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12-11 Beach and Company Hour 3

Dec 11, 2013|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

However acquisition of M -- and Tony there are very well obviously don't write off are very organized go Memphis very nice they're taking it. An intercom to work Tim Weiner is of the tour masters today he's the to a message is sure learning about the different formats we have here. I mean if I think you have variety of radio we have we have -- two doors down. And good Janet nick and that whole crew. And right next hour we have fifteen -- On the next we have star followed by -- GR 55 so. We a 1410107. Point seven -- a lot of different signals a lot of different -- a programs and I think it's interest thing when you're in school to see how radio works sure. And you know what's funny is an Iowa's -- to people what you walk into radio station and you see what's going on. You'll never be able to listen to radio the same again out of. Thing is they're very disappointed by the way the holes looks at ethnicity -- -- hide your disappointment. But that's the way it is but that's the bottom line is it's nice -- to actually see how it works I know I was a radio geek. So we -- the radio all the time when I went to radio school while I was in radio school. A -- -- to go to visit the Boston radio stations and that that was nice -- that they New -- from. A radio school they kinda. Give your little leeway and we would visit we learned we would visit overnight disc jockeys and bring food. Like we go to WH CH -- WBZ whatever and we bring food. And when you bring followed that's better than having a fob is better than having a key in the building. If you're bringing -- those were simpler times. But it we will go there and and and just watched in amazement. -- W yummy -- whatever these great air personalities that we all admired Jeff K including JFK JFK was doing nights on BZ. And and we would we would watch and learn and that's the way it worked neat I told you that. When when you graduate you have to have at that time a tape. And they gave you X amount of hours. In during the two year as cooling period to make your tape -- the -- and -- states out. Well we wanted to make sure I had to room by room mates we want to make sure we. And enough time to do the best tape we could do. So what we do is on Friday afternoon. Because it was a theater school as well. We would hide up in the flies at the flies they oversee the stage and then they'll connect. We would high up in the flies at for on Friday afternoon until the school was empty them locked. And we will be locked in the school all weekend. And during the weekend we would work on politics. So we had the three best tapes of mark Klaas how did you eat. We -- -- fooled all we Rio we believe me we -- vote. But the three of us working together we all worked on each other's tapes. And I. I still have that original tape. I should bring in him right out of radio school because it it's it's quite eloquent lesson will be. I think I -- all mine -- -- -- yeah I you know I one day I and he they dug them out this is you know after Mary. In Austin listen Omar. Well here's here's the deal I sent out a hundred tapes after I graduated. That -- replies out of hundred. Out of Georgia one job so at least they got a job but it took a hundred tapes to get did you have to get out one replies did you yeah that's why when -- program later -- I tried to reply because the -- ought to of people applying for jobs. You know was one of the people to turn me down who -- McNamara over me yes that have worked well yeah laugh. I -- staged this weather stations he was working here locally before he lucky to be yen. But he was the program director -- a year like Melanie Pritchard was on the staff and in a few of the others that means that you would recognize and I senate tape and he. He rejected it well. One obvious that members of stars showed me a few months ago yes a rejection letter he got from me up up up up. And it was first and that was maybe I recognize the letter and the signatures that was chemical. I remember talking with an SR Tom type Berry who's on 97 rock. Is some of fact and we're talking about -- said when he was seventeen. He said she would tape a US actually you replied that you like -- Tom's got a fabulous voice you know but all that coming out of a seventeen. I really so was encouraging -- it's exciting business that it can be and difficult but exciting and that's always say about that now we're talking about. Delaware and Nevada and New Jersey say hey no problem you wanna gamble online don't have to get out of bed. You don't have to put on shows you don't even have to go take a shower wash your hair with alleged gamble from the sanctity of your own home. Well -- you know online gambling I I'm I'm very much your pro gambling as an entertainment form because it can be funny to me entertaining. But you have to use some common sense and you have to have some amount of self love self control. I'm I'm just thinking a couple of things. Money loses its its importance in a casino. I can't imagine how unimportant it would be if you're just pointing and clicking and working off of a number off of your charge cards and a lot -- that. I mean OK what we all -- -- -- right. When I get an iTunes gift card what do I do I loaded onto my iTunes account and can certainly likes it. Because it's not like it's real money Ed I'd