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When Conditions Call For Thruway Closure

Dec 12, 2013|

Tom Pericak

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The New York -- through the -- -- ninety between Hamburg -- darker closed for a time late yesterday afternoon because of a big storm that socked the southern tier. Let's talk about it with Tom -- -- Toms with a New York State thruway authority. And is on the WB in live line Tom when you -- closed -- -- -- like that you do love as a last resort right. Actually turned. You know the clever effort between the state police -- Charles. Department expectations. Also notifying the company Mercury enters the locals so we're going to Wear what what's happening. And Tom is -- based on whether at the time -- based on the number of accidents have had already occurred. They're going to -- nation. You know the road which are slow what's been in fair condition. A wearable and pretty much keep up with this help all of what with a high winds there were areas of zero visibility and so there are numerous numerous -- people off the road. You know we didn't have a significantly blockage but again it just takes one -- Action or tractor trailer checked that underwrote and everything went and blocking and then we would have to shut out there. Tom do you know were there any serious injury isn't any of those accidents late yesterday. I'm not aware of any serious injuries. He don't -- a lot of people might be eleven anxious hearing our forecast for today about traveling on the -- later on what is your criteria. What has to happen for you to take action like that. Like we we work closely with all of our partners include National Weather Service they were big help yesterday and you know yesterday what they told us that at lake effect and could reduce rates of three to five inches an hour or another triggered it helps make that decision. So it's a combination of factors not under the condition on the road visibility. You know our our actions happening. On the whole combination of things that going to -- and certainly without what they're saying today it would the bands moving into the metro area. Well rush hour will be keeping a close eye on it. I'm also over concert tonight so August let people -- these people as to whether it's states. It's. They continue with the forecast but the days -- and you know the early. Stay off the road possible. Because it could be a pretty or she later on. You know that stretch of through whale's head to heads down and the southern tier and areas pretty wide open and susceptible to like really. Then visibility when he -- -- it right. That's correct and it's again not even all your roots are having forty you Q it was keeping up to vote -- -- well. But because they're they're not it's wide open you don't. That certificate to disability problems five point 188 demand situation that was not a factor. Let's just think that you know it's we're better off. Although we -- people would be delayed a little bit getting -- and traveling 120. It was certainly better product to those travelers during that period of time. -- Tom thanks for joining us this morning. You have -- her check with a New York thruway authority. And it's big concert he mentioned that's tonight is Christmas cash -- sister station kiss ninety point five. And then there will be bringing thousands to first Niagara center so we'll keep and here on all of this for you and bring you the latest developments to on WBM.

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