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12-11 Beach and Company Hour 2

Dec 11, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- Beijing governor Bob Francis has been named time magazine's 2013 person of the year. The editorial board actually makes the the decision but they they they ask for import to and in the -- part of that. Let's say he won the popular vote on today dot com where they made the announcement. We have an overwhelming 159%. And he had one it was going to win whether there was 59% or not but if you think about it out of the when there -- ten potential people. To vote for. And one person gets fifteen hybrids that has overwhelming. Really is. The top ten finalists -- persevere worm the president of Syria Jeff -- those -- Amazon founder Ted grows as senator from Texas. Miley Cyrus and employees. Is it -- I know it doesn't have to be positive or good whatever but that's just. Unimportant. So we say. Miley Cyrus was in there Pope Francis obviously you know he's Pope Francis. A Barack Obama president of the United States president of Iran Kathleen Sebelius secretary of going -- health and human services. Edward snowed in -- they leaker and Edith Windsor the gay rights activists are those really tan. And it was going to be one of them and it turned out -- but he. Pope Francis and I -- good choice were asking if you have any choices but -- because we're kind of scratching our heads if you people who made. The public aware of things that the public should be made aware of but not always available to them I think Carl Paladino is the kind of guy that. Believe me he works -- that it's not hit and run with him. I probably get emails every day. From Carl Paladino on various things and different letters he's presenting in different people he's endorsing where he's very active. And is trying to get something done so I think whether you agree here again would you agree what what frustrated on argued don't afterward man. That he's putting a lot of time now on how well sheriff Jim Howard locally for his stance and -- up. Now standing up against New -- anything in in winning elections we did ya cause of that I took a lot of courage to do that and a sheriff Howard is to be commended for that. And it's -- seems to have stood up for our Second Amendment Rights where. I'm Andrew Cuomo was just looking toward his Washington address if that's possible. So -- out there until -- would be a good rejoice -- and Chris there is there's an entry on our FaceBook page you'll. This comes from -- -- I would go with Ted Cruz he stood up against all of Washington and declared that the health blog need to be stopped to me that is the most important story of the year so crews -- the most important person of the year. Well god he took a lot of flak for a true we took a lot of flak. Lot of people like to see things change but not many are willing -- there two a look at the video into the eyes of the beast. And he was willing to do that and so good for him but drama like people who are willing to put on the line. -- you know it's it's one thing to be in favor of something. Didn't or. Again something about winner a standup person you stand up and your counted even if that means it's going to. Did not favor you might work against you which is still have the -- eligible even. Crews obviously did that. Despite days a year disapproving press. In them it's only -- choice and it was in the top ten so that's for any time you're in the top ten. Of people all over the world I think there's a lot of people on the world more than ten to -- as of the candidates out there and VO today apparently. Here's how much you care about. The two the -- -- being named. 2013. Person of the year. I thought okay. It's -- -- and everybody. There and but anyway and congratulations. That's that. -- just random on trying to understand them. Hourly know rawhide. Rob hi is it like to be -- tonight brand that that would be a different thing now about and where where is. All right ago this is something that I'm going to. An unusual. Position on. And I don't read the new goal YE. I've always been you know when people talk about casino gambling and we certainly have had that issue -- -- -- for a long time now. Because you've got the native American tribes senators have been different casinos and their employees who won the city one of -- falls -- -- here. And so. The thing as when the anti casino -- gather their forces raided the Margaret went foundation treasury. -- hired lawyers have put their grandchildren through school in order to fight this thing and then -- -- I mean laws when assembly. As a way to do it. I always said because they're big argument is gambling is evil it's bad you're going to lose the -- -- gonna lose -- money whatever. And our position has always been this there are people who abuse everything I'm sure there are people abuse toothpaste and so you can't you can't govern and you can't allow or not allow things for society generally abused by a small number of people because of it it would have a thing. -- I'm sure other people abused girls. Cookies does that mean a large way is hundred rounds and he elects Mars from the girls younger days we can have Girl Scout -- that's -- All right you have to. You have to have things that are good for the general public and deal with the people who are abusing things. So my position on on -- Has always been. You