point click and -- -- some guys before five hours finding this cut that cut whatever. If I were actually going someplace. Personal -- -- no -- ago notifying -- music but it's at war say the record stores were still doing the kind of business that has to do. If I went in there and had -- okay dig through here -- get that one get that I probably wouldn't like that. But online it's easy and I can't imagine. You know looking at a big -- with -- my finger on the mouse. And if I call all I have to do is click. Click I've called. I'd rather be able to look at the person in the it's and see if there's any tells. Kind of scope about the feeling and then make a decision. It's that's harder to do them playing on line it really is playing online you lose some of it it's almost like the steering on your car. You want some assistance but you don't want too much assistance you don't want an artificial feel you want a real feel and I think. In person. Especially with poker is a real feel event. Online it's artificial. And it's a whole different ballgame so suddenly you're giving up. The advantage you might have of being a good poker player to the advantage to your opponent who might be -- better on line and you are. Why would you do that I don't understand why you're doing especially since it's available to you -- The -- we'll look at when you know you and I talk a lot about the high stakes poker game that we used to watch Arianna -- game and you would see the you know computer guys get out there. It just gives small by the Negron those in the bill ideas of -- Bronson yeah because they're used to playing eyeball to eyeball. There's a difference then appoint Clark not saying those guys aren't talented not saying that they couldn't be good but they usually. They usually. Don't have the skills of face to face poker players -- won't take a -- -- -- and offer me so is this a good idea is this something you would do. Tell you would you do it aren't happy doubted them what were your results will be back with beach -- company it is Beijing company were talking about something that. If I'm thinking that. If the usual anti casino zealots have their way I'm sure they're out in force against Internet gambling. Because it really makes it even easier than going to a casino. Two -- -- ball. And the people who don't like gambling don't like it not only for themselves they don't want you to have it. And we fought the good fight and now we have casinos available to a student. But you can go up north into a Mohawk casino -- go. Two -- Syracuse. It's a turning stone you can certainly go through any of the Seneca. Gaming casinos. So we have choices and like that. And I think most people gamble responsibly most people like it but most people use it as entertainment. X amount of dollars you should be able to spend your money if you wanna buy a bills ticket whether by a bills -- you wanna play -- play -- whether it's your money. And the people who don't like it not only -- one for themselves that they don't want you have. So it's nice to see that this is available but I'm thank -- not from me. Even though I love poker I would not be on line gambling simply because. The or two things number one has two artificial. It's it's them. It's just not the the way I would feel comfortable I'd be worried about security you don't know you're playing against you don't get to see him in the look at him in the -- There's too many chances where -- We're will be so different than head to head combat a poker table wouldn't wouldn't interest me. But I'd like to know if you would like to do augmented their slot machines that Padilla vote blackjack can you imagine blackjack you know fast that game would go. But in being being being bearing point and click hit them house suddenly you've lost the house a bit -- let's get. And as I said I don't look over your shoulder. But I -- again not a good idea especially for young guys you know the poker boom -- -- got -- -- young guys college guys like like Chris said. They really dead and their sharp or whatever the only thing they lack is experience they have stamina and against there at the table. You know and I you know when I go to the casino -- play poker which isn't as much as I use -- still movement you know when I go. I'd go 5 in the morning you know one. As the guys and applying a 5 in the morning were flying at 9 o'clock last night OK you just get out of bed you just had coffee wide awake. They've been drag and those chips around that table for seven or eight hours. So you gotta let it gives you a little bit of an edge right there and Smart. You know you know you know -- Fatigue doesn't help anybody in any situation certainly not an athletics. -- there's a famous quote fatigue makes cowards of -- -- I don't know senate but it is true. Because suddenly. You're not the same person if you're tired. So if you're going in fresh into the game and everybody else has been their trade towers that automatically gives a little bit of an -- I would. I'd. Let's let's see you James Taylor from the Federalist not the same sweet Baby James -- This is James Taylor from the federal says. In a free society government should be very careful. About taking away people's freedoms while some justifications and necessities will exist. It's hard to make a compelling internally consistent case. For the land of the free taking away the right of consenting adults to play online poker with as the facto ban on