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Thoughts On Common Core

Dec 12, 2013|

Kathleen Knauth

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

With a common core forum scheduled in buffalo tonight we're talking about it this morning. Joining us on the WB and live line is Kathleen now of who you're hearing in the news this morning she quit her job as an elementary school principal in Lancaster because of the come in court. Kathleen thank you for the time. -- -- Good morning. Good morning I'm. What specifically. Do you have a problem with what do you EU is what what became so. Terrible that you had to quit. It was -- they exchange and a total job description where. I was working with -- and I didn't go to school to become a statistician you know and haven't green with gap and I without literally. Typing teacher valuation. The whole time. The -- description added about fifteen and fifteen hours after the workweek. But more importantly I -- with people and so. My way of thinking is at the abstract -- master and said the banker and other capital -- -- for me. And I need to step aside because the building needed different leadership someone who want to -- that maybe someone who loved. Being in the office you know all day and also trying to get out into the building as much as they -- And recognize that is needed a leadership change and I think that is what I quit I can hopefully I'll return retirement. I figured and earlier and I had planned. It just. I wasn't -- account anymore I enjoyed it for twelve or thirteen years about the -- a lot. How -- people and whatnot but that was. -- -- -- court at all that there and really good things like that there's more tech. Technical reading and in traditional writing that's still and then that it hasn't been asking Matt. -- -- Late eighties early nineties -- with the industry had counseled and I'm -- can be very reluctant reader. And so worn nonfiction -- open to the common core and that's a good thing. What they're more inclined to Greek architecture and they like I got up and work and I like things that make a lot of girls go out there who you know they like gynecology. Earned itself a tactic that and at first -- Nationally I was really excited about it because children -- were coming from other states would get the same foundation at New York State. From you know twenty Alabama Texas California where they came from the -- would either bank and I can be searched and there ever a concern with that. What Kathleen that you just mentioned a lot of good points and you brought them up yourself of a common core. It almost sounds good maybe have you exercised just a little bit more patience. Things -- eventually it worked out did know yes. Now. I am with being micro -- really by the state and the up central government and mountain. You know to be restricted where her teacher valuation I couldn't -- them any kind of opinion everything has to be scripted. What other prominent there's something called generator liability where one building compared to another as to how many highly packaging giving him company developing in. Whatever -- your -- making it more robotic and people are not well -- children and I broke up. There was too restrictive. We are limited he and creativity. I heard limited innovation and limited. Opinions or even an Egyptian I wanted to compliment a teacher -- -- Or are there -- complexion or whatever I really couldn't do that couldn't go back and and you know you can't train Chinese can't dictate to me. Things like at this -- comfortable -- that it's not natural for -- and so. It goes against I believe it felt -- You're going tonight but just to listen. Is that right. You know I really wanted it commissioner in person react I mean the last but left forearm he didn't even respond to -- fifth grade speaker. And it sent him twenty Nelson twenty letters and spoke publicly. Called out. You know you're different as a two year old basket to -- Can cell -- you pick up. And it's a fifth graders speaks publicly you at least acknowledge the child to at least it would take something like. As -- -- thank you your concerns. Or your brain can pantry getting up here he would say something. I couldn't see him from myself and encourage them. What will have will be covering it as well and we appreciate you joining us this morning thank you. You're welcome and -- I hit by the media wanted to hear some of the concern that kind of -- but. We we do and an earlier and talked about a with Brian as a raskin it stories that were airing this morning it's just that we're getting closer the top of the hour. And it certainly aren't -- Thank you very much for calling me. And I hope he has a great day and I help you cover -- acting out. Thank you very much as Kathleen now off. -- a early retired school principal in Lancaster.

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