a speech. I have to do what's. Hard Curtis schedules speech opposite. The role that she made famous she was giving a speech and she said alas I didn't say that. I had a speaking engagement and I couldn't but my kids recorder it's all get around to it. And the issue is attending the premiere of saving mr. banks. And that Emma Thompson. Really goes on a tirade while Walt Disney said he's hired Dick Van -- for the Mary Poppins when we -- him like that and turns out. She Micah issue like Julie Andrews either so shows that she may have been good as a writer but as the casting director forget it. Because Julie Andrews Dick Van -- I mean that's dynamite dynamite -- people. -- who can't ago. To London I had a speech scheduled had to cancel -- -- be Mike Tyson. Mike Tyson was doing London this week as part of his promotional tour for undisputed truth his book. But -- they found out under Britain's immigration rules anyone sentenced to more than four years in prison is barred from entering the country. Of course -- Barack Obama is an element -- rule you know immigration rules and while four years in prison is most welcome. Well. And -- you'll get that you get the revert right that's. I want our story this is cool I'm watching a lot of shows about Alaska now. Because it is rough and tough -- -- argue about that Fairbanks that you have a big cities were talking about the of the villages that. That's got to be pretty tough to live in Alaska. And they have a piece of equipment they're trying out now in Fairbanks. We don't get. That much ice here but if we did this would be cool the Alaska Department of Transportation assessing appease their equipment designed to crush ice on the highway. The Fairbanks and daily news reported that tool a rate go ice breaker. Was used for two weeks in -- now it's headed Anchorage for another two weeks it attaches to the front of a plow. Of a plow truck. And crushes the ice with the -- of metal spikes. So that's -- also it has light around. UC -- amused. As street sweepers OK got around me. There's metal spikes in the end of it as Eagles comic chops up the guy's cool as critical. Remember I thought I had invented something like I don't know somebody else -- it and so one of the big problems you have and a city like buffalo we have a really snowy winters where he appointed. And so my my suggestion was that you -- it you melt the snow and and put it down the kinds. Turned out that that have been done years and am sure that my mind is on the right right frame for good invention. Now -- For a moment about a red marks. Remarks I used to work -- remarks both of them. You GR and here at WB and and -- marks unfortunately has been diagnosed with -- leukemia. And he actually has MD yes it's a caused by progressive bow out of bone marrow failure. And he is going to receive chemo treatments followed by a bone marrow transplant. And so there is a fund raiser. Compartment. Which I I would doubt very much appreciate if we all got behind. He's of from Angola. And during his career he worked the WG RWB and channel four along with the stations in Jamestown -- port and Weld's bill. Array is the founder and former vice president of the Lake -- chamber of cards are charter. Federation of fly fishers of -- an avid fisherman. Now also very much cares about the environmental. Serves on the board of directors for the western -- Nature Conservancy. And that needs our help right now so I'm suggesting. The event will be Saturday January 11. From one to six at The American Legion post 880. On legion drive in Eden there's going to be a lot of fun stuff via a door prizes. Pop Chinese auction in case you're short on a Chinese items. Vote 5050 music special raffles and it's twenty dollars for an adult ticket. Our children ten and under ten dollars to purchase ticket you can contact. Joan Rosner at. 6754766. 6754766. Or JP. ROS. And ER nine the date. At AOL com that's JD. -- And ER nine DA -- all. Dot -- so let's raise some money for good idea remarks I loved working -- GRE. And when their opportunity open here at -- and I suggested. Remarks because he's he's a professional game over literally her job force so said the hear about his illness but let's let's hope things are on the upside for -- And that would be a good bill fund raiser to -- Also help our friends are from the area county sheriff's department are having their usual fun name -- for meals. The Erie county sheriff's mounted for meals will be at the Southgate plaza. Saturday December 14 which is a Saturday in front of the market in the square collecting food and funds. For the food bank of western or meet the deputies meet their horses. And mounted for meals which is not a description of your CD past life. It is something that is going on to help the hungry help and -- so that's going on. Are like come -- gonna -- a -- person of the year. And maybe your thoughts -- person of the year on news radio 930 we are WBA and we're not using -- today it strictly. Strictly for. -- WBA and wherever you go with a WDN iPhone -- powered by a Roswell park we can't let cancer win and that's why Roswell park will never stop fighting and. Now Mi Jack trust is never in my notes okay yeah it is Beijing government says BB chair and we do have a pair of tickets to the trans Siberian orchestra. If you would like ago call 6449875. Right now on the line call. Will win the tickets. There are going to be for Monday December 30 at 3 o'clock in the first and Niagara center. The value of 75 dollars general content rules apply. Figures are on sale now tickets dot com a dollar from each ticket sold goes of the lymphoma society. Although Western New York so that's that. Debt -- that are let's say the top ten finalists for person of the and you already know one. Is in and who's the Barbara as as it can hold that until I announced that now after the announcement then. And so they did it's a Pope -- wins as as human element. But keep in mind when time. Says that somebody's -- person of the -- it doesn't mean that they love the person it doesn't mean that they hate the person. It doesn't mean anything except that the person had an impact. In society for that year keep this in mind if I'm not mistaken one year time magazine named Adolf Hitler. Now at that time was called man