online poker. America is an out wire among the world's democratic nations that largely respect and protect such -- right. Congress can and should affirm that online poker remains legal. Because they had lots of votes what when they were doing the online poker ban. Boom. They had a big name poker players like Daniel -- and saw a dollar -- guys like that. You know endorsing certain sites and whatever. In. For summaries of the federal government says enough is enough when there on in one fell swoop they show -- -- down. And some of them have Google offshore today and I don't know the disposition of those now because. I'm not -- I'm not involved with that but Delaware -- eleven dollars eleven Nevada eleven New Jersey no problem. I'm as some so applications like. My friend Johnson with horse racing. Unless you're really playing you know more than one track at a time you do have a breath between each race you do get the scope -- we wanna bet. One would assume you'd have the the racing form on handy. And then you could -- it's a space are your -- and if you had a terrible afternoon not lose a lot of money. But with casino games when you're talking about blackjack. Especially something fast like that. -- rule -- which is goof ball game as far as I'm concerned you can lows and -- one I think that I would consider playing on line. Sports book. Yeah that's why sports books make a lot of money because if you have an interest in the sport you probably have a knowledge in the sport. So suddenly you know it's unlike horses where suddenly you know eight or nine horses go up for the post parade you gotta find out about each one chances are you already know a lot about the teams in all about the players it's probably similar -- your fantasy football night. Where you're trying to pick and shoes and I think you'd have a better chance. Simply because of your knowledge. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is that the it's groups like the NFL. The National Football League know Holmes. That part of the reason of their enormous success is gambling. But they can't get anywhere near gambling there really can't because that would just that would be very detrimental to them. In look at baseball anybody associate of gambling is ostracized in Pete Rose will probably never get well. And even the days of the NFL when horning in in the Alex -- of those guys. We're betting and betting on their own team there weren't bidding against themselves. -- word that this was yours ago but they were -- suspended for a long time. And so there's certainly a lot of entertainment value and online gambling but I think it's it's a very slippery slope. And very dangerous and why would you give away an advantage of -- playing poker especially. An advantage you have is a poker player to go online suddenly everybody's equal. -- that that nobody gets to look to see if that little beads of perspiration comes on your forehead. Nobody knows if -- hand the zone a little shaky or you're too little too excited to make that bet he can't see that. Why would you give away all that -- online just for the convenience of a -- should have been embarked on didn't happening. I'm nothing and that's a good idea. We're back with more would be -- -- -- news radio I'm thirty Libya. You're hearing the voice of Barcelona WDN. -- now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and star. And our toll free line is 1806169236. But back -- governing. I'm convinced and as my two guys here and there are gonna have the answer I can tell you that right now it's not many smarter is just that I have the monitor look so I know how to -- things. I'd Chris and Tony is the dumbest guy. In TV commercials. David dumbest guy in TV commercials locally or nationally. Nationally. Not dumbest -- any dead OK any dead OK what's your answer Chris. And -- man -- our policy. -- huge. Mr. huge guy out -- got a -- so neither one of the dumbest guy I'm convinced. Is this the Dallas guy OK but see -- commercial. Well you know. He's got a problem the problem is he's gonna see -- commercial. But he -- can solve that problem for some big programs on C Dallas today so -- takes is is -- does. Hopes. Is. That when -- -- you've taken the pill is well -- -- Thank you wouldn't wouldn't go too far from shore I'm thinking this -- Those things very easily you can't beat you can't be rowing and -- know. After you've taken as. Dumb -- on the same way you would think okay. When the canoe comes back and he hands the canoe back to the person he ran to the -- from Toledo. He'd go to one location -- you. Fixes why but I think less and he's suddenly a home so to speak he's a ballroom after taking a C Dallas. Scholar I don't know how long he thinks these work. I don't know if it's you know losing last for days. How long it takes the role -- no out into the lake. Bring it back in your car drive to a dance studio by the way will be here informative as soon as it's mostly for closes. And he's gonna -- and at that time he gets are rolling and dancing. A federal war she's going to be too tired to take advantage. -- of all I'm gonna. Oh maybe it just takes awhile for to go -- effect and he's just keep doing all those things to kill time until. The dossier Alice's. -- Corzine you could be right you're -- gonna do. Right after the show I'm going to dance studio CU is out there I. CU is on the dance floor because obviously we can't be Roanoke and no outside -- hasn't stolen I think