shouldn't tell somebody else how to spend their money. If it's their money they should be -- -- at the way they want let's hope that they spend responsibly but I've always -- the gambling and the same is going to the movies. I'm going to show going to a sabres game whatever. It is entertainment. It is if you have your rational reasonable. If you spend when he boxed the -- to girl who come movie and you can easily with two people. Anyone spent when he bucks in the casino instead for I don't care. But the thought that it was just gonna rot everybody's brain and and and bring him to hell I've never bought that OK I have never bought that. It's up to the individual however. A different view here there are three states now. Delaware. Nevada and just recently New Jersey. Which now allow all on line gambling. Okay. I don't know about that and I'll take July and I'm not trying to save everybody's -- everybody's soul when I say this. That's just food and easy. I mean really a swing of regular gambling you gotta get out of the house put on chosen. And got some. But now how you roll out of bed and your average -- Okay whip out the credit card -- whatever and does start gambling would no effort at all. And especially if you think money is an abstract in a casino hop out of your playing in your -- However you know if you covered if you have a via a computer next to your bread and suddenly here you're gonna want to start gambling. -- not convinced that's a great idea OK as I said I don't know why I accepted is really just too easy. And maybe that shouldn't be a concern of mine. I he has certainly I play you know poker games but I don't know gamble online but I. A -- I've played poker games and I've been playing poker since I was twelve years old so I like that. But I'm just convinced that this is. This is not a great idea. I'm not saying it won't work because I think well I think there will be a revenue. The first three states as we said Delaware Nevada which -- surprised -- and New Jersey say let's give it -- try and now one of the other states under the look and see how it's working with them. Because if there's another revenue stream that has not been explored -- Ford. Tony and Grasso -- with Tony Tony what do you think. It's convenient you don't believe the house is it too convenient -- just too convenient too easy not a good idea no I really don't think it is and I'm not one of these upside for roads. You know who goes to the meeting and has as a lot today and condemns everybody gambles I just don't think it's but I did Chris what do you think. It probably is very dangerous I've known guys who gambled a lot when I was in college but -- had to drive to the OTB they certainly would do it. In their own home repair the -- If you think about it young people like the people you're probably talking about young people and sports together and sports and gambling go to governor. And a lot of them play poker especially when -- of the big poker craze came in a few years ago where there Oregon fifteen poker shows on a week. Whatever at -- bad combination I'm telling you. But as I said this is. And usual for me because usually am a hands off got a guy you're responsible for your own money you're responsible for your own future use good judgment and if you wanna do it do it. And I still say that but I will say I don't think it's a great idea what do you think. Is online gambling a good idea isn't a bad idea is it worth it is it not worth it. I do. We. Never let that. Audience and here again okay never fired because energy when Janet does or Oprah Winfrey -- Public comes right and now I don't know if that's -- are ours if that's an act could be pretending to be crowd but. She has a more responsive crowd response that I do know I don't know of Janet gives away -- racial non. But this is what we have the slow. -- that we but different strokes. For different folks. Now we're asking about. Online gambling. Because it's now available in Delaware and Nevada and New Jersey. Although I may live and let live kind of guy and I believe your responsible for yourself. And you have the look after your own good welfare I'm thinking I'm not crazy about this idea this is way too. Easy but I can't -- I am against that all right the not true in my own feel about everybody being responsible themselves. Let's go to policy appalled things in hammers volume on WB again. I'm Paul what do you think is this a great idea that a bad idea you think it's work while. Well first. You guys keep about a year you need from third like I. Oh. Well good outlook as it is absolutely. -- -- -- -- Of mine and again and you know. It's a poker drove stroke. -- That. News in all these. Actual actors can go line. Actually download software ready to actually see that on the lower budget. Sites they can actually see everybody. So you could potentially play against somebody that. Can see your hand and no country you're making and so in my opinion I think online gambling. Can be a cause for concern and. Well you know why I'm concerned about it too when you went to a casino there's a level of trust. Because they have the cameras because they have the license to make a lot of money they don't wanna make sure they keep -- on the up and up. And -- win that okay I'll place my trust I've always been concerned about anything on line being hacked as you just said. And thinking especially if I'm in an