of the year now its person of the year. But Adolf Hitler was the man of air and it will be hard to argue with that -- -- the world upside down big guy was it was a big east. He was the devil incarnate but there's not much question that. He should've been named person of the year but people don't understand that they just think it's an award like all other awards which are usually used for. Good work. In this case it's something changed because of this person and that's why -- named. Find their name to persevere. The finalists okay. -- -- you agree with any of these things -- the -- ten finalists the president of Syria. Now home. Jeff -- those Amazon founder. Ted grows Texas editor. No if you don't think those are cars interest thing Miley Cyrus. Has come off. You have you ever seen a less sexually attractive person who's trying to visa actually dragged out Miley Cyrus. I mean it's pathetic. Yeah she's just its biggest turnoff video she does she just turns me off totally. Pope Francis house while you -- actors you know the answer why I -- -- -- what you wouldn't yeah because when he's. The president of Iran. No Kathleen Sebelius secretary of health and human services more on the guy and I just a picture. On. My monitor -- we don't -- volume while police we have via visual. She was smiling it's the first time I've ever seen cap funds of the Kathleen Sebelius McHale. I thought she sat on a stick as a child and has not been able haven't removed because she always had that pained look on her face the matter what she was going good those bad nose. -- those early knows that matter should always look like that. He or she was governor about this who's smiling. -- Snowden the yen and as -- leaker. That's a tough one -- but apparently and then eat at the Windsor it was a gay rights activists she's via in the in the top ten. I don't know I'm not that familiar with -- power to me honestly you. Well aware -- no majority no okay the winners -- Francis and congratulations to Paul Francis. First of all of Francis is a bit. An unusual -- Who remember and be a ceremony. Where we found out that he he did not live in grand style he lived in a very. Humble place very small apartment. And even in the Vatican while they were re doing the pope's quarters. People thought he would move in after there were redone now he's taken very simple shelter. He's still Pope gets to ride the Pope mobile but he's not ostentatious. He and Andy's made some statements. Kind of questioning. Somalia. May be direction. Of the world in the church and that's fine. You know. I've never had a problem with people questioned things simply because even if it's something that you hold the -- the some of the questions. You get a fresh new thought about it maybe something's going to be said you had not thought about. And maybe we'll just reaffirmed her already existing. Opinion war or maybe you formulate a new one so people who challenge your thoughts in your beliefs or whatever really help you out. Because it is very seldom. With the exception of some crisis in our life that we challenge our own bullies. I think we do at times during crisis situations but -- that doesn't happen. You. As far as I'm concerned you're happy with what -- decision you've come join -- stay -- -- The rest your life unless something dramatic changes that but the story. About the appalled. Time magazine poll Francis chosen by the magazine present -- on the world and the news and when he thirteenth. He's the first jesuit. He won hearts and headlines which he did -- his humility and common touch he was named time magazine's person of the year for twenty pertained. And he's chosen by time editors as someone who has had the most impact. On the world and and it was better or worse over the past year. Remember that's important when you're when you're talking about. Person of the year it's not just somebody you agree whether or somebody who's done. Good work it's certainly can be. As this case might be. But it doesn't have to agree. The magazines -- and makes the ultimate decision but they poll readers that the readers are upset about that and they take public opinion into account. Vatican spokesperson father Frederico Lombardi. Made a statement said the holy father is not looking to become famous or receive honors. But if the choice of person of the year helped spread the message of the gospel a message of God's love for everyone who will certainly be happy about that and so that's the kind of humble acknowledgment view you'll get uses it's not going to be over the top because that's not the kind of person he has. Edwards -- the American fugitive and former national security administration contractor. Who leaked thousands of top secret documents about US surveillance programs came in second in the time list rounding out the top five. Were activists. Edith Windsor. The Supreme Court victory led -- of the fall of the defense of marriage act. -- the Syrian president for the role he played in the nation's civil war and senator Ted Cruz Tea Party darling it describes here. For his filibustering skills. Poll -- poll Francis. One by an overwhelming. And 59%. 10. Or five they had Rashard Lewis was ten. And he ended up getting 59%. Of votes that's -- that's that's a sweep. You want him in your fantasy hopefully I can tell you it. If you're you're going fantasy folks you're playing the Fed is a poker game draft him because you'll payoff for -- -- when we come back we wanted to get your opinion. As two person of the year both and nationally or internationally and local. You have to think of who has made a difference okay I'm I'm thinking maybe step on Ohio. Because he's run for every office known to man in the past few years and and I think that's native. Well nevermind discretion that will will come up with -- number one will be back Lamar we -- -- York. A nominee for person of the year both national international. And maybe local will be back after this person of the year. Time magazine says our perseverance Bob Francis I think that's a good choice. Definitely. As her made his voice -- seems to be a man of humility. She's been the right man at the right place in the right job so I have no problem that we'd like your thoughts. Of a person of the year -- -- man of the year but no