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More Snow Coming

Dec 12, 2013|

Meteorologist Bob Hamilton

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Meteorologist Bob Hamilton of the airport weather station is on the WB a live line I don't Bob. What do we have for today let's run down these warnings and advisories. Well across the other western counties you have left New. Orleans and and over into Monroe counties but. More importantly have lake effect snow warnings across southern Erie Wyoming should talk on cattle for August. We multiple bands lake effect snow in those areas to bring a general. Have three districts -- today and an additional snowfall tonight. And for northern Erie county. We wasted a lake effect snow warning for this afternoon and -- we're looking -- a band this -- that the global approach to city later on this afternoon. Looks like the rush hour tonight is going to be rarely -- especially across the eastern and southern suburbs of buffalo so. -- the rush hour not going to be fun for anyone to -- The least -- areas to be impacted will probably be the north -- Bob and this has been pretty punishing for those that that have received yesterday is a pretty much the same areas today -- yesterday. Pretty much I'm the main area that that picked up the -- look to go east of Lake Ontario there places up there. That does have picked up 32 almost four fetus Null but they're more used to it. Let's run down the lake effect as long as the lake has snow ice cover the potential for those kind of storm is going to exist. What makes some of these storms more powerful and others like this one yesterday. We're just a matter of a persistence of the that the plants for several days and in that typical lake effect snow bands are looking at snowfall rates. Generally one to as much as three inches an hour. And if you get a bandits it's over one area for twelve hours you know you can do the map and pick up a couple of -- is no real quick so. It's it's more a matter of persistence you know how long it stays in one area and you usually see these long you know 12 even three day events. Seems that the they happen more likely during the second half of December and January so you know plummet to logically this is pretty normal. -- you mentioned you know some -- got three feet yesterday off Lake Ontario but what about areas south you know south of buffalo to -- any totals around here. Whales that are. Just south of Boston hill's plan would be picked up anywhere from 25 to thirty inches. Dunkirk raid on the lakeshore picked up -- just over what. So -- any word and the southern cure yesterday. Generally. To the west of arcade and pearl valley picked up one but two feet of smell. Bob good to chat with -- -- this morning thank you we appreciate your time we're very grateful thank you problem that's meteorologist Bob Hamilton of the National Weather Service at the airport weather station.

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