opera and poker game. I I I wanted to in person I'm not gonna do it on line so I don't think I would participate. That's right at somebody hack into AM a military let's say they certainly act into. And things such as a gambling web -- law say anything -- technical I enjoy your show every morning. Mega ball thank you think -- my -- -- As says that there he is concerned that I have a concern. If if they can hack into any website okay if they can get into NASA they can get into a gambling website -- if they certainly get into a military. The government website and get -- kind of website because there are Smart as the people setting up a website. So I'm thinking and if I'm playing poker I'm playing under supervised conditions. Whereas I know that there are eyes in the -- I know there are regulators I know the casino. Has a lot to lose if anything if any yeah underhanded stuff goes on. And so I'll I'll put my trust there but I put my trust and on point and click. No not no way when we come back and talk to a randomized and I've been gambling since I was twelve. This is one of our guys have been gambling lessons I was always my friend Don from Pennsylvania or return we'll get his opinion -- on news radio 930 this is WB and. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. -- now an 8030930. Cell calls are free in star 930 or toll free line is 18061619036. LA are backlit Beijing government have said they've enjoyed talking about online gambling warrior just go online and gamble gamble gamble. And I am a very much you're responsible for yourself it's your money you spend at the way you walk we hope you spend responsibly -- guy. And that's why we've always been a pro gambling and gambling zealots think that because some people can handle it no one should have the opportunity. To enjoy it and it can be recreational and and can be fun and but you go nuts maybe not so much. But having said that this new online gambling which is available now on Delaware and Nevada and New Jersey. I'm not crazy about that I can tell you that it's just too easy it's just who easy there has to be some effort I think. To a gold someplace. To dress. And yet if your slippers leave the house I mean it's just way too easy but still my friend on a thinks about is gone and I've been playing cards together since were kids. What do you think about is online gambling thing. Yes good morning Andy. My only question to your last statement is why. How long would it well why -- I have to get rested its. Maybe you have some brain well powered gone and -- as -- You're a lot of bad it's it's like you've never leave home without it just boosted the computer all day and and then there drink your resources I'd like to see some effort made but I'm not against that I'm just saying I'm not comfortable. All well that there are days when I get. When I do actually do get rest stop and and I have to go to a racetrack to make my best -- they'd like that. Well you I used to go -- Suffolk downs in Boston. We go to Narragansett -- Hampshire. We get out of Rhode Island. It's the to Rockingham up in New Hampshire announces new the track down there and yet and are against it we went to the track all the time and that's what were still high school. Yes we frequently went down to Narragansett order Iraq cabinet. -- cabinet which is. A milk shake talk him in Rhode Island so do you you actually go online to to gamble at all. Well I I personally do not play poker at all okay. But I know many people that do go online and play poker I mean that's that's the big bank. Well remember the -- defense shut down a lot of those poker sites there was -- big. Burst of there were fifteen shows a week on poker and I watch most of them. -- but then of the bubble kind of burst a little bit the feds shut down on both sides I didn't know. Then I know that these threes -- State's album but I didn't know was available -- outside those threes. -- my younger son does get involved with -- But I record that I don't but I do get involved because on the degenerate with portrait. You you can do and I can -- way in many various directions to do that I mean there's a local one here in Philadelphia that I'm involved with. And as a national want to probably even comes in the buffalo called TVG game. Yeah I've seen that I've never I've never gotten involved with a but I've seen it but what about horse racing. That's really good I think is that. In eases some tracks the flats is at least twenty minutes between races give -- time to scope out the next race or whatever. Get a catcher Brett pledging about two dollars if you want to if you just want the action. Two dollars times maybe nine raises eighteen bucks you can play all day I was so it can be if you wanted to be a reasonable form of relaxation. Absolutely but again with this TV he gained. You don't even really get that ball starts. Point five or twenty minutes between races because racial various tracks the same time so yeah I mean you've got maybe three or four minutes from one track to another. That they're running a libraries. Now do you just met the flats or do you have been harness racing through no strictly flat it's I wanna jockey up there and I absolutely I don't -- riding a cart. Thank you know -- and. Yeah well I I agree with -- But like I stated this TBG gained some additional but I am but if it if you put say a couple hundred dollars and sort of -- account. They