its person of the year. Nationally internationally local whatever let's go to Mike in Cheektowaga Mike you're on WB yen. Good morning. Yeah actually my choice to be Arne Duncan. -- his office secretary of education. And why what what so why do you think Arnie Duncan dunk it would be -- -- On the content about the plastic corporate curriculum to America. Com in the area potentially about that because he brought the plastic. Corporate curriculum. To -- New York. And and local choice would be you yourself. Because you appear to be a corporate children don't really want to look into the hole. My god. How well it. I'm a corporate shell. Okay thank you very in my garage. Why waste -- time I mean this -- waiting for opportunities like that joke. That's is boring and that's where he goes in a public thank you for the honor of a nominating me for our corporate shill -- me. Now we're talking about -- Francis. The I think it was good choice for time magazine's person of the year to be who got us a lot of others. Out there. Keep in mind -- Obama has already won that. He won that in 2012. Notice that. Well it's a what are we have a president Syria Amazon founder Texas senator singer. Leader of a Catholic church of a Barack Obama president who will lose one before president of Iran. Secretary of health and human services the other as -- leaker is known and the gay rights activists so it's a good cross section. But I think far away and and obviously the voting represented that to 59%. When you're when you're -- -- impact of ten people. And you get 59%. That says that it was a good choice I was thinking. Locally. And this does not mean. And I -- stress. This does not mean. That I think this person's done great work in -- the exact opposite. I would like to nominate. Our governor Andrew Cuomo for the exact wrong reasons. New York safe factor especially New York say effect. In there we you know we've gone through that while we continue to go through is still coming seven though bullets for your magazine all kinds of ridiculous things. Designed so he could get a press conference ahead of a president Obama's designed so he could get a leg up on his run for president -- say that's fizzling out. So we'll see where that goes but for all the wrong reasons. I would nominate him and Antonio -- a good point a one time he was dumping on the senators at the same time who's dumping on gun owners. And mr. disingenuous every time we see them after a -- After his numbers once out he had some announcement of something that way who was kind of like bribing us with some kind of economic announcement that would be positive for our area. So such a phony he's a big time -- eat you know if you look in the dictionary of phony politics areas and he would be right there along with Bill Clinton. You know look at everything about them is as phony they do things strictly for both -- Republican -- and. What surprises me though -- you know was -- PT Barnum said there's a sucker born every minute I'm so I think he underestimated. I think there's a sucker born every ten seconds. Because if you look at the things that go on. And then you see Kohl likes it who doesn't like to whatever you say how could you be on that side of that issue summarizes puzzling. There are times. When you're talking about a subject them somebody has a different deal when you can you can understand their thinking that went into that decision. But a lot of the time you can't if you can't see through Andrew Cuomo. -- with a New York -- back warnings say we have the toughest gun laws in the country. As a presidential can end up paying attention. And of the -- thing was something that nobody in front of them had been able to do. And and that he wanted that as another feather in his cap and other words when he hit the ground running if he does. And he wants to be able to use those kinds of issues as governor of New York State. But not a -- really have to do with the good and welfare of New York's it has to do with a good -- of Andrew Cuomo so I would say he'd be my person of the year. A much in although certainly not. At the same degree. But much in the same boat as Adolf Hitler was personally year whereas you don't agree what what he's doing but you understand it he has changed things. That's the only reason. So why do you have a nominee. I don't and when we were talking about you know when you brought up this morning we're doing this is topic in I was recommends I cannot think of any body. That I would even consider a writer Chris. Other person I really liked on that list is Jeff day's -- Mostly because of the -- own thing that we talked about -- here last week to the week before what you talk about success American success stories. I mean when you talk about about Amazon and the way they ship things and this FedEx and UPS by the way. When you talk about American ingenuity. What they really go far it's a spectacular home run because they they could be set up the failed big time but they haven't. In these cases and this is some technology that we still on that's why we said why didn't Obama. You lose somebody like -- those. To help out and get the things are prepared for -- obamacare. The people and have succeed economic and succeed on a grand scale here and I like people who take different pass and not that they're not going on the same roads. But with the politicians. Politicians a I'm sorry because many times they do things for the wrong reasons they don't go because it's the right thing to do they do because it'll it'll further their career. You know not to come up what -- person but I can give you a group that I would doubt consider. As persons of the year and that is the Boston Police Department how they handled. The. The bombing absolutely excellent choice through whatever you. The top ten finalists in the air and the number one of the top ten but beautiful. Hope Francis has been named top. The top vote getter was gonna say any did. But time magazine editorial staff chosen. As 2013 person of the year your nomination. For persevere nationally internationally and locally can remind the person does not have to do. Good positive things they can do negative things obviously changed things will be better.

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