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Cleaning Up in Wales

Dec 12, 2013|

Highway Superintendent Michael Zywar

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The town of Wales in southern Erie county is digging out. From a pretty big snowfall yesterday from this lake effect there at the top of the snow derby and let's open up the WB and landline right now that Michael's Z work. Town of Wales highway superintendent. Where it's not just a snowy morning but it pretty cold 1:2 Michael good morning. There's more great what you temperature by the way -- -- attracted an angry you're at nine. We're back this morning or. Okay Michael under under normal circumstances. How long does it take your crew to cover the town of Wales compared to the delay yesterday when you get two feet of snow. We are relatively chip making complete rout when they first -- drilled into the half hour yesterday was taken about three and a half hours. What was -- like -- this is coming down. Time. Apple it it would actually can pretty look forward to coming down I read just missed -- price go into history that our big is your highway. I'm late today the myself. Point. As for stretched pretty thin it's been awhile though don't you think since we've had a snow like this all -- once. Yeah I think what I was a worker back here in the late ninety's it's pleased he -- -- like this solid time but it's been a lot of offensive -- so it's it's a Monday. Two highways get priority when it comes to -- snow removal like. If to make sure that. You know fire departments have a egress from the fire department signaled they can go on the road very quickly. He actually try to keep follow but you know it and then let that remember that well or fire company so I -- like me so I don't we have -- -- Like Marriott just -- right now. You know so that -- we can keep our roads open. Friday you're talking about how now this is a big event yesterday but you realize that you're probably gonna get nailed again today right. Immediate books are all right now again. -- you know what we're used to it -- They're out following right now and that is there that now I'm Eric about it I regard this morning and still no deal that went out Kato. -- it's winter in Western New York ranked. It as is typical or mean need to match but the thing is people are used to this -- -- -- anymore. So it ought to be able to do 67 mile an hour and I'll -- to -- like. Thirty mile an hour it's like okay we're going to be late for -- legal. He got it hey Michael thanks for joining us this morning. We appreciate. Or are you to -- you argues that town of Wales highway superintendent Rene got. Two feet yesterday.

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