could very well what -- match at least a 150 of that so in essence. That you got 350 dollars in your name instead of 200 -- your home. Ideal body get your information they print the form on and on TV or something Heidi get the for search you have to do on what course is gonna do what -- Well it's. I don't actually spend the money to go up and get the form of you know like you would take if you look at a racetrack with a that the race on -- I I don't I only do that by collide. What are you betting on collars or our numbers are jockeys and a lot of you don't perform in front of you. I I do that various. Especially the major New York tracks certain jockeys and -- -- tax. Certain jockeys and and -- sort of like do all the -- keep a mental modem. In fact I'm -- multitasking as I speak with you back. The bill I was advocates a couple weeks ago one of the Saratoga Springs. When they run in Saratoga which is the last part of July and all of August not a -- up there week in be like old times it -- -- ago. I've never been there and I can honestly say -- all the racetracks that I never been -- which is most of -- that's the one I would. Most likely wanna go to C because this whole fashion and everything. There's a picture of me on the web page on our FaceBook page -- WB and a me standing in the hour in the you know horse racing. Museum and hall of fame it's magnificent by the way me standing next to a horse coming out of the starting gates of the monitor that -- Don hey thanks -- so you you believe it's okay. You don't have to leave the house you should be able to gamble on line. Yes security generated online but like I say it's a bad habit forming -- I again if -- happening -- -- lose my number. -- -- -- -- Yeah he and I used to go to -- track all the time in fact we we both worked at the amusement park and we would hope it would rain. So they closes his remarks that we go to attract a Manassas the way it was. I'm gonna tell you we come back. And a on why I only play poker in casinos. Because I was taught a lesson many years ago by my uncle Bruno. And it's a lesson that saved me a lot of money over the course of my life. But -- to hear from you Delaware and Nevada and New Jersey have online gambling now. Are you OK with that do you think it's a good idea would you do it if you are a gambler. As as -- as he plays the horse is on line. Poker. Nervous about poker I would be very nervous about poker because of the security concerns will be back after we're asking now that Delaware. And Nevada and New Jersey have online gambling. Would you do it is that a good idea. Idea I wouldn't do it and I don't think it's a good idea doesn't mean I don't think anybody should be able to do it so I'm not against that but I just -- it's great idea it's way too easy. And regarding -- on line poker. I'm I would be concerned about the security aspect of it. Because as we've talked to an earlier caller if they can crack the the -- of the US government have been cracked a NASA they can -- the military if they if they can hack any of these sites what makes you believe they couldn't act of poker sites I just I don't put my faith in there. And the reason that I only played poker. In casinos is because of my uncle Bruno. Michael Bruno was my mother's brother he was like a second of father to me he in my father were very close friends. And he was a real character. He is Barbara -- by true. Aid but he was a gambler he gamble all over the world to grant a gambling -- Graham and gambled and it in London he used to go to Vegas all the time he would you would get calm this comp that he was a high roller and a gambler. And I know he used to play a regular poker game on Friday night. Well I was just starting to make some money in radio and I certainly knew how to play poker and I have to be home. One Friday night when he was there and I said to me if president can -- come with you to your game. He said no. Why not is it 'cause it would be a good a good idea for you to do that he -- what I said because. He would you don't know any of the players and you only played in with your friends and you've played in casinos. This isn't that the point with a group of strangers as it was so he's that you wouldn't be able to tell if you're being cheated. As ought to tell him playing poker at that time for a long time right. He's an -- one he said I think you don't believe me get a -- cards so my mother got out of Decker -- he's about to show you something popular infamous. He took the better cards. They shoveled -- every combo -- mobile mobile is that a deal out forehands he said I want you to watch me very closely even more than you normally would in a poker game. So okay. And I'm watching as he deals forums boom boom boom -- is the he says okay batter and two races Kangas -- four clubs that -- Bubba Bubba backhand. He named every card that was dealt every single one he said you didn't even see that. He said and I'm not that good there're people -- lot better than me and he said -- good -- you don't buy that argument cards again shuffles them up. He says I'm just gonna deal me and you had a head to head okay. I want you to tell me what you want for him as a get out. And I'll tell me. As an OK I want and I'll make the cars -- Member obviously. Want the deuce of clubs three is afford -- of those made enemies when. He deals on the cards. Turn him over the exact cards for. Now that's