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Interpreter Issues Upsetting

Dec 12, 2013|

St . Mary's School for the Deaf Superintendent Timothy Kelly

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's talk more about the man accused of faking sign interpretation during Nelson Mandela's memorial the other day Tim Kelly is with us on the WB and lifeline superintendent of saint Mary school for the deaf. Here in buffalo Tim good morning. Our John -- -- an -- of great -- educate join us you know we've been learning more about this since Tuesday since this happened but we understand that the man. -- he says he has schizophrenia he also says he was hallucinating and hearing voices. And he's apologizing for their performance that he's been blasted for his news. Is it's gibberish a what did you think of all of this as you found out about attempt. Well I. Think over lead our course of the last 24 hours we've received a lot of information and -- I am myself. Representing really famers school opened up but also the upload that community and the words that came to be consistent in the mountain any communication -- I get conversations are appalled. Which Marlee Matlin -- herself. Disappointed in devalued through the in troop rotation in the interpreter performance that. Nelson Mandela's memorial service that Nelson Mandela himself. Said at a fundamental concern for others and in our individual and community lives would go along way in making the world a better place. So. -- buffalo -- community and students and staff at my -- are extremely disappointed. Mr. Kelly -- the interpreter is now saying he was hearing voices. You may have been hallucinating. -- we're wondering of that condition could have been influenced by something else like maybe drugs. Or alcohol or prescription medication. With that said. With something like that affect the way of the man who perform sign language interpretation. I mean I -- and I. Really comment that I agree with the national association hood got here we cannot about the qualifications are fluent beer lack thereof of the interpreter in the video. But I do you know any impact are Jon and that you have you need to consult that people you need to get the depth perspective. And you need to have especially at a worldwide apparently dead. -- the most highly qualified interpreter you can find there are interpreter standards. They need to be followed. And it appears. Right from the start here that. That to me although I don't know I don't have a lot of specifics. That. He may not be the most highly qualified interpreter I don't know his personal situation. But we make sure -- done that I school that we have. The most highly qualified people here too. -- give information. It's an acceptability to communication issue and that's really important you cannot take got experience away from. That people so if bank coordinator here I think need to be held responsible as well. Appears to tell you say you look for the most highly qualified person. Do the sign language interpretation this man was paid 85 dollars for his work standing next to world leaders of that. Stipend in the -- -- the -- most qualified person was selected for the job. I I can't really comment on the monetary. You don't compensation in South Africa by. You you you are compensated at a higher level of the higher -- deals are in terms of being a sign language interpreter or. An AFL interpret or whatever it may be so. I don't know all I know is that the if the message is being. -- debated number of people from the salt African deaf community tweeting at the time he was onstage to get him off that they did not understand. That we know there's definitely an acceptability to communication issues there. And debt is not that is not fair and that is not right in. Dad is. Taken away the access to communication -- people. Tim we're glad you could join us on this this morning we appreciate it thanks -- and Susan thank you have a good Davis Tim Kelly superintendent of saint -- school for the -- Here in buffalo we also speaks for -- deaf community.

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