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Common Core Forum Tonight

Dec 12, 2013|

Don Ogilvie

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's overlook the WBM live line to talk more about common core learning standards our guest is Don Ogilvie. Mr. Ogilvy superintendent of -- one -- seized on good morning thank you for joining us. Good morning and there're so many people are just opposed to two common core. What are they gonna do about these people do they misunderstand. Who what does the opposition. Why are they so opposed to this do you figure down. Well I would I think it's more agreement and common core have been there are certain aspects of implementing common core I think everybody can agree that the schools need to adjust. In terms of the depth -- the breadth of the curriculum we are we need to compete and so on and so forth. But when it comes down to the technical matters of how do we know for doing good job. How -- we utilize the technology that is now available that was never part of our environment in the past. How we get. Consensus around the fact that. High quality schools on the right of every student regardless of the district that they live and over the issues and the implementation. Of resolution of those issues are what have they are -- what. Are creating many of the problems we're dealing with right now. A lot of his division will UBS the public forum tonight that it will involve the state education commissioner John King. Yes well what what what is your role in in need I guess the rollout of the scum in court hearing in this part of the state. Well. February -- actually but primarily. Professional development support of teachers and administrators. In understanding what is required of the common core. Also taking a look at the most effective instructional techniques. Getting comfortable lives then implementing that the data collection. Following the in the lead if you will of the stayed in the Fed. As they begin to. Correct then read just the plan that's been put out there. It done you mentioned one thing that kills up to embraces the technology. And a technology includes the use of a mobile devices like I pants you know a recent additional to Buffalo News show these kids will ipads. And they also made note that some kids it in the district like Springfield in southern Erie county. Have to drive to the parking lot of the Spring -- high school so they could take advantage of the Wi-Fi at the high school because they don't have an Internet conduction and home. What are you going to do to address these concerns. Well Western New York through the Western New York regional information center for the last ten years has invested heavily in broadband. Capacity. To -- data as well as instructional materials. Western New York is well situated now. Geography. Can be a factor with Wi-Fi it can be a factor in the Adirondacks in different areas of the state. Those are problems that I think we will look to additional commercial partners -- with this cabling and so on and so forth but. No one will make a move to requires the F salute one to one computing until we can make it equitable across the state. Are you gonna have any suggestions tonight -- any speaking role in the forum. No -- Not really a bystander but now I'll be there if needed to. But I will not be a participant in the questioning. Or in the responses -- be primarily focused on the commissioner and and anybody that he brings with him. You know -- is forms of turn into a shouting sessions. And Don let's hope that this doesn't happen here tonight. But I wouldn't we've taken a little different approach in organizing this was and that -- those two would W any easy primary organizer of this. And -- we have had criticism for making this look like it was. Captive audience. And we you will rig that up and so on and so forth. But I think. What we hope is that instead of making the commissioner is the only one who listen I think the audience and those who will watch on television or listen on radio. We'll have a better opportunity to listen for the responses that he provides. Don good to talk -- -- thank you for your time but thank you. Don -- -- superintendent of -- one policies.

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