the lesson I learned from -- -- and that's the reason I only play. In casinos. Because of the security aspect when I went to California and I was living in San Francisco they have card room at that on their card rooms. -- where municipalities could have a card room that weren't full fledged casinos but they were poker poker parlors. I walked into the poker parlor and I looked up at the rules and as soon as I saw on the rules. That each of the player gets to deal. Is not a house dealer. Each person gets the deal I turned around and laugh. Never have played him. So when my uncle my uncle save me a lot of money. Because I was used to just playing and casinos where it is perfectly. Or with my friends who you know grown up an. Agreement that -- -- I'd -- put them -- But never it was my jaw drop down when he -- it. He name and I told him the cards and one in the game -- While I'm watching this is that I wasn't paying attention this is I was paying real attention and when he -- those forehands until -- every card that was out there and he said. There are people that are a lot better than me and I'm thinking. I don't wanna be playing with them I can tell you that not that -- -- from the seemed one house that's right he -- throw me wanna house in -- and I said. You wanna how close he said we haven't it's not that go to house. He actually did anyone -- so. -- as the boyhood hero of mine along with my father and they were close friends but I saved a lot of money on gambling because of that because. Idea I I was limited and into my ability to spot somebody that might be -- I didn't have the ability to do when he told me to watch him. To see -- like it's I couldn't see so I was doing dealing under the act and I think what he was dealing the second word yet not without guard -- one underneath that. And -- but I don't know to this day how we did the second. Where I called the cards I -- because. He shuffle them up I condom I economy again. And he dealt that directly from a cut me so it's amazing to me and to this day I don't know. But I can tell you this had happened 'cause I was there and I saw my own eyes my mother was amazed because that was her brother. -- But we're asking about. Casino and -- casino gambling but online gambling some casino gambling to me. Britain is the way to go if you're gonna gamble. You can have a neighborhood game it's fun. I once played in the neighborhood game near buffalo -- from the mine or remain nameless. Except it was -- those -- real poker game. They had the weirdest games I have ever seen. You know if you thought that he it's not that you played a weird games I didn't. I'd never recognize any of the games they've winning 38 dollars out of fewer lock. 'cause when you don't know the games you don't know what happens usually you don't know what to stay -- and whatnot this they would mechanized though. But he and his friends these games they played all the time they play once a month and I was -- games I didn't know any of them. All three games. -- Games but I wanna say these games -- too goofy like iced it and like a real trooper a thousand was -- sure but I didn't strictly. -- believe me. Trailed Montreal 106169236. SR 930. George Pataki. Blanche Lincoln and Wellington Webb on the hill talking about -- America cash and on on line gambling I assume that's the same George Pataki that we used to have. New Jersey has joined Delaware and Nevada in offering legalize Internet gambling. While it's dressed up as fun and easy Internet gambling ends up destroying lives. In our most vulnerable citizens become ensnared. It presents a nightmare scenario for parents. Already fending off graphic material predator roaming in the Internet and other illegal or inappropriate content. Now they have to worry about their kids gambling away to wish him money or running up credit card debt playing on line poker and it's as Chris mentioned. Most people don't know this but a lot of young especially young guys and women so. Get in the gambling. And is fun and and they're in college and it's the kind of you know rite of passage. And it's a good way to lose the the food money. As I said I'm not the kind of guy looks over anybody's shoulder. And the grudges of these spend their money it's their money in their choices and they have to live or or or not that -- them. But the bottom line is I wouldn't I would not play on line would you -- -- on a viewer gambler. No way. What's the main reason just to easier to -- losing out that way too easy to go broke -- Chris would you play online know that I noticed. Might parties to plan -- hands are ridiculous he seemed more huge hands online. If you do if you play it lives plus some online people lived a bit -- -- before they cracked down they -- so many a multiple games at the same time. And there's a difference between looking somebody in the giant and calling or or a mouse click. I mean if you're applying in person. I think it takes more consideration as you begin to really feel what it's like as you push those ships in the table as opposed to a simple mouse -- All right idea I'm I'm in favor of gambling and I think it's good entertainment as used rationally but this I do not think is good idea I'd like your opinion. They are 30530106. On 692 freezers and -- right there are giving it to five will be back in seven minutes. On -- and company.

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