that in the summer I'm going to review could no of people. And see if they've just taken -- -- and that I'm going to be dance studios and observe the dance lessons great idea I say because he wasted all that money because. Tony it's only those pills are really expensive much Harvick. I have a card that. And it gets punched yeah and get on to -- neutralize them but if -- who -- five to get the six or maggots and and you needed a rescue -- That's. -- ever use the -- and I'd say that's it in there that you very might just remembered you do don't run a -- 00 and don't go dancing. -- the cut by two bath tubs and a yacht. And and defy anybody to fine to parallel bathtubs. I'd go to go to the best real current now okay say I buy a house sight unseen. Right now cash. But it has. Two parallel bathtubs. Because those are always in the CL's commercial. And that's usually before this clone. He's an unparalleled. Them. If you take this -- wouldn't wanna be in the same that is why I heard bats over her bathtub -- -- -- bedroom. No that's too radical I'll pick and shall know -- -- that the bathtub but I think the dual bathtubs kind of works against -- In on the argument. Jacuzzi the jacuzzi. Now -- good like that but this guy next time take a look at him because he's the dumbest person on earth. You don't take the pill and then go -- and dancing. Well. Let's go to jail and for don't interject here on W via. Great I'd like -- Well the -- -- -- online gambling and more. Ago. Are an -- College. Park. -- Art or -- we can make on the bag in. A lot of money. It. Sure that they -- -- -- You're going to be able to do this. Now. I'm out there and it went -- Or something so op where. Am I hope you can have a computer. Or whatever it. And expect in Europe where -- computer right. Smart. For your next. That's excellent because again it could figure the odds are much faster than you could and they give view of it where you have the best advantage that's a good thought I did not even thought of that excellent. -- -- You could have a second computer right there as your punching in the hands as are being in fact you could probably have them almost linked. So that -- hands would you show up on the other computer. On your computer your slave computer hooked up through the at the hands that are being displayed on the on the on the web site. You good to have a link to that. Have it show up on a side screen showing of the percentages and then just play the percentages because if you play the percentages long enough you'll win. Okay. Because that's why -- the percentages it's where we make mistakes is where we misjudged the other hand or -- misjudge our own hand especially. But -- is right that that's a good point but it's always made me nervous that think that I can't see the other players. I don't know -- my and as an earlier caller said in some of those cheesy old games. You can actually see everybody's hands. I mean I'm thinking how I know that my hand to secure. On the trust them. I don't think so so item -- online gambling is for me you know I I blah I belong to the Ronald Reagan school of trust but verify. And there'll be no way to verify that some thing and not a good idea and they have these whiz kids who are very good at and playing games online. And if you're not used to love playing on line they're going to have a huge advantage -- play. Multiple multiple. Games at the same time. So you think about that good to me online gambling I'm not against that but I'm I'm not going to be a part of the American that. Let's go to John in buffalo John there on WB again. Here's what went right up -- river here today with a poker ultimately got worse -- You know I'm I'm with Dubai as far as putting pennies credit card numbers anyway -- don't have to -- and wouldn't outrage shop online. I don't like -- my credit card numbers are out there. I shopped at Amazon or whatever and iTunes forever and not had that problem but -- gambling first -- too easy and secondly it's 250 as far as I'm concerned. -- -- -- -- Yeah they do have an Amazon account for my Kindle but I've never bought anything I -- all library books okay. But you need to have that character to have veto. But if you're playing against a rule -- you -- as well. You implying we have some in Singapore. If you give it an advantage you would have as being a seasoned poker player goes down the drain when you play on line. Yeah I think. But it should think about pocono we grew up playing -- my grandfather taught how to play broke over kids and we used to play it was called nickel and -- and dealer picked again and your insurance cards to it's hard draw out. It is interesting variations of seven cards stuck but in the in the recent. -- Texas hold them as. It is you know that was the game ever played with my grandfather but -- you know when my family still has traditionally sit down playing poker and we converted from nickel were the deal would like well we know that all the interest in and and now we've we played exclusively tactical and it took a long time to figure out it's not like that like poker could. -- Idea of course Texas -- poem during the your big boom. Is the exclusive game. I grew up playing five cards seven -- -- draw those kind of games but it Texas -- -- -- is where all the money is at and when you're playing a game that you haven't played all your life the key is is that knowing when to hold them when the -- as as Kenny Rogers said. And the people who employ -- -- allies have an advantage earlier in tonight. I think there wanted to let me put him any advice to anyone playing taxes polling seriously. -- people who really you have to be unpredictable. Do you have your style where you have to be willing to. What a lot of people -- closer to that you'll never be awful and really get bulletproof evidence. Have to go outside your comfort zone exactly the activity -- they can't let them that have any idea what you. That's exactly exactly right and you have to be very careful you don't have cells which are not aware of because they'll take in McLean is John fellow poker player thanks for calling version at a very much. Yeah how we grow up playing five card -- seven card stud and a draw. That was that and then of course Texas all I remember going to Vegas the first time. And seeing Texas all the men not even knowing what the game wise about of course the big poker boom that was all Texas hold them. And now that's they basically are you find if you go to casino you'll be hard pressed to find many tables and applying something else. But that's that 80309301806. -- 692 for six 930 would you gamble online. Is that a good idea is -- a better idea I think. You give up all the advantages you have when you play online and -- an online specialist. And why would you play in their pool you play your own you have them play and yours that's win. Will be back after this but stock to a man was in -- and online poker this is Franken west Seneca frank Iran WB yen. I'm five francs a human human playing online what's that like how is it. I love that I love that I've been out plane actually since party poker days oh surely there is. But now I really brilliant plays and I went to the other bigger site. Quote the stare at old bill. And I always got my eight out. I never had problems -- now order anything you know when Black. Friday saying. Yeah I was gonna ask you about that when the government -- now what happened. Well I still had money in full tilt. And I actually old poker stared at that we just make that. Which is that the middle of oh. But -- now I'm in the process some weighty and I should be in the checked anytime now from full tilt this full tilt over what inspires. So you have an account and then they settle up how often do they settle up and do you -- withdraw from that account you have to ask him or they just generally send you an updated Jack. Great mine is like you have choices just like the pay scale without an okay that's the that it would drop. And once it becomes. Totally legal it'll be like with an amendment you know hitting its stride a -- each year count here you know we -- and talent -- your credit out. Just like any other for an action. Okay answer this before you apply online I'm sure you were playing in person. What is harder. Through dude to play in person -- apply online. -- to play in person. Plain person the last harder because he indeed and they needed I don't. Players and that there's there's a lot of personal actors when he played why. You can be running around with your underwear jump out there you know. It's all the rally in the and the sport where your plane I gotta be -- -- -- you know holding slightly you know. Well -- -- -- it's out of there Franca there's no way to get any details though I guess maybe in the way they get a keystroke something but there's no way to get tells on the people you're against. You know there are -- it's just a whole different fight. You know what I mean it's all set for itself. You know what I mean they're just like -- like I hear it and read stop -- -- be in the open all right you're getting a whole different read up even if we were a thing that's true that's true outside and it's the same thing -- that right after I mean it can't pick up re straight away but. Around a year complaint Oprah starts -- played with same players. But just flight in light -- you have to reinvent yourself actively you know because of you know I always do this like somebody -- -- you know you can't do. A good poker player is able to reinvent himself you know from being -- gain from player to player. From its -- noted you know their flight this site know yet played differently. Okay I suppose you suppose you get home from work -- -- decide okay I'm gonna join the game now and they show you an open seat do you have any choices and they just play issue at a table. Eight you'd simply like rate now -- -- and option or site right now because their personal legal sites Sony Vegas and cheers Ian a couple of Delaware young. You know yet -- -- epic four B three days ago. It was -- I mean it was. -- Hillary. Oh the whole time about being from Bob Woodward -- you can't wait to get home at -- yet know. -- they got Brad street outlet like where they can play well on -- -- is you know not only do their lot in there keep him from out. The amount of money want to play it's -- -- there money goes straight into here and how you're gonna now. He can play couple Wednesday night. Well let's I'm so glad you call friend gums are you the last caller of the day and come out of time but if we ever do a -- subject again be sure to call back and good luck in your poker ventures that thank you. Again about why that's cool that's cool. I -- about wraps up we'll see you tomorrow all on the -- and I'm thirty we are WB. Well how much they never had to